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Surname: Power
Christian Names: Gregory George
Country: Australia
State or Province: Not Known
City or Town: Not Known
Service #: 2788008
Service: Army
Branch: RAsigs
Commencement of service: Oct 1967
Completion of service: Oct 1969
Case Notes:




Along with thousands of his peers, Gregory George Power served 2 years in the Australian Army as a National Serviceman from 1967 to 1969. He obviously carried out his duties in a diligent manner and as such, was promoted to Lance Corporal during his period of service. So it is a shame to see that Power, like many of his contemporaries, has chosen to add some lustre to his medal entitlement.

Power arrived in South Vietnam on 1 April 1969 and served as a “Signalman” with 104 Signal Squadron. We know nothing of his service in SVN, so we can assume that he did his job as best he could before returning to Australia on 1 September 1969; a total of 170 days. Gregory Power is not recorded on the list of Vietnam casualties. Therefore we assume he came home early for either a non-battle illness or injury, or to commence discharge procedures prior to his completion of 2 years national service on 3 October 1969.

In any event he is not entitled to wear the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal which is clearly displayed in the photo above. The eligibility criteria for awarding the medal is 181 days, either continuous or aggregated service. One of the exemptions to this is that the recipient was wounded in action i.e. classified as a battle casualty and evacuated as a result of those wounds.

The photograph also indicates that Power is wearing the Army Combat Badge (ACB). He may innocently believe that he is entitled to wear the badge but it seems he may have jumped the gun. The 104 Signal Squadron Association's webpage has posted the following advice:

"Update from Army (Oct 2014): Ongoing! Looks like the submission has opened a can of worms! Army Ceremonial have advised that as previous instructions on the ACB, were not fully investigated, they will shortly have Military history investigators, investigated on the ACB situation for Corps/Units etc which has not been done in the past, in particular, for all 1ATF units.
Update (April 2015): On going!
Note (Editor): All applications from 103 and 104 Sig Sqn veterans are currently on hold until we get a determination on this matter!

Power wears the Vietnam Campaign Medal and the the Army Combat Badge. As he has not been officially awarded either of them, he has purchased them at a Medal Shop or on the Internet. He should desist in wearing both of them."

Surname: Prangnell
Christian Names: Brian Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: western Australia
City or Town: Quinns Rocks
Case Notes:

As written on the notice in the photo of Prangnell, he gives advice about medals for the Quinns Rocks, Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch of Western Australia.  Brian Prangnell has been awarded the prestigious Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to Church, Youth, Sporting and services organizations. Together with his OAM he has two legitimate Defence Service Medals, unfortunately he likes to adorn himself with all manner of other trinkets and badges including a self purchased “Tin” Commemorative Golden Jubilee Medal. 



Prangnell was a 1950s National Serviceman who completed three months recruit training between January and April in 1958 and then continued in the Citizens Military Forces, which entitles him to wear the Australian Defence Medal and the Australian National Service Commemorative Medal together with his OAM.  To boost his rack of medals Prangnell has awarded himself the fake, self purchased, “Tin” Commemorative Golden Jubilee Medal



Below is the genuine Golden Jubilee Medal that has never been awarded to Prangnell.



We suggest to Bruce Rock RSL that having Prangnell as a “Medals Adviser” is rather ironic and tends to portray that RSL as a place devoid of integrity.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Preece
Christian Names: Stanley Ernest
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Southside
Service #: 23994584
Service: British Army
Branch: Royal Artillery
Commencement of service: 30 November 1963
Completion of service: 31 January 1968
Case Notes:


Stanley Ernest Preece was born in England on the 7th April, 1947. He claims military service in the Royal Artillery, British Army between 1963 and 1968.

He claims 21 days overseas peace time military service in Germany from May 1965 to June, 1965. He also claims active service in Malaya and Borneo , from September,1965 to 20 September, 1966.

In 2012, Preece completed an application form to join the Gympie Returned and Service League Sub Branch. He stated that he was a Gunner with the 40th Artillery Regiment British Army.

