Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Walter
Christian Names: Russell
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Cobram
Service: Army
Case Notes:

Russell Walter

As a "guest speaker" at a Probus meeting in a rural part of Victoria yet another RSL Executive has been exposed as a bogus veteran - this sort of behaviour only serves to further besmirch the already damaged reputation of Australia's only true veterans' much lower must the RSL be dragged before 100% justice is dealt out to those who offend ???


The rural Victorian tabloid "Cobram Courier" on Wednesday 15 February 2006 on its social page "Roundabout" printed details of Cobram Men's Probus Club engaging a guest speaker Russell WALTER who "spoke of International Intelligence.  Mr WALTER had led an eventful life flying 65 missions "spotting Cessnas" in Vietnam, pursuing a nursing career in 2005, before retiring to live in Barooga".

WALTER is a member of the Cobram Barooga RSL and spent almost two years on the Sub-Branch Executive Committee as Secretary.  During this period it is alleged WALTER advised those who queried his rank that he left the Army as a Major, others state he advised he was a Colonel.
With the article of his supposed Vietnam service published in the local paper, veterans began questioning the bona fides of their past RSL Sub-Branch Secretary - a glaring anomaly was his lack of command of  written English, something a commissioned officer in the Australian Army prides himself on.

ANZMI was contacted and a subsequent thorough investigation into WALTER's military history revealed that yes, he did indeed serve, he was a National Serviceman who enlisted on 24 April 1956 and was Discharged 20 March 1957 medically unfit with clinical notes attached to his file as follows: "This disability is likely to remain for such a period as to prevent the resumption of training within a period of five years - DDMS S Comd". 

WALTER was allocated to the corps of Ordnance as a Private soldier, posted from 20 National Service Battalion to 3 Stores Company and spent his 11 month Army life plagued by medical problems. 

With all the evidence at hand WALTER was contacted and asked to explain his claims of  being an Army Officer and Pilot. His replies are below including his apology directed at us. We don't accept or reject apologies, in this instance it's up to the Veteran Community at large. We will monitor all replies for or against and advise the outcome around the end of September.

----- Original Message -----
From: Russell & Kaye Walter
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 4:26 PM
Subject: reyour letter dated 27-06-06


    Dear Sir,
                 With refence to your letter dated as above i wish to inform you that at no time did i state when giving an address to a Probus club did i ever state that i was a VIietnam Veteran, nor that i flown thirty mission over Veitnan, at the time i was in Loas fling for a private air line,nor did i state that i was a major or Lieutenant Colonel.
                  Therefore i offer all the Vietnam veterans/R&SL,my  apologies for any misconstrue over this matter.
                                                                                                                                 Regards RUSS WALTER


WALTER has denied fraudulently representing himself as a veteran - an offence under the Defence Act.
This man served his country albeit in a restricted manner - was awarded a National Service Commemorative Medal and in due course will be awarded the Australian Defence Medal, obviously he felt the need to embellish his service - and the ensuing embarrassment will be down to him.


----- Original Message -----

From: Russell & Kaye Walter
Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2006 1:23 PM
Subject: apologies

  Dear Sir.
              Further to your mail on 24.06.06 and my email of 28.06.06,as some 48hours has has passed i have had time to reflect on my actions of the past and in doing so i can say what a bloody fool i have been,and what injury i have caused our veteran veterns.
             As such i wish to again apologies to you,your members,dependants,and i can only say how bad i feel about my past mistake's.I have always held the Veitnam Veteran vets i the highest regards, and have not and would not like you think i would have a bad  word to say of them.
            I will not belong to our local RS.L. sub-branch nor any other branch and will not renew my member ship when it expires, once again please accept my honest apologies and if it was at all possable in the near future i would like to meet you face to face as men and discuss this matter.
                                                                                              Yours truly Russ Walter


----- Original Message -----
From: Russell & Kaye Walter
Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 2:44 PM
Subject: re your email
Thank you for your email of to day,as i informed youi did work for a private company, but i am not in a situation whereby i am unable to disclose this inforemation to you,but i will give you some back ground of my self.
In 1961 i join the Chief Secreatary,s Office attached to the office of the State Insurance Commision as an investorgator reporting back to the Crown Law Dept,later i was transferred to Comberra and then went to the firm that employed whilst i was oversea,s,i spent some six month,s in Laos when i waseffected with astomach infection and was sent back to australia where some 8/10 of my stomach was removed, i would have no objection to yougeting my medical.
M y wife has in the time i have known me all way,s called me Colonel.
When i was over in Laos i was called the Major.
My Medals are  1 Commonwealth National Service Medal, amd the National Service Association Medal {SA] Branch INC. And id dose amaze me that the person who informed you of myMedal,s was not aware that the Medal,s were not Service Nedal,s as would be found on any of your menbers as quite a nimber of national service menbers wear same when attending servce,s.
                                                                                           regards Russ.I

He apologised and then feeds us malarkey about being some sort of spook in Laos. We can't believe a word he says now.

"My Medals are  1 Commonwealth National Service Medal, amd the National Service Association Medal {SA] Branch INC."

The medal on the right was not awarded for service, it is a purchased National Serviceman's Association trinket, much favoured by those who never served overseas but feel they have to wear something on commemorative occasions as if they'd actually been somewhere and done something . If worn at all, it should be on his right breast and well below any Next of Kin medals that may be worn,where such things belong.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Van Der Klooster
Christian Names: William
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: North Richmond
Case Notes:




William Van Der Klooster, born in 1947, at North Richmond, NSW, was seen at Katoomba RSL Club, NSW on Anzac Day, 25th April, 2006.  He was wearing an Australian Naval Officer's uniform showing the rank of Captain and with numerous ribbons indicating overseas service.  He was also wearing metal "pilot's" wings and metal insignia on each shirt collar as well as being in possession of a Naval Officer's peaked cap (Captain or higher).  Was this man a real naval officer?  No he was not and he had been arrested charged and fined for a similar offence prior to this.

On 25th April 2006, Anzac Day in Katoomba, New South Wales.  Veterans have been to the dawn service and the Anzac Day parade and many of them are now enjoying catching up to mates and reminiscing.  It was like that at the RSL Club however there was one exception. William VAN DER KLOOSTER was at the RSL Club relaxing, playing the poker machines and going to the restaurant the same as other members.  He also, like other members, was wearing uniform.  He was wearing Naval Officer's uniform and in such a manner so that others could interpret or believe that he was actually a serving naval officer.

