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Surname: Holcomb
Christian Names: Paul Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Manilla
Service #: 211995
Service: Australian Army - Regular and Reserves
Branch: RASIGS
Commencement of service: 1976
Completion of service: 1984
Case Notes:


Paul Edward HOLCOMB thought that he could be the big fish in a small pond by turning up to ANZAC Day Commemorations in the small rural town of Manilla, NSW wearing his rack of medals and SAS Beret.   He believed his impressive stature as a Vietnam Veteran and SAS soldier gave him the right to censure the drill of the young ADF personnel who formed the Cenotaph Party.   The problem is that it is all lies; Paul Edward Holcomb is neither a Vietnam Veteran nor a former member of the elite SASR.


Holcomb’s subterfuge would have gone unnoticed had it not been for the due diligence of the local RSL Sub Branch who had the presence of mind to front him and challenge his bombastic claims of daring do.

The Sub Branch challenged Holcomb and after discovering that he was not a Vietnam Veteran, demanded that he make a public apology. It appears he did this, and it should be at this point that the story ends. However, it seems Holcomb just can’t let it go, with rumours circulating in Manilla since the alleged apology was made, that Holcomb only signed the letter of apology after being ordered to from ‘above’.

Furthermore, he has not joined the RSL because he was treated so badly by the RSL after returning from Vietnam. Clearly he would like people to think that the RSL has a vendetta against him, but this is definitely not the case. The Sub Branch had hoped the matter was finished, but it appears Holcomb would prefer the community to accept a different version of events.

Other stories would have us believe that his Vietnam service occurred whilst he was a member of the UK Armed Forces. Of course, with most medal cheats, we know that they will change their version of events to suit the occasion.

Holcomb managed to keep the truth from his family for many years, using the same ‘secrecy’ story that so many ‘wannabes’ use when confronted. His claims of service in the British SAS are completely false. He has claimed to have been on ‘secondment’ to the Australian SAS when he went to Vietnam. Holcomb cannot explain that if he had seen active service with the SAS, why would he be required to complete recruit training and then end up in the signals corps?

As they say, ‘never let the truth stand in the way of a good story’.




The true story about Paul Holcomb is somewhat different.   We are advised by those who know him that he enlisted in the Australian Regular Army in 1976 and after completing his recruit training was allocated to the Signals Corps (RASIGS).    During his commendable service in the regular Army, we are told he served as a Recruit Instructor at 1RTB Kapooka, ‘The home of the Soldier’.   If this is in fact true, his subsequent impersonation of a Vietnam Veteran and a member of the SAS is even more offensive and contemptuous to the veteran community because it would be expected that a Recruit Instructor, entrusted with the responsibility to inculcate young men and women with the values of the Australian Army would rather flush them down the toilet just to big note himself after his service life.   Holcomb left the regular Army in 1984 and served four years in the General Reserve from 1988 to 1992 before cutting his ties with the Army.   It stands to reason that his enlistment in 1976 makes any claim to Vietnam service completely impossible.

Holcomb can clearly be seen wearing the following medals:

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 (No Entitlement)

Vietnam Medal (No Entitlement)

Vietnamese Campaign Medal (No Entitlement)




In a later photograph, Holcomb can be seen wearing miniatures of the above medals which include the Australian Defence Medal (ADM).   The ADM is the only medal he has an entitlement to wear.

By adorning himself with medals suggesting service in Vietnam, which by his own admission are replicas he has committed the following criminal offences:

DEFENCE ACT 1903 - SECT 80A - Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if: (a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and (b) the representation is false.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

(2) For the purposes of this section:

(a) returned soldier means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Military Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Military Forces of any Ally of Great Britain;

DEFENCE ACT 1903 - SECT 80B - Improper use of service decorations

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a) the person wears a service decoration; and

(b) the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

(4) A person shall not falsely represent himself as being the person upon whom a service decoration has been conferred.

There is no doubt that Holcomb, by his own admission has committed offences against the Commonwealth and should be brought to task for his actions.   The token apology he offered is not sufficient and he should be held to task in a Court of Law.

Claiming service with the elite SASR is a common ploy by many imposters, hoping that the secrecy that surrounds operations by the regiment will cover up their lies.   If the pretenders like Holcomb take this approach, you would think they would research their false service history a little more closely.   The beret being worn by Holcomb in each of the photographs has the famous winged dagger badge of the SAS, the only problem here is that it is not a badge that would be worn by a member of the Australian SAS.




The badge worn by Holcomb is a cloth badge and this type of badge is worn by the British SAS.

Even a cursory search on the internet would reveal to people like Holcomb, the following facts:

‘The SAS had previously worn a red beret (indicating them as a Parachute Company) with the Infantry Corps Cap Badge. In 1966, the SAS was given permission to change over to the beige (sand) beret.   However since most of the SASR was deployed to Borneo at the time, all they could get were the British SAS berets with the cloth Winged Dagger emblem on them. Later on that year the cloth patch was replaced by a black flash and a solid gold metal Winged Dagger emblem on top of it.’ (Source: www.diggerhistory.info)



If Holcomb wishes to claim to have been a part of the SAS, perhaps he needs to do a bit more research before donning the cheap beret he probably purchased in an Army Disposal Store or on the internet where they are readily available.