  Preece 1 jpg Anzac Day 2019


In the above photographs, Preece is wearing the following medals on his left side-;

1. The General Service Medal 1962. (GSM) with two clasps. (Malay Peninsula Clasp - Not entitled and Borneo- entitled. )
2. Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Medal. Not entitled.
3. Pingat Jasa Malaysia Service Medal. Entitled.
4. Hors de Combat Medal (Tin purchased medal)
5. British Army of the Rhine Medal. (Tin purchased medal)
6. British Forces Germany Medal.. (Tin purchased medal.)

Members of local RSL clubs have observed Preece wearing the three tin medals listed above that are unofficial, and have obviously been purchased from a United Kingdom Medal Dealer. Preece has awarded the medals to himself and had them court mounted.
When reminded of Commonwealth Governor General's medal wearing protocols and informed that the commemorative medals should be worn on the right side, Preece is reported as saying, "I would like to see who is going to f***ing stop me.

The tin medals are -;

Preece 4 jpg edited Hors de combat

1. HORS de COMBAT MEDAL (Tin) £47.00

Described as -; The striking of the Hors de Combat Commemorative Medal is a befitting way to recognise and pay tribute to the outstanding bravery of British servicemen and women who sustained wounds or injury in the line of duty.



British Army Of The Rhine Medal Commemorative for peace time service in Germany.



British Forces Germany Commemorative Medal for peace time service in Germany.

There is also doubt as to the second medal Preece wears. -;


This medal was struck in Great Britain in 1977 and 30,000 UK servicemen received the medal for services rendered to the Commonwealth.. In 1968, Preece left the British Army as a Gunner, equivalent to a Private soldier. He left prematurely on medical grounds, due to an accident. This followed four and a half years service. When requested, Preece could not provide proof of this award.

He also claims the Hors de Combat Medal, due to his claim of being wounded in action in Borneo. He has related to colleagues that he was wounded in an ambush. That claim is a lie.

We are uncertain of the exact accident details Preece endured, but we ARE certain that it was not due to wounds received in an ambush. We know that whilst in Borneo, he accidently stumbled sustaining an injury when he landed on a rock.

Preece also wears the Borneo and Malay Peninsula clasps on the General Service Medal.

His Discharge Records indicate that he served in Borneo/Brunei for the dates that the Borneo Clasp was awarded. He is entitled to that award.

However, his claim to the Malay Peninsula Clasp is false. It is a lie. His records indicate that he served from 24 September, 1965 to 4 November, 1965 – and later for short periods in March, April and September, 1966.

Preece 7A jpg

The qualifying dates for the Malay Peninsula Clasp is service between 17 August, 1964 to the 12 June, 1965. Preece arrived 3 months after the clasp ceased being awarded.

This might seem insignificant to the general public, but it continues to establish a pattern of fraudulent behaviour exhibited by Preece to embellish his military service, and snub his nose at the Veteran community.

As a further fraudulent Act, Preece submitted the following Wikipedia document to a veterans organisation, claiming it to be an authentic record of his active service.

The first submitted article describes “Operation Claret”, a military operation conducted in the jungles of Borneo in July, 1964 to July, 1966. The highlighted paragraph identifying “Gunner Preece sitting on the gun trail after the action”, has been added by someone following the original publication of this article. Someone, who would stand to gain from the false entry.

Preece 8A jpg

The original entry, below, was, and still is, the accurate and truthful entry regarding Operation Claret. There is no mention of Gunner Preece at all in this original description of Operation Claret.


The Queensland State RSL need to conduct a thorough examination of all the military claims made by Preece, starting from his three tin medals and other claimed entitlements, including the Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Medal. He should also be questioned about the fraudulent document he submitted, identifying a “Gunner Preece” in the article as being present during Operation Claret, Borneo, July 1964.

Preece was contacted by ANZMI, and invited to provide evidence of his military service in the British Army, his official medal entitlements and what he knows about the documentation identifying a “Gunner Preece sitting on the gun trail after the action with 14 empty shell casings in the background”.

