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Surname: Truloff
Christian Names: Robert Lee
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service #: 8241823
Service: Army
Branch: RAInf
Commencement of service: 07 Dec 99
Completion of service: 26 Oct 00
Case Notes:




Former Private Robert TRULOFF, like many before him has written a book which he has been trying flog on Facebook.   Let us hope the book is not the autobiography of his life in the Army because his story would not fill the back of a postage stamp.

TRULOFF claims to have served as an Infantry soldier from 1999 until 2005.   This is only partly correct, he enlisted in 1999 and was discharged from the Army in August 2000.   He passed his recruit training, but that was it.   He failed everything else.

Not wanting to let his lack of experience stand in the way of his commercial pursuits, TRULOFF has decided to wear a rack of medals to show he is the ‘real deal’.  

He is photographed here wearing a group of medals which just don’t make sense, simply because he has failed to wear the correct medals.   Basically, if you are going to cheat, at least try to get the basic right!


The medals being worn are:

Medal for Gallantry (Absolutely No entitlement)

Afghanistan Campaign Medal (No Entitlement)

INTERFET Medal (No Entitlement)

Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (No Entitlement)

He is also wearing the Army Readiness Badge which is not intended to be worn in civilian attire, and he has no entitlement to wear the badge anyway.

The astute reader will immediately recognise that TRULOFF is missing some essential medals in order to make his rack somewhat believable, namely; The Australian Active Service Medal (AASM – with clasp Afghanistan), The Australian Service Medal (ASM – with clasp Timor Leste) and of course the Australian Defence Medal (ADM).    Let us hope that his book has more research than he put into his fake medal rack.

Robert TRULOFF is a liar and a wannabe.   He has lied about his military service in order to promote a book he has written.

Robert TRULOFF is a medals cheat and has been caught out wearing medals he has no entitlement to wear.    Worse he has self-awarded the Medal for Gallantry, an award for which this piece of work has no right to claim.  He is not worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as the true and worthy recipients, who have won that award through their personal bravery under fire from the enemy. 

Current and former service personnel view nufti’s such as TRULOFF with disdain, but there is something simply offensive about wearing a medal such as the Medal for Gallantry when the best you achieved in your service life was a pass for initial training, and that’s it.

TRULOFF has committed and offence against Sections 80A and 80B of the Defence Act 1903, in that he:


Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a) The person represents himself or herself to be a returned  soldier, sailor or airman; and

(b) The representation is false.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.


Improper use of  service decorations

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a) The person wears a servive decoration; and

(b) The person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Robert TRULOFF fits the bill for both offences and we can only hope that the proper authorities take note of his actions and pursue a prosecution against him.

He should not be allowed to prosper from his actions so let us also hope his book is treated with the same disdain he deserves.

Welcome to our website Robert TRULOFF.


Surname: Tufrey
Christian Names: Brian Kenneth
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Yengarie
Service #: Nil
Service: Army
Branch: Claims SASR
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:


Brian Tufrey was born in 1944.


We hold a Statutory Declaration detailing that Tufrey said, "he was a member of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and was involved in Black Ops, and he went on three man patrols, and they would climb Palm trees in wait for the enemy, then pop them off. He also said: " that he and his two comrades were lucky to survive what was a terrible ordeal" He added, " he should not be revealing any information as he may be recalled at anytime"

Brian Tufrey was contacted twice and spoken to by a researcher.

On the first occasion, he told the researcher that:

in 1962 at the age of eighteen years, he served as a "Sniper" with SAS, in Australian Army, and because of the exceptional secret nature of his service, he was never posted to, or served at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne WA. His training was all done elsewhere and he could not, and would not divulge any information about it.".

Although the researcher, from experience, knew that Tufry was telling lies, due diligence proved that Tufry is a liar. Being an eighteen year old operational member of SAS and not serving at Swanbourne is ridiculous.

On the second occasion Tufry was contacted, it was put to him, that he was telling lies, and he vehemently denied that accusation and reasserted that:

"he served with SAS in 1962 and was deployed overseas on "Black Operations".