Perhaps not in the same league as wearing medals for which he has no entitlement, Holcomb none the less is stealing the honour of all members who have qualified to wear the coveted beret of the SASR.   To be selected to join the SAS is an honour not easily won and for Holcomb and those like him who choose claim SAS service is an affront to the SAS and the Australian Army.

By his own admission, Paul Edward Holcomb is a medal cheat who claims operational service in Vietnam and wears medals to support his claim.   He is an honour thief for wearing a beret for which he did not earn the right.   As a former soldier he would have been well aware that his actions were wrong, indeed illegal.   He has committed offences against the Commonwealth of Australia and deserves to be dealt with by the Courts.

Surname: Holden
Christian Names: Rian James
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

The American para wings above the riband bar are a nice touch, along with the SASR badge on the right top, the RAINZ infantry badge and the US POW/MIA patch. Guess the militaria shop was right out of ICB's on the day he went shopping?


This character lauds himself as one tough, combat-hardened individual. In a desperate bid to be accepted into the Veteran Community Rian James Holden, or Ryan James Holden, or Morgan Holden, or Broomfield or several other names we have discovered he has been using, tried to infiltrate the Vietnam Veterans Motor Cycle Club of Queensland in 1995. Unfortunately for this former New Zealand resident however,  the VVMC conduct service checks of all applicants to the club and the service record concocted by Holden was so much in doubt that he was questioned on the facts.

A record of this "interview" with Holden is shown below

Broomfield, calling himself Holden also made the fatal mistake of depicting himself, as many bogus Veterans do, as being a former member of the SASR (the elite Special Air Service Regiment), albeit the New Zealand SAS and stated that he had served in Rhodesia. Perhaps this somewhat dim-witted impostor thought that by using a kiwi claim to fame he might get away with his charade.   

Not so. This poor unfortunate, who did not take the time (as most hard-to-trace imposters do, and therefore make our job a challenge) to research anything he attempted to claim, has been caught out at every attempt he has made to be accepted as a Veteran.

One of his biggest drawbacks is his age and some of the medals he is claiming.  In particular it means he would have been awarded the General Service Medal with Viet Nam bar at the tender age of 7.  Further investigation by the VVMC found that the patch he wore depicting the NZ Viet Nam Veterans Motor Cycle club was a fake patch that he had made up in an embroidery shop in Toowoomba Queensland. He personally paid for 4 of these patches to be made.

Our New Zealand counterparts have also confirmed that the patch is not from the VVMC NZ

 After being exposed by the VVMC and being told to move on, Holden again attempted to infiltrate another biker club for currently serving and Veteran Defence Force personnel. The Patriots Defence Force Motorcycle Club quickly became aware of him and another of his friends (also a Veteran impostor) and they were told to "ride on"


All of this must have been niggling in the back of the mind of this individual and he decided that it was time to set the cat amongst the pigeons. Holden, using another bogus name, emailed CPMH and gave false information on a genuine Veteran in an attempt to belittle and defame him. Unbeknownst to Holden, the veteran who he tried to have exposed is very well known Australia-wide for his assistance to the Veteran community; and after investigation it appears he is also the person that initially exposed Holden as a fraud. Motive, anyone?

Behind the scenes several people had reported Holden to the site prior to this event and an investigation into him was already on foot. To keep Holden's attention a team member carried on email conversations with him over several weeks saying that the team was investigating the Veteran he had reported but every now and then would ask him pertinent questions about his own service history.

Like a fish to the bait Holden supplied his lies about being a member of Victor 6, a part of 4 RAR (4th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment) during their last tour in Viet Nam 1971-72. The member of CPMH who was conducting the investigation into his service just happened to have done his tour in 4 RAR and is well acquainted with the Nominal Roll of Victor and Whisky Companies. Further information about Victor 6 was sought from Holden and his answers were sent to our counterparts in New Zealand who confirmed he was lying.

All this information was collected and collated and when everything had been confirmed as being absolutely correct Holden was sent an email saying some of the information he requested on the Veteran he had reported was about to be sent to him and that he should look at it all, digest it and keep it all confidential until such time as it was placed on the pages of CPMH. He agreed to all this and it is envisaged  he jumped at the chance to have this information and must have been sitting, possibly with his mates, at his computer waiting for it all to arrive.

Again he was disappointed. The mail he received contained a newspaper article where he was sentenced for fraud.  

The conversation, that had been flowing back and forwards to New Zealand for confirmation of his status, pictures that had been forwarded to CPMH by other informants showing him wearing ribbons, an SAS badge and wearing an SAS beret whilst attending a R&SL Sub-branch with another of his impostor mates who also appears in the picture below were all building a good word picture of this fraud.

His accomplice  is standing on the left with his hand on the shoulder of another biker from the "Combat Veterans" Motor Cycle Club.  Holden is shown in the photograph standing on the far right (head circled) with the SASR beret in his left pocket.

Holden had indicated in the report he filed with the site that he specifically wanted to publicly humiliate the genuine Veteran as he was wearing badges on his vest that he was NOT entitled to.    The reply to that was to include a photograph of Holden in his biker outfit where you can clearly see ribbons with SAS parachute  wings above them and an SAS patch displayed lower on the vest.   He should have taken his own advice on these matters as now he will be instructed to remove all military accoutrements that he is not entitled to by a very angry group of genuine Veteran bikers, possibly from three clubs.