Was this man a naval officer? No, he subsequently admitted to the NSW Police that he was not, nor ever had been, a member of the Armed Forces.

This is not just a story of a wannabe pretending to be a returned serviceman.  It also shows the disdain in which veterans are being treated by the authorities when wannabes seek to steal their honour.

Patrons of the RSL Club who saw William Van Der Klooster were suspicious. 

A serving Naval Officer who had attended the Anzac Day parade in uniform and then attended the RSL described William Van Der Klooster as wearing what appeared to be an officer's Summer white working uniform and was suspicious because uniform for Anzac Day had been promulgated by signal as 'Winter ceremonial with medals'.  Van Der Klooster was wearing shoulder boards of the rank of Captain, a number of medal ribbons, but no medals, white shorts and stockings and white training shoes and had with him a naval officers cap with braided peak.

An executive of the RSL stated that he had been advised by another member that Van Der Klooster had stated he was a serving naval officer.  The executive described Van Der Klooster as wearing white shorts, white military belt, white shoes, white long socks, white short sleeve shirt, naval rank boards (Captain) numerous ribbons indicating overseas service, metal 'pilots' wings and metal insignia on each shirt collar and had in his possession a naval officer's peaked cap (Captain or higher).  The RSL Executive asked Van Der Klooster to accompany him to the administration area and then called police.  When police attended Van Der Klooster was identified and admitted that he was not a member of any Military Service and had purchased the uniform and ribbons from various Sydney stores.

The NSW police apprehended Van Der Klooster and took him to Katoomba Police Station. (Police Reference: Event No 29224686) This was recorded at the RSL by CCTV, a photo of which has been extracted.

The photo is not good but the only one available.  The photo depicts two apprehending police officers in the background, Van Der Klooster in the white naval uniform and various RSL Club officials and patrons.

As the Defence Act 1903 is Commonwealth Legislation, the NSW Police contacted the Australian Federal Police (AFP) who is responsible for prosecuting such offences.

The RSL executive was subsequently advised by the apprehending police that they contacted the AFP and were told that they, the AFP, would not be able to prove an offence as they couldn't prove that Van Der Klooster "..actually intended on people believing that he was an actual returned serviceman.." and that he was"...simply dressing up to enjoy the day.." The executive was further advised that the NSW Police had been told by the AFP that this offence only carried a penalty of $200 and that Van Der Klooster had been convicted and received a similar fine some years ago. This was sufficient reason for the NSW Police to release Van Der Klooster without charge.

The RSL executive took this event very seriously.  This man, William Van Der Klooster, posing as a returned serviceman, dishonours all those veterans who have served their country.  It is also considered such by the legislature who make it a serious offence under the Defence Act 1903. section 80A 'Falsely representing to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman' and section 80B 'Improper use of service decorations'. Each of these offences has a penalty of 30 penalty units ($3300.00) or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

The executive complained to the AFP, outlining the events that occurred at the Katoomba RSL involving Van Der Klooster, explaining the alleged response from the AFP, believing that if this was the case they, the AFP were guilty of gross negligence in their duties stating that "the Government has recently taken a firm stand on military impostors where they have increased penalties considerably.  On one hand we appear to have the government bleating to the media on how they intend to fix the problem (higher penalties) and on the other, we appear to have the government enforcers totally ignoring the issue"He advised the AFP that he was happy to assist in any way to have this matter finalised.

  The AFP replied with the following email:

I refer to your correspondence dated 6 May 2006 in which you requested information on the Australian Federal Police policy on situations where we receive reports on persons wearing military attire and/or medals which they are not entitled.    

I wish to inform you that whilst the AFP has the primary responsibility for investigating criminal offences against the Commonwealth, the number of offences referred to the AFP exceeds our investigative capacity. The AFP must therefore ensure that its limited resources are directed to the matters of highest priority and the decision to accept or reject matters for investigation is guided by this precept.  The AFP is not resourced to investigate every complaint or allegation made, even when there is sufficient information to suggest that there is a breach of the law. 

Each case is assessed and a decision is made whether or not to allocate the required investigative resources. Each matter reported must be balanced against all other new referrals as well as ongoing investigations and commitments. This decision is made in conjunction with the AFP Case Categorisation and Prioritisation Model (CCPM), available on our website

The AFP cannot comment on any action taken by the NSW Police in relation to this matter.  

Federal Agent

Team leader Client Liaison Team

Sydney Office  

9 June 2006

That is the response to a complaint by a senior RSL executive member.  That response is not unexpected but it is still disappointing that when you have an offence  where the legislature have recently increased the penalties to $3300.00 and/or 6 months imprisonment and (as you will see) declared that this is considered serious and that the honour of veterans must be protected, and yet the investigating Authority did not have sufficient resources to arrest an offender where he is caught in the act, detained, with available and willing witnesses and CCTV footage, a situation known in police parlance as 'a walk up start'. Its a sad joke.

Following the AFP's response to the RSL executive, ANZMI again contacted them.  This time we received a similar response with a new twist.  The following email was received from the AFP:

Locked Bag A3000 Sydney South NSW 1232

Telephone 61 2 92864720 Facsimile 61 2 92864718

ABN 17 864 931 143
Dear Mr 

I refer to your email sent to Federal Agent XXXXX  XXXXXX dated 14 June 2006.

I advise that the AFP does not have a specific policy in regards to "..Investigating any matters that may be detected as offences under Sections 80A and 80B of the Defence Act 1903".

Whilst the AFP has primary responsibility for investigating criminal offences against the Commonwealth, the number of offences referred to the AFP exceeds our investigative capacity. The AFP must, therefore, ensure that its limited resources are directed to the matters of highest priority and the decision to accept or reject matters for investigation is guided by this precept.  The AFP is not resourced to investigate every complaint or allegation made, even when there is sufficient information to suggest that there is a breach of the law.

