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Surname: Wright
Christian Names: Samuel Raynor
Country: Australia
State or Province: Tasmania
City or Town: Hobart
Service #: NIL
Service: NIL
Branch: NIL
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:




We at ANZMI have a particular dislike for those reptiles that can generally be called ‘love rats’ and Samuel Raynor Wright certainly fits the profile.

‘Love rats’ are probably best defined as odious creatures, unfortunately usually males, who have affairs or sexual relationships with more than one partner at the same time and usually swearing undying love to each.

But as if being a ‘love rat’ wasn’t bad enough, Sammy Wright also cheated his various female victims out of their money. To aid in his multiple deceptions, Wright claimed to be dying from non-Hodgkin lymphoma. And it gets worse.

To add an extra colourful layer to his lies, he also boasted that he had served as a US Marine sniper in Iraq and had been wounded in action. That little throw-away information was enough to set ANZMI on his tail. We not only despise Aussie and Kiwi imposters and wannabes, but we are more than happy to take up the cudgel if another country’s military reputation is tarnished. The truth about ‘Marine sniper’ Samuel Wright is that he is a one-time postie from the Hobart suburb of Berridale with no military service anywhere so far as we can determine.

Needless to say, Wright’s ‘porkies’ eventually saw him come undone, putting him before a court where he was jailed for 10 fraud charges involving a sum $12,000.

This sordid story began in 2013 and continued on into 2014 when Wright put himself ‘out there’ by way of on-line dating sites. During this time he had so many women on the go that he began calling each of them ‘Bloss’ (short for ‘Blossom’) so that he wouldn’t be caught out using the wrong name. And as is generally the case with blokes like him, Wright used the women’s vulnerability to extract cash from them while also claiming to be under chemo treatment for his ‘cancer’.

He extracted $2000 from one unfortunate woman by claiming his military pension was late and he needed the money for rent. On another occasion, he used his ‘terminal cancer’, saying he had ruined his morphine pump when it fell into the toilet. Probably wiping tears from her eyes, this ‘girlfriend’ also coughed up $2000 to replace the non-existent unit. He used a similar ruse to extort $5217 for so-called ‘pain medication.

Each of the women Wright ‘borrowed’ from was told that he would repay them from a will. A sort of ‘the cheques in the mail’ promise!

Fortunately, Sammy Wright’s nefarious stories began to come unstuck; no doubt by having too many irons in the fire at the same time and the Tasmania Police paid him a visit in June 2014. But it seems that Wright thought his ‘cancer’ story might be believed, so he once again spun his story to investigating detectives. But unlike his unfortunate female victims, the police had ways and means of blowing Sam’s stories out of the water.

They checked with Wright’s GP, only to be told that he hadn’t seen the ‘terminally ill’ Wright for years. Oh dear!

On 10 January 2015, a number of Wright’s victims sat in the public gallery of the Hobart Magistrate’s Court as he did the only decent thing he could and pleaded guilty to all 10 counts of obtaining goods by false pretences. Unfortunately, one victim was not in the gallery to witness Wright’s ignominious defeat; she had committed suicide before the police had a chance to lay charges. The death of that woman serves to add a terrible element to what was already a very grubby tale.

But we would like to think that those unfortunate women felt a certain amount of satisfaction when Wright appeared for sentence on 16 January 2015.

The defence lawyer appearing for Wright painted a picture of an unfortunate drug addicted man with an as yet undiagnosed mental illness. He told the court that his client was prepared to pay the $12,000 back to the women using his superannuation. Seems that the magistrate wasn’t buying the story, probably something to do with a previous conviction Wright had for defrauding his former employer, Australia Post, of $16,000.

In any event, he sentenced ‘love rat’ Samuel Raynor Wright to 9 months imprisonment, the last 3 months to be suspended on condition he be of good behaviour for 3 years. Take him down!