Preece surprisingly responded with the following -;

“When I emigrated to Australia, I met up with an old army friend of mine who had completed 36 years in the British, Australian and New Zealand SAS as an intelligence officer. It was he who informed me about commemorative medals and the fact that I should wear then (sic)inline on the left as opposed to under my issued medals as they do in the UK”.

So as a result of that informative advice, Preece then went and had all his tin medals court mounted alongside his two genuine ones.

We will leave that explanation up to the reader to judge on it's merits.

Preece was afforded considerable time to provide an explanation for the differences in the documents regarding Operation Claret. Also proof of his award of the Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Medal. He responded stating -; "that he would not answer any further questions about his military service and medals, as he had been instructed by his Sub Branch to say nothing".

If this is true, then the Gympie RSL Sub Branch where he is a member, need a rocket from the RSL Queensland State Branch for supporting his fraudulent behaviour and wearing a host of tin medals, and another medal that he cannot prove was awarded. If this is not true, then we suspect that Gympie RSL Sub Branch will notify us and we will provide an update ensuring that the truth is published.

Preece has little credibility. He is a false pretender and a glory hunter. He is now featured on this site to rectify his edified version of the Wikipedia Operation Claret publication and his desire to portray himself as a bemedalled war hero.

Preece is entitled to wear two medals, not six.

He is entitled to the General Service Medal 1962 - with Clasp Borneo and the Malaysia Pingat Jasa Medal.

Welcome to the site Stanley Ernest Preece.

Surname: Presgrave
Christian Names: Barry
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Adelaide
Service: South Australia National Service Association
Case Notes:

Barry Presgrave - Vice President of the South Australian National Servicemen’s Association.

The South Australian National Servicemen’s Association (SA NSMA) policy about Honours and Awards is a national disgrace. They completely ignore protocol from the Honours and Awards section of the Prime Ministers Department, the Returned Services Leagu, their own National Headquarters and the Veteran Community.  When a bus load of South Australian National Servicemen debussed in Canberra on a commemorative occasion, derision and embarrassment prevailed. One of those debussing was John Piet as shown in the photo below.


Piet was the original target of this exposure and even though he is less than adroit for wearing four tin medals along with his two genuine medals, we believe Presgrave is the real villain behind the problems in South Australia.  

Piet and many other members of the SA NSMA have been gulled by Barry Presgrave the Vice President of the SA NSMA.  He has for years espoused the wearing of fake and tin medals.  He did this because he owned a medals shop in Adelaide. As it has now changed hands we will not name the shop and we know that they no longer encourage the wearing of “Tin” medals on official racks.

Presgrave has also featured in another high profile wannabe case where he is pictured with the disgraced Jeffery J Crase, a self styled bemedaled “Lieutenant Colonel” of the Legion of  Frontiersmen’s organisation.  In the photo below you will see Presgrave being a pretend bemedaled Lieutenant Colonel who at that stage was promoting the sale of ”Tin” medals to Frontiersmen as well as National Servicemen.



There is no doubt about the National Servicemen’s Association’s medals policy and protocol. Here are instructions from their web site.

It seems that South Australian National Servicemen have a need to “Peacock” themselves up with fake medals and it has only taken the spruiking of one man, a Vice President of the Association with a pecuniary interest in medals, to gull the gullible, and make South Australian National Servicemen the laughing stock of Australia and the world.

When a member of ANZMI phoned an executive of the SA NSMA he was forcefully told that their organisation would not be told what medals their members could wear and if they chose to wear self purchased commemorative medals that was the individuals business.

We assert that the SA NSMA is a disgrace and decent National Servicemen from all parts of Australia should distance themselves from the idiocy espoused by Barry Presgrave, the executive and some of the members regarding the wearing of medals.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.



Presgrave Update 16 Jul 15

Presgrave still thumbs his nose at protocol and tradition by adding all manner of unauthorised medals to his rack.  Presgrave served as a 1950s National Serviceman and then as an Army Reservist to many years. Despite his heavy rack of ten medals he has never served outside of Australia.

