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Surname: Dempsey
Christian Names: Laurence Francis
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Edwardstown
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 4 Jun 1946
Completion of service: 6May 1947
Case Notes:

Laurence Francis Dempsey of Edwardstown, South Australia


Age does not weary them. Whenever we knock one down two more appear.

 Laurence Francis Dempsey is an octogenarian, who has for many years been fooling all who will listen, into believing he is a damaged Veteran of World War II and Korea. Not only is Dempsey a liar about his military history, he was an administrative and discipline burden during the time he claimed to be “Driving the Japanese out of Papua New Guinea”

Here is what Dempsey said to a reporter on ANZAC Day 2011.



We have accessed Dempsey’s Defence File and here are the facts.


Dempsey Joined the Army in April 1945 aged 19 years and 3 months not 16 years as told in the article.


His service did not take him to Papua New Guinea and later Korea. During his service he never left Australia.



Notice in Part D it shows:

Active Service in Australia 682 days

Active Service O/S Australia……days

Proving that Dempsey never left our shores

Dempsey was never a Prisoner of war, but was often in Military Detention Centres because of his propensity to be absent without leave. See below his Record of Service, which is a Diary of Shame. Dempsey was an administrative burden to the Australian Army at a time when the Nation was fighting to defend our way of life.



His “Sad memories” could only have been for being caught and punished for being absent without leave.

If he has fingers missing from his right hand it was not from a sword stroke from a Korean Prison Guard as punishment for heroically taking the blame “For a mate who stole an egg”.

Dempsey was discharged from the Army in May 1947 and from our experience we are sure that the Army was glad to see him off.

Dempsey is a liar and a wannabe and thus he is hereby named and shamed for extolling a false military history that showed him to be something he was not. Succinctly put, he was “nuisance to the Defence Force and a sad sack of a soldier” on the other hand; we are pleased to be able to exhibit the true military history of this liar and wannabe.

Welcome to our web site Laurence Francis Dempsey.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Denison
Christian Names: Ian Robert
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Annerly
Service #: 5701793 & A513760
Service: Army & RAAF
Branch: Motor Transport Driver
Commencement of service: Army 1986, RAAF 1991
Completion of service: Army 1990, RAAF 2000
Case Notes:


Ian Denison is less than truthful when asked about his Defence Service.


Notice in the photograph he wears a Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) pin and a Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB) on his lapel.

Here is what he said when asked about his service:

"Ian Denison

Good morning
I was beret qualified however I never deployed to a squadron due to injuries sustained on my para course I took a Trade pass and went back to my original trade.

We were based in Rabaul on east new Britain and were deployed in various areas of png. I am not at liberty to reveal Due to the official secrets act.

I hope this clears up this issue

Kindest Regards
Ian Denison MG CSM
Managing Director"

"Beret qualified" means he was fully qualified for SASR service. Only after passing a grueling testing and training program SASR candidates become qualified to wear the coveted Sandy Beret.

He infers that as an SASR Trooper he deployed to Papua New Guinea (PNG), however cannot talk about it because of the "Official Secrets Act". He also says he was awarded an "MG" and a "CSM" for his Defence Service. "MG" is the post nominal for the Medal of Gallantry (MG) and a "CSM" is for the Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM), both these awards are very prestigious.

The truth is, he:

Was not "beret qualified".
He was never injured on a "para course"
Was never deployed to PNG
Was never awarded an MG or a CSM

He was posted to the SASR as a Transport Driver without any involvement in SASR training or deployments.

Having been posted to SASR, even though he was a transport driver and not a qualified SASR Trooper, he was graciously accepted as a member of the Special Air Service Association (ASASA), which entitles him to wear the SASR pin.

He wears the RASB to portray himself as a veteran who has returned from an area of conflict. He is not entitled to wear the RASB badge.

Denison served as a transport driver with SASR and was respected for his service to the extent he was accepted into the ASASA and allowed to wear the SASR pin. He has taken advantage of ASASA membership and perhaps believes, that because of the passing of time he could become part of the very prestigious SASR veteran fraternity who have served on overseas operations.