An eighteen year old serving with SASR, but not at Swanbourne, and being deployed of secret Black Ops? His story is very exciting and heroic, but simply put, he is a liar.

Here is the history of the SASR:

Australian Special Air Service Company was raised on 25 July 1957 at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne, Western Australia (WA). It was expanded to a Regiment, and renamed Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) on 4 September 1964.

The Regiment first saw operational service on the island of Borneo in February 1965, when an SAS Squadron deployed to Brunei during the Indonesian confrontation.

He also said that:

"there are no records of his SAS service, and that details of the "Black Operations", and all of his military records were top secret and would never be released.

People from Yengarie in the Maryborough area of Queensland, may believe, that Tufry is an ex SAS Black Ops elite soldier, but it is sad, because his wife joined the conversation with the researcher, and extolled her unconditional belief, that Brian Tufrey has done all he says that he has.

The truth is that he is a liar, and the reason that files can not be located, is because they do not, and never have existed.

ANZMI lodgers quarters contain many who falsely claim to have served with the elite SASR. As a now ensconced wannabe lodger, Tufrey can spin his yarns for eternity, whilst feeling at home, with the hundreds of other liars, cheats and Valour thiefs. It is a truism that if all who claimed to have served with SASR, actually did, it would be the largest veterans association that ever existed.

Surname: Tull
Christian Names: Mark
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:



Tull now reigns supreme over the RSL name in Southport Queensland.

His propensity to "dress up" with false medals and badges is legendary, and his latest effort is to wear two strange badges immediately above his two peace time awards.

Tull m1

Mark Tull is no longer a member of the Southport Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch . He resigned just before he was to be arraigned before the committee, to explain his wearing a Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB).

Tull m2

He is now the President of the RSL Club, Southport. Except for the RSL name, the RSL Club Southport has no affiliation with the RSL Sub Branch Southport. In fact Tull and his club conspirators, had the RSL Sub Branch ejected from the building.

A Tull co conspirator, is Mr Lawrie Pollard who is also listed on this website: www.anzmi.net/index.php/cheats-thieves/506-pollard

Like Tull, Pollard resigned from the RSL Sub Branch, before disciplinary action could be taken regarding his wearing of false medals. He, like Tull is now very much ensconced as an RSL Club committee member.

Below is a series of Tull photographs, displaying his propensity to seek false prestige, by wearing false medals and badges. Almost hidden under his lapel, in the photo below is a National medal. The photograph was taken in 2014. Tull was not awarded the National Medal for civilian service, until 11 August 2018

Tull m3
Tull m4
Tull m5


Updated 03 Nov 2013

Mark TULL of Southport RSL, Queensland, is wearing three medals-;  the Australian Defence Medal, which he is entitled to wear, and two other medals he is not entitled to wear.  These are the fake Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal and the New South Wales Police Medal. He served only 8 years and not the 10 years required by the NSW Police.

Fake QE2 Golden Jubilee Medal

Official QE2 Golden Jubilee Medal


28th Mar 2013

Thanks to one of our readers, a retired New South Wales Police Officer, we have received further information about the NSW Police Service Medal that Tull is wearing on the wrong side that he is no entitlement to wear.

Mark TULL is wearing a device that is worn on three higher medals in the NSW Police. The highest of the three is the Commissioner’s Commendation for Courage.

The NSW Police Service Medal only has a bar on it. All NSW Police medals are State awards and should be worn on the right breast.

On the right breast we assume that TULL is wearing deceased Next of Kin medals from two World Wars, but above those medals he is wearing the New Zealand Compulsory Military Training Medal 1949-58 Commemorative Medal.

Mark TULL,  again you show no respect to either the police officers you served with by placing a device on a medal that you are not entitled to, but on higher awards which in some cases are awarded posthumously to police officers who have died in the line of duty.

Further, you discredit the servicemen who earned those medals in two World Wars by placing an unofficial TIN medal above the recipients of those medals who fought to keep the world free and bring peace to the world. We suggest you remove that medal completely, or if you wish to wear it,  place it where it belongs below those medals.  We also suggest you read up on the protocols of wearing medals.