The medals correctly worn on his right breast are believed to have been awarded to his brother.

On his left breast only three of the medals relate to his Military Service, these are:

Medal number two  -  Reserve Forces Medal for Long Service in Army Reserves

Medal number four  - Army Defence Medal for completion of his enlistment period

Medal number six  - Commemoration of National Serve Medal for National Service

Two others are genuine Federal medals presented for service other than military, these are:

Medal number one  - Order of Australia Medal for service to community

Medal number three  - National Medal for service to community

The  remaining four are unauthorised medals that must not be mixed with genuine medals,  if they are to be worn at all, should be worn underneath his relatives medals on his right breast.

The National Servicemen's Association of South Australia must have very low standards to allow Presgrave to flaunt his tainted rack of medals.

During his years of Reserve Service he had plenty of opportunity to have been deployed to War Zones and earn Campaign medals, however he stayed at home and received civil awards and then added some unauthorised metal to enhance his image.

Presgrave is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the Veteran and Ex Service Communities of Australia and New Zealand.






Surname: Price
Christian Names: Alan Raymond
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Alan Raymond Price – 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, VCM Cheat

Alan Price has been an executive of an Ex Service Organisation (ESO) and has done a lot of good work for many years, however he chose to dress up his medals rack with a medal he was not entitled to wear and therefore is a medals cheat.

In the above photograph Price is wearing a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (VCM). To qualify for this medal required serving in Vietnam for One Hundred and Eighty One days, alternatively any person killed or wounded in action at any time would qualify Price was medically evacuated from Vietnam as a non battle casualty, after serving from 21st May 1968 to 3rd September 1968 a total of One Hundred and Five Days.

All soldiers who served in Vietnam know the rules about the VCM. The excuse Price has used to explain his behavior is that someone told him it was OK.Price provided more than a page of reasons for wearing the medal; His communication contained the following paragraph:

“Therefore please accept that yes I did wear the VCM on and off for some thirty years, often with the approval of my unit 4 RAR, and other units but I had taken it down forever in approx 2009.I have not worn it since and I have no intention of wearing it”.

"It is obvious that Price was never officially awarded the VCM and that he purchased it."

We proceed without fear or favour, and are beholden to no Ex Service Organization, Government bureaucracy, or political dogma, simply put, if you wear medals you are not entitled to wear and it is brought to our attention you will feature on our web site in the same way as Alan Raymond Price and dozens of others.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Priest
Christian Names: Dominic Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Dominic Charles Priest born New Zealand 25 Oct 1964 and served in the Australian Defence Force from 2003 to 2009 when he was discharged for medical reasons. For his service he was awarded the Australian Defence Medal, which is more or less awarded to everyone who completes their service commitment. Have a look at the photographs of Priest and you will see eight other medals and accoutrements indicative of a very auspicious Military career.


Here is a list of what he is wearing:


1          Australian Defence Medal

2          NZ Operational Service

3          UK Gulf War Medal 1991

4          UN Protection Force Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR) 1994

5          NATO Medal (Former Yugoslavia)

6          NZ Territorial Efficiency Medal

7          NZ General Service Peacekeeping

8          Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait issue)

9          Liberation  of Kuwait Medal 1991 (Saudi Arabia issue)

The Gulf War was from August 1990 until September 1991. Priest constantly claims to have served in the Gulf War and wears the UK Gulf War Medal 1991 to prove it. We have a Statutory Declaration declaring that Priest was in New Zealand for the whole of that time and 1991 stands out because it was the year his daughter was born.

One of our many New Zealand contributors have advised that Priest is wearing a “Staggering “hotch potch” of medals that are totally out of "logical sequence”. In addition we are advised that no New Zealand soldiers received both Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait issue) and the Liberation of Kuwait Medal 1991 (Saudi Arabia issue).  It was either one or the other.

Dominic Charles Priest often wears a leather jerkin that contains lots of militaria purporting to relate to his Military service.



*Starting at the top...


