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Surname: Petersen
Christian Names: Christopher Ross
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Central Coast
Service #: 8078316
Service: RAN
Branch: Naval Police/Coxswain/ Para Legal Branch
Commencement of service: 82-05, 05-12 Reserve
Completion of service: 27 Feb 12
Case Notes:




Peter, Paul and Mary recorded a hit song in the sixties which included the lyrics, “When will they ever learn!”.

Again we have a senior former Royal Australian Navy Petty Officer reported to Anzmi for blatantly wearing operational medals in uniform that he has not been awarded.

We can confidently state that Petersen has had little sea time in his Naval career but is flush with medals that he wears regularly. It is a sad state of affairs when former Naval Police and Para Legal Branch personnel completely disregard strict protocols as directed by Australian Government Honours and Awards.

The Royal Australian Navy hierarchy must be getting fed up with these imposters bringing the service into disrepute.

Below is a photograph of former Petty Officer Christopher Ross Petersen.

Petersen is a fraud and a medals cheat. He has to be up there with the worst of the miscreants that have been placed up on Anzmi.

In the photograph above, Petersen is wearing the following medals -;

1. Australian Active Service Medal with clasp. (AASM)
2. INTERFET Medal.
3. Afghanistan Medal.
4. Australian Service Medal with Clasp. (ASM)
5. Defence Force Service Medal with 2 clasps. (DFSM)
6. Australian Defence Medal. (ADM)

Petersen has been awarded and is entitled to wear the -;

1. DFSM with clasps for his long service.
2. ADM.

He is not entitled to wear the -;

1. AASM with clasp.
2. INTERFET Medal.
3. Afghanistan Medal
4. ASM with clasp.

The INTERFET Medal was issued to Australian servicemen and women who served in East Timor between the 16 September, 1999 and the 10 April, 2000 and had 30 days qualifying service. Petersen had no service in the prescribed area during that time. He was in Queensland.

Petersen also has no qualifying service for the award of the Afghanistan Medal.

Suffice to say, that he has no entitlements to the AASM for active service in a prescribed area anywhere, or the ASM for 30 days service in a prescribed peacekeeping or non war like area. E.g. East Timor.

Petersen is also wearing the Royal Australian Navy "Individual Readiness Notification" (IRN) badge on his right side. He has no right to wear this badge on his uniform as it indicates that he is a qualified "sea ready sailor" to an operational area. (Similar to the Army AIRN badge) He had been medically downgraded for many years prior to this photograph being taken and he is just further embellishing his non existant operational service.

Petersen enlisted in the RAN in January, 1982. He was allotted to the Supply Branch as a Steward. He remained a Steward for about 8 years and then transferred over to the Seaman Naval Police portfolio. He carried out the duties of Naval Police/Coxswain and subsequently attained the rank of Petty Officer. He was discharged in 2005 as “unfit for service”. He had very little sea time in his 23 years RAN service and had no operational/active service in that time.

He then transferred to the RAN Reserves and carried out the duties of a Para Legal Petty Officer. He served in the Reserves until 2012 where he again discharged as “unfit for service.” Again, he had no operational/active service in this period.

We would assume that on the way up the promotion ladder, Petersen would have had to attend several mandatory courses on “Ethics and Fraud awareness.” He obviously passed the courses but failed the true test in the end. His integrity and credibility is nil. He is a disgrace to the Naval Police/Coxswain positions that he held and the subsequent Para Legal Office he was appointed to.

Genuine returned serving and retired Australian Naval personnel are as offended as we are at the amount of former and currently serving Navy imposters wearing medals that they have not earned. They just snub their noses at protocols and disrespect their genuine returned colleagues. There are more to come.

Perhaps it is time that Naval officialdom took a stance and made examples of these morons who steal the honour of every returned serviceman and woman in the Australian Military Forces.

Petersen will grace our site as an imposter for ever more and will be a shining example for all our younger sailors of what not to be.