Holden was invited to respond to CPMH's email outlining the facts surrounding his history prior to his being placed on the site. He has declined this offer and in fact has removed his group photograph you see here on this site from the Combat Veterans site located here http://comvet.qldwide.net.au - he has also removed his email address from the site and after a group visited his home in Tin Can Bay, Queensland, it appears that he may have moved location. Combat Veterans International along with Veteran Organisations in Australia and New Zealand have been informed of the bogus Veteran status of Holden.

There are reams of information on this bogus Veteran including videos that have been forwarded to the team by Veterans from both countries. as is our practice, not all information we have on file has been placed here on the site.

Ryan's claims to all service and awards, other than a short stint with the New Zealand Territorial Army (reserve), are false. His NZ Army No was Q47164, Full name Rian James Broomfield, DOB 5 Oct 56, blood group, O RH Pos.

Veterans and Defence motorcycle clubs aren't known for their generosity and acceptance of charlatans. We expect to hear more on Broomfield, posing as Holden in the future.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Holden
Christian Names: Ronald Fredrick
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Lake Eacham
Service #: 1736273
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 28 Jan 1970
Completion of service: 27 Jul 1972
Case Notes:



This is the story of Ronald Frederick Holden.

It details how an individual can convince the Department of Defence, 42 years on, that he had qualifying active service in the Republic of South Vietnam, following an alleged tropical cruise to Vung Tau, for a few days, as a guest of the Commander of HMAS Derwent.

His story has only been published after careful deliberation, examination of current records, enquiries with Honours and Awards, Canberra, the Department of Defence and communicating with Ronald Frederick Holden himself on numerous occasions over the past couple of months.

It is complex, a little long, but we hope that our readers can understand the issues involved and the facts uncovered.

From Holden, we have been given the run around, stalling tactics, false information, and an incredible tall story of a 50 calibre machine gun manning, Australian Army 2nd Lieutenant, officially on deck, and officially on duty, in Vung Tau Harbour, South Vietnam, defending the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ship HMAS Derwent, from enemy attack, whilst she lay at anchor.

Originally, ANZMI received information from concerned former servicemen, who reside in the Cairns area of North Queensland, Australia. Their concern was that a photograph of Holden had appeared on social media wearing Vietnam medals and the Returned from Active Service Badge, when he had no entitlement to do so. (Photo above.)

At the initial stage of our inquiries, we had been given advice from Mr Alex Garlin, President of the Queensland National Serviceman’s Association, (NSA), that Ronald Frederick Holden, who is on the “Nasho Roll” Queensland, as a Vietnam Veteran, was accredited on their records, with Vietnam War service awards.

The below document is the official National Serviceman’s roll, and is dated the 16 November 2016. It is compiled by administrative members of the National Serviceman’s Association, following information they receive from applicants, who have completed application forms, providing their particulars of military service and medals awarded.

In this case, former Australian Army 2nd Lieutenant Ronald Frederick Holden.

Name Holden , Ronald Frederick

Service Army
Service Number 1736273
Rank 2nd Lieutenant
Date of Birth 20 06 1947
Place of Birth Cairns Qld
Date of Intake 28/1/1970
NS Training 3 T B
Follow Up Training 6 RAR Singapore Platoon Commander
Basic Training Singleton NSW
Next of Kin at time of Service Mr Holden
Operational Service Vietnam
Medals AASM 45-75 / Vietnam Medal / ADM /ANSM / Vietnamese Campaign Medal

On the application form, Holden has notified the National Serviceman’s Association, that he was a 2nd Lieutenant 6 RAR Singapore Platoon Commander. He also claims "Operational Service Vietnam".

In regards to medal entitlement, Holden then detailed in his application that he has been awarded the -;

AASM 1945 – 1975 Vietnam Medal/ ADM/ ANSM/ Vietnamese Campaign Medal. (Should be Vietnam Campaign Medal)

Note.- Vietnam Medal.
Qualifying service for the Vietnam Medal for the relevant period 29 May 1964 to 27 January 1973 includes:
• 28 days in ships or craft on inland waters or off the coast of Vietnam;
• one day or more on the posted strength of a unit or formation on land;
• one operational sortie over Vietnam or Vietnamese waters by air crew on the posted strength of a unit; or
• official visits either continuous or aggregate of 30 days.

Note - Vietnam Campaign Medal is awarded for 181 days or more service in the Republic of South Vietnam.

Following our initial contact with Alex Garlin, he informed us that he had then made inquiries from Holden’s service records and ascertained that Holden was not really a Vietnam Veteran at all, but must have had his name and medals placed on the roll by his staff in error.

Garlin stated that he then adjusted his records accordingly, and removed all reference of Holden’s Vietnam service and medal entitlements. Garlin has now told us however, that Holden is indeed a Vietnam Veteran and served for a short time in Vietnam. He has now re-adjusted his records again ! It is clear there has been communication between Garlin and Holden, following our initial contact.

Interestingly though, when we initially contacted Holden, regarding the particulars he supplied to the National Serviceman's Association, (NSA) he confirmed all the information, but stated that he may not be entitled to the Vietnam Campaign Medal. (For 181 days service in South Vietnam or S.V waters.). He also claimed that they omitted to place on their records the fact that he attended Scheyville Officer Cadet Unit, information that he had also provided.

Ronald Frederick Holden was born on the 20 June, 1947. He completed an Engineering Degree at Queensland University. In 1970, at age 22, Holden was conscripted into the Australian Army under the provisions of the National Service Act. The normal age for conscription was 20 years. Holden was deferred for 2 years due to his studies. He attended 3 Recruit Training Battalion (3RTB) at Singleton, New South Wales. He extended his two year commitment by six months and was discharged on the 27th July, 1972.