Denison is a liar and wannabe who obviously does not understand the checks and balances available to ensure that people like him cannot steal the integrity and honour of those who have served in the SASR.

We have parachuted Denison into this website where he has well earned his place.


Surname: Dennis
Christian Names: Ryan
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Medical
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:


Ryan Dennis is currently a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. (RAN) According to his long service badges, he has at least twelve years service with the RAN. He is also a member of St John Ambulance Australia in Sydney, NSW..

Ryan Dennis, for some time now has been a medal cheat. The below photograph was posted on his Facebook Page in 2016, however, the photograph was taken much earlier, when he was a more junior Leading Seaman.



He is wearing the following medals.

1. The Officer of the Order of St John Medal. . (Civilian award)
2. Australian Active Service Medal with unknown clasp. AASM. Not entitled.
3. Australian Service Medal with unknown clasp ASM
4. Australian Defence Medal. ADM
5. The Service Medal of the Order of St John. (Civilian award.)

The Australian Active Service Medal recognises the service of members of the Defence Force and certain other persons in specified warlike operations since 14 February 1975.



Dennis has never been awarded the Australian Active Service Medal.




In the above more recent photographs, Chief Petty Officer Ryan Dennis wears the identical awards. In the last photograph he also wears the Defence Long Service Medal. (15 years service) Therefore, he has been wearing the un-awarded AASM for well over four years. As of March, 2021, these photographs still appear on his Facebook page.

Dennis came to the notice of ANZMI from concerned colleagues, who for the past number of years, queried his AASM medal entitlement. He responded to his colleagues, that he was entitled to the AASM for his service on HMAS Darwin when it left Australia for the Middle East on Operation Catalyst in December 2004. Operation Catalyst was at that time a Warlike area proclaimed by the Australian Government.


On 28 December Darwin departed HMAS Stirling, Perth, Western Australia bound for the Middle East.

After fuelling at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, Darwin entered the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) on 9 January 2005., where eligibility for the Australian Active Service Medal commenced. Ryan Dennis was not then on the ship.

Following information received, a Researcher then contacted Ryan Dennis and invited him to respond to allegations, that he was not entitled to wear the AASM, as it had not been officially awarded to him.

He replied -; 
The AASM was incorrectly recorded in PmKeys, for Operation Catalyst, whilst providing Op relief, on review minimal service in area was not conducted. Of which I did not realise either. This was discovered when a query was raised as to why it was recorded but no medal was issued. The subsequent changes to my medal rack have been conducted, occurring late last year; (2020) and PmKeys has also been corrected.

Further -

The medal was not awarded by Defence Honours and Awards, which is how the PmKeys error was discovered. It however was present on my PmKeys and correlated with correct year that I was onboard. It appeared to be a clerical error from perhaps the ships staff however due to the age and information being ported into PmKeys and my discharge (now rejoined). It was incorrectly believed that I had been awarded the medal and therefore entitled to wear it, a replica was purchased by myself, until the original caught up with me. (Bolded comments inserted by ANZMI)

Further –

I was a member of HMAS Darwin as an Op Relief in December 2004, I departed in late December, as it turns out prior to Inchop onto OP Catalyst.

Further -

I left the ship in Diego Garcia, it may have been early January by that stage, but I thought it was December.

Diego Garcia is a British administered island in the Indian Ocean and a United States Naval Base. It is not in the Middle East Area of Operations for Warlike Service. Dennis states that he left the ship at Diego Garcia. That was prior to the ship entering the Warlike area on the 9 January, 2005.

Unfortunately, there is no entitlement to the AASM for a crew member visiting an allied Naval Base in the Indian Ocean. You do not get an AASM, for nearly being in a prescribed warlike MEAO area. He would have known that, as would have every other Crew Member on the ship.

ANZMI has also been advised that the AASM entitlement was never recorded on his records. Either incorrectly, or correctly. Dennis has never provided any evidence to support his version that the medal was incorrectly recorded on his personal records.

Another problem for Ryan Dennis is that we know that he has been wearing the replica AASM on his RAN uniform for well over a four year period.