Surname: Wright
Christian Names: Peter Carey
Country: Australia
State or Province: NT
City or Town: Darwin
Service #: Not Known
Service: Not Known
Branch: Not Known
Commencement of service: Not Known
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:




The Salvation Army are not very forgiving about being exposed as medals cheats. ANZMI only exposes those who thwart the traditions and protocols developed in the memory of Australian and New Zealand Veterans for more than a hundred years.  The Salvation Army in their bid to appear like Returned Veterans, and contrary to traditions, are happy to wear whatever they want, whenever they want. Below is a photograph from a Christmas Card that appeared Christmas 2015. The person in the photograph is Salvation Army Major (Retired) Peter Cary Wright

The medals that Wright wears are:

Salvation Army Long Service Medal

Order of Australia Medal

National Medal

Australian Defence Medal

Northern Territory(NT)  Tri Service Medal

The two offending medals are:

Salvation Army Long Service Medal. This is for Twenty Five years service with a gold star for each subsequent five years

NT Tri service medal.

Peter Carey and perhaps the Salvation Army  believes that his Salvation Army Long Service Award is more prestigious than the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) and the National Medal, as he wears the Salvation Army Medal  in the primary position. 

The two medals should be worn on the right breast and not mixed with Federal Medals

We work without fear of favour to report people who take it upon themselves to disrespect medals protocols.  

In recent times we have exposed other Salvation Army personnel who gave no regard to medals protocol, they are:



Ken and Jo Delamore

We know that the Salvos do good work in the Defence Force and in the community but we do not have credit and debit columns.  Those who wear more medals on their left breast than they have earned will be exposed and will remain on our web site.

The head "Honcho" of the Salvos is spending donated monies to shut us up and remove their offending members from our web site. Here is the top third of a letter from their Solicitors.

They also coerced a Deputy Secretary of the Department of Defence to support their legal action.  We are sure that the bureaucrat occupying the chair of  Deputy Director has never had to earn a medal the hard way, had that person done so, perhaps the attitude may be different.

If the Salvation Army want to wear medals on their left breasts, they must comply with traditions and protocols. Salvation Army people do not, and will not get special dispensation from ANZMI. Thousand of Australians have had to do unpleasant duty to qualify to wear medals. The vast majority comply with medals protocols, those who don't will earn the wrath of the Veteran Community by way of  ANZMI.


Hence we welcome Peter Carey Wright to our web site who also represents the recalcitrance of the Salvation Army.


Surname: Wright
Christian Names: Alan
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Manly
Service #: Nil
Service: None
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:


Allan Wright of Manly is a fraud, liar and wannabe who for many years has fooled most of the people most of the time.






Here is an accolade to Wright that appeared in notes from a very prestigious club from the Manly area




He wears military medals indicating that he was a National Service Infantry Soldier who served in Vietnam. They are:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

Vietnam Medal (VM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Anniversary of National Service Medal (ANSM)

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM)


On his lapels he wears six badges one of which is the prestigious Infantry Combat Badge (ICB). He also wears the cap of a USA Marine Corps unit that served in Da Nang Vietnam on the cap, another ICB is also attached. In addition he wears the unit tie of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV). AATTV was the longest serving and most decorated Australian unit in Vietnam. They received 113 Awards including 4 Victoria Crosses.


See here: https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/U53430


On his right breast he wears World War 1 medals indicating he is the direct relative of a person who served in that war.


The truth is that Wright has never served in the Australian Defence Force and is a complete sham, who has deceived friends and acquaintances for many years.


Wright is well known in the Manly NSW area as a "Returned Veteran" and has been venerated for his service, however we are sure that many will have an entirely different opinion of him after reading this exposure.


Wright has indulged in criminal acts by Falsely claiming to be a Returned Veteran and for wearing medals that he did not earn. The Defence Act 1903 details a $3,300 fine or six months imprisonment or both for these offences. Unfortunately the NSW Police will not pursue these matters whilst other States Police do.


We ask that ex servicemen and the general public in the Manly NSW area keep a watch for Wright and if he appears wearing any kind of military apparel or medals he can again be reported to this website.