During 1970, Holden attended Scheyville, an Officer Training Unit in New South Wales, where he underwent further training. He graduated as a 2nd Lieutenant. He was then posted to 6 Battalion RAR , at Townsville, North Queensland.



In the above photograph Holden is wearing the following medals.

1. Australian Active Service Medal 1945 – 1975. With clasp Vietnam (AASM.) Not entitled
2. Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal. (VLSM.) Not entitled.
3. Australian Service Medal 1945 – 1975 with clasp South East Asia. Entitled.
4. Australian Defence Medal. (ADM.) Entitled.
5. Anniversary of National Service Medal. (NSM) Entitled.

He is also wearing the Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB) above his medal rack. He is not entitled to wear this badge.

The name of Ronald Frederick Holden does not appear, and has never appeared on the Vietnam Nominal Roll, Australian War Memorial, Canberra. This roll has been available for public knowledge since 1998.

We made inquiries with 6 Battalion RAR Association. We were informed that Holden was a 2nd Lieutenant, Platoon Commander in Singapore, during his time with the Battalion. However, he did not serve in an official capacity in Vietnam with 6 Battalion RAR, or any other Infantry Battalion during his time in the Australian Army.

We have been reliably informed that Holden has indicated to others that he served in Vietnam about May, 1972. He has also varied this story and indicated that he served for only 3 days in Vietnam. Even this statement flies in the face of his claim to the Vietnam Campaign Medal, which is awarded after serving a minimum 181 days or more, in South Vietnam.

In fairness, we contacted Holden and invited him to provide us with details of his Vietnam War service, dates, Unit, Commanding Officer etc. A simple request. He told us that he was on holidays in Vietnam at the current time and he could not provide any answers until he arrives home in late December, 2016.

Following a further request, he stated that whilst based in Singapore with 6 Battalion RAR, he volunteered for service in Vung Tau (Vietnam) for a "particular operation". He states that he then went to Vung Tau in May, 1972, from Singapore.

The problem with this “particular operation” in Vietnam, is that the last Battalion of Australian Infantry left Vietnam on the 7 November, 1971. A handful of Australian Army Advisors and Signallers of the Australian Army Assistance Group Vietnam AAAGV, remained in Vietnam until late 1972. A few Infantry personnel also stayed on in Saigon as security for the Australian Embassy

Importantly though, 1 Australian Logistic Support Group Base (1ALSG) at Vung Tau, where Holden claims he went in May, 1972, was vacated and closed in late February - March, 1972. What was left of the Australian Army 1ALSG component had departed. They had boarded HMAS Sydney for home. This was two months before Holden claims he went there on a “particular operation", in May 1972.



5 March: The last units of 1ALSG depart Vung Tau. Australia’s commitment to South Vietnam is now limited to about 150 troops of the AATTV and Australian Army Assistance Group Vietnam (AAAGV).

Holden’s name also does not appear on the Australian Army Assistance Group Vietnam Roll - AAAGV, that remained in Vietnam from 6 March, 1972 until the 18 December, 1972. Also, he was never a member of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam. AATTV

In a follow up email to ANZMI he stated -;

"If DoD (Department of Defence) have stuffed up in awarding me something I am not entitled to, let’s let them explain that to us both. From what you say, I may not be entitled to the Vietnam Campaign Medal and if this is the case they will be able to confirm that. I need the file reference to be able to contact them and I do not have that with me".

Holden was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Australian Army. The Vietnam Roll has been available to the public on line now for almost 20 years. It is accurate. He would know that his name has never appeared on it in all that time. He now says that he MAY NOT be entitled to the Vietnam Campaign Medal (181 days service in Vietnam) and he is now blaming the Department of Defence. He knows that he was never entitled to that award.

Holden must have been concerned about what he had told us, and he then sent another email to ANZMI claiming that -;

"The operation to which I was attached was the withdrawal of an RAE unit by the RAN. I was assigned to HMAS Derwent to provide assistance to the RAN through and under the command of its Captain, Cdr McNaught. My main duty on board was to man one of the 50 cal machine guns whilst we were in the war zone including in Vung Tau harbour and to assist the skipper in any other way that he directed. My service was later certified by Cdr McNaught. I do not have the dates with me but I recall that the operation is on the public record somewhere.

I have not committed my discharge date to memory but it was late July 1972. I have a record of this at home but I do not think that it mentions the above. Many years later someone advocated that I apply for my medal entitlements which I did and I believe that I allowed DoD to determine what my entitlements were, if any. That is how I ended up with what I have".

So here we have a 2nd Lieutenant in the Australian Army - 6 Battalion RAR based in Singapore, seemingly ending up on HMAS Derwent in Vung Tau Harbour, whose main duty was manning a 50 calibre machine gun in May, 1972. Also, the last recorded visit to Vung Tau by HMAS Derwent was 6 - 8 November, 1971. It is also surprisingly apparent that there was no Derwent crew member qualified to man the ships 50 calibre machine gun, so Army 2nd Lieutenant Ron Holden was recruited from the Army in Singapore to travel with the ship to Vung Tau Harbour.

