Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Petersen
Christian Names: Christopher Ross
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Central Coast
Service #: 8078316
Service: RAN
Branch: Naval Police/Coxswain/ Para Legal Branch
Commencement of service: 82-05, 05-12 Reserve
Completion of service: 27 Feb 12
Case Notes:




Peter, Paul and Mary recorded a hit song in the sixties which included the lyrics, “When will they ever learn!”.

Again we have a senior former Royal Australian Navy Petty Officer reported to Anzmi for blatantly wearing operational medals in uniform that he has not been awarded.

We can confidently state that Petersen has had little sea time in his Naval career but is flush with medals that he wears regularly. It is a sad state of affairs when former Naval Police and Para Legal Branch personnel completely disregard strict protocols as directed by Australian Government Honours and Awards.

The Royal Australian Navy hierarchy must be getting fed up with these imposters bringing the service into disrepute.

Below is a photograph of former Petty Officer Christopher Ross Petersen.

Petersen is a fraud and a medals cheat. He has to be up there with the worst of the miscreants that have been placed up on Anzmi.

In the photograph above, Petersen is wearing the following medals -;

1. Australian Active Service Medal with clasp. (AASM)
2. INTERFET Medal.
3. Afghanistan Medal.
4. Australian Service Medal with Clasp. (ASM)
5. Defence Force Service Medal with 2 clasps. (DFSM)
6. Australian Defence Medal. (ADM)

Petersen has been awarded and is entitled to wear the -;

1. DFSM with clasps for his long service.
2. ADM.

He is not entitled to wear the -;

1. AASM with clasp.
2. INTERFET Medal.
3. Afghanistan Medal
4. ASM with clasp.

The INTERFET Medal was issued to Australian servicemen and women who served in East Timor between the 16 September, 1999 and the 10 April, 2000 and had 30 days qualifying service. Petersen had no service in the prescribed area during that time. He was in Queensland.

Petersen also has no qualifying service for the award of the Afghanistan Medal.

Suffice to say, that he has no entitlements to the AASM for active service in a prescribed area anywhere, or the ASM for 30 days service in a prescribed peacekeeping or non war like area. E.g. East Timor.

Petersen is also wearing the Royal Australian Navy "Individual Readiness Notification" (IRN) badge on his right side. He has no right to wear this badge on his uniform as it indicates that he is a qualified "sea ready sailor" to an operational area. (Similar to the Army AIRN badge) He had been medically downgraded for many years prior to this photograph being taken and he is just further embellishing his non existant operational service.

Petersen enlisted in the RAN in January, 1982. He was allotted to the Supply Branch as a Steward. He remained a Steward for about 8 years and then transferred over to the Seaman Naval Police portfolio. He carried out the duties of Naval Police/Coxswain and subsequently attained the rank of Petty Officer. He was discharged in 2005 as “unfit for service”. He had very little sea time in his 23 years RAN service and had no operational/active service in that time.

He then transferred to the RAN Reserves and carried out the duties of a Para Legal Petty Officer. He served in the Reserves until 2012 where he again discharged as “unfit for service.” Again, he had no operational/active service in this period.

We would assume that on the way up the promotion ladder, Petersen would have had to attend several mandatory courses on “Ethics and Fraud awareness.” He obviously passed the courses but failed the true test in the end. His integrity and credibility is nil. He is a disgrace to the Naval Police/Coxswain positions that he held and the subsequent Para Legal Office he was appointed to.

Genuine returned serving and retired Australian Naval personnel are as offended as we are at the amount of former and currently serving Navy imposters wearing medals that they have not earned. They just snub their noses at protocols and disrespect their genuine returned colleagues. There are more to come.

Perhaps it is time that Naval officialdom took a stance and made examples of these morons who steal the honour of every returned serviceman and woman in the Australian Military Forces.

Petersen will grace our site as an imposter for ever more and will be a shining example for all our younger sailors of what not to be.

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