Peterson aka Piatkowski

Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Peterson aka Piatkws
Christian Names: Christian Rudolph aka Rudolph
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Gold Coast
Service #: 3790478
Service: Australian Army
Branch: Royal Australian Artillery
Commencement of service: 01 Feb 67, 20 Jan 70
Completion of service: 31 Jan 69, 10 Dec 82
Case Notes:




An important attribute of an Australian Commissioned Army Officer, is that they are honourable and honest. Christian Peterson lacks these qualities as he falsely claims to be a returned veteran who served in the Vietnam War. He has also dishonestly promoted himself from Army Reserve Temporary Captain to Major.

Peterson served as a National Serviceman during the Vietnam era but was never deployed on any overseas service. He completed his National Service obligation with the rank of Temporary Bombardier (Corporal). He reenlisted into the Army Reserve in 1971 and attending the Officer Cadet Training Unit, where he graduated as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Artillery Corps (RAA). He was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant and then to Temporary Captain prior to his discharge in 1982. As was the case during his National Service he was never posted to any areas of conflict.

When politely seeking information from Peterson, he challenged us with the foolish email shown below:

"From: Christian Peterson
You will hear from my lawyers as previously stated. You will not discover any information as I've changed my name by deed pole
Your investigations are an intrusion and to say the least, illegal"

Despite Peterson's confidence about his secrets, we discovered that he changed his name from Rudolph Christian Piatkowski to Christian Rudolph Peterson. He kept his original name a secret, as part of his strategy to keep his military history secret.

He has been heard to say that he had to change his name to advance his military career.

Here is what he has said about his Vietnam "War service". He;

"Served in Vietnam as a Commissioned Officer and Commanded forty men.
Served behind enemy lines

Saw people killed and, raided villages and shot someone

Was part of the Australian Secret Service for ten years

Coordinated missions from United States Destroyer USS Wainwright (DLG/CG-28.

Was the leader and number one Scout of his troop to set an example".

He also states that he "Knows all about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as he suffered from it for twenty years, but overcame it himself with no support or assistance from Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)"

Veterans are sickened by lily livered, dishonourable fools who make claims of heroic service in war zones. There are thousands of Veterans who everyday suffer the consequences of their war service because of PTSD, for Peterson to say he overcame it without support, is proof enough that he knows nothing about war service.

We contacted Christian Peterson with a polite email to seek confirmation about his "War service". After some to and from, instead of just telling us about his military service, as would any reasonable ex commissioned Army Officer, he commenced a string threats and denials.

"From: Christian Peterson
I'm forwarding all your emails and mine to my lawyer, who'll issue a desist notice to you and your organisation. Threatening me will not work. You are questioning reputation and honesty

From: Christian Peterson
Look as hard as you like, you will not find what I did and where!!!!"


Without your input we can only conclude that you are a liar and a fraud.

From: Christian Peterson
"I'm neither, but keep digging. You'll not fine (sic) out my military history. I've got nothing to hide:)"

In relation to the above electronic discourse we publicly respond as follows:

Go ahead, send your emails to your solicitor, but make sure you tell him/her that you have deliberately and dishonourably lied about your military history.

We did keep digging as suggested and soon found your true military history and what you have lied about.

Peterson shows on a Curriculum Vitae displayed on the social media website LinkedIn the following:

Notice that he says "I have reinvented my career a number of times". We know he has reinvented his Military History, and are confident that there are more lies associated with his other claims of expertise.

Peterson struts around like a "Toff" and boasts to have been an Australian Army Officer, Engineer, Instructional Designer, Broadcaster, Print Journalist, Corporate Communicator and Business Owner, we don't know how much truth there is in his claims, but we do know that his claimed exploits of being an Army Major in the Vietnam war are despicable lies.

His actual military service was very mundane and completed on Australian soil.

A dishonourable ex Army Officer is totally un Australian. Peterson is a dishonourable ex Army Officer and well deserves to reside on this web site

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