Surname: Peterson aka Piatkws
Christian Names: Christian Rudolph aka Rudolph
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Gold Coast
Service #: 3790478
Service: Australian Army
Branch: Royal Australian Artillery
Commencement of service: 01 Feb 67, 20 Jan 70
Completion of service: 31 Jan 69, 10 Dec 82
Case Notes:




An important attribute of an Australian Commissioned Army Officer, is that they are honourable and honest. Christian Peterson lacks these qualities as he falsely claims to be a returned veteran who served in the Vietnam War. He has also dishonestly promoted himself from Army Reserve Temporary Captain to Major.

Peterson served as a National Serviceman during the Vietnam era but was never deployed on any overseas service. He completed his National Service obligation with the rank of Temporary Bombardier (Corporal). He reenlisted into the Army Reserve in 1971 and attending the Officer Cadet Training Unit, where he graduated as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Artillery Corps (RAA). He was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant and then to Temporary Captain prior to his discharge in 1982. As was the case during his National Service he was never posted to any areas of conflict.

When politely seeking information from Peterson, he challenged us with the foolish email shown below:

"From: Christian Peterson
You will hear from my lawyers as previously stated. You will not discover any information as I've changed my name by deed pole
Your investigations are an intrusion and to say the least, illegal"

Despite Peterson's confidence about his secrets, we discovered that he changed his name from Rudolph Christian Piatkowski to Christian Rudolph Peterson. He kept his original name a secret, as part of his strategy to keep his military history secret.

He has been heard to say that he had to change his name to advance his military career.

Here is what he has said about his Vietnam "War service". He;

"Served in Vietnam as a Commissioned Officer and Commanded forty men.
Served behind enemy lines

Saw people killed and, raided villages and shot someone

Was part of the Australian Secret Service for ten years

Coordinated missions from United States Destroyer USS Wainwright (DLG/CG-28.

Was the leader and number one Scout of his troop to set an example".

He also states that he "Knows all about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as he suffered from it for twenty years, but overcame it himself with no support or assistance from Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)"

Veterans are sickened by lily livered, dishonourable fools who make claims of heroic service in war zones. There are thousands of Veterans who everyday suffer the consequences of their war service because of PTSD, for Peterson to say he overcame it without support, is proof enough that he knows nothing about war service.

We contacted Christian Peterson with a polite email to seek confirmation about his "War service". After some to and from, instead of just telling us about his military service, as would any reasonable ex commissioned Army Officer, he commenced a string threats and denials.

"From: Christian Peterson
I'm forwarding all your emails and mine to my lawyer, who'll issue a desist notice to you and your organisation. Threatening me will not work. You are questioning reputation and honesty

From: Christian Peterson
Look as hard as you like, you will not find what I did and where!!!!"


Without your input we can only conclude that you are a liar and a fraud.

From: Christian Peterson
"I'm neither, but keep digging. You'll not fine (sic) out my military history. I've got nothing to hide:)"

In relation to the above electronic discourse we publicly respond as follows:

Go ahead, send your emails to your solicitor, but make sure you tell him/her that you have deliberately and dishonourably lied about your military history.

We did keep digging as suggested and soon found your true military history and what you have lied about.

Peterson shows on a Curriculum Vitae displayed on the social media website LinkedIn the following:

Notice that he says "I have reinvented my career a number of times". We know he has reinvented his Military History, and are confident that there are more lies associated with his other claims of expertise.

Peterson struts around like a "Toff" and boasts to have been an Australian Army Officer, Engineer, Instructional Designer, Broadcaster, Print Journalist, Corporate Communicator and Business Owner, we don't know how much truth there is in his claims, but we do know that his claimed exploits of being an Army Major in the Vietnam war are despicable lies.

His actual military service was very mundane and completed on Australian soil.