Another problem for Holden in his story is that there was indeed a Lieutenant Donald McNaught, (Vietnam Nominal Roll), Seaman Branch, who served on the Derwent from the 4 November, 1971 to the 8 November, 1971, (4 days) , calculated from the time Derwent left Singapore until it returned to Singapore. However, McNaught was not the Ship's Captain, and he certainly should not have signed anything to certify Holden's alleged operational Vietnam service. Holden's assertion that Lieutenant McNaught was the Commander of Derwent is a lie.

The Ship's Commander from 1971 until early June, 1972 was Commander Rory W. Burnett. He was replaced by Commander Malcolm D. Jackson about the 2nd June, 1972. (Derwent's Report of Proceedings.)

The below information is from Wikipedia.


- After spending the early part of 1971 on training exercises in Australian waters, Derwent sailed to South East Asia in June. In late September, Derwent met Sydney en route to Vietnam for the ship's twenty-second time, delivering a cargo of defence aid and recovering equipment and personnel from multiple units during 6 to 8 October.[9] Derwent returned home late in the year, and visited multiple Australian ports before docking at Williamstown for refit.[1] The refit continued until March 1972, and Derwent remained in Australian waters until August, when a four-month deployment to South East Asia commenced.[1] In addition to port visits and SEATO exercises, Derwent and HMAS Brisbane took part in the first Australian-Indonesian naval exercise in November.[1]

Note. The dates Wikipedia have detailed regarding Derwent's visit to Vung Tau Harbour from the 6 - 8 October 1971 are incorrect. Derwent did not visit Vung Tau in October, 1971. The last recorded visit to Vung Tau Harbour by Derwent was the 4 - 8 November, 1971. On this occasion the ship accompanied the HMAS Sydney. Derwent anchored in Vung Tau Harbour at 6.45am on the 6 November, 1971 and departed 16 hours later at 11pm that night.

Derwent was nowhere near Vietnam in May, 1972. Holden's assertions are lies.

*** If however, we accept the fact that Holden has his dates wrong, and he allegedly visited Vung Tau Harbour on Derwent’s last deployment between 4 - 8 November, 1971, (6 months earlier), the following information, some of which he provided to us, must be taken into consideration.

1. From Holden - He initially informed us by email that when he was on Derwent, it accompanied HMAS Melbourne to Vung Tau Harbour. That is false, the Melbourne never went to Vung Tau Harbour.
2. From Holden - As a 2nd Lieutenant in the Australian Army, he was ordered to man a 50 calibre machine gun on Derwent, whilst the ship was in Vung Tau Harbour.
3.. FACT - He was never a crew member of this ship.
4. From Holden - He claims that another Army Officer was with him, but he cannot be contacted to verify anything, because he is suffering from PTSD over this visit.
5. From Holden - He knows two former Brigadier Generals who can verify his story, but they are in their eighties now. He cannot contact them as they deserve their quiet time.
6. From Holden - His Commanding Officer, who provided written confirmation to him of his Vietnam active service was Commander McNaught.
7. FACT - A Lieutenant McNaught served on the Derwent at the time. Commander Rory Burnett was the Commander, and Captain of the ship.
8. FACT - There are no official records available of Holden’s trip to Vung Tau, including his personal Service Record or Discharge Certificate, which he claims he has lost.
9. FACT - There is a “HMAS Derwent Record of Ships Proceedings for the month of November, 1971”, where Commander Rory Burnett indicates that several unnamed members of the Australian Army were on board his ship for the trip to Vung Tau as a “reciprocal gesture” for the Army, jungle training some of his sailors in Singapore. He states, that a small number of Army personnel were permitted to land briefly to visit Army installations.
FACT -This was not an official "Staff visit or inspection of Australian Forces or equipment in Vietnam" as required by Department of Defence for operational service. Any claim that it was, is false.
10. FACT - Holden was not “allotted for Duty” to a Unit, or as an individual to the operational theatre of South Vietnam. Any claim that he was, is also false.
11. FACT - At the most, he would be classified as a guest of Commander Burnett, due to the “reciprocal gesture”.
12. FACT - He was never posted to Vietnam for a “particular operation” as he has claimed. That is also a lie.
13. FACT - We asked Holden to provide us with evidence that should appear on his discharge certificate, detailing the number of active service days accredited to him on that certificate?
14 From Holden - inter alia, I do not have my discharge certificate. I have moved many times over the last 44 years, and it is the only thing that has gone missing.
15 FACT - Holden’s presence on a tropical voyage, if he did go at all , as a guest of Commander Burnett, was not known by the Department of Defence until 2013, following his application for the AASM 1945-1975, the VLSM, and the RASB.
16. FACT - These trips were commonly known and described by Army personnel during the Vietnam War as "Swannies" or "Junkets".
17. FACT - Therefore, 42 years later, Holden must have arranged some written documentation from "someone", that he was either force assigned or allotted for duty to South Vietnam as an individual, for his application to be accepted, and Vietnam medals awarded.
18. FACT - If this has occurred then one could conclude, that something has taken place, perhaps a conspiracy, by Holden and others, to falsify or embellish his role, e.g. to place him on official duty, in a War Zone, manning a HMAS Derwent 50 calibre machine gun, in order for him to receive those medals and the RASB, from Department of Defence, with all the ensuing Department of Veterans Affairs active service benefits, including service and disability pensions etc, that he will be now eligible to claim for life.

For example, his unnamed Army Officer colleague, who Holden cannot now contact because of his PTSD, caused by this "Swannie."