Update 3 Nov 2013

Over the last few years there have been ructions in Queensland, Returned Services League (RSL). Perhaps this is a harbinger of things to come, as non Veterans, Associates and Affiliates jostle for  control of  RSLs.  Tull has no concept of medals protocol and blithely admits to wearing whatever he wishes, whenever he wishes. When he wrote his ridiculous response to ANZMI (see below) he was a "jostler" seeking high positions in the Southport RSL. He has since been appointed Secretary, of the Southport RSL Sub Branch.

Stupidity succeeds when ignorance and malaise is allowed to prevail. God help the Queensland RSL.

Here is what Tull has to say about featuring on this web site:







We condemn the membership of the Southport RSL for allowing this medals cheat to be elected to a leadership position. Medals protocol was promulgated by the Queensland RSL during 2012, as follows:

Qld RSL republished a feature in the “Qld RSL News” from the South Australian RSL booklet “The Signal”, written by Keith Harrison, see excerpt below:

“Ideally, unofficial medals should not be worn. However if they are worn as the occasion demands, they may be worn on the right breast.

Here is the official policy from the Department of Honours and Awards, Canberra.

“Unofficial medals:

Ex-service organisations sometimes commission their own unofficial medals to mark participation in particular military campaigns, periods of service or types of service that have not been recognised through the Australian honours system. Awards made by foreign governments which have not been approved by the Governor-General for acceptance and wear,  are also "unofficial". There is no impediment to wearing such medals in appropriate private settings, such as a meeting of the relevant ex-service association, or a reception hosted by the relevant foreign government. Ideally, unofficial medals should not be worn at public ceremonial and commemorative events, but if they are worn as the occasion demands, the convention is that they are worn on the right breast.

Q14. How do I wear my state awards?

A14. State awards are worn on the right breast because only national awards in the
Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards  are worn on the left breast.”

Despite written policies and protocols, Tull has the audacity to admit, the NSW State Police medal he wears was not awarded to him, and also states that one of the medals he is wearing on his right hand side is a tin medal that belonged to his wife's, mothers New Zealand husband.

Tull is obviously a person who dearly wants to be seen as a much decorated returned Veteran and so wears lots of false bling to give that impression to the unsuspecting public.

Another member of that RSL was appointed as Treasurer and he also appears on our website.


ANZMI is a messenger, we have no affiliation with any ex Service, or any other organisation, and we proceed without fear or favour to expose those who thumb their noses at ANZAC traditions that have been put in place by those who have actually gone to war on behalf of this Nation.

In recent times, as ex Service organisations lose their core membership of Veterans,  they also lose their traditions and values, because of people like Tull who thrive on wearing and flaunting unearned "bling".

It behoves the upper echelons of ex Service organizations to ensure that ANZAC traditions and protocols are carefully preserved.

Tull is a self confessed medals cheat, who thumbs his nose at protocols and traditions. He  now holds a senior executive position at the Southport RSL. Although the RSL's integrity is diminishing, ours never will.  Wherever Popinjays like Tull appear,  we will expose them for what they are.



It seems that since our initial exposure of Mark TULL wearing medals that he has no entitlement to, things have happened at the Southport RSL Sub Branch, as explained on their website.

19th March - The elected Secretary Mark Tull resigned from his role as Honorary Secretary after 12 months in the job, and as a Board Member. He has been asked to continue to hold the roles of Membership Officer and Editor of the website and the quarterly newsletter and general volunteer.


Let us hope that as the Membership Secretary, TULL displays the appropriate level of due diligence, but given his past record as a medal cheat, we can only wonder what will happen. At the very least, one Sub Branch Executive position has been cleared of a medal cheat.

His verbal verbosity knows no bounds it seems, nor will he let the truth stand in the way of a good story. Rather than simply admit he was wrong, TULL decided to launch into an attack on ANZMI via his website in the desperate hope that all of his followers would be hoodwinked into believing his version of the truth.