Wright has basked in the kudos of his false military history for many years and for his deceitful antics can reside on this website for many years to come.


Surname: WYNEN
Christian Names: Johannes Bernard
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Cessnock
Service #: 2147498
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery
Commencement of service: 1969
Completion of service: 1992 & ARes 2002
Case Notes:


There are some people in life who just cannot help themselves when it comes to acquiring and wearing Military medals, ribbons, badges, and other accoutrements. If you did not earn them, no problems. Just go out and buy them and have them court mounted on your rack.

If you were standing next to former Australian Army Lieutenant Colonel Johannes Bernard Wynen on Anzac Day, you would possibly feel a little inadequate or overwhelmed in comparison to the medal rack that he wears.

Several Veterans have observed Wynen over the years as his medal rack continues to grow. Consequently, he was reported to ANZMI as a possible medal cheat, valour thief and fraud.


In the above photograph, Wynen's medal rack reveals -;
1. The Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975. (AASM) Vietnam Clasp.
2. Vietnam Medal.
3. Australian Service Medal post 1975 (ASM) Kashmir Clasp.
4. Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Medal.
5. Defence Force Service Medal. (DFSM)
6. National Medal no clasps.
7. Australian Defence Medal.
8. Republic Vietnam Campaign Medal. (RVCM)
9. US Army Commendation Medal for valour.
10.Unknown medal.
12. United Nations Military Observers Group India-Pakistan Medal. (UN-MOGIP)
He wears an unidentifiable badge above his medal rack. (Possibly the Infantry Combat Badge. ICB)

Johannes Bernard Wynen, or Hans as he likes to be known, was born on the 16 July 1949.

During 1969, at 20 years of age he enlisted in the Australian Army. He attended Officer Cadet School OCS - Portsea, Victoria, and graduated as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1970. He was then posted to the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery.

On the 24 December 1970, he was posted to 107 Field Battery, 4 Field Regiment (Artillery) in South Vietnam, as a 2nd Lieutenant. On the 11 March 1971, he was posted to 12 Field Regiment, South Vietnam and completed his tour of duty in that country on the 14 December,1971. His role was a Gun Section Commander.



Wynen remained in the Australian Army until he discharged in 1992. He had attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at that time.

He then served in the Australian Army Reserves (ARes) until 2002 and inactive Emergency ARes until about 2014.

About 2009 Wynen joined the NSW Corrective Services. He is currently an Acting Senior Corrective Services Officer at Cessnock Correctional Centre.

Below is a photograph of Wynen taken at Shortland Correctional Centre, Cessnock on rhe 26 November, 2020. His Medal rack has increased in comparison to the earlier photograph.

Wynen1A LI


The following medal ribands are being worn by Wynen.

1. Conspicuous Service Cross. (CSC.) Not entitled.
2. Australian Active Service Medal. (AASM) 1945-1975.
3. Vietnam Medal with Mention in Dispatches (MiD) Oakleaf. Not entitled to MiD oakleaf.
4. Australian Active Service medal. (AASM) post 1975. Not entitled.
5. Iraq medal. Not entitled.
6. Australian Service Medal. (ASM.) Post 1975.
7. Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Medal. Not entitled.
8. Defence Force Service Medal. (DFSM) with 4 dots. (Clasps) denoting 35 years’ service.
9. National Medal 2 dots, (clasps), denoting 35 years’ service. Not listed Its an Honour.
10. Australian Defence Medal.
11. U.S. Army Commendation medal, with V device for valour. Not entitled.
12. Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with palm. Not entitled.
13. Republic Vietnam Campaign Medal. (RVCM).
14. United Nations Military Observer Group in India-Pakistan. (UN-MOGIP)
15. Saudi Arabia Liberation of Kuwait Medal. Not entitled.
16. Above his medal rack he wears the Australian Army Infantry Combat Badge. (ICB) Not entitled.
17. On his right breast he wears two commendations. One appears to be the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with palm again. Not entitled.
18. The second one is possibly a US Army Meritorious Unit Citation. Not entitled.