19. FACT Holden, on request, has failed to provide ANZMI with any supporting documentation from Lieutenant McNaught, or anyone else that confirms his alleged visit to Vung Tau Harbour, Vietnam.

On the 15 December, 2016, Holden sent the following email to ANZMI following his return from his overseas holiday -;

Good evening

I am home and I have opened my file to be reminded that I have not been awarded the Vietnam Campaign Medal or the Vietnam Medal. I do not have copies of them. I could therefore never have worn them. I have also checked my actual full size and miniature medals and they are correct.

Amazing! In December, 2016, Holden has finally realised that he was never awarded and has no entitlement to the Vietnam Campaign Medal or the Vietnam Medal. (As per the National Serviceman’s application information he provided).
However, he continues to claim operational Vietnam service.

On the 19 December, 2016, he sent the following email and attachment to ANZMI -;

Holden3 1

I have never shared this letter before since I regard it as being private and personal to me. I have had to have it scanned since I got back to make this copy. I could not have sent it to you without the scan. Defence awarded these based on their own research but obviously failed to update the Nominal Roll. It is this information and that update that I am seeking from them.

Holden states that "Defence awarded these based on their own research but obviously failed to update the nominal roll" That statement is also not true. The Department of Defence awarded the medals and RASB, based on information that was provided to them by Holden. It was his responsibility to provide the proof, not the Department of Defence.

The Department of Veterans Affairs Repatriation Handbook specifies that -;

“Where the claimant contends that he was allotted for duty in an operational area , and this is not confirmed by his service documents, further information will need to be obtained from the relevant service”

As there was no confirmation of Vietnam service on the records of Holden, or his Discharge Certificate, Department of Defence have obviously awarded him the medals, and the RASB following false documentation submitted by Holden in the year 2013.

Holden by his actions, has contended that he was officially allotted for duty to Vietnam. If you disregard his ridiculous assertion, that his main duty was assignment to a 50 calibre machine gun for the entire time the ship was in harbour in the War Zone, then he had no other allotted duties to perform. He was not there for an official visit or inspection. He was not a HMAS Derwent crew member. He was there following an invitation by Commander Burnett as a good will gesture. Thats all.

ANZMI say documentation submitted by Holden is false and dishonest. He should not have been awarded the AASM 1945- 1975 and the Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (VLSM) by Department of Defence.

In a previous email to ANZMI, Holden categorically denies ever having claimed to have been a Platoon Commander in 6 Battalion RAR in Vietnam.

However, we located the following current document. -;

The below resume is from a Health Care Action Group website named COUCH WELLNESS CENTRE, based in Cairns, North Queensland.

Holden, who is a Director of this organisation, also claims on the Directors section of the website that he served for two years as a Pioneer Platoon Commander in the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in Townsville, Singapore/Malaysia and South Vietnam.

Ron Holden – Director Since 2013

Ron Holden was born in Cairns and attended the University of Queensland and completed a Bachelor of Engineering. After earning a commission at the Officer Training Unit, Scheyville in 1970, Ron Served for two years as a Pioneer Platoon Commander in the 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment in Townsville, Singapore/Malaysia and South Vietnam.

Holden never served as a Platoon Commander 6 Battalion RAR in South Vietnam. That statement is also a lie.

We believe that Holden is entitled to wear the -;

1. Australian Service Medal 1945 – 1975 with clasp South East Asia, for 30 days or more peacetime service in Singapore.
2. The Australian Defence Force Medal,
3. Anniversary of National Service Medal.

He is not entitled to wear the rest, and if he has been officially awarded them, then he should hand them back. They were issued on false information provided by Holden to the Department of Defence.

In our last communication with Holden, he informed us that "one of the other 6RAR Officers who was on the same deployment has been awarded the same medals. He is being treated for PTSD and I will not be consulting with him either."

If you believe Holden, it must have been one traumatic trip. Manning machine guns in Vung Tau Harbour could cause all sorts of mental health problems. Especially when it was an in country Rest and Convalescence (R & C.) town for our genuine fighting troops.

We hope that the entire crew of Derwent, who were there at the same time, are not suffering identical effects as Holden's colleague from that traumatic visit.

Incidentally, Commander Rory Burnett in Derwent's Record of Proceedings, for that day, does not indicate that any traumatic incident occurred at all in the ships short 11 hour visit to Vung Tau Harbour.

We have notified Honours and Awards, Department of Defence, Canberra, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. They have advised us to also notify the Police with the factual evidence that we possess.

It is these Departments that should be commencing their own inquiries into investigating alleged evidence of outlandish false claims of "active service" by individuals or groups, We did it all on the public record.

So should they.

Holden is a shameless imposter, who has had the gall to apply for Vietnam Active Service Medals in 2013, that he knows he did not earn, 42 years beforehand.

As a former Commissioned Officer with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the Australian Army, Holden should apologise to all his former colleagues in 6 Battalion RAR, the National Serviceman’s Association, Queensland, and everyone else he has treated with contempt, including his friends at COUCH WELLNESS CENTRE, for wearing unearned Vietnam campaign medals, the RASB, and claiming active service in South Vietnam, when, at the very most, he was a guest of Commander Burnett as a good will "gesture." His PTSD colleague should do the same.

Welcome to the site, former 2nd Lieutenant Ronald Frederick Holden, 6 Battalion RAR.