2016 was the year the first photo was posted on Facebook. The photo would have been taken many years before that when Dennis was a more junior sailor, a Leading Hand. That is supported by the fact that he is now a Chief Petty Officer.

He states that he purchased the replica medal and wore it “until the original caught up with me.”

If that statement was true, you would think that he would have made one phone call to Australian Honours and Awards in all that time, and said, “Where is my AASM, I have been waiting for many years”.

Alternatively, he could have applied for the medal through official channels as normal, instead of purchasing a replica and have it court mounted on his medal rack.

It is difficult to conclude, other than C.P.O. Ryan Dennis is a Medal Cheat and an Honour Thief, who has illegally worn the AASM for many years until his alleged entitlement was recently challenged by colleagues and ANZMI.

Our readers can make their own conclusions on the facts presented.

Dennis now joins a number of other current and former RAN colleagues who appear on this site.

Christian Names: Roderick Bernard
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bribie Island
Service #: R107454
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Marine Engineering
Commencement of service: 1969
Case Notes:


Rod Devenish-Meares resides in Bribie Island, Queensland. He was born in October 1950. He is currently the President of the Vietnam Veteran’s Association Australia, (VVAA), Bribie Island and he has held that position since 2019.

Devenish-Meares is a Medal cheat, who has embellished his authorized medal rack by attaching two tin purchased medals to make himself look more important than what he actually is.

Devenish Meares 1


Devenish Meares 2jpg


In the above photographs, Devenish-Meares is wearing the following Medals.
1. Australian Active Service Medal, clasp Vietnam. AASM Entitled.
2. The Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal. VLSM. Entitled.
3. Australian Service Medal.ASM. Clasp FESR. Entitled.
4. Defence Force Medal. DFM. Entitled.
5. Australian Defence Medal. ADM. Entitled
6. HMAS Sydney Commemorative Medal. Tin purchased medal. $60.00
7. Australian Logistic Support Forces Medal. Tin purchased medal. $60.00
8. On his lapel he wears the Returned from Active Service Badge for Vietnam. (RASB) Entitled.

Devenish-Meares was a crew member on two voyages to Vung Tau, South Vietnam, on the HMAS Sydney. They were -;
1. HMAS Sydney 21 Oct 1970 to 12 Nov 1970 - 22 Days.
2. HMAS Sydney15 Feb 1971 to 04 Mar 1971 – 17 Days.

These days were counted from the time Sydney left the last Australian port until it returned some time later. In this particular case 22 days for his first voyage and 17 days for his second voyage.

The Sydney was a converted RAN Aircraft Carrier that transported Infantry Battalions, stores and equipment to Vung Tau Harbour, South Vietnam.

Devenish-Meares' first voyage entered the relatively peaceful harbour of Vung Tau on the 31 October, 1970. It weighed anchor and departed later that day for security reasons. It returned to Vung Tau Harbour the following day and embarked 8 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (RAR). The ship again weighed anchor later that day and departed. All up about 16 hours.

Devenish-Meares' second voyage arrived in Vung Tau Harbour about 7am on 25 February, 1971, disembarked 3 RAR and weighed anchor 8 hours later at 3pm and departed.

For those accumulative 24 hours anchored in Vung Tau, experiencing the safety of the Sydney, Devenish-Meares wears four medals and the RASB.

They are -; AASM clasp Vietnam - VLSM – and the two tins. More medals than any Australian Soldier, RAAF or RAN personnel with 12 months service in country would be entitled to wear.

Devenish-Meares should have more sense. He is the President of the Vietnam Veterans Association Australia at Bribie Island. An important job. He knows the rules. He knows that he purchased the medals and had them court mounted on his rack at some considerable expense. So do the people in Bribie Island who reported him to ANZMI.

His two voyages to South Vietnam were uneventful. His 24 hours in Vung Tau Harbour were uneventful.

His hat is emblazoned with the words, "VIETNAM VETERAN - LEAVE ME ALONE" You can make up your own mind about that one. We just hope his uneventful stays in Vung Tau Harbour, Vietnam, have not caused him severe PTSD or Depression.