The Conspicuous Service Cross. Sample


The Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC) is a decoration (medal) of the Australian honours system. It is awarded to members of the Australian Defence Force "for outstanding devotion to duty or outstanding achievement in the application of exceptional skills, judgment or dedication, in non-warlike situations". In November 2019, 1129, people were listed as recipients. All ranks are eligible for the award.

Had Wynen been awarded this decoration, his name would appear at Australian Honours and Awards, Its an Honour site. He would be entitled to use the post nominals CSC following his name. Wynen’s name does not appear at Its an Honour. He has purchased this award and presented it to himself.

Vietnam Medal with MiD Oakleaf. Sample


Wynen is entitled to wear the Vietnam Medal. However, he is not entitled to claim that he was awarded the Mentioned in Dispatches oakleaf that he has had placed on the ribbon. He was never awarded this decoration and his name does not appear in the Honours Section of the DVA Vietnam Nominal Roll. See below.

Wynen5AVietroll 2021 07 16

Mentioned in Dispatches.

To be mentioned in dispatches describes a member of the armed forces whose name appears in an official report written by a superior officer and sent to the high command, in which their gallant or meritorious action in the face of the enemy is described. Wynen has no entitlement to an MiD. He was never Mentioned in Dispatches in Vietnam.

Australian Active Service Medal post 1975. Sample


Wynen claims the “post 1975 Australian Active Service Medal”, possibly for Iraq, which is the next medal ribbon on his rack. Only a handful of Australian soldiers were on the ground in the First Iraq war 1991-1992. Wynen was not one of them. He discharged in 1992, so any further Iraq service after that date would not be possible.

Iraq Medal. Sample



The Iraq Medal was issued for qualifying Australian ADF personnel who served in that theatre from the 19 March, 2003 to the 25 November, 2013. Wynen discharged from the Australian Army in 1992. He discharged from the Australian ARes in 2002. He is not entitled to this medal.

The QE11 Silver Jubilee Medal. Sample



The Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Medal was proclaimed in 1977. It was issued to several high ranking ADF personnel. Wynen was a junior Commissioned Officer in 1977. His name does not appear on Governor Generals “Its an Honour”, or the official list of recipients for this award.

The National Medal with two clasps. Sample 

Wynen14NM 2021 07 18


This medal and clasps, if awarded, would signify that Wynen has had 35 years’ service in the Commonwealth and/or State public sector. The Australian Defence Force discontinued this award to personnel on the 20 April 1982. It was replaced by the DFSM. Defence Service before 1982 and his NSW Correctional Service since 2009, would qualify him for the National Medal and one clasp.
Wynen is not listed on Its an Honour for the National medal with two clasps.

U.S. Army Commendation Medal with V device for valour. Sample



The medal maybe conferred upon Defence Force personnel from other nations and worn with the specific approval of the Australian Department of Defence, however, there is no evidence that Wynen was ever awarded this decoration.

Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm. Sample


This award was bestowed upon several Australian Defence Force personnel during the Vietnam War. Other versions were awarded to allied Units. Again, there is no evidence that Wynen was ever awarded this decoration. The Artillery Units he served with in Vietnam were also not awarded this medal.

The Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm Unit Citation is a singular device. Individuals are not eligible to wear the Citation device until they have been formally approved to do so through the application process.

Approval to wear the Citation does not give a person the authority to wear the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry. This is an individual decoration that was awarded to a number of Australians by the Government of the Republic of Vietnam in recognition of their individual acts of gallantry.

Saudi Arabia Liberation of Kuwait Medal. Sample


The Saudi Arabian version of the Liberation of Kuwait Medal is awarded to members of the Coalition Forces who participated in Operation Desert Storm and the liberation of Kuwait between the dates of January 17, 1991 and February 28, 1991. It is considered rarer than the Kuwaiti version of the medal,

There is no evidence that Wynen served in the prescribed Warlike area at any time that would qualify him for this Medal. The medal was issued to Australian Defence Force personnel for their participation in that conflict.