Surname: Hollibone
Christian Names: Glenn Stanley Leonard
Country: ustralia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Yarraville
Service #: 3144206
Service: Army Reserves
Branch: Cadets (1998 - 2011)
Commencement of service: 21/03/1079
Completion of service: 06/06/2011
Case Notes:


Here we have an example of a "dud" who is the Secretary of a "dud" Melbourne Sub Branch of the Returned and Services League (RSL).


This "Highly decorated" bloke has been able to get away with his disgraceful behaviour under the full glare of the Yarraville and other Melbourne RSL Sub Branches for years. Hollibone joined the Yarraville RSL in 1982. Are there no genuine Veterans at the Yarraville RSL who could have, at any time pointed out that Hollibone is a "dud"?

Is the Yarraville RSL just a "pub" with no heart, where nobody gives a damn about honour, integrity, tradition and protocols. Unfortunately there are many RSLs like Yarraville, and a lot of people like Hollibone in RSL Sub Branches.

Here he is again in the front rank of a marching parade, strutting his stuff and leading genuine veterans, as if he had just returned from a battlefield with honours bestowed upon him. 

Hollibone2jpg4 LI

Don't get us wrong, as we at ANZMI are all members of the RSL and cherish what it stands for, however in recent years there have been financial scandals in NSW, Queensland and South Australia. ANZMI have uncovered many fakes and wannabes in all regions and echelons of the organisation. We believe that this is because of the lack of experience required to qualify for membership.

Even the National President of the RSL is not a returned veteran. In recent times the RSL officially declared that all those who have ever served in the Defence force are to be named as "Veterans. " So here we have Glenn Hollibone strutting his stuff as a bemedalled veteran, when in fact, he is little more than a civilian taking advantage of the malaise in the RSL.

Here are the six medals Hollibone is wearing. Perhaps he is entitled to one of them, and that one was earned the very easy way, with part time service in the Australian Army Reserve from which he was ejected on 1 August 1998 because he "Failed to render efficient service". During this service he attained the rank of Trooper which is the Armoured Corps equivalent of a Private soldier.


The medals he wears are -;


NATIONAL MEDAL - Authenticity unknown. He is not listed on the official "Its and Honour" list.

YEAR OF VOLUNTEER MEDAL - Fake self purchased tin medal

EMERGENCY SERVICE MEDAL - Fake self purchased tin medal

CMF RESERVE MEDAL - Fake self purchased tin medal

AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE MEDAL Most likely his only genuine medal, which he somehow finagled from the system considering that he was discharged from his only relevant service because he "failed to render efficient service"

Hollibone also lists service as an Officer of Cadets with the rank of Captain. That does not make him an Commissioned Officer of the Australian Defence Force. At the Yarraville RSL functions he has worn the Captain rank on an Officer of Cadets uniform and taken the salute from real veterans (Returned from Active Service veterans) - What a sham!!!!!

Hollibone and his ilk are becoming the face of the RSL. They are also becoming the face of ANZMI. It is feared that the crooks will prevail however, we will continue to pursue these fools and to do so we need the full support of genuine ex service communities.

We welcome any information from concerned current or former military personnel, as well as members of the public, who see military imposters gaining undeserved recognition by their unacceptable behaviour.

Welcome Glenn Stanley Leonard Hollibone.


Surname: Holt
Christian Names: Michael Shayne
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Loch Sport
Service: Army
Branch: Signals
Case Notes:

Michael Shayne Holt, date of birth 23 Jun, 1965 of Loch Sport Victoria has come unstuck telling lies about his army service.

Loch Sport Returned and Servicemen’s League (RSL) in Victoria has been embarrassed yet again in the exposure of another thief of veteran's honour.  In September 2010 a New Zealand wannabe Paul Gregory MITCHELL of Loch Sport made his debut on this website for telling porkies about covert ops fighting the enemy in North Vietnam - and now we have Michael Shayne HOLT - a genuine veteran of the Timor conflict who has seen fit to magnify his honourable service with a dishonourable fanciful history.

 A basic check with RSL HQ records shows HOLT records his service as follows:

Regimental No: 1104193 - Served with: Royal Australian Signals Corps -

Date of Birth: 23 June 1965 - Medals Awarded: AASM/ASM Bougainville-Rwanda-Timor.

PNG - Cambodia

The following is excerpts from a witnessed statement which records a history of HOLT's

gilding of the lily at the Loch Sport RSL:

Around April 2011 HOLT first attended the Loch Sport RSL letting it be known he had served with Special Forces and also with 8/9 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment.  HOLT went on to advise that he had completed many secret deployments that he could get no recognition for (too much of a secret nature) because legally he "wasn't there"!! 

HOLT emphasised that he may be entitled for some awards in the future - to his mind that would validate all his covert secret missions.....which again he stressed he "could not talk about".... a normal line of patter for most who appear on this website.

 Our informant continues: 

HOLT loves to butt into peoples conversations when the topic is active service by introducing himself stating "I was in the Army  - when asked what he did/whom he served with replies "I really cannot tell you – but what I can impart is that I worked in a small group and they would drop me out in the middle of the ocean and I had to navigate my way back to shore - I cannot tell you where I've been or what I've done because all my missions were Top Secret.

After HOLT has downed several drinks his tongue loosens and he will lower his voice to impart he has served in Rwanda - Somalia (Mogadishu) - Cambodia and was even dropped into Dublin to sort out some IRA.

