Surname: Vincent
Christian Names: John Leslie
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Caboolture
Case Notes:

As John Leslie Vincent, he was another mover and shaker in an Ex-Service Organisation [ESO] who believes the ex-service  community is comprised of idiots who will swallow whatever they are told. Some of these organisations are riddled with wannabes who are generally in the hierarchy, the president, secretary or committeeman, a few of them appear here on our pages and there are more coming soon.

The warped mind of the wannabe demands that his lies be heard by the largest possible audience, what better audience than a few hundred members of an ESO.


This poseur was eventually fully investigated while a member of the Returned Services League (RSL) in Caboolture, South East Queensland, after being initially exposed as a wannabe in Central Queensland.

Another of his stories is that he arrived "in" (sic) Nui Dat, Viet Nam, by helicopter at 11:30 pm, 31st December, 1959. Supposedly a meaningful time and date but aged 17?    We think not.

If by "in", he means the 1st Australian Task Force base, his timing is a long way out. The base wasn't set up until years later.

Other claims are that he served under two names, two service numbers and two birthdates but he can't supply a discharge certificate because "they won't discharge me".

Consider yourself discharged  Mr. John Leslie Vincent.

He told others that he served in Viet Nam under the name John Vincent, not John Leslie,  and his stories could only relate to AATTV (Australian Army Training Team Viet Nam) type service. That was a bad move because we know of the real John Vincent who served honourably with AATTV.

In November 2004 he was seen wearing a WW1 North Africa Medal although we don't have a photo of him wearing this.

He was the ESO club's curator of Military memorabilia and we believe that a thorough audit has been made of the items since his departure.

His ESO membership card showed this service number, 2238412.

Later, on being questioned about his service number because this membership card had mysteriously vanished, he supplied these numbers.

N741742, which he claimed was his CMF number issued around 1960-61 and 227418 which he claims was his Regular Army service number.

Of these numbers, N741742 is a WW11 number and 227418 is close to his actual number and appears to be purely for ease of remembering when challenged.

His actual Military service follows.


Enlisted Citizen's Military Forces, 2RNSWR, Newcastle, NSW, 3 June 1963.

Transferred to 1/15 Royal NSW Lancers Parramatta NSW, 1 July 1964. 

In late May 1965 he stopped attending CMF parades; apparently he had moved to Melbourne, Victoria.  The delay in his discharge is as a result of the time it took for the Army to catch up with him and recover issued equipment.

Discharged, 16 May 1967 for non-attendance, AWL (Absent Without Leave)

See here his full service record.

Another of his stories.  A six months training course with the Special Air Service (SAS) and promoted to Warrant Officer, Class Two.    How many days did he serve in training with 2RNSWR and 1/15 RNSWL before this intensive course?   Exactly 56 days and 14 hours, he was paid a handsome sum of around 125 Pounds  (A$250)  for this. Hardly the makings of a fine service record that would see him accepted in the SAS ranks.

Using the name John Leslie, he had his fantasies published in a book that was funded by taxpayers and is available in some schools, libraries, Council Offices and ESOs. It's a fine book that used interviews conducted by young people with WW11 and Viet Nam Veterans but is now tainted by the absolute garbage that was spewed forth by this wannabe. 

He has resigned from all committee positions at the ESO where he was in the midst of campaigning for Club Secretary and like most wannabes, he has threatened legal action against the person who initially exposed him for what he is and also members of the ESO Executive.

His deluded mind also has him telling stories of commencing litigation against another ESO in his area, he is able to afford this because, as he says, he won Lotto. Yeah, right.

He is a congenital liar and should seek professional help but this won't save him from appearing here for the term of his natural life.

There's not much more we need to say about this individual, we'll let you read his story as published and you let us know what you think.

You will see in the story below, this section:

We would indeed be interested in hearing from anyone from the Royal NSW Lancers that can verify his MC being mounted in a case in the Sergeants Mess, or if in fact, he was ever even invited into the Sergeants Mess of this unit.

Go here to read the rubbish supplied by Vincent to the young person who wrote the story

If you have doubts about anyone involved with your ESO, please contact us at and we'll tell you how to go about obtaining Military records. There is a privacy act which covers documents less than thirty years old but the last Viet Nam Veteran who served in an operational role left that country in 1972.

There are no "Sealed, Locked up, Under 100 year secrecy act, Never to be released" Military records for anyone who served in Viet Nam in an operational role.  The 30 year secrecy act for Viet Nam is finished and all Service records are now available.

For $25 or less, you can confirm or deny your suspicions. If you need assistance in deciphering any records, we would be only too willing to assist. Just contact us and we will advise how you can obtain these records.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


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