The AFP evaluates all matters that are referred for investigation in accordance with its Case Categorisation and Prioritisation Model (CCPM).  The CCPM is used to provide a transparent, objective and consistent basis for evaluating and comparing AFP operational activities from a range of perspectives including:  the gravity/sensitivity of a matter; the current investigational workload of the AFP; and the availability of resources. Each case is assessed on its individual merits and a decision is made whether or not to allocate the required investigative resources based on the CCPM and the current availability of resources.

I appreciate that it would be disappointing to the legitimate RSL members whom Mr XXXXXX and others represent when decisions are made not to proceed on matters such as these.

I understand that the Department of Veterans' Affairs has an Investigations area that may be able to provide you with an alternate remedy for the investigation of matters such as these.  Perhaps you might consider referring this matter to the Department at the following address:

Directorate of Honours and Awards

T - 1 - 49

Department of Defence


1800 065 149 


Federal Agent XXXX  XXXXXXX


Operations Monitoring Centre

Sydney Office

14 June 2006

ANZMI contacted Danna Vale M.P to ascertain what was the actual background relating to the increases in penalties for offences against Sect 80A and 80B of the Defence Act 1903.  Mrs Vale referred ANZMI to her speech when introducing the legislation into parliament.  In this speech on the 26 March 2003 she states in part, relating to increasing penalties from $200 fine to a maximum penalty of $3300 and/or six months imprisonment for breaches of sections 80A and 80B of the Defence Act, that these changes reflect the gravity of the concern of the government and the wider community with practices that are unlawful, deceitful and disrespectful of our veterans and service personnel.

Danna Vale said, "Person falsely claiming defence service they did not undertake or complete, or medals or decorations they were not entitled to, are disrespectful to real veterans and defence personnel.  Our veterans and service personnel are held in the highest regard by our community.  Their service and sacrifice deserves strong protection from those who wrongly seek to claim the same honour and respect.  The government delivers this protection through these increases in penalties".

For veterans who have served their country this has to be a frustrating situation.  On the one hand we have a previous minister for veterans' affairs saying that wannabes are disrespectful to real veterans and defence personnel who are held in the highest regard by our community. "Their service and sacrifice deserves strong protection from those who wrongly seek to claim the same honour and respect.  The government delivers this protection through these increases in penalties". Then we have the law enforcement organisation responsible for enforcing commonwealth legislation saying that they do not have the resources to provide the protection promised by the government.

Senator Ellison appears to be the appropriate minister to answer this dilemma so we asked him:

The Hon. Christopher Ellison

Minister for Justice

3rd July 2006
 Dear Sir,

I am a member of Australian and New Zealand Military Impostors. (ANZMI)  We are a veteran's group dedicated to exposing persons who fraudulently portray themselves to be returned servicemen or fraudulently wear service decorations.  You will find our web site at

For sometime now we have been providing evidence of people who commit offences contrary to the Defence Act 1903 to the appropriate authorities but to no avail.  A recent occurrence was a matter that occurred at Katoomba, New South Wales on Anzac Day, 25th April 2006. A person was detected in the RSL following the Anzac day service.  He was wearing the uniform of a Naval Officer and many overseas campaign medals.  Veterans at the RSL soon detected that this person was a fraud. In fact he was not, nor had ever been, a member of the Australian Armed Forces. The NSW Police were called and they detained this person. As this was a Commonwealth matter the NSW Police contacted the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

It has been reported to us that the response from the AFP was that they were unable to do anything. The reasons they gave were totally incorrect.  In fact they appeared not to know the seriousness of the offence, advising the NSW police that it only carried a $200 fine when in fact the penalty is 30 penalty units ($3300.00) or 6 months
imprisonment or both.

In frustration the president of the Katoomba RSL contacted ANZMI for advice.  We were able to advise of the section, penalty and facts in issue for the relevant two offences committed by this false pretender. On our advice he contacted the AFP.  His complaint to the AFP is attached at Annexure A.

The reply he received from the AFP was to the effect that the AFP couldn't handle such cases as they were under resourced.  That reply is attached at Annexure B.

This is a surprise considering the speech given by Danna Vale in parliament on the 26 March 2003 when introducing the Defence Legislation Amendment Bill 2003, 2nd reading. In this speech she said in part:

"The first relates to changes to increase the penalties for improper use of service medals and decorations and for false representation as returned service personnel. These changes reflect the gravity of the concern of the government and the wider community with practices that are unlawful, deceitful and disrespectful of our veterans and service personnel.

The bill increases the penalty for wrongly claiming to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman, or for wearing a medal or decoration to which a person is not entitled, from a $200 fine to a maximum penalty of $3,300 and/or six months imprisonment. The Defence Act already makes it clear that an exception to this penalty is where a family member, who does not claim to have been awarded the medal or decoration, is wearing the medal or decoration. The bill also increases the penalty for destroying or defacing a medal or decoration from a fine of $200 to a maximum fine of $6,600 and/or 12 months imprisonment.

Persons falsely claiming defence service they did not undertake or complete, or medals or decorations they were not entitled to, are disrespectful to real veterans and defence personnel. Our veterans and serving personnel are held in the highest regard by our community. Their service and sacrifice deserves strong protection from those who wrongly seek to claim the same honour and respect. The government delivers this protection through these increases in penalties".  The full speech is attached at Annexure C.

ANZMI contacted the AFP in relation to this matter and in answer the AFP repeated that they were under resourced to deal with such matters however, they advised that the Department of Defence had investigators and may be able to assist.  This reply is attached at Annexure D.

This was also a surprise, although we are aware that there are now many commonwealth departments who have their own in-house investigators, it was our belief that they were there mainly to investigate fraud or impropriety involving personnel of their own departments.  We are aware however, that it is possible for such investigators to investigate offences against the act administered by that department; we are not sure whether it would be appropriate as often there are cases that involve not only offences against the Defence Act 1903, but also other legislation.

A case in point is another matter involving a veteran who has not only committed offences against the Defence Act 1903 in wearing medals of valour not conferred, but also, by deceit, dishonesty and forgery in having such awards recognised by the Defence Department, has probably committed a variety of offences contrary to the Criminal Code, 1995 (Cmth).  A copy of the report of that matter, which was recently forwarded to the Department of Defence, is attached at Annexure E.

