Date of Entry: 14 Dec 17
Surname: Tapp
Christian Names: Robin Geoffrey
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South wales
City or Town: Forestville
Service #: R62073
Service: R
Branch: Steward
Commencement of service: 08 Apr 63
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:



Robin Geoffrey Tapp joined the Royal Australian Navy on 08 April 1963. After training to be a Steward he posted to sea on HMAS Vendetta in March 1964. During this posting, Tapp saw service during the Malayan Emergency and a short deployment to Vietnam.

His next sea posting was to HMAS Hobart, which saw heavy action on what was known as the ‘Gunline’ off the coast of South Vietnam. It was during this deployment that Hobart was struck by three missiles, fired from a United States aircraft. One sailor was killed and a number injured in this unfortunate incident.

Tapp 1 2017 08 07

Tapp is a member of the Forestville RSL Sub-Branch, in New South Wales. The Sub-Branch has a Facebook page and photos of Tapp, with medals displayed, are numerous and usually show Tapp in a prominent role at an ANZAC Day or Remembrance Day service.

For his operational service, Tapp is entitled to a number of official medals and in the above photograph can be seen wearing the following:

  1. Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75
  2. General service Medal 1962
  3. Vietnam Medal
  4. Australian Service Medal 1945-75
  5. Australian Defence Medal
  6. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
  7. Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal
  8. Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR) Commemorative Medal

The last medal is nothing more that tin junk, a medal to commemorate service with the FESR, and usually worn by those wanting to make their row of medals look that little bit more impressive. Service with the FESR was adequately recognised through the official awarding of the Australian Service Medal 1945-75, with clasp ‘FESR’.

Tapp 2


Tapp already has seven medals he is entitled to for his service, why add a trinket?

Tapp 3


It is somewhat obvious that leadership is lacking in the executive of Forestville RSL Sub-Branch, as Tapp is not the only member there who likes to play ‘peacock’.

In the above photograph, Tapp is accompanied by John Bernard Finlay, who also graces the pages of ANZMI. There are many photographs of them together ‘strutting their stuff’ at official services.

Both Tapp and Finlay are part of a rather large, and over-represented group on ANZMI, namely ex-members of the Navy Supply and Secretariat Branch. This branch comprises of Stores Assistants, Cooks and Stewards.

Robin Geoffrey Tapp, who incidentally is the current public relations officer for his RSL Sub-Branch, has now earned himself a little extra publicity in being added to the ANZMI pages.

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