Since he appeared on our site, Mark TULL has generated considerable correspondence from serving and former Police Officers who have collectively shot holes in his defence as he recorded on his website:


It is important that the truth be aired, and clearly Mark TULL is not prepared to do it so we have examined his justification for his actions and the responses by former and serving police officers and no doubt the reader will not be left wondering where the truth really lies.

TULL States:

Now on the left, as they say, ADM is fine, the Queens Golden Jubilee is my commemorative, but I don’t wear it with my dead relations on the right. I was a JP in NSW for 25 years, Ex Copper, NSW Firey, SES, SES, Qld Firey, Coast Guard and Hon. Ranger since I guarded the Queen on her Silver Jubilee visit to Sydney in 1977 when I was a Police Cadet. Love her and respect her. Big deal medal boys….


Police Cadets DID NOT guard the Queen in 1977 (or ever). Cadets joined the NSW Police between the ages of 15 and 18 years. They were not sworn officers, they were not armed, they had no power of arrest and were merely secretarial staff, learning short hand. They were sometimes allowed to work the switchboard while they practiced their shorthand to achieve speeds of 100 to 120 words a minute. On special occasions they were allowed to work school foot crossings.

Being a JP (Justice of the Peace)in NSW for 25 years is not in itself a significant achievement. What is more concerning is that as a resident of QLD, he should no longer be using his NSW JP status in any way, shape or form. To do so is illegal, so let us hope that the JP title was dropped when he became a resident in Qld.

TULL States:

Now the Police Medal is My dead best mate Paul Quinn, murdered at the Easter Bike races in Bathurst in 1985 and I helped bury him. I bought a copy and wore it (on the left) which they should be on the right, if they are yours because it’s a state issued medal. Quinny was promoted Sergeant posthumously from Con 1/c at his death, and he never made his 10 years, but I reckoned he deserved it. This medal is going to be placed at the National Police Remembrance Wall this year (2013) on the plaque that has Quinny’s name on it when I attend with the Wall to Wall ride with about 1200 other serving and ex coppers. PS, I spent a fair bit of effort with a mate on Sydney radio and the state government a few years ago ensuring the murdering bastard that killed Paul stayed behind bars and was not paroled.


Of all his verbal diarrhora, this is perhaps the most offensive and insensitive of the comments made by TULL. The fact is that Constable 1/C Quinn was murdered in 1986, not 1985 as stated by TULL. He was not murdered at the Easter Bike races. The correct circumstances of Constable Quinn’s murder are:

‘…Late in the afternoon of 30 March 1986 Constable 1st Class Quinn was involved in the high speed pursuit of a vehicle from South Bathurst towards Perthville. At Perthville the offender Horan lost control of the vehicle and collided with the approach railing of a bridge at the intersection of Bridge Street. The offender then leapt from the vehicle with a .303 rifle and began to fire at the Police who had been chasing him. Constable Quinn was hit in the neck and killed instantly whilst Constable Ian Borland was also seriously wounded in the incident. The offender was shot several times by Police and was later charged with a number of serious offences. Fortunately Constable Borland recovered from his injuries. Constable Quinn was posthumously promoted to Sergeant 3rd Class…’

TULL has used this tragic event to his own ends. Not only has he incorrectly reported the date and circumstances of the incident, he has tried to suggest that he is some sort of ‘white knight’ regarding the NSW Police Medal.

If as he says, he purchased the NSW Police Medal to be "placed at the National Police Remembrance Wall this year (2013) on the plaque that has Quinny’s name on it when I attend with the Wall to Wall ride with about 1200 other serving and ex coppers", WHY, Mr. TULL, DID YOU GET THAT MEDAL COURT MOUNTED WITH YOUR FAKE QE2 MEDAL AND YOUR ADM?

The simple truth is that TULL has been caught out and has tried to use the death of a police hero to cover his tracks. This makes him much more than a medal cheat, he has stolen the valour bestowed upon his ‘best mate’. There is no excuse for this.