A dishonourable ex Army Officer is totally un Australian. Peterson is a dishonourable ex Army Officer and well deserves to reside on this web site

Surname: Phillips
Christian Names: Paul Stephan
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Wollongong
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

Paul Stephan Phillips Service Number 222341 is an ex serviceperson who served his country as an infantry man. For that he should be proud.  Instead of pride however, he followed a path of jealousy and deceit.  He pretended to be a veteran of the Vietnam War and wore ribbons and medals not conferred on him.  These acts, if true, are offences under sections 80A and 80B of the Defence Act 1903 and each can incur penalties of up to $3300.00 and or 6 months imprisonment.  If you want to review the evidence of this persons alleged offences, read here. 

Paul Stephen Phillips, born 9th September 1952 is, we have been advised, an ex student who attended Christian Brothers College in Crown Lane, now known as Edmund Rice College, Wollongong.  Edmund Rice College honours its ex-students who served in WW2 or Vietnam by placing their name on an honour board. Below is a photo of the Colleges honour board for the Vietnam War.



There are people on that board who we know served their country with honour and bravery.  To maintain their privacy we have obliterated their names.  But see, there is the name of our hero, Phillips P.  This has been confirmed by the college as being Paul Phillips and that the reason he is on the board is because he claimed to have been in the Vietnam War

Paul Phillips claims to have commenced six years military service in March 1969.  When he first made this claim it was pointed out to him that he would have only been 17 at the time and so he changed the date of commencement to March 1970.  This, of course is an easy mistake to make when you are remembering dates from all those years ago, but read on.  He claims that he did his corps training at Ingleburn between March and September and was then posted to 7 RAR at Holsworthy until embarkation to Vietnam.  He claims to have travelled to Vietnam by ship, a trip of six weeks, where he disembarked at Cam Ran Bay.  He then travelled by truck to his battalion destination.  Whilst in Vietnam he saw Little Patty entertain the troops from the back of a truck and he took his R&R in Butterworth and Penang.  He finished his tour of Vietnam and returned to Australia in September 1971 and continued at Holsworthy with 7 RAR for five years.  He was known to have completed a parachute course and when asked about this he states that he served with the SAS in Western Australia until his discharge in 1983.  When asked what he had done in the SAS he stated, "Do you want me to kill you? Do you know what the SAS is?"   He stated during this conversation that he had completed his military service at the rank of Corporal.   On other occasions he and his wife have been heard to say that he retired from the Australian Army with the rank of Captain and that the Army had assisted with his further education.

Mr. Phillips regularly attends the ANZAC Day ceremonies in Wollongong.  Here is a photo of the proud veterans marching in Wollongong on ANZAC Day 2006.  The crowd on either side of the road are clapping and cheering them, and so they should.  Little do they know that in the midst of the marchers there is a wannabe falsely pretending to be a returned veteran.


One of those marchers wearing the ribbons of the Vietnam Medal and the Vietnam Campaign Medal and also what appears to be the Infantry Combat Badge and the SAS beret badge, is Paul Stephen Phillips. See the cropped photo below from the march.


What is wrong with this?  He marches in ANZAC Day parades and has his name on the   school honour board as a person who served his country in the Vietnam war.

A brief history of 7 RAR and 5/7 RAR will tell you that:

7 RAR was formed at Puckapunyal, Victoria on 1st September 1965 as part of the Australian Army's build up for the Vietnam War.  The Battalion subsequently served twice in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam.  The first tour was from April 1967 and the second from February 1970.  Both tours lasted approximately 12 months and during this time 7 RAR was deployed on 48 operations.  7 RAR was eventually linked with 5/7 RAR in December 1973.  The colours have been laid up at the Soldiers Chapel at Kapooka, NSW.  Approximately 2,400 men served with the Seventh.  Of these thirty three were killed and 220 were recorded as wounded.

5/7 RAR was formed at Tobruk Lines, Holsworthy on 3rd December 1973.  5 RAR and 7 RAR were linked to form the new Battalion.  The 5 RAR Mascot, Sgt Quintus, and the 7 RAR Pipes and Drums were adopted by 5/7 RAR.

Throughout 1974, 5/7 RAR was involved in individual and company training.  C Company spent the period March to June 1974 in Malaysia supporting the RAAF at Butterworth. 

