Surname: Gibbons
Christian Names: Colin Maurice
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Dandenong
Case Notes:

Colin Maurice GIBBONS

Normally those portrayed on this website who covet war service in the Army fraudulently portray themselves as ex Special Air Service (SAS), forward scouts in Infantry battalions or Combat Engineer "Tunnel Rats".  Not for Colin Maurice GIBBONS - he likes to dress up as a Vietnam Veteran Military Policeman.


On ANZAC Day 2009 he appeared at the Dandenong Returned and Services League wearing a red Military Police beret and cap badge, and seven medals which portray Vietnam war service and in excess of 15 years regular Army service.

ANZMI do not intend to describe the incorrect placement of bars on his displayed rack in order to not educate future pretenders, however we can state with confidence that most ex diggers would immediately notice the incorrect presentation and sloppy mounting.  One of the medals he wears was specifically for Vietnam service between the years 1962 to 1964 - this means that GIBBONS (year of birth 1952) would have been aged 10 to 12 years of age when the medal was awarded!

ANZMI also hold statutory declarations from witnesses who attest to GIBBONS advising that he completed two tours of active service duty in South Vietnam with the then Royal Australian Army Provost Corps.  When asked where he was posted he replied "Vung Tau, Long Tan and Nui Dat" or words to that effect.  He also stated that due to his Vietnam service he had lost a lung.

Take a look at this photo of GIBBONS marching in the ANZAC Day parade - does this look like a man with one lung who still smokes cigarettes?

When telephoned by an ANZMI operative and queried about his dress and bearing on ANZAC day he rapidly retorted that "I was wearing the medals and beret on behalf of a friend"  When then asked who his friend was he refused to reply.

When then asked why he advised some in attendance at Dandenong RSL he was a "two tour of duty Vietnam Military Policemen" he angrily reacted with the statement

 "I know where this came from - print anything about me and I'll sue you" he then hung the phone up.  This type of threat is common for a cornered wannabe - they assume that by menacing any threat to their fantasies the accuser will run and hide.

Contact was made with the Military Police Association of Australia to ascertain any service by GIBBONS and we were not surprised to learn they had never heard of him - in fact, we understand that GIBBONS could find himself under investigation for his offences against the Defence Act for fraudulently portraying himself as a veteran Military Policeman.....the maximum penalties being six months imprisonment or a fine of $3300.00 or both.

Checks with the Commonwealth of Australia Department of Veterans' Affairs "Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans" fails to find anyone by his name, one would naturally expect a Vietnam veteran who lost a lung due to war service to be classified "Totally and Permanently Incapacitated" (TPI) - and retired as medically unfit - rumour has it that GIBBONS is employed as a municipal bylaws officer........something is amiss here!!!

GIBBONS joined the RSL as a Social member - this is a common ploy among bogus veterans owing to the fact they cannot produce Army discharge certificates or certificates of service. Genuine veterans are proud to produce such documents to join the RSL as "Service Members". This is another alarm bell that must ring with the administrators of our ex-service organizations.

Further information just to hand shows GIBBONS relating to "30 years Army service" - plus other information ANZMI will hold in reserve for future reference - real veterans never go "outside the wire" without ample ammunition and supplies.

Colin Maurice GIBBONS is a fraud and a disgrace, his actions are grossly offensive to genuine veterans - by taking the stance he has, he is walking through the blood of our brothers and will remain on this website for the rest of his life.

29th Aug 2009

This is the editorial from the Herald Sun on the same day as the main story was printed.

30 Sep 2009

This Update was sent to us via email from a person who knew Gibbons well during his time in Sydney

GIBBONS joined the SES in 1984/1985 under the pretext of being a “Fireman Paramedic”, when confronted by a real Paramedic (Bruce Purdy, now deceased) he then said he was a Fireman with a advanced first aid working at the Fire Service Museum (wearing the uniform etc) then I found out from the Manager of the Museum that he was on a Community Service Order .  He did not last long in that organisation and was asked to leave.  At the same time, he stated he was a JP, no record exists of this.

At the Museum he continually worn a Fire Brigade Uniform with the various ribbons (never saw the medals) under the pretence of being a former MP who had served in Vietnam.  Obviously the dates of service etc did not match and guess what, further inquiries revealed that he was not in the Army at all,  He was removed from the Museum and changed with theft of a convance ie a fire truck, which he used to take for drives around the Rocks area to pick up chicks (and sometimes it worked).  He then worked for Avis, were he told everyone he was the Manager of the major outlet at Kings Cross, but guess what was sacked after borrowing a nice car to pick up chicks.  Also, he was not the Manager, he washed vehicles. 

In 1987 I had a friend that was the Doorman at the Rex Hotel in the Cross, appears GIBBONS used to tell people that he was a detective and when he told the wrong person, he was badly assaulted and had to leave the Cross forever. 

He was seen at a Anzac Day ceremony in 1988, in Sydney wearing a kilt and crap and wearing medals.  At the time I reported him to some NSW Police Special Branch guys that were watching the ceremony and they pulled him aside and I saw him removing his medals. 

I had little to do with him for a number of years except for helping a friend move out of his flat in the Cross, but generally kept away from him until a old friend and I started to talk about “wankers” and the name GIBBONS came up.  That is when I found out he stole some money from a function associated with the Welcome Home Parade.  But Mick bought out a tape of his misconduct in regards to training guard dogs on A Current Affair/Today Tonight.  He was living up the north coast of NSW at the time.

I am aware that he has been married in excess of four to five times.  He did serve in the NZ Army, only for a short time but was kicked out for drunkness. 

GIBBONS that I know is a compulsive liar that uses peoples emotions, I have seen him befriend many a young person, especially young girls, to groom them and then uses emotions and self-harm to keep them in the relationship.  He tried this on me, it did not work.  The fact that he has been seen doing this in Victoria under a similar name is not surprising.  I suggest that all people keep away from him, he will use you and take from you,



4th Feb 2010

This report from the Herald Sun details the latest in the continuing Gibbons saga. More updates as they come to hand.


31st May 2010

Wannabe war hero Colin Gibbons avoids jail for impersonating Digger

Colin Gibbons

Colin Gibbons photographed in February. Picture: Paul Trezise Source: Herald Sun

A WANNABE war hero escaped jail today after a judge placed him on a 12-month good behaviour bond for impersonating a military veteran.

Colin Gibbons, who pleaded guilty, was also placed on a recognizance of $500 by the County Court.

Gibbons was appealing a sentence imposed late last year by Dandenong Magistrate Pauline Spencer.

Ms Spencer had sentenced the 57-year-old to four months' jail, of which he was directed to serve 14 days. Gibbons immediately appealed.

The County Court was told today that Gibbons had claimed to have served two tours of duty as a military policeman in Vietnam, where he had supposedly lost a lung after coming into contact with the deadly herbicide Agent Orange.

It was all lies.

Gibbons also admitted to having marched in Anzac Day parades as a Vietnam veteran wearing medals the court heard today were not genuine.

Gibbons legal council David Langton told the court his client had a long problem with alcohol, had very low self esteem and had sought recoginition and praise from others.

Prosecutor David Bliss said Gibbons’ fraudulent behaviour wasn’t spontaneous and had taken place over 12 months.

Judge Roy Punshon was given a list of Gibbons' prior convictions which totalled 30 pages and comprised offences including dishonesty, deception and violence.

He described it as “quite remarkable”.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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