The fact is that the late Constable Quinn served for 9 years before his death. While 10 years is the minimum period of service to qualify for the award of the NSW Police Medal, all that would be required for his next of kin to request the issue of the medal. If TULL was such a close friend, perhaps he could have done this on behalf of the family, rather than purchasing a replica medal and wearing it himself.

Furthermore, his comment ‘I spent a fair bit of effort with a mate on Sydney radio and the state government a few years ago ensuring the murdering bastard that killed Paul stayed behind bars and was not paroled’ Well that didn't go well did it Mr. TULL, because Pat Horan the killer was paroled from Long Bay in January 2004 and that was more than a few years ago.

TULL States:

The Eagle device is mine. I just put it on Quinny’s medal with a little bit of thread as it looks funny by itself. I actually did get a commendation when I was in the job, but they didn’t give out eagles or ribbons then. So, this is the story of Mark Tull’s Medals. Pity an anonymous site has now relegated itself to political support in the RSL and for dragging some bloody good men online in a negative way, and with absolutely no way of either rebutting or defending themselves. Never claimed to be anything I am not. Just an Ex Ares type that has been doing his bit in the RSL as a worker for 33 years now.


Again, TULL has demonstrated his complete lack of understanding of medals and his own entitlement. As was clearly explained in our original exposure, the ‘Eagle Device’ forms part of the current NSW Police Honours & Awards system. He has no entitlement to purchase a replica and place it on a medal it is not intended to be worn on. In fact, if TULL does have a Commissioners Commendation awarded prior to the medallic award being created, all he need do is apply to the NSW Police for the issue of the award after supplying evidence that he did in fact receive a Commissioners Commendation. If however, his ‘commendation’ was awarded by anyone less that the Police Commissioner then he has no right to wear any sort of device, as only those commendations awarded by the Commissioner attract a decoration.

TULL may well believe that his exposure was part of some infighting in the RSL but he is wrong. He came to our attention as a medal cheat, plain and simple.

TULL States:

The badges I wear are all mine, and I am entitled to the National Medal, just never asked a service to nominate me, as I didn’t do 15 years in total with any of them. Might try to bump into the NSW Police Commissioner on the ride to this year and ask him if he could do me a little favour and get the Job to nominate me, as you can’t request it yourself. Probably a hanging offence to wear one you are entitled to but haven’t been presented with…


No Mr TULL, it is not a hanging offence, but if stupidity was, you might have some explaining to do. We are surprised at the flippant manner in which he dismisses the National Medal, because, in all probability he is entitled to this award given the number of organisations he says he has been involved in. Most of these organisations would qualify a member with aggregate service for the National Medal. TULL’s problem is that he just has not bothered to follow it up - nobodies fault but his own. So Mr. TULL, rather than big noting yourself by trying to bump into the Police Commissioner, why not simply ask the Queensland SES, Fire Brigade or Coast Guard to put your nomination through. All you need do is provide evidence of your aggregate service it’s as simple as that.

Mark TULL is a medal cheat who was caught out and fell on his sword by resigning from the position of Secretary of the Southport RSL Sub Branch. However, he continues to enjoy membership of the RSL and retains some position of importance in the sub branch.

Rather than admitting his mistake and removing the offending medals, TULL has chosen like many cornered ‘wanabees' to come out fighting. In doing so he has demonstrated that our initial exposure was completely correct.

Furthermore, by trying to link his current predicament to the death of a police officer, he has gone to a new low.

His defence on his website does him no credit, it is offensive to serving and retired police officers and should be removed immediately

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.


Surname: Turner
Christian Names: Michael John
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Adelaide
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 0
Completion of service: 0
Case Notes:

Michael John TURNER, AKA Mick “Pugs” Turner of Adelaide, South Australia posing as an ex-serviceman from the 1st Commando Regiment.

 The photo was taken after 32 hours without sleep according to his facebook page.

We can confirm there are no records of him having served in the Australian Defence Force, but we do know he works as an armed security guard in the Adelaide area and wears SWAT type equipment he purchased himself which is not the standard equipment worn by armed guards employed by the security companies.