Devenish-Meares has no credibility. He is a medal cheat and a glory hunter. If you have to buy the medals, you did not earn them. Simple as that.

Our advice to Devenish-Meares is remove the tin, resign your Presidency of the VVAA now, and let someone with credibility take the position. You set a bad example for your members and those Australians and New Zealanders, who have earned their Vietnam medals the hard way.

Welcome aboard ANZMI.

Surname: Dey
Christian Names: Victor Albert
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Bundoora
Service #: 31529
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: Approx 1950
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:



Victor Albert Dey was born on Anzac Day, 25 April, 1930. He is currently the National President of the Korea Veterans Association of Australia. (KVAA)

Dey served with 3 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in Korea. He served in Korea from the 7 June, 1952 until the 9 June, 1953.






In the above photographs Dey is wearing the following medals. The last two medals on his rack are tin trinkets.

1. Medal of the Order of Australia. (OAM)
2. Australian Active Service Medal 1945 -1975 clasp Korea. (AASM 45-75)
3. Korea Medal.
4. United Nations Service Medal for Korea.
5. Australian Service Medal. 1945 – 1975. Clasp unknown. (ASM 45-75)
6. Australian Defence Medal.
7. The Republic of Korea War Service Medal. - Tin purchased.
8. Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal. – Tin purchased.



The above is the Republic of Korea War Service Medal.


The above is the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal.

The adornment worn around his neck is an unofficial Korean special military coin, with ribbon. It was initially introduced in the United States as a commemorative gesture to those who served in Korea. It can be purchased for about 50 US dollars.

Dey has been the President of the KVAA for many years. We have been reliably informed that Dey has continued to wear the tin trinket medals during his time as President of the Association, even ignoring advice, that if worn at all, they should be worn on the right, with other commemorative medals.

As a result of this and other dissention within the KVAA , 60 Korean Veterans resigned from Dey’s Association and formed their own Korea Veteran’s Sub Branch of the Victorian Returned and Services League. (R&SL.)

Dey, as National President of the Korea Veterans Association of Australia is setting a bad example for his committee and members.

There are numerous members of the Association he is President of that wear these tin trinkets. Quite a few appear on this site.

Dey has been appropriately rewarded for his valuable service in Korea, and he should be proud to have been awarded and wear the three genuine medals issued for that conflict.

Surname: DiTullio
Christian Names: Alfonso
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Cockburn
Service: Army Reserve
Case Notes:

Alfonso DiTullio

A man who served  with the Army Reserve and claimed to have served in Namibia and Rwanda with the Royal Australian Regiment, Infantry. He also claimed to be the only member alive from his squad/platoon as the rest had committed suicide. Another disgraced RSL executive officer. How many more are out there?  There are quite a few, another RSL President poseur will appear on this page soon. As we wrote some time ago, the RSL is a breeding ground for wannabes and here's further proof.


This is one of the rare "good news, bad news" stories we get to present now and again.  The good news is that members of an RSL actually had the courage to front one of their number before a committee and charge him with impersonation of a Soldier who had seen Active Service and also medals fraud before ANZMI got involved.We applaud these members.



Alfonso DiTullio was the President of the Cockburn RSL Sub-Branch and the bad news is about the hurt and damage he has perpetrated on those who regarded him as a friend.  He has been dismissed from the RSL, his name removed from the honour board, and a formal report on proceedings sent to the Western Australia RSL State HQ.

On 4 January this year we received a report about DiTullio, outlining suspicions that he had never served overseas with UN missions as he had claimed for around 10 years in Cockburn.

This report and a follow up are presented verbatim below, ANZMI comments and notes in blue.  Only the person's name and that of DiTullio's brothers and their units were removed.

4 January 2007

I have another possible candidate who may cause me personal embarrassment if my suspicions are proved right. I refer to the current President of the City of Cockburn RSL - Alf Di Tullio, who claims service in Namibia and Rwanda as an RAR member.Without saying what set off my suspicions, I will lay out what I know.

I first met Alf in the mid 1990's when he joined the Sub Branch.  (DiTullio was the sub-branch president from February 2006 without having served on the committee in other positions prior to this)

He told of being in the Army but had retired a couple of years ago. He did tell what I thought were tall stories then, but I wrote them off as ANZAC Day tales.