Sir, we seek your advice on this issue. Who is the appropriate body to investigate such matters.  As was stated by Danna Vale when introducing the penalty increases in the Defence Act 1903 The service and sacrifice of veterans deserves strong protection from those who wrongly seek to claim the same honour and respect.  Since these penalty increases were introduced the government has failed to provide that protection.  To increase a penalty without a corresponding policy to investigate and prosecute is not protection.

Yours sincerely 


To this date we have had no response from the Minister and in the meantime we have wannabes such as William Van Der Klooster, by their actions, openly insulting the veteran community, men and women who have put their lives at risk to serve the country.

The penalties in the legislation relating to wannabes were increased because of concerns expressed by the veteran community.  In fact they, the veteran community, have been conned.  Wannabes are free to insult veterans with impunity.  It is now time for the veteran community to advise their local members that they don't like to be conned and that this legislation must be given teeth in the way of proper, adequate law enforcement resources and policy.

  13 Oct 2006  Extract of the Blue Mountains Gazette on line

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Jones
Christian Names: Russell Lee
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Taree
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Russell Lee Jones born 12 Jan 1946

"Captain" Russell Lee Jones had a less than stellar naval career, during his twelve years service with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) he rose very "steadily" to the rank of leading seaman. After his discharge he "whipped" in a few promotions to improve his social standing.  He simply eliminated the one thing that was holding him back - The Navy.

The real Leading Seaman Russell Lee Jones

Russell Jones served in the RAN from 7th July 1962 until 8th July 1974.  He was allocated to the Fleet Air Arm and finally worked as a leading seaman involved in  Navy Air Safety Equipment.  Most of his time was spent on shore bases, however he managed to get some sea time aboard HMAS Melbourne.  Between July 1962 and January 1970 he spent around 260 days on board HMAS Melbourne.   His sea time included some hours well off shore in Vietnam waters and a trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Borneo.We have no details of his sea time for the period 1970 to 1974. For his service he wears:

The Australian Active Service medal

General Service Medal

Vietnam Logistics support medal

Australian Service medal

On discharge from the RAN in 1974 Jones headed for the UK "to take up a job with the Coast Guard".  We assume the term Coast Guard refers to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency UK.  During his  supposed   service with the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency he claims to have earned a commission in the Royal Navy Reserve and "acquired a skippers ticket". We have the following information from  renowned UK maritime historians. Inter alia

"I am ex-Coastguard, and I can assure you that, strangely enough, the Coastguard does not have any ships of its own (!) Three (maybe four) extremely large deep-sea salvage tugs are chartered from their owners to be positioned at strategic points around the coast to provide casualty towage, fire fighting and rescue duties.  They are merchant ships (the Coastguard is a civilian organisation), fly the Red Ensign, are skippered by Merchant Navy Master Mariners, and are crewed by merchant seamen.

It is a fact that the RN Reserve has had no association with the Maritime Coast Guard Agency since the 1920s.  Our Naval historians tell us. Inter alia

"The Coastguard, although it has a number of former RN personnel serving on its books, has had no connection with the Ministry of Defence (RN) for over 80 years, and the small patrol boats and cruisers (the more commonly used term to describe these vessels) that the Coastguard use probably haven't been commanded by RN officers for over 100 years, the Coastguard had its own "Chief Officers" and "Mates" etc., the ranks don't even correspond to those in the RN.

"Have checked with the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency, they have no record of Russell Lee Jones ever having been employed by them, however, he could have been a volunteer of whom they do not keep records" 

There is another "Coastguard" organization, it is the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and it operates numerous vessels from five to seventeen metres in length and is employed in "On shore" rescue work in the UK.  We are advised that  "All members of this organization are volunteers"  If Jones worked with this organization as a volunteer he could hardly claim the rank "Captain (MN)" for driving a seventeen metre boat".

Russell Jones returned to Australia in 2000 claiming the rank and title of  "Captain Merchant Navy" (MN).  Using the rank Captain MN is reserved for Master Mariners and is a privilege that comes after many years of dedicated service to the Merchant Navy.

When mixing in veterans'  circles in the Taree area of NSW, Russell Lee Jones insists on being addressed as "Captain Russell Lee Jones" and has signed documents using the rank of Captain (MN). We hold statements and Statutory Declarations in relation to the following statements credited to Jones.

"We first met R L Jones along with XXXXXX and some others who formed part of the Taree group.  when all present introduced themselves Jones said "Captain Russell Lee Jones" and of course XXXXX and others called him Captain".

XXXXXXX saw Jones sign documents going to DVA which bore the rank Captain. xxxx says that Jones in dealing with Taree council to secure premises for Taree Vietnam Veterans that letters and Council papers were signed Captain.  there may also have been correspondence sent to Mayo Private Hospital Taree similarly signed".

"I saw him sign letters to DVA with signature block of Captain.  XXXXXX saw him sign letters to Taree council as "Captain" between early 2004 and Oct 2004".

Below is a document that has been signed by Jones using the rank of  "Capt MN".

Russell Lee Jones is a Justice of the Peace in NSW.  He is listed by the NSW Attorney General's Office as "Captain" Russell Lee Jones as shown here.

We are not sure what the NSW Attorney General's Office may think about Jones fraudulently using the title of  "Captain" but we suggest he will soon find out.

More Statements

Jones told me "He was qualified as a ships master and that he was a master of a vessel which went around the UK doing fisheries inspections, intercepting fishing vessel and checking quotas - I am qualified to master anything up to a tanker.  he regaled me with stories of his exploits and those of his crew'".

 Jones told us he was discharged from the Navy as a chief.  "I was very disappointed that the Captain didn't even bother to say goodbye - I just walked off the ship.  That was when we realised that he wasn't an officer and said so and he said  "Oh I was only a CPO (Chief Petty Officer)  then'".

He said  "He'd teed up joining the RN Coast Guard before departing Australia"

He claimed "To have served for 15 years in the RAN, before joining the RN reserve working in the Coast Guard Service he called himself "Captain"".

He also said  "He had a pilot's license and had gone to England and joined the coast Guard as part of the RN where he had obtained his Captain ticket as a LT on RN Reserve".

During 2004 Jones, returned to England for a visit There was a lot of talk about  "Going to the South of England because he'd organized a re-union of his crew.  They were all very close because that's how he liked to run his ships'.