 HOLT you understand is a trained killer.  Name dropping by HOLT of those sadly killed in the Black Hawk disaster cannot be recorded in this exposure - the grief suffered by loved ones and friends of those who lost their lives is insurmountable and doesn't not warrant re-opening - suffice to say HOLT also name drops a KIA from AFGHANISTAN intimating he trained him to Special Forces standards.....seems he had this KIA's father ring him to discuss "what had happened".

This would have to be the most contemptible actions of any resident on this website.

To further his reputation HOLT has mouthed off at the RSL of deeds of derring-do whereby he has been in numerous contacts and shot people, he claims a mate of his was shot in the hip by a 7.62 and had to hide in a tree for three days.  Whilst posted to Norforce HOLT claims to "shot it out" with drug growers/dealers on a couple of occasions.

 HOLT has stated that he is aware of three personnel from Loch Sport RSL who have attempted to "Have my service checked out - they will not be successful because to find out about my service you need clearance from the rank of General or above".  Asked how he knows this the reply is: "I still have friends in Army Intelligence"

Well Mr HOLT - without the assistance of anybody from the rank of General or above AMZMI has sourced your military history and can advise you are full of fertilizer.  Some of your "mates" from the Signals Corps have advised you have a very ordinary if mediocre service history.

They have confirmed that you completed recruit training, attended the School of Signals for initial employment training, were then posted to 1 Signal Regiment, 1 Joint Services Unit, then on to NORFORCE where you eventually transferred to the Army Reserves and were discharged for nonattendance - highest rank achieved was the rank of Junior Non Commissioned Officer - Corporal - your Army employment history indicates you were a qualified Operator Information Systems and Radio Operator.

You do not appear on the Nominal Roll of those who served in RWANDA, and the same applies for Cambodia - it goes without saying that your imaginary time in Dublin does not crack a mention either!!  Claimed service with the 8/9 RAR is also a fairy tale.

According to our sources you are entitled to wear the following medals:

 INTERFETM (Timor Medal)

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with clasp East Timor

Australian Service Medal (ASM) non-warlike service with clasp Bougainville

Returned from Active Service Badge

Michael Shayne HOLT - you are a veteran in your own right, why you have seen the need to magnify your service with absolute lies is disgraceful.

You have absolutely NO Special Forces background.  You did not serve in Rwanda or Cambodia.  Your fanciful tales of being in Dublin give cause to suggest SAS service.  Your imaginary tales do nothing but denigrate the service those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice both on active service and in peace-time - not to mention the unbridled grief the next of kin of these men experience in an ongoing struggle.   When next you look at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself one question....WHY?

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Horn
Christian Names: Darrell Bruce
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service #: R66340
Service: Navy
Branch: Underwater Weapons
Commencement of service: 08 Apr 67
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:



We honour those who made the supreme sacrifice in war, as we do for those who have lost their lives in peacetime. The collision at sea between the HMAS Melbourne and the USS Frank E. Evans is a tragedy engraved into the defence history of both Australia and the United States.

What is known as theMelbourne–Evans  collisionwas a collision between light aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourneof theRoyal Australian Navy (RAN) and destroyerUSS Frank E. Evans of the United States Navy  (USN). On 3 June 1969, the two ships were participating in SEATOexercise Sea Spirit in theSouth China Sea. At approximately 3:00 am, when ordered to a new escort station, Evanssailed under Melbourne's bow, where she was cut in two. Seventy-four of  Evans'crew were killed.

On 03 June 2014, a sombre service was held onboard HMAS Melbourne (III), commemorating the 45th anniversary of the Melbourne-Evans collision. The service was attended by a number of invited former members of the Melbourne’s crew at the time of the incident.

Darrell Bruce Horn was one of the attendees.

Horn 1 2


Dress of the day for the service was uniform with medals for ADF members and suits with medals for ex-service members in attendance. On that day, Horn was the only one present wearing only medal ribbons. “Why was this”, you may ask – perhaps Horn did not want anyone questioning the authenticity of the decorations he had on his left breast that day.

Horn 2 2 3


In the above image Horn is wearing two rows of medal ribbons, signifying his being awarded the total of seven medals for his service. The first three, and the only official medals actually issued to Horn for his Navy service are:

1. Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) 1945-75

2. Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (VLSM)

3. Australian Service Medal 1945-75 (ASM).

The remaining four ribbons, on the bottom row, represent commemorative medals issued by various Ex-Service associations. These trinkets are generally known as ‘tin’ medals, they have no credibility and should never be worn with official medals.

Horn appears very grandiose, with extra medals adorning his chest, apparently representing a great deal of service. However, Horn has already been recognised for this service by the issuing of official medals.

Wearing unofficial commemoratives with issued medals destroys the integrity of Australia's honours and awards system, and demeans the genuine service of the wearer.

These pieces of ‘tin’ are shown in full below so that the public may recognise this deception and call to account anyone wearing those abominations.

Horn 3 2


HMAS Sydney Commemorative

Horn 4 2

Australian Logistic Support Forces Commemorative

Horn 5 2


Regular Force Service Commemorative

Horn 6 2

Far East Strategic Reserve Commemorative

Darrell Bruce Horn: Your attempt to give an impression, of your being some sort of super hero on this solemn anniversary, displayed a total disrespect for your fellow ex-servicemen. That disrespect, is now displayed on ANZMI, for all to see.

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