At that time he did say he had been a Sergant, but had been busted back to corporal for what was an assault on a fellow soldier who he had caught sleeping with his wife.

His mother (who he still lives with) tells other members that he has never been married, also she has told a different member that he was only a reservist and never in the full time Army.

About two years ago, by which time we were good friends, he found out that I was going on a business trip to Sydney. Prior to me going he asked if I would go to Christies in Sydney and pick up an AASM and ASM for him, as his were in a bank vault and difficult to get out.   (Australian Active Service Medal & Australian Service Medal)

He had never worn medals before! Anyway, I agreed and asked him what bar he needed. He stated "Namibia" for both as he had been there for the UNTAG (United Nations Transition Assistance Group) deployment.

Looking at the Australian Peacekeepers web site and other related web sites they only mention that Australian Army Engineers went to Namibia, no mention of RAR  (Infantry) soldiers that I can find. Further, the original medal awarded was the ASM, but I recall reading somewhere that this was replaced with the AASM, providing you returned your initially issued ASM. I guess that this would also apply to the change in Rwanda's status?  They were also issued the UNTAG medal, which he doesn't have. I also note that the Rwanda vets were issued the UNMIR (United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda) medal, also something he doesn't have!

As my suspicions were aroused by last weekend, I casually mentioned that there was another medal for Rwanda. The reply I got was "oh yeah which one?" When I mentioned that it was a UN medal he launched into a tirade that he didn't want it, that he had written to the UN about their performance in Bosnia etc,etc,etc. He then added that he had refused his Namibia one also.

Call me dumb and I am happy to stand corrected, but how do you refuse a medal that Honours and Awards either posts to your home address, or your personnel section for presentation by your CO? If you don't want to wear a particular medal, you simply don't wear it! Understanding that the medal entitlements to both deployments have changed, he still is not wearing the correct Bars or in view of the Rwanda change the correct medal. The lack of knowledge regarding UN medals disturbs me also. It's something that guys who do something worthy of note are generally particular about.

About a year or so ago he started talking about the PTSD caused by his Rwanda service. He has discussed this subject in depth with a couple of Vietnam Vets who have taken him at his word and no doubt shared their experiences. I did discuss the subject of DVA with him a while ago, but he said that he had applied and been refused 11 times. When I suggested that he use the Sub Branch welfare officer (one of the two VV"s  (Vietnam Vets) he had discussed the issue with) he said that he would give this person in Victoria one more chance.

Surprisingly he was suddenly in receipt of a DVA benefit. My wife who is also very friendly with him asked him how much he was getting, lo and behold it was the same amout exactly that I receive from DVA (60%), information that I had shared with him sometime before as I had received an increase in % of my disability. On the weekend another member tells me that he told them he only receives $11- a fortnight from DVA.

When pressed to relate why he suffers from PTSD the answer you get (after a few beers) is that it has something to do with him witnessing a child being shot in Rwanda and him then attacking the shooter. Recently one of our VV sufferers let slip to me that his PTSD was caused by something to do with a child being shot! He didn't give me the full story nor would I ever wish press him on the subject!

He (DiTullo) also states that he is the only member of his platoon/squad left alive, as the rest have committed suicide. When pressed about his supposed wife and child, they are somewhere in America. Sounds all very convienent!

This ANZAC day when I quipped to him something about him only being a sargent he responded with the correction "staff sargent". He has suddenly promoted himself again. Neither my wife or any one else has heard him use this rank before.

On Sunday when we were discussing UN missions and medals he let slip that he was envious of his older brother XXXXX, who is a currently serving WO1 posted to  XXXXXX . (I checked the defence telephone book! (brother) is listed as the WSM of the  XXXXX.)  (brother) according to Alf has served in the de-mining operation in XXXXXX and was promoted rapidly to SSM of what he called XXXXXX. He has also stated that he had another brother in the Army, but I cannot find a listing, so can only assume that he has retired. This made me think as he told one of the VV's that he had only left the Army in 1999 (wonder if it's his brother who left?), when he told me that he was already out of the Army in the mid 1990's.

