Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Downey
Christian Names: Tom
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Goulburn
Service #: Unknown UK
Service: Unknown
Branch: UnKnown
Commencement of service: UnKnown
Completion of service: UnKnown
Case Notes:




We get some odd bods reported to us at Anzmi. Downey is a classic odd bod. He looks great all dressed up in his near perfect French Foreign Legion uniform with all his medals.

He attends Anzac Day and Remembrance Service days at Goulburn in his uniform. He tells anyone who is interested that he served in the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) UK for 20 years and the French Foreign Legion for 22 years.

Downey wears a lot of medals. Some are difficult to identify due to medals being hidden by others.

However we have identified that among his grand collection on display , he wears the following medals -;

General Service Cross. UK

Active Service Medal UK

Suez Canal Zone Medal UK

Suez Medal UK

British Forces Germany Medal UK

National Service Medal UK

Cold War Victory Medal UK

Hors De Combat UK.

QE2 Coronation commemorative Medal. UK.

The above nine medals are self purchased tin medals that just add colour to his shirt. They can be purchased from Medal Dealers in the United Kingdom for about 20 to 40 pounds sterling each.

He also wears the General Service Medal. 1918-1962. (GSM) UK

On his left side he also wears -;

The Cross for Military Valour. France.

Insignia for the Military wounded. France.

North Africa Security and Order Operations Commemorative Medal with clasps. France

They are all purchased tin or commemorative medals that can be ordered on the net.

We did not waste our time trying to verify his alleged military service. None of these medals have been officially awarded except possibly the GSM. If he had been awarded any other official medals he would be wearing them.

In any case, foreign medals, official or not, should be worn on the right side unless approval is given from the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat, Government House for official medals to be worn on the left.

Approval has not been given in this case.

We did however discover a photo (below) of two of his French Foreign Legion colleagues who he may have served with.

We have received reliable information that the French Foreign Legion uniform he wears is also suspect and does not conform with a genuine uniform.

Tom Downey has a problem with credibility. This colourful character will now adorn our site with his two colleagues for his indiscretions.

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