1.        Australian issue SAS shoulder title.

2.        NZ issue black and silver cloth shoulder title.

3.        (possibly) a 3rd Auckland/North collar dog.

4.        NZ issue Infantry collar dog (anodised).

5.        SAS issue collar dog (brass).

6.        UNIDENTIFIED. The "inverted" cross type badge is not identified.

7.        A gold/silver wire embroidered NZ Infantry blazer pocket.

8.        UNIDENTIFIED. Australian pattern cap badge.


Where did all the glorious medals and baubles come from?  Well like all hard core liars frauds and wannabes will say, they came from the elite Special Air Service (SAS).  According to Priest service with NZ SAS cannot be traced - Wrong

Working against Priest are three factors: 

1.                The NZ Army is small and the elite SAS element of the Army is very small, and guess what? Once you have served with the SAS you are known by your peers. Priest is not known in any way by the NZ SAS and he has never applied for membership to the SAS Association.

2.                The Veterans Affairs New Zealand (VANZ) have no record of Priest ever serving with SAS and do not hold a medical file for him. Had he served in five SAS  Operations as he claims he would be well known at VANZ.

3.                Civilians have provided Statutory Declarations declaring that Priest was in New Zealand from 1990 until he and his family moved to Perth Western Australia in 1996.  It is further declared that at no time during those years was Priest deployed on overseas military operations.

.Like many disgusting lying wannabes Priest has added a bit of spice to his war stories and one claim is that: 

“He and his NZ SAS patrol killed Iraqi Prisoners of War (POW).”

In 2008 Priest was required to make a legal statement in relation to a personal matter.



Note that Priest declares in the statement that he has “done five overseas tours with the Army and have operated as a patrol medic”

In the interest of natural justice we sent Priest a letter requesting he provide evidence of his NZ service. When cornered wannabes either threaten legal action and physical retribution or come the “Sorry poor me” defence, Priest chose the latter, confessed his long term immoral subterfuge and believes that Veterans will give him absolution. Be advised Priest that your tactics don’t wash.

Below is Priest's response to our polite letter requesting evidence of his service. (Parts of his letter have been expunged)

----- Original Message -----

From: Padre

To: information@anzmi.net

Sent: Friday, March 05, 2010 2:04 AM

Subject: Att.


Mr xxxxx  xxxxxxxxx



Dear Sir, 

I received your letter, dated the 28th February, today. And it is with some relief this can be resolved. I do admit to claiming to be a member of the SAS and wearing of unintitled  medals. To my defence if any that when the incidents originally occurred I was under great psychological stress and at times I had short term psychotic episodes after having just suffered my first epileptic seizure and my subsequent battle with the military to remain in the Infantry as a 44yr old LCPL trying hard to do the job he loved regardless of age, so things got a bit loopy and then when I’d got back to normal after the medication stabilised to an acceptable level, I’d realised what had been done and stopped all reference to it and any materials used have long since been destroyed or thrown out. Since then I have been medically discharged as a PTE losing my rank as a result of the medical ruling and the reason for discharge was epilepsy non compensatible  so I have been in and out of doctors and specialists trying hard to survive


So as I’ve explained I really don’t think too much damage has been done and all this would accomplish would be to impose a fine on me which we wouldn’t be able to pay, and to embarrass (censored)  hinder any employment opportunities as I am applying for the prison service as they seem to be the only employer that may cater for my disability.

If you could consider refraining from continuing on with any further investigations rest assured there will be no reason for you to be looking in my direction again I think Karma has a way of catching up on us all and it has seemed to come down on me in spades, my life is in ruins at the moment, please don’t be one more to put the knife in no matter how much I may deserve it.