Another photo appearing on his page is a group of medals which would imply they are his medals, but we know they are not.

The medals from left to right are as follows:

1. Australian Active Service Medal 1975 with a number of clasps indicating the war like operations

2. Interfet East Timor

3. Iraq Medal

4. Afghanistan Medal

5. Australian Service Medal 1975 with clasp East Timor

6. DFSM Defence Force Service Medal with 2 clasps indicating 25 years of service in the military

7. Australian Defence Medal

8. NATO Balkans (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) with clasp

9. NATO ISAF North Atlantic Treaty Organization Afghanistan with clasp

10. UN UNTAG Namibia (United Nations Transition Assistance Group)

11. United Kingdom Operational Service Medal Afghanistan with clasp

12. United Kingdom Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal

13 Timor Leste Solidarity Medal


We do not know who actually owns these medals, but would like to hear from the person who does.


To add insult to our servicemen in the Special Forces Operations Group, Turner posted another photo on his facebook page, which has been closed down.



A recent new release shows where the photo was taken see the link below. It is a 500lb bomb strike on an insurgent position.



Michael John TURNER you are a wannabe of the highest order who will have no place to hide and deserve any ridicule or treatment from the public and ex-servicemen that is dished out to you. Two Battle Honours and a number of individual awards resulted from that battle.

Your award is to have earned the right to be on our website for eternity.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Turner
Christian Names: Robin
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Gold Coast
Service: Australia Regular Army
Case Notes:


There is a popular belief among the Veterans community, and indeed the wider public that medals issued for service belong to the recipient to do with as they will.  

This belief is incorrect.

The statutes of most orders of knighthood and the royal warrants of decorations and medals include provision for the Queen to "cancel and annul" appointments and awards. Cancellation is considered in cases where retention of the appointment or award would bring the honours system into disrepute. There are no set guidelines for cancellations, which are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Honours are sometimes revoked (forfeited), for example if a recipient is subsequently convicted of a serious criminal offence.  From time to time the Honours Secretary and/or The Chief of the Defence Force consider cases where information has been received which indicates an individual is unsuitable to hold an award.  Sometimes the original decision to grant an honour was made on the basis of inaccurate information (including through manipulation of the public nominations system), but normally cases relate to actions that took place after the award was made. Recommendations are made to The Governor General who has delegated authority from Her Majesty the Queen to rescind an honour.


Robbie Turner


This is the case of Robin “Robbie” TURNER, a former soldier with 24 years’ service who, was announced as a recipient of the Commendation for Distinguished Service.   All was not as it seemed.   Unfortunately for Robbie, he found himself dismissed from the Army for grossly offensive behavior.

As a result, a decision was taken to revoke the award which had been published in the Commonwealth Gazette but not yet presented.

Despite the fact that it had never been formally presented, he took it upon himself to purchase a replica of the award and mount it to his rack.



Robin Turner


The award of concern is the Commendation for Distinguished Service (Above).

In an attempt to justify, or perhaps confuse the issue surrounding the presentation of the award, TURNER insists that he had been invited on two occasions to receive it.   Government House denies that any such invitation has been made to TURNER.   Given that Government House maintains meticulous records concerning investiture ceremonies, we at ANZMI are confident in the official advice provided.




ANZMI understands that this matter has already been referred to Police for investigation.   We hope that is correct.  

Robin TURNER is a fraud, he has no entitlement to wear such a prestigious decoration and given the circumstances surrounding his dismissal from the Army, the removal of all awards presented to him would seem appropriate.   The Regulations which cover each medal and award worn by TURNER provide for the removal of the award.   Hopefully, the Department of Defence might consider this action to be an appropriate one regarding this individual.  

ANZMI must whole heartedly acknowledge the outstanding investigative journalism of the Herald Sun’s Peter Mickelburough whose in depth reporting of this matter has led to TURNER being exposed for the fraud he is.   Mr. Mickleburough has been investigating this matter for over four years and his diligence is to be commended.   

ANZMI is pleased to know that main stream media takes as much interest in medal frauds and wannabes as we at ANZMI do.

