Date of Entry: 20/02/2021
Surname: Weinhofen
Christian Names: Rodney Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: South Lake, Perth
Service #: R95838
Service: Royal Australian avy
Branch: Supply and Secretariat (Cook)
Case Notes:


At ANZMI we do not hunt for those who are valour thiefs. All are reported to us by concerned veterans, ex servicemen and women, and the general public. We receive the complaint, investigate the allegations, and if proven, publish the results of our investigation. Readers can judge the behaviour of the person exposed based on the evidence published.

We have received reports that we "pick on" RAN people, we do not, we only process those who are reported to us.

Here is ex Navy veteran, Rodney Edward Weinhofen of Perth WA.



Edwards wears five medals they are:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)
Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (VLSM)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM)
Logistic and Support Force Medal - Self purchased "Tin" Medal
HMAS Sydney Medal - Self purchased "Tin" Medal

Apart from the Australian Defence Medal, the other four medals are for service in Vietnam. In fact, he had two visits to Vietnam and spent a total of eleven hours anchored in Vung Tau harbour for the two visits. He was a Cook aboard HMAS Sydney during the two visits.

Here are excerpts from ships reports detailing his visit:

From 0600hrs until 1200 hours on the 28 November 1969



From 0638 hrs until 1120 hours on 26 Feb 1670




For eleven hours in safe anchorage in Vung Tau Harbour, Weinhofen wears four medals, two were issued to him and two are self purchased non authorised "Tin".

There is other evidence to judge Weinhofen as an exaggerator. Here is what he posted on social media.



All ranks who participated in the Vietnam war, whether they were in combat, or in support roles, such as Weinhofen, must be proud of their service. Those in combat did the hard yards, and those in support , made sure that combat elements could effectively fight.

Being a Cook on an Australian warship, in a non combat support role, does not give Weinhofen the right to wear extra medals and make claims to have "fought in a war".

Those who exaggerate or lie about their service, or wear medals they did not earn, will eventually be welcomed aboard
the good ship ANZMI, which travels to every corner of the world to exhibit those who are on board.

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