Below is a summary of claims made by Jones:

Claims the right to use the title of Captain Merchant Navy - Denied.

Claims to have held a commission in the Royal Navy Reserve - Denied. 

Claims to have served for 15 years in the Royal Australian Navy - Denied.

Claims to have been a chief petty officer (CPO) in the Royal Australian Navy - Denied

Claims to have been master of a fisheries inspection vessel and qualified to master anything up to a tanker - Denied.

There is a lot of evidence supporting the facts that Jones uses the rank of "Captain" and claims to have been a Master Mariner - Why does Jones have no entitlement to that rank and title, and why is there no truth in the remainder of his claims? 

Claims the right to the title of Captain Merchant Navy.

According to the Deputy Chief Examiner, of Masters and Mates, Seafarers Standards Training and Certification, at the Seafarers Training and Certification Branch, Maritime Coastguard Agency - Southport UK (The only authority in the UK that examines and qualifies Merchant Navy people) Jones has no entitlement to the rank of Captain Merchant Navy and therefore has no claim to the title of Master Mariner.  The Deputy chief Examiner said  "Unless MR Jones can provide evidence to the contrary he is not entitled to the rank of Captain (MN). Though it is not a crime in itself here in the UK to call oneself a captain, it would be, if used to mislead or cause offence or if used for financial gain". The same applies in Australian law.

When Jones joined a local NSW Coastal Patrol Rescue unit at  Forster, Reserve Road Forster NSW he presented the Licence shown below as his credentials.


The licence was described by Seafarers Training Branch as follows:

"Received confirmation from the Royal yacht Association (RYA) that the certificate is, or was genuine but expired on the 13th February 2002.  As stated in my previous email that particular RYA certificate is for small boats, such as a dinghy or rowing boats and the like.   An RYA certificate is not recognised by any administration towards any qualification on a merchant ship not even towards a qualification for merchant navy rating."

This licence is not required for use in UK waters, it is endorsed. "In the UK a license is not required to operate pleasure craft". Also note that Jones is wearing a uniform in the photograph shown on the licence. Was he wearing the rank of a Master Mariner when he acquired this licence, and was that done to make sure that the rank "Capt MN" was endorsed on it?  

The licence is to drive very small pleasure craft, however, it looks official and was accepted in good faith by the Forster Coast Guard patrol, it was issued by the Royal Yacht Association (RYA) to "Captain RL Jones (MN)" - meaning Merchant Navy.  We are advised by the RYA as follows:

"The endorsement of the Captain (MN) title would have been at Jones request, it is unlikely that we would have checked this."

The document shows that he was examined by the "RNAS - Plymouth" that is an abbreviation for Royal Naval Air Station.  The RYA advise that "RNAS is a mistake and should read RNSA - Royal Naval Sailing Association who test candidates for the Royal Navy." 

It is most unlikely that a person qualified as, and claiming to be a Captain Merchant Navy - a Master Mariner - would use a RYA "Rowing Boat" licence to gain entry to a NSW Coastal Rescue unit, when he should have in his possession appropriate qualifications far beyond that of driving dinghies.  We are also reliably advised that Jones has acquired a coxswains ticket as his current qualification to drive the Forster Coast Guard rescue boat.  Why would a man with a UK Master Mariners qualification licensed to drive ships up to tanker size require a coxswains ticket to drive a twenty foot rescue boat shown here.  



Commission in the Royal Navy Reserve

All occurrences effecting  officers in the Royal Navy Reserve are listed in the London Gazette, this includes, commissions, promotions, resignations, awards and decorations.  Jones is not listed anywhere in the London Gazette.  We have searched and the Social Sciences department of the Birmingham Social Sciences Library reports as follows.

"Dear Sir

Thank you for your enquiry concerning the London Gazette. The Gazette is available online at   I have searched the website, but am unable to retrieve the name in which you are interested."

Claims to have served for 15 years in the Royal Australian Navy

Jones served for twelve years in the Royal Australian Navy from 7 February 1962 to 8 July 1974.

Claims to have been a chief petty officer in the Royal Australian Navy

Jones's rank on discharge after twelve years Royal Australian Navy service was   Leading Seaman in the muster of Naval Air Safety Equipment - NASE

Claims to have been master of fisheries inspection vessel and qualified to master anything up to a tanker. 

The Marine Fisheries Agency (MFA) in the UK told us:

"We do not have any records of this gentleman ever having worked for us.  that said, we do not operate fisheries patrol vessels directly as we utilise the Fisheries Protection Squadron of the Royal Navy

Fishery Officer

MFA Operations


An expert on UK naval matters then advised:

"The captain of a Fisheries Protection vessel (most commonly an Island class OPV) would be a Lieutenant Commander, he certainly would not be a captain by rank at the time of command".  Jones claimed to be a Royal Navy Reserve Lieutenant and master of a vessel involved in fisheries inspection vessel, his rank of Lieutenant was too low to be master of a RN Fisheries Protection Squadron vessel and his claimed rank of Captain MN would not apply to the RN Fisheries Protection Squadron.

Russell Lee Jones is a liar and a wannabe, he has no entitlement to the rank of Captain Merchant Navy or Royal Navy Reserve Lieutenant which he uses to "big note" himself in the Taree veteran community,  he should be aware that if he has used the bogus rank to gain a benefit he has committed an offence.  It seems that wannabes are naturally attracted to each other because he is part of the Doran crew from Taree NSW  (See the story directly below the Jones entry on the Cases page soon) Doran is also a chronic liar and a wannabe.   

Russell Lee Jones' biggest problem is that everyone sees right through him.  He fools some of the people for only a short time, his haughty manner and lack of presence makes it obvious that he is not a captain's bootstrap.  Russell Lee Jones' insistence on being addressed as "Captain" should be treated with the derision it deserves by the good people of the Taree District.  He is no more a "Captain" than Long John Silvers parrot.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Doran
Christian Names: Kenneth James
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Gulgong
Service: Army
Case Notes:

Kenneth James Doran is the Public Officer for an organization called Veterans Villages Incorporated operating in the Taree, Forster/Tuncurry area.  See the fair trading document below.

aka Ken Doran, David Doran & Rodney Doran.