Infantry Combat Badge. ICB. Sample


Some Artillery Forward Observers attached to an Infantry Battalion were erroneously approved for the issue of this accoutrement. Wynen was a Gun Section Commander in Vietnam and never a Forward Observer attached to any Battalion.. He was never given approval to wear the ICB. This has been confirmed by his Artillery Regiment colleagues who served with Wynen in Vietnam.

There is no evidence of Wynen being awarded the two citations he wears on the right breast.

Over the years, Wynen has added the following medals and clasps to his rack.

- Conspicuous Service Cross.
- Mention in Dispatches MiD oakleaf for bravery to his Vietnam Medal.
- AASM post 1975.
- Iraq Medal.
-Three Clasps to his DFSM.
-Two clasps to his National Medal.
-The V design for "Valour" to the U.S. Army Commendation Medal.
- The Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with palm Medal.
- Saudi Arabia Liberation of Kuwait Medal.

Wynen has also claimed to others that he was sent to the United Kingdom, Royal Military College of Science, where he completed a Master of Science Degree. (MSc)

He has stated that he has “a very broad knowledge and experience in the nuances of Protocols and Procedures”.

He claims in writing, that his broad knowledge of Protocols and Procedures was developed over the years from "dining" with Royalty, Prime Ministers and Governors.

However, wearing un-awarded Australian and Foreign Medals, Ribands, Citations, Badges and Accoutrements is contrary to his claimed high standards of Protocols and Procedures. It is unfortunate that the Royal family members, Prime Ministers and Governors, who he "dines" with, did not explain to him that wearing purchased military medals and ribands on ebay or at a Medal Dealer is a big "No No" in Australia.

The United Kingdom Royal Military College of Science was contacted and it appears that Wynen’s claim to a Master of Science is also false.

Former Army colleagues of Wynen were contacted and stated that Wynen had an unremarkable tour of duty to South Vietnam as a Gun Section Commander, 2nd Lieutenant in 1970-1971. They were surprised when shown a photograph of Wynen's current medal rack. In particular, medals denoting bravery, gallantry and valour.

Wynen has attended Unit reunions over the years but has never divulged to his colleagues that he was awarded the medals in question.

The true medal entitlement of Wynen as confirmed by his former colleagues is -;

The Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975. Clasp Vietnam.
The Vietnam Medal.
The Australian Service Medal post 1975. Kashmir clasp. (For UN-MOGIP deployment)
The Defence Force Service Medal with appropriate clasps.
Possibly the National Medal. (Although not listed on Its an Honour.)
The Australian Defence Medal.
The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. (For serving 181 days in country.)
The United Nations Military Observer Group in India-Pakistan medal. (UN-MOGIP)

The Returned from Active Service Badge.

We can only conclude that Johannes Bernard Wynen is a Medal Cheat and Honour thief. His claims of valour and brave conduct are extraordinary.

For many years, Wynen puts himself out there in the public arena as a War Hero. Clearly he is not. He has no doubt gained a great deal of kudos and respect from work colleagues and the general public for his deception. Possibly even promotion over others.

He needs to apologise publicly to the community and his NSW Corrective Services work colleagues for his deceit.

Wynen has committed offences under the Defence Act 1903 Section 80B.


Improper use of service decorations
(1) A person commits an offence if:
(a) the person wears a service decoration; and
(b) the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.
Penalty: $3000.00, imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

His employers, NSW Corrective Services, should report his illegal behaviour to the local Cessnock Police for further investigation and charges under the Defence Act 1903. He should also face disciplinary action within his own Government Department.

Returned Veterans, in particular, Vietnam Veterans, will not stand by and see valour stolen by those who have not earned it.

As a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army, he sets a bad example. He lacks credibility.

An update on Mr. Johannes Bernard Wynen will be provided as events unfold.





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