During 1975 the Battalion was involved in assisting the civilian population after Cyclone Tracy in Darwin.

We know from his Australian Army Record of Service that Private Paul Stephan Phillips 222341 joined the Army and went to 1RTB on 1 August 1972, this was after 7 RAR had returned from Vietnam for the last time.  After his corps training at RA Inf Centre he served with 7 RAR until the battalion became part of 5/7 RAR. 

Private Phillips went with C Company 5/7 RAR to Butterworth on 5th March 1974 returning to Sydney on 4th June 1974.  He was married on 27th June 1974.

He failed a Clerk Admin Course in October 1973 and obtained a C Pass on a basic parachute course on 13th June 1975.




The years that Mr Phillips states that he was serving with the SAS are within the 30 year rule so we have not been able to obtain service records for this period.  We have been reliably informed that he did not serve with the SAS at any time.

Since the matter was reported to ANZMI, photos and Statutory Declarations have been provided and inquiries made to prove or negate these allegations.  During these inquiries contact was made with the VVAA at Illawara.  The president of that sub-branch stated that Phillips was not a member nor had ever been a member.  He did indicate in his email that he was well aware of the claims and counter claims involving this ex-serviceman.

We have been advised that on Tuesday 15th August 2006 Mr Phillips attended a meeting at the VVAA Illawara Sub-branch relating to the 40th Anniversary of Long Tan.  It is alleged that at that meeting he asked if he could be excused from wearing his medals at the dinner for that Anniversary as his medals had been stolen during a break-in at his home and at the time his wife's jewellery was stolen. As a result of this request another member offered to loan Mr Phillips a set of miniatures and it is believed that it was those miniatures that Mr Phillips wore to the dinner for the Anniversary of Long Tan on the 18th August 2006.

The photo below is of Mr Phillips at that dinner wearing those miniatures.  It is very poor quality but as shown above we have evidence contained in  this Statutory Declaration that this is the case.



It is a sad fact that, for a variety of reasons, we have wannabes in our community.  In the case of Mr Phillips we would like to know why an ex servicemen would stoop to such low levels of deceit to steal the honour of those who served and those who gave their health and lives in service during conflict involving Australian troops.

Government has stated that they see these offences as very serious and have increased the penalties considerably.  There should be no need for veterans to be required to expose these wannabe's.  This is the role of law enforcement.  Alas, the truth is that law enforcement claim they do not have the resources to police these offences. We have been let down by the system and it is left to veterans to police this area of the law, albeit without the ability to impose the penalties stipulated in legislation and without the authority to obtain evidence from the various sources that are available to Government agencies and with out protection under the law when doing so.  This is not the way it should be.  The only way this will change is for the veteran community to let their political representatives know that we, the veteran community, are not satisfied with this farce.

 Evidence tending to prove offences committed by Paul Stephan Phillips is contained within this report.  That is as far as ANZMI can go.  It is now up to the regulatory bodies, the police and CDPP to take appropriate action as required by enacted legislation.  It is also a matter for an affected Ex-Service persons Organisation to take what ever action is required under ESO By-Laws.

  22 April 2007

The case of Paul Stephen Phillips has received some attention in the last few days.  First, shortly after the case was posted on the ANZMI web site, an email was received from Mr Phillips apologising for his mistakes.  As you can see below there is nothing in this 'heartfelt apology' to indicate that he disagreed with the the case, in fact quite the contrary.

 -----Original Message-----
From: Phillips email address removed
Sent: Friday, 20 April 2007 11:31 AM
Subject: heart felt appology

Dear Sir / Madam
It is my sincere intention to do the right thing by the veteran community and I have made mistakes in the past and I am paying the penalty with bad health and embarrassment.   I would like to thank My XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and Mr  XXXXXXXXXXX for their concern in bringing this matter to my attention it would have been easier if I was confronted in person.   If you could please let me know what is required of me do not hesitate to contact me please do not change your address as I have been trying to contact you
Kindest Regards
Paul S Phillips

Next we received an article written in the Daly Telegraph by Luke McIlveen which is shown here.