Robin TURNER is a deserved candidate for our website.

Copied below are three reports by Peter Mickelburough regarding this matter.   These articles provide in depth detail of the investigation and importantly, the timeline involved in this matter.  The work done here proves that TURNER was well aware he was knowingly doing the wrong thing and despite that, and continued to wear an award he was not entitled to.   He has committed offences which should be investigated by police.     


Article 1

 Achievers stripped of their Australian honours after disgrace


January 19, 2014 12:00am 

A GOLD-medal winning world champion Paralympian, a war hero and a former world junior squash champion are the latest high-flyers to lose their ­Australian honours in disgrace.

As Governor-General Quentin Bryce prepares to ­announce more medals to mark Australia Day, the ­Sunday ­Herald Sun can reveal the latest awardees to join the list of 42 political leaders, entrepreneurs, sports stars, ­entertainers, fake war heroes and religious leaders deemed unfit to retain their honours.

Geelong athlete Daniel Bell handed back his gong in June, 10 months after pleading guilty to stalking and burglary ­charges in the Geelong Magistrates' Court.

Bell was awarded an Order of Australia medal for services to sport after winning swimming gold in the 4x100m medley relay at the Athens 2004 ­Paralympic Games.

His citation reads: "He brought great credit to himself, the Australian team and the nation."

Bell, who has Asperger's syndrome, ADHD and "obsessive behaviours", was placed on an 18-month community corrections order and rehabilitation programs to ­prevent reoffending.

His defence lawyer said Bell was "hearing voices and … was no longer in control of himself" at the time of his offending after an adverse reaction to a generic drug.

In November, the Governor-General also cancelled the Commendation for Distinguished Service made to former Major Robin Paul Turner. No reason was given.

The award is for the ­distinguished performance of duties in warlike operations and recognises command and leadership in military action.

The Governor-General's office refused to say why Turner's award was removed, saying that "due to security restrictions", details of some awards to Australian Defence Force personnel are not ­released to the public.

When asked if Turner was one of the so-called "Jedi council", an unidentified Defence spokesperson said: "On 14 November 2013, the Australian Army announced that it had terminated the ­service of six members in ­relation to the allegations of unacceptable behaviour.''

The award revocation was dated a day before the Jedi council ­announcement and ­released a day after.

The so-called "knights of the Jedi council" are alleged to have filmed and shared offensive emails, including sex acts.

The Sunday Herald Sun was unable to contact Turner.

Former junior world squash champion and head of Squash NSW Carin Clonda, 40, was stripped of her 2010 Order of Australia medal in September.

Ms Clonda confirmed the decision was linked to a scathing NSW Supreme Court judgment against her in 2012.

Justice Michael Pembroke found Ms Clonda had acted with "guile and deception" in changing a lease arrangement she had to hire facilities from NSW Squash headquarters in Sydney's northwest in 2008.

But Ms Clonda said she was the victim of a personal vendetta by NSW Squash.


Article 2

Disgraced former soldier Robin ‘Robbie’ Turner still wearing medal stripped after offensive behaviour


May 25, 2018 3:37pm

 A DISGRACED ex-soldier drummed out of the army for grossly offensive behaviour is facing possible jail for continuing to wear a distinguished service honour stripped from him more than four years ago.

Recent pictures of former major Robin “Robbie” Paul Turner, including one taken on Anzac Day this year, show him proudly wearing the Commendation for Distinguished Service decoration.

Another picture shows a beaming Mr Turner wearing the service decoration at a lunch held in the lead-up to Anzac Day to raise money for a memorial to fallen Afghanistan war veterans, where his company, Axon Property Group, sponsored the keynote speakers, including Victoria Cross winner Cpl Ben Roberts-Smith and Paralympic gold medallist Curtis McGrath.

Ex-soldier Robin “Robbie” Turner (left) with the medal (far left) on Anzac Day 2017.



It is unclear where Mr Turner’s service decoration came from, as the cancellation occurred prior to him receiving any insignias.