Mr. Doran has made claims of war service in Viet Nam, of being an Army Officer, of being currently on leave of absence from the Department of Foreign Affairs and having a contract with the Government.  He and his two associates were sent from our Nations Capital to expose wannabes in the Taree area of NSW. One of these cohorts claims to have saved Doran’s life in Viet Nam.  The basic fact is that Mr. K. J. Doran served in the Army for 11 months before being discharged on Psychiatric grounds.  No overseas service.  No discharge as a Major.

Doran also acted as a Pensions/Welfare Officer with the Viet Nam Veterans Federation Great Lakes sub-Branch in Forster.  He is currently operating within the Taree Vietnam Veterans Group.

It was at a meeting in Taree, convened by Doran on the 26th July 2001 of ex-service organizations that included representatives of the TPI Association, Taree RSL, Taree Legacy, War Widows Guild, Veterans Partners Support Group, Great Lakes VVF sub-Branch and Veterans Villages Inc. that Doran was first challenged over his service details.

 It was noted that Doran was wearing a Returned from Active Service Badge on the left lapel of his coat. When questioned on his service Doran claimed to be a National Serviceman and that he had served with 1RAR in 1965 and then again with 3RAR in 1969.  Prior checks of the Viet Nam Veterans Nominal Roll failed to reveal any person by the name of Ken Doran ever serving in Viet Nam.  Once again Doran was challenged on his name at which time he stated his real name was David Doran, he had changed his name for reasons he was not prepared to divulge at the meeting.  A legitimate Veteran who had previously questioned Doran’s bona fides was drummed out of a Veteran’s organisation.    See the letter below.

The wearing of the Returned From Active Service badge [RASB], when not entitled, is a Federal offence.

It has been reported that the number on the RASB that he wears is A473738.  A check of this number through archival records is yet to be conducted to see who this badge was issued to

 He has also claimed to be Rodney James Doran. 

R.J. Doran did serve with the Australian Army Assistance Group, Viet Nam in 1972. He was born in 1952 and is much younger than the Doran in question.

A check of archived Defence Department records at the Australian National Archives, revealed Kenneth James Doran served with the Australian Regular Army from September 1964 to August 1965 (11 months) in that period of time he served with the Royal Australian Infantry and Royal Australian Army Medical Corps.

Kenneth James Dorandid not serve overseas or on active service and received no Medals or awards so he could not have been a National Service Lieutenant who served with 1 RAR in Viet Nam, 1965. In fact, 1RAR’s first tour was the only tour that was comprised of Regular soldiers only. No National Servicemen.

 Doran tells many different stories about his service details and pulls the “I’m still covered under the Official Secrets Act” bit as the guise for not producing any documentation of his service. This is also indicated in the letter displayed above and it would appear that Doran used this to ‘pull the wool’ over the eyes of the executive of the VVA. Great Lakes   Doran, if not already aware, will be after seeing himself here, that all Viet Nam Veterans records are now available to the general public and the said 30 year secrecy act for Viet Nam is over.

 As occurs many times in this kind of situation, the President of the Veterans Association, which Doran is a member of, strongly defends Doran’s claimed status.   Veteran Organisations who insist in covering for bogus Veterans will also be named on this site as it would appear that such organisations are not doing proper service checks prior to accepting members.

 Doran has admitted in an interview with a reporter from the Sydney Daily Telegraph that he had never served in Viet Nam.

Doran has now parted company with the Forster group and has established a group in Taree, doing the same thing and making the same false claims of veteran status. Some in Forster still send veterans to Doran for assistance.

1….Doran claims to be in possession of a DVA White (specific treatment) Card.  CPMH is well aware that Doran has no entitlement to DVA authorised Veterans medical treatment.

2….The previous President of the V.V.A.Taree Sub-Branch organised support to remove Doran from the Association premises. This was done in the interests of the members and the Ex-Service Community at large.

At an extraordinary meeting held on Tuesday 9th September, this President of six months was voted out by Doran supporters. A non-Veteran, Trevor Brauer, was re-installed as President. Doran was applauded as he entered the room after hiding out in the car park.

One comment made at the meeting by a Doran supporterwas “ I don’t care what the constitution says, we’ll run it our way” The Association Secretary resigned on the spot. He was immediately replaced by a Doran supporter.

This meeting was so stressful for many of those in attendance that some left and those remaining needed a 30 minute break to restore their composure.

Attention was paid to the immediate changing of bank account signatories.

 3….The Taree V.V.A. Sub-Branch is back in Doran’s hands with his wife installed as the advocate for AAT and VRB matters.

4…. Another meeting will be held by the Sub-Branch on the 12th of October 2003 to consider its future with one item on the agenda being to move away from the Granville V.V.A.and form another group to possibly be incorporated.

 WHYis this information here on this site ??? It’s here to demonstrate just what can happen to decent, honest, Ex-Service people who have done their level best to provide a   friendly atmosphere and quality, free, advocacy to genuine Veterans. Those previous members who may have been in a fragile state at the time are probably a lot worse off now. What do they do and where do they go now that their sense of belonging to a once highly regarded organisation has been removed? Removed by a bludging wannabe and his bludging wannabe cohorts who demand money for providing useless advocacy.

14 Sep 06

We have seen in the past, that when a wannabe gets into a position of power in an ex services organisation, he invites others of similar ilk, they have no innate respect for real Veterans and operate the ex service organization in a manner to suit their personal needs, they also take on roles of "assisting" genuine Veterans with claims for benefits and in general welfare situations, the wannabes are naturally dishonest and steer their whole operation towards dishonest practices to the detriment of the innocent Veterans seeking help.

There is a group of such people involved in an independent veteran's operation in Taree in NSW. It is the Taree Vietnam Veterans Association. Mr James Meehan is the President, Mr Graham Stenner the Public Officer, and lurking in the back ground pulling the strings of his puppets is Mr Ken Doran. This crew is then fortified by the likes of "Captain" Russell Lee Jones.

     DORAN       MEEHAN       STENNER          JONES 

In the past we have named Kenneth James Doran of Taree to be a liar, a scoundrel and a wannabe. Doran exhibits the guile of a sociopath and he has a group of easily lead sycophants who have obviously been mesmerised by this con-man.