Anyway I can go on for hours relating stories he has told of working with USMC personnel at Paris Island, Fort this or that, etc,etc,etc………….. As well as loads of "adventures" here in Australia. But basically it's appearing that his inconsistant stories are catching up with him as the members of the Sub Branch are all starting to talk amongst themselves.

I would request that you guys have a look at him, and if he is genuine I can head off any embarrassment by being able to assure the members that he is the genuine article. However if he isn't, he needs to get what's coming!

To the best of my knowledge his service No is 514026, however please remember that he has two other brothers who appear to be the real deal, his correct name is Alfonso Di Tullio

Thanks for you time in all this and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future……


19 January 2007

I emailed you a couple of weeks ago regarding our President - Alf DiTullio - claims to Active service on UN missions. Since then I have dug further and we were able to front this impostor up to the committee where he has admitted his guilt. He has summarily been dismissed from the RSL with formal correspondence going to State Headquarters seeking official action against him. (What State HQ has to say on this matter will be interesting)

His (DiTullio's) only service was as a member of 13 FD supply company Karrakatta ARES 1989-1993. His correct service No is 5104410. I uncovered this information on " friendsreunited.com.au" where he has his own entry under NorthLake Senior High School class of 1985. In other words he shopped himself.

Many of the veterans of our Sub Branch feel much more should be done to him, at the least his actions should be publically ridiculed. I have attached two photo's showing him wearing the AASM and ASM, medals he is not entitled to. (He's the Italian looking person) (see photos below)

When he appeared before the RSL committee he was asked " have you ever had overseas service on behalf of Australia or any other military force?". He answered no.

This guy has pedalled his bullshit on us for 8 years and I have watched him fake a PTSD attack in order to gain sympathy and attention from genuine veterans. We have removed his name from the Sub Branch Honour board as we feel he was fraudulently elected - on the grounds that our mainly WW2 membership believed him to be a genuine veteran. God knows how long the hurt and anger will take to settle. I have also communicated with the APPV Assn and their national President and secretary are aware of this fraud.

Thanks for your time in this sorry business, here's hoping you can give him his just "fame" on your web site. If you require any further info please don't hesitate to call.


We communicated with this gentleman and some of what we learnt is included in our comments above, some other distressing things we learnt about his behaviour cannot be included.

It's understood that DiTullio will have to attend a State RSL tribunal on the 21st February 2007 to explain himself and we'll publish any results when known. If the matter is swept under the carpet, we'll publish any findings on this as well.


Remembrance Day 2006.  DiTullio in the centre with microphone.

The medals are not easily identified in the photo. We have a duly witnessed statement as to the wearer being DiTullio and the medals being the Australian Active Service Medal 1915-75 and Australian SService Medal 1945-75, both with clasps Namibia.

The third medal on his left would be the new Australian Defence Medal issued by the Government to recognise Service in the Defence Forces.

We also thank the National President and Secretary of the Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Association. Their invaluable information on how UN medals are issued enabled an RSL member to trip him up much faster.

Alfonso DiTULLIO by your own admission of pretending to be a serviceman who has been on Active Service and wearing of medals that you are not entitled to, you have disgraced yourself and brought embarrassment on your family, close friends, the members of the Cockburn RSL. 

You have also committed offences against the Defence Act 1903 which is a matter for the Australian Federal Police to investigate should they have the resources to do so, as that is the excuse they use for not defending the honour of genuine Australian serving and ex-servicemen and women.

23 Aug 2007  

One time Cockburn RSL Sub Branch President, Alf DiTullio, was exposed as a fake "war veteran" by members of his Sub Branch in February 2007.   He appeared on the front page of the Community Newspaper "Cockburn Gazette" and the ANZMI website shortly afterwards.

Following his exposure, both the WA State and National Executives of the R&SL have confirmed that DiTullio is now permanently banned from membership of any R&SL branch in Australia.    DiTullio did not appeal the decision.

A further article about DiTullio's banning has been published in the "Cockburn Gazette" by reporter Mark McCrory.

Read the front page article below

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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