The Department of Defence said the insignia could only be legally worn after it had been invested, and it understood this had not occurred in Mr Turner’s case.

The Government House Honours and Awards Secretariat, which manages the ­investiture of honours, said: “This office does not have any record of Mr Turner attending an investiture to receive his award, prior to its cancellation.”

When asked by the Herald Sun about the cancellation, Mr Turner said: “Yep, I remember it well, my friend. How do you know about it?”

He even acknowledged reading a 2014 Herald Sun report to this ­effect.

He acknowledged that he had been wearing a medal, claiming he had never been formally notified the award had been cancelled.

“As far as I was aware, I was entitled to wear it,” he said, adding he fully understood his responsibility and would now check and remove the medal if it had been ­cancelled.

“I fully respect and understand the significance and responsibility that goes with that sort of stuff,” he said.

The award is for the distinguished performance of ­duties in warlike operations and recognises command and leadership in military action.

Axon trades on Mr Turner’s military past to sell itself to defence personnel as an “Australian veteran-owned business” which specialises in helping defence force personnel use their housing entitlements to invest in property.


According to the Gold Coast company’s website, Mr Turner founded it and created its “commando approach to ­investing”.

“Robbie Turner, served our country for almost 24 years in the army and became a self-confessed property investment enthusiast since 2004,” the site boasts.

When Mr Turner’s commendation was cancelled in November 2013, no reason was given.

At the time, the Governor-General’s office cited “security restrictions” which prevent details of some awards to soldiers being made public.

It is a criminal offence for a person to wear a service ­decoration which was not conferred on them or to falsely represent themselves as such, with a maximum penalty of a $6300 fine, six months’ jail, or both.

Mr Turner’s lawyer said his client had been invited to two investitures but declined both and that it was common practice to wear replicas and keep originals safe.

Defence spokeswoman Jessica Skorupa said such matters were dealt with by the ­relevant police force.


Article 3

 Police investigate ‘fake’ medal worn by major drummed out of the army for disgraceful conduct


May 30, 2018 3:30pm

EXCLUSIVE: POLICE have been called in to investigate disgraced former army Major Robin Turner after a Herald Sun investigation revealed him using a “fake” bravery medal to further his business interests.

Drummed out of the army for grossly offensive behaviour, “Robbie” Turner now faces possible jail for wearing the decoration.

After the Herald Sun last week published pictures of Mr Turner proudly wearing the medal on ANZAC Day this year and last year, the Department of Defence said it had referred the matter to police.


Disgraced former soldier Robin "Robbie" Turner wearing a “fake” ochre-coloured Commendation for Distinguished Service Medal at a function to raise money for a memorial to fallen Afghanistan war veterans in the lead up to ANZAC Day 2018.

“The ADF Investigative Service has referred the matter to civilian police as it is within their jurisdiction,” a Defence spokesman said.

The ochre-coloured Commendation for Distinguished Service insignia Mr Turner is pictured wearing recognises command and leadership in military action.

It is unclear where Mr Turner’s medal came from, with both Defence and Government House

Honours and Awards Secretariat, which manages the investiture of honours, saying there is no record of Mr Turner ever receiving the insignia prior to his award being cancelled four-and-a-half years ago.

A beaming Mr Turner also posed for the camera with his dodgy decoration at a lunch held in the lead-up to Anzac Day to raise money for a memorial to fallen Afghanistan war veterans, where his company, Axon Property Group, sponsored the keynote speakers, including Victoria Cross winner Cpl Ben Roberts-Smith and Paralympic gold medallist Curtis McGrath.

Axon trades on Mr Turner’s military past to sell itself to defence personnel as an “Australian veteran-owned business” which specialises in helping defence personnel use their housing entitlements to invest in property using Mr Turner’s very own “commando approach to investing”.

When asked by the Herald Sun about the cancellation, Mr Turner said, “Yep, I remember it well, my friend. How do you know about it?” and even acknowledged reading a 2014 Herald Sun report to this effect.

He acknowledged that he had been wearing a medal, claiming he had never been formally notified the award had been cancelled.

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