In our original report we advised that Doran had worn a Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB) that he claimed to be his own. We all know that he has no entitlement to a RASB because he has never been involved in any overseas military operations – ever.  The badge he wore was numbered A473738. The badge owner has come forward and given us a Statutory Declaration regarding this transaction. He states inter alia

In 2001, Ken Doran, of Vietnam Veterans Taree, was acting as my advocate with DVA. He asked me to loan my RAS Badge to XXX XXXXXX, an ex National Serviceman, so that he had a badge to wear at a march.  

I had to press Doran for the return of the badge. 

"I have recently read an article about Doran being a Vietnam Veteran impostor.  Apparently, when Doran was challenged. In July 2001, about his bona fides he was wearing a RAS Badge and quoted the number A473738. That badge was mine"  

Doran is known to have worn this badge and said that it was his own. The wearing of the RASB, when not entitled, is a Federal offenceagainst Sect 80B of the Defence Act 1903

You are reminded of the following.....

Kenneth James Doran served with the Australian Regular Army from September 1964 to August 1965 (11 months) in that period of time he served with the Royal Australian Infantry and Royal Australian Army Medical Corps before being discharged on Psychiatric grounds.  He was never in Vietnam and was never an Infantry Officer.

An illustration of the extent of Doran's deceit is in an aspect that was not revealed in the original story. You should recall that Doran told a newspaper that he was not a Vietnam Veteran.

Doran claims in the article to have made only one "off the cuff" remark about being a veteran. He is a liar, he has made many claims about being a veteran as well as wearing a Returned from Active Service Badge and showing people a newspaper clipping about his "Vietnam service"

Prior to saying he was not a Vietnam Veteran, Doran had shown this to numerous people that "proved" his involvement in "secret operations" in Vietnam. It illustrates the strength of his criminal intent to fraudulently portray himself as a Vietnam Veteran.


Remember we noted some of Doran's aliases on our Cases page...."aka Ken Doran, David Doran & Rodney Doran" and this from his original exposure at the top of this page.... "Once again Doran was challenged on his name at which time he stated his real name was David Doran, he had changed his name for reasons he was not prepared to divulge at the meeting"

The clipping is a simpleton's photocopy fake. Newspapers do not use "True Type" font. There are no paragraph indentations, the grammar is poor and "immediately" is wrongly spelt.

More importantly the clipping maliciously and wrongly indicates disgraceful behaviour by an Australian unit, easily identified as 1 RAR who worked with the US 173rd Airborne Brigade during 1965 - 66.

It purports to be a report of his Courts Martial in Canberra, although the quality is poor we show it here to illustrate that although Doran has said he has never claimed to be a Vietnam Veteran, the planning and production of this document was executed with only one intention, and that was to prove he was a Vietnam Veteran and an Infantry Officer who was in the thick of clandestine operations. The newspaper states that at a courts martial in Canberra he was exonerated in relation to six charges of unlawful execution of six Viet Cong prisoners in Vietnam.   

The fact that Doran dressed in the uniform of an Infantry Lieutenant for the photo is indicative of the extent of his careful planning for the purpose of deceiving people. It is also indicative that he has in his possession for whatever purpose an Infantry Officers military uniform.

We now name James Sidney Meehan, President of the Taree Vietnam Veterans Association, as a liar, a fraud, and a generally dishonest person.  

Meehan was in the Royal Australian Navy and visited Vietnam in 1969 for just a few hours and during this time he never set foot on land at all.   Meehan is one of those people who submit outrageously exaggerated claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) in the hope of pension payments and other benefits, not only did this poor excuse for a man submit dishonest claims but he had the audacity to appeal decisions made by DVA and subsequent judicial bodies. Finally, at the end of the line, The Administrative Appeals Tribunal cleared up a few "errors" in his evidence. It just so happens that all of the "errors" formed the very basis of his quest for compensation and a pension:

If you look here  (according to other information, his names are James Sydney, not Sydney James) You will see that evidence showed:

"That, when the whole of the material is considered, it is clear that Mr Meehan's memory is very seriously flawed, multiple examples were offered.    

(a)      He wrongly thought he was in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive. His first visit was in fact 12 months after the Tet Offensive.   

(b)      He thought he had been to Vietnam five times whereas he went only twice.  

(c)      He thought he was in Vietnam for five months whereas he was in Vung Tau Harbour on two occasions for only 5 ½ hours on each occasion  

(d)      He thought he had seen people being killed and injured whereas he had seen no such thing  

(e)      He incorrectly thought he had transported body bags  

(f)       He thought he was part of a group of three clearance divers who checked the hull of the HMAS Sydney below the water line whereas he performed no such function  

(g)      He thought he had been a sentry in the bow of a landing craft in Vung Tau Harbour at night whereas his ship had been in Vung Tau Harbour only in daylight - the ship was in Vung Tau Harbour from 7.00 am to 12.25 pm on one trip and from 6.55 am to 12.25 pm on the second trip).  

(h)      He thought he heard scare charges in Vung Tau Harbour at night while in his bunk when in fact he was never in Vung Tau Harbour at night.

It's nice to know that costs were awarded against Meehan and rightly so. Let us say what the tribunal didn't say – James Sydney Meehan is a liar and his other  qualification is that he is one of Doran's disciples. Nefarious, dishonest people like Meehan clog up the DVA system and cause genuine needy veterans to wait in line behind these liars and cheats.   

Graham Stenner, the Public Officer of the Taree Vietnam Veterans Association, is a liar and a close associate of Doran. 

Stenner has publicly stated that he had two NSW ex-detectives investigate Doran's bona fides and they reported back to him that Doran was a genuine veteran....An obvious lie.

Stenner's allegedly phoney war stories are in a league of their own too. He saved Doran's life in Vietnam?...... Maybe not.

President of the Taree Vietnam Veterans Association 2003 - 2004 and another member of this "push" is "Captain Russell Lee Jones (MN)" another proven liar, who is featured on our Cases page immediately above this entry.

We believe that the group of liars is more than a quartet and more likely to be a sextet or a whole orchestra. This is because liars and cheats are drawn to one another as is the case with Doran, Meehan, Stenner and Jones of the Taree Vietnam Veteran's Association.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Watson
Christian Names: Paul
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Mackay
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Case Notes:

Paul Watson is an enigma. He is not the dribbling drunk at the end of the bar trying to impress with outrageous stories of war time exploits.  He is a sales representative for Detroit Diesel.  He is the Secretary of the North Mackay Bowls Club.  He is described as a very private person who does not tell war stories of boast of daring exploits as depicts many wannabes. 