Personally I am deeply sorry for any lack of respect I have shown to any; Fallen, Returned and Serving members of both the New Zealand and Australian Infantry Regiments and this completely out of character to a man who has served proudly in both the RNZIR and RAR and of all people I should have had the inner strength to overcome lying of all things. I have never used any of these references to further myself in any way, I just wasn’t myself there for a while. Again, with my deepest apology    


Dominic Priest

82 Glenlyon Drive, Wulguru;


Qld 4811, Australia;



Priest is not being honest, we hold Statutory Declarations that Priest suffered drug induced epilepsy prior to his enlistment into the Australian Army as a result of an addiction to the illicit drug “Speed”. Priest claims to have developed epilepsy during his Australian Military service. The truth is that he failed to advise the enlistment people that he had suffered drug induced seizures long before he enlisted into the Australian Army.

Priest claims that he went off the “rails” after he enlisted in the Australian Army in 2003. That is a lie. He has been wearing the vest and medals shown in our photographs since the mid 1990s.

Priest says in his plea.  “I’d realised what had been done and stopped all reference to it and any materials used have long since been destroyed or thrown out!"  We know that he was clinging to his wannabe life right up to the time he received our letter and would have fronted up on ANZAC Day this year wearing his false medals in the same way that he did last year.

Veterans do not accept Priest’s “apology” and see it only as a tactic to save himself from embarrassment. He has for many years bathed in the kudos from his false claims and will now have to accept the equal and opposite effect our exposure will deliver to him. Prominent New Zealand veterans have said that whilst they have a different attitude towards self purchased commemorative medals they will not tolerate wannabes wearing false campaign medals.

Priest is culpable under both Australian and New Zealand law. In Australia the Defence act 1903 describes fines of up to $3,300 and six months jail or both. New Zealand law describes fines of up to $500. We have shown details of the Australian Defence Act 1903 on numerous occasions, now here is the New Zealand legislation:

46 Military Decorations and Distinctive Badges Act 1918 amended


(1) The Military Decorations and Distinctive Badges Act 1918 is hereby amended by inserting, after section 4, the following section:

“4A Offences in respect of military decorations

o        “(1) In this section, the term military decoration means any medal, clasp, badge, ribbon, stripe, emblem, or decoration issued, supplied, or authorised, or purporting or reputed to be issued, supplied, or authorised, by a naval, military, or air force authority, whether in New Zealand or in any other Commonwealth country; but does not include an ordinary regimental badge or any brooch or ornament representing such a badge.

“(2) Every person commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $500—

§         “(a) Who represents himself, contrary to the fact, to be a person who is or has been entitled to wear or use any military decoration; or

§         “(b) Who wears or uses any medal, clasp, badge, ribbon, stripe, emblem, or decoration that is intended or is likely, by reason of its appearance or in any other manner, to cause any person to believe, contrary to the fact, that it is a military decoration; or

§         “(c) Who, without reasonable excuse, supplies or offers to supply—

§         “(i) Any military decoration; or

§         “(ii) Any medal, clasp, badge, ribbon, stripe, emblem, or decoration that is intended or is likely, by reason of its appearance or in any other manner, to cause any person to believe, contrary to the fact, that it is a military decoration—

to any person who is not authorised to wear or use that military decoration.

“(3) In a prosecution under this section, the burden of proving that any person is authorised to wear or use any military decoration shall be on the defendant.

We don’t know about New Zealand, but we do know that Australian Federal Police are not interested in applying this law. Veterans believe it is an insult to all of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice or have been damaged by war.  In an unusual move recently Victorian State Police put before the courts Colin Maurice Gibbons (see our site entry) who was found guilty of wearing illegal medals and accoutrements and sentenced to four months imprisonment – with 14 days to serve – and a twelve month recognizance clause.

Northern Territory State Police charged another of our “Stars” Jooitsen “Dutchy” Van Assen, who appeared before a Magistrate and was found guilty, given a two year good behaviour bond and fined $1,000.

We hope these recent convictions are an emerging trend.

Priest claims to have long since “got rid” of his false medals and accoutrements. We know that is a lie. If he has got rid of them it has only been since he received our letter dated 28 Feb 2010.  Veterans from both sides of the Tasman Sea will be watching out for him, especially on days of commemoration.