This article entry at the beginning of the story entitled: VIETNAM veterans have been accused of playing vigilante and falsely accusing a former soldier of impersonating a war hero.
It would appear that Luke McIlveen has written this story either without checking facts or because he was just being selective so that he could write a story with the slant he wanted.  He has, it would appear from the article, interviewed Mr Phillips and also Vietnam Veterans' Association Illawarra Sub Branch Secretary, Pam Bowmaker, who he states backs Mr Phillips version of events.  He has put in his article, a photo shown on the Paul Phillips case file, depicting the Anzac Day Parade in Wollongong.  What none of them have done is  explain (and the reporter has shown his selectivity by failing to show in his article)  the crop of that photo showing Mr Phillips wearing the SAS Badge, Infantry Combat Badge and the ribbons for the Vietnam Medal and Vietnam Star.  This is hardly the flimsy evidence that the newspaper article claims.  Another fact that the reporter has failed to check is the Honour Board at Edmund Rice College.  This Honour Board is headed "Vietnam War".  The other Honour Board is headed "WW11".



Below is the full Honour Board we did not show on the initial story above.  Now please correct us if we are wrong Mr Phillips, but does this board NOT say Vietnam War as its title?  We again have blanked out the genuine veterans names but note that one was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal.  Are you not dishonouring this mans commendable war service as well as all others from the school who have served?

This evidence is held together with evidence contained in statutory declarations and, it is believed, it hardly appears "to have picked the wrong man".  You will note that Luke has asked for comments to his article in the Daily Telegraph. 

If Ms Bowmaker would like to contact our website and advise us of the wrong people she appears to be claiming ANZMI have targeted, we would be very pleased to investigate and put right any errors, should there be any.

It is strange and a pity that there are different views between various ESO's.  When you compare the comments of Vietnam Veterans' Association Illawarra Sub Branch Secretary, Pam Bowmaker with the comments recorded in the WA Post attributed to RSL WA President, Bill Gaynor.


Philips has attempted to apologise then instigated a newspaper article completely denying our claims and accusing us of vigilantism. We could not consider accepting an apology until a similar story appears in this paper that contains a true version of his behaviour and a public apology to all veterans.   We also hold more information than what appears on our pages specifically for the purpose of refuting the lies put forward by those we expose.  This information in time, as the government finally sees that we are not vigilantes but veterans seeking action against those who steal our Honour and Service, will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for charges to be laid.  This pathway has just been opened somewhat by the press release by The Hon Bruce Billson MP of 18 April 2007.   You can find this article reproduced in full on our cases opening page and in the story of Jeffry Crase, our latest veteran impersonator on the cases pages.

If you are a genuine veteran, have genuine service and medals it is now time to start applying pressure to have these people charged under the Defence Act.   Anzac day is only a couple of days away.   Enjoy the day as you and your mates deserve it.   Be ever vigilant and take your camera.   Read the press release by The Hon Bruce Billson MP on our cases opening page and send us the photos of those you capture, along with their names if possible and we will request  that the appropriate action is taken against those that steal your service.   This is not inciting veteran against veteran.  It is veteran against impostor.  A completely different war we shouldn't have to have on our most sacred of days where we see old friends and remember our fallen.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Pidgeon
Christian Names: Stuart
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Lakes Entrance
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Stuart Pidgeon is an employee of the Lakes Entrance RSL located in country Victoria. His application to join the RSL shows service in the Royal Australian Navy from 17 Oct 78 to 13 Oct 86


On ANZAC Day 2006 at the Lakes Entrance R & SL PIDGEON was seen wearing the submariners badge of the diving dolphins and two non-issue medals (see photo). To the uneducated civilian, he appeared to belong to that elite hand-picked special breed of the submarine service, these personnel are on a par with Army Special Forces because of the nature of their duties.  Sure PIDGEON served with the Australian Navy, but not as a "FishHead" - he was just your everyday sailor who should be satisfied with his eight years service.