He is also a liar who is in a position of trust.

On previous years he had marched on ANZAC Day with other veterans but minus the ribbons and medals.  Yet on ANZAC Day 2006 he went to the RSL wearing the Vietnam Medal Ribbon, the Vietnam Campaign Medal Ribbon and what was believed to be the Australian Active Service Medal Ribbon but no medals.  He stood out because of the soiled and bedraggled condition the ribbons were in.  He was asked by other veterans where his medals were and said initially that he had lost them but subsequently changed his story and said that his former wife had his medals.

Veterans who saw Watson were suspicious, mainly because this was the first time he had worn ribbons even though he had previously marched with veterans on ANZAC Day.  Veterans were so suspicious two of them went to see him at his home in Hocken Street, North Mackay and questioned his right to wear service decorations.  He was asked to clarify his service.  Paul Watson told these veterans that he was a member of 17 Battalion, Royal New South Wales Regiment (17RNSWR), Citizen's Military Forces, and had trained at  the Jungle Warfare Training Centre at Canungra (J.T.C) prior to service in Vietnam.  He said that he had been sent to Vietnam on three occasions, six days at a time, where he had been attached to 3 RAR trialling special weapons in the   Mekong Delta.  He said that he was entitled to wear the Vietnam medal.  When asked why he was wearing the other ribbons he refused to answer.  Obviously he had no answer.

ANZMI has perused this mans record of service. From this it was ascertained that he is nothing more than a wannabe, a very poor CMF NCO and a liar.

He did serve with 17 RNSWR, service number 2183836.  He commenced his CMF service on 5 May 1965, was promoted to Corporal on 10 September 1966, promoted to temporary Sergeant on 1 May 1967, re-enlisted for two years on 5 May 1967 and was discharged at his own request on 23 May 1968.

Would this be a person who would be sent on specialist duties to South Vietnam? His attempts as an instructor would indicate not.

He instructed on the CMF Division Recruits Course 5/67.  In the subsequent report on CMF instructors WO's and NCO's in November 1967 he was described as being below average in most areas and only average in others.

His platoon Commander comments, "Has not put sufficient effort into task, somewhat lazy, lacks control of squads, poor bearing".

Company Commander comments, "Appears to need a lot more experience to be capable of holding this rank, possibly too rapid promotion".

Senior Instructor's comments, "This NCO was disappointing and not up to the high standards of most 17 RNSWR NCOs'

Watson was also advised in writing that he must improve or discharge could follow and as we now know, it did soon after.

This man is one poor excuse for a CMF NCO.  Anyone who has ever served with the 17 RNSWR would not be proud that he was once one of their ranks.  Vietnam Veterans should be disgusted that this sorry fellow has stolen their honour.

Paul Watson's record of service shows that he has never served overseas so why would he say that he had? Why would he be stupid enough to tell ex 3 RAR veterans that he had served with 3 RAR in the Delta?

We don't know the answer to those questions and would be pleased if anyone could enlighten us.  We wonder if he has anything else to hide as it would appear that when ever someone tries to take his photograph he appears to move away so it can't be taken.  One thing we do know however, Paul Watson spent a few short years with a CMF unit during a period when many young Australian men were fighting an enemy in another land.  In his CMF role he never did much and never went anywhere and, as indicated by his record of service, was not very good as an NCO in fact he was not even mediocre, he was below average.  This man has worn service decorations he is not entitled to and claimed to be a veteran of the Vietnam conflict.  He has dishonoured real veterans at their day of remembrance, ANZAC Day.  He has also committed serious offences against the Defence Act 1903, namely section 80A, Falsely representing to be a returned servicemen and section 80B, Improper Use of Service Decorations.  Each one of these offences carries a penalty of a fine of $3300.00 and/or 6 months imprisonment.  

ANZMI wrote to Paul Watson giving him the opportunity to provide us with evidence of his service in Vietnam.  We have not received an answer however, an unsigned letter purporting to have been written by Paul Watson was left in the letter box of one of the 3RAR veterans who confronted him on Anzac Day.  This letter was subsequently obtained by ANZMI and it indicates, though the truth of this has not been verified, that Watson was wearing the ribbons of an alleged friend who was killed in action in Vietnam.  The deceased person has immediate relatives who can wear the ribbons on Anzac day and for this reason we will not publish the letter without obtaining express permission from the family so as not to re-kindle bad memories for them. 

Paul Watson, you have no right to wear service decorations nor have you the right to claim warlike service.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Pidgeon
Christian Names: Stuart
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Lakes Entrance
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Stuart Pidgeon is an employee of the Lakes Entrance RSL located in country Victoria. His application to join the RSL shows service in the Royal Australian Navy from 17 Oct 78 to 13 Oct 86


On ANZAC Day 2006 at the Lakes Entrance R & SL PIDGEON was seen wearing the submariners badge of the diving dolphins and two non-issue medals (see photo). To the uneducated civilian, he appeared to belong to that elite hand-picked special breed of the submarine service, these personnel are on a par with Army Special Forces because of the nature of their duties.  Sure PIDGEON served with the Australian Navy, but not as a "FishHead" - he was just your everyday sailor who should be satisfied with his eight years service.

ANZMI holds documents from Navy Records in Canberra and a Statutory Declaration giving evidence PIDGEON stated he was  undergoing submarine training in England which was cut short when the "Falklands issue" arose.  Other records indicate he was posted to HMAS Platypus for a short period but never undertook any submarine training.

Throughout this entire website there is mention of offences against the "Defence Act" and the increased penalties introduced to combat the fraudulent wearing of medals and service issued accoutrements - here we see a paid employee of the RSL blatantly thumbing his nose at the most senior ex-services establishment.  When will this organization act in the appropriate manner to exhibit authority?  It is worth mentioning that this matter was reported to ANZAC House in Melbourne some time ago - their inaction has put the flames under our fervour to "out" this flagrant wannabe, and expose the mandarins in power as the toothless tigers they really are.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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