Surname: Morse
Christian Names: Ronald Leslie
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Tweed Valley
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:
Ronald Leslie Morse

After Recruit and Corps Training Morse was posted to  4RAR in Australia from 13 Dec 1967 until 16 May 1968, he departed 4RAR at the same time 4RAR departed for Vietnam. He had every opportunity to complete a full tour of Vietnam with 4RAR because he did not complete his National Service obligation until 11 Jul 1969. Morse now pretends to be a Vietnam Veteran in doing so he dishonours himself and veterans everywhere.

Morse is entitled to two medals these are The Anniversary of National Service 1951 – 1972 Medal (ANSM) and the Australian Defence Medal (ADM), the other four are either stolen or purchased plastic rubbish.

He tells a very convincing story about how he went to Vietnam but only spent thirty three days in country and had to return to Australia on compassionate grounds.  He has told some that he served with 3RAR in Vietnam and others that he served with 4RAR in Vietnam.

Below are documents from his Service File that show he never served in South Vietnam.



Morse was born in the area where he now lives and sports his bogus medals as he did on the occasion of receiving funding for his National Servicemen's Sub Branch as shown was in the local newspaper. By way of his photo appearing in a local newspaper all would believe him to be a "local boy" who did his bit in an Infantry Battalion in Vietnam. Morse enforces this impression with his rack of Vietnam Medals, but impressions do not count and ANZMI will make him account for his stupid actions that make him a miserable thief of honour. 

Morse is  another wannabe who has insinuated himself into high office in an Ex Service Organisation (ESO) he is President of the Tweed Valley Murwillumbah Sub Branch of the National Servicemen's Association.  People like Morse deliberately seek high profile positions to exhibit their fake honour and fake medals in a bid to receive perverse accolades for their "heroic service"

Morse has clearly broken the law, he has been photographed wearing medals to which he has no entitlement. Under the Defence Act 1903 the penalties for the improper use of Service decorations and for impersonating Service personnel include a fine of up to $3,300, six months imprisonment, or both.  

For many years ANZMI and its predecessors have be imploring law enforcement authorities, particularly the Australian Federal Police to take decisive action against offenders however Australian Veterans continue to be frustrated by the lack of action against those who steal their honour.


28th Aug 2009

Update Ronald Leslie Morse

Morse’s local newspaper has got hold of the Morse saga and given him a bit of space.



Morse had the audacity to say when interviewed by the newspaper that he just borrowed the medals he is wearing for a photo shoot.  He has made no mention of his false claims to have served in Vietnam; however he does threaten legal action against ANZMI for stating he is a fraud and an imposter, well cop this Morse:

You are a sad sack, fraud, imposter and wannabe, you are also a liar and a dishonourable person.

Please pass the above to your legal representatives so that he is clear about what we have said.

You claim to be a Vietnam Veteran and you are not.

You falsely wear Vietnam Medals to portray yourself as a Vietnam Veteran. 

You claim other National Servicemen are attacking you because of sour grapes over internal National Servicemen’s Association politics.  Wrong Morse. You are under attack from every Veteran who served in Vietnam, whether he be an ex National Serviceman or a regular Soldier, Sailor or Airman. 

You have on many occasions stated that you are a Vietnam Veteran and you have on many occasions worn Vietnam Military Medals.

We look forward to the results of the National Servicemen’s Associations investigation into your activities. When they are available we will publish them as another update.

Morse you have been caught fair and square, now show some moral fibre, apologise to all veterans, confess to your wife that you have lied to her for many years and get on with your life without having to look over your shoulder, twenty four hours a day.


4th Jul 2010

Ronald Leslie Morse - Update

We have been officially advised that Ronald Leslie Morse the former President of the National Servicemen’s Association of Tweed Valley Murwillumbah Sub Branch is no longer a member of the National Servicemen’s Association (NSA) of NSW. Although, we note that the association has failed to amend their web site.  As at the 3 July 2010 Ron Morse is still wrongly listed as President of the Tweed Valley Murwillumbah Sub Branch.

Following our exposure, Morse continued to proclaim his innocence and pretend he was a returned Veteran, however the evidence we produced was accurate and damning and has lead to his departure from the NSA.

Morse is not alone as an ESO executive who has been exposed as a fake, many other Ex Service Organisation executives and Cadets Leaders have been caught out as liars, cheats and wannabes.

Below are some others from our web site, but not all:

Morse – Chapman – Fenton – Woollet –Young – Hammall – Bees – Kirkman – McCarthy – Bain – Crase – DiTullio – Doran – Keaton – Newton – Schmidt – Day – Wright and many more. 

It is well known that Wannabes push themselves into senior positions in Ex Service Organisations (ESOs) because acquiring executive status goes a long way in falsely raising their credibility.

This web site has raised the awareness of genuine Veterans, ex Servicemen and the general public Australia wide of the infiltration by wannabes and military impostors into ESOs. We will investigate all reports that are sent through this web site.

Morse has gone and he will not be missed, nor will he ever be removed from our web site.


9th Jul 2012

Ronald Leslie Morse - Update

Ronald Leslie Morse is the epitome of a recidivist liar, fraud and wannabe. He is still saying that he served in the Australian Army in Vietnam. Morse is another “King Rat” who has convinced his wife that he is a Vietnam Veteran. The Department of Defence, ANZMI, the National Servicemen’s Association, and Veterans everywhere know that Morse is a liar and a fraud.  




We are reliably advised that the newspaper article is not quite accurate, as the NSW Branch of the National Servicemen’s Association did not defy orders from National Headquarters of the Association; it was in fact a mate of Morse who dishonestly slipped Morse’s membership through the Branch Office. As soon as the executive became aware of the situation Morse was given the “boot"

Let there be no doubt – Leslie Ronald Morse is not a Vietnam Veteran, but he is a liar and wannabe


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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