ANZMI holds documents from Navy Records in Canberra and a Statutory Declaration giving evidence PIDGEON stated he was  undergoing submarine training in England which was cut short when the "Falklands issue" arose.  Other records indicate he was posted to HMAS Platypus for a short period but never undertook any submarine training.

Throughout this entire website there is mention of offences against the "Defence Act" and the increased penalties introduced to combat the fraudulent wearing of medals and service issued accoutrements - here we see a paid employee of the RSL blatantly thumbing his nose at the most senior ex-services establishment.  When will this organization act in the appropriate manner to exhibit authority?  It is worth mentioning that this matter was reported to ANZAC House in Melbourne some time ago - their inaction has put the flames under our fervour to "out" this flagrant wannabe, and expose the mandarins in power as the toothless tigers they really are.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Pinckney
Christian Names: Jim
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Werribee
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: None
Completion of service: None
Case Notes:




Jim Pinckney decided to become a war hero for ANZAC Day 2014, so he told a gritty tale of deprivation and suffering about his World War 2 active service. The problem is that Pinckney has never pulled on a boot, never served in any Defence Force and never known the fear and hardship that a true Veteran may suffer. This exposure consists of two newspaper articles, the first is his grandiose description of his service, and the second article is the truth of the matter

We proceed without fear of favour, and thus take no account of Pickney's age. As he was sufficiently erudite to have researched and told his false story, he is certainly fit to be exposed as a liar, cheat and wannabe on this web site.

Wannabes are everywhere and age does not weary them. Wannabes beware, the general public are cognisant of our work and if you endeavour to deceive you will earn a position on this web site

Surname: Pink
Christian Names: Darryl Keith
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Goolwa
Service #: R95634
Service: RAN
Branch: Seaman, Underwater Control
Commencement of service: Not Known
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:




Well, here we go again.   This is Darryl PINK, an ex-Navy member and a serving Vice President of the Goolwa RSL Sub Branch (South Australia) who again demonstrates a total lack of respect for Medal Policy and Protocols. 

Just when we thought we had cleaned up all the RSL Tin wearers, along comes Darryl Keith PINK a prime example of a person wearing a "Vanity" medal that is nothing more than worthless tin junk.

PINK is entitled to, and has been awarded four medals for his service, but as you can see, he wears five. The last one is a self-purchased duplication of the second medal.

PINK is entitled to the following official awards:

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 (AASM-45-75)for service in Vietnam

Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (VLSM), for service as a member or crew of a ship in the prescribed area of operations of Vietnam in support of Australian forces

Australian Service Medal 1945-75(ASM 45-75) with Clasp FESR for his service with the Far East Special Reserve for service in South East Asia and

Australian Defence Medal (ADM) for completing his enlistment period in the RAN

PINK is entitled to these awards by virtue of his service at sea in support of the Far East Special Reserve and for undertaking escort duties for HMAS Sydney on her deployments to Vietnam.

PINK has also added to rack a piece of worthless junk, in the form of the Vietnam Logistic Support Medal:

This medal is a Commemorative self-purchased junk medal created by one of the Navy Associations. As such if they are to be worn at all, they should be worn on the right breast.    This medal would have cost PINK no more than $50 and do nothing more than feed his vanity to be seen as a Veteran with five medals instead of four.

This report is but one of a litany of RSL Executives being identified as Medal Cheats appearing on our website, surely the time has come for the National Executive of the RSL to take a stand on this issue and remove these clowns from Executive positions in the League.   The various State RSL Headquarters have spent many thousands of dollars trying to understand why younger veterans are not joining the RSL.   Perhaps all they need do is look at the ANZMI website and look at the long list of RSL Executives who have been caught out for the answer.

Younger veterans are not fools, and they will not allow themselves to be led by them.   The time has come for the RSL to act.   

We welcome Darryl PINK to our ever expanding list of medals cheats.

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