Updated 13th May 2010

Update Dominic Priest aka "Padre"

Priest has penned emails to us, firstly with apologies and then threats of legal retribution. In addition he has authored a long confession on a “Facebook” web site, only problem is, we believe he is still telling lies in that he claims to have:

Successfully completed the New Zealand SAS selection course.  We are reliably advised that Priest is not registered as ever having attended this course

Aged eighteen years old was seconded the the South African Defence Force where he killed Mass amounts of Skinnys (bythat term we assume he means people native to Africa).

 In another version he claims in his own words;

“I have seen active service with the South African Defence Force when I was seconded to a unit over there in 1984 where my brother in law was KIA. We were to be awarded medals for our service there but due to political circumstances they were never issued, maybe that’s why I tried to take credit for actions others had done in later conflicts that I missed out on”.

We believe this to be more garbage as it is most unlikely that the New Zealand Government would second an eighteen year old soldier to see action with the South African Defence Force.

This was another lie he told to a fellow Australian soldier:  Served in the Falklands war where he sustained shrapnel wounds to his knee.

We are advised that whilst serving in Townsville he:

"Wore New Zealand Special Air Service (SAS) wings sewn to his shirt on official unit parades".

"Wore New Zealand false war ribbons whilst in Australian Army uniform".

Shown below are statements from Priest.

Received 6th April 2010


“Firstly, on my vest, It is a brass RAR shoulder title issued to myself not Australian SAS someone needs glasses or maybe you Redneck pouges just don’t read to good, New Zealand shoulder board again issued, RAR collar Dog issued, RNZIR collar dog issued, SAS collar dog given to me by a friend in the NZSAS, all others are as identified. As stated before I am deeply ashamed of how I have acted but you have taken as fact written declarations from”

Received 7th April 2010


“----- Original Message -----

From: Padre

To: information@anzmi.net

Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2010 5:52 AM

Subject: Pending court case

It is a day since my last email to you and I see the defamatory article is still on your web site you have had your chance you will now be contacted by my lawyers as the article as well as invading personal privacy for myself and my family, thereby endangering them, you have also published parts of a police report that is part of a current criminal investigation against the trusted source of your statutory declaration. You really should research your cases better.


Dominic Priest.”

Received 11 April 2010


PriestApril 11, 2010 at 5:05am

(no subject)

This is a form letter to all who I’ve lied to over the years, an apology for my deceptions but in no way a begging letter to ask for your forgiveness. But I will explain some of my actions and defend some of the lies that are also being printed about me on the anzmi site.

To set matters straight as stated in my reply to the site as to why it happened that’s how it was and it just got away from me, I did do and pass the NZSAS selection course but had to retire from the cycle due to injuries and subsequently retired from the regular NZ army to take up a posting in the 2nd Bn RNZIR recon PL Territorial army, equivalent to the reserves, until I left NZ in 1996.

 I have seen active service with the South African Defence Force when I was seconded to a unit over there in 1984 where my brother in law was KIA. We were to be awarded medals for our service there but due to political circumstances they were never issued, maybe that’s why I tried to take credit for actions others had done in later conflicts that I missed out on.

As to the fact of me being a speed addict and having epilepsy before my enlistment in the RAR this is a pack of lies to further discredit me and to the wearing of the medals since the 1990’s this is again false I only started wearing the things around 2005 something I am truly ashamed of and deeply sorry for especially if I have offended any of you in the process.

Personal details removed

Be aware that I am presently in negotiations with lawyers to sue both xxxxxxxxx and anzmi for Libel and Slander at the request of the Queensland police as I went to the police first and revealed all this to them first with the support of my family and the last true friends I do have. And

I am prepared to face up to the wrongs I have done and pay the full penalty whatever that may be. This is the first of many painful steps but I will not shy away from my responsibilities here.

Again my deepest apologies to you all I am incredibly sorry for any hurt or disrespect my actions may have caused.

Nic Priest

We believe Priest is a pathological liar and his apologies are shallow evasive actions and meaningless rhetoric from a cornered wannabe.

Below is a reminder of Priest wearing his infamous leather vest.



This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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