Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Burrows
Christian Names: Benjamin Joshua
Country: Australia
State or Province: Not Known
City or Town: Not Known
Service #: 3809643 PMKeys 8226707
Service: Army
Branch: RAInf & RAAOC
Commencement of service: 30 Jan 96
Completion of service: 27 Jun 08
Case Notes:




Benjamin Joshua Burrows was obviously dissatisfied with his mundane military service.  For most people it would have been a worthwhile and interesting experience, but after discharge Burrows daydreamed of a more robust military experience, and  then converted the daydreams to verbal adventures, that made him a Special Forces hero.

We have Statutory Declarations detailing what he has said about  his military history. Here is a synopsis:

"He spent most of his military career as a Special Forces operator and was deployed overseas every year. He injured his back in a parachute accident whilst on an overseas deployment.  He was lodged in a tree for two days before being rescued.. 

During another of his deployments he was  wounded in the stomach by a mortar fragment  resulting in evacuation to, and treatment in a Hospital in Germany.

Following this accumulated grievous damage to his body he transferred from Special Forces and became a Physical Training Instructor".

Here is what he has told people about where he served in the Army.

1 Recruit Training Battalion - awarded Crossed rifles for marksmanship

5/7 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment  (18 months then to Special Forces on recommendation of Regimental Sergeant Major)

Special Air Service Regiment

2 Commando Regiment

4 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (Commando)

Incident Response Regiment

Schoolof Artillery(Physical Training Instructor) (PTI)

22 Construction Regiment (PTI)


Burrows has an "official" Defence document to support his Military History and here it is:

It is desired to advised that the document  is the strangest Statement of Service that we have seen,  in fact it is a ridiculous forgery, obviously designed and executed by Burrows. He is known to have  used it as part of his Resume to seek work.

Notice that his Statement of Service shows that he was a Sergeant and mirrors his many years of dreamed up  "hard slogging" with Special Forces units.  Also of note is that his "Awards" have been marked as "Classified".

Here is the truth of Burrow's Military History.

All of his service was in Australia.

Joined Army January 1996 and did Recruit Training

Posted to Royal Australian Infantry Corp for further training until late April 1996.

Posted as Private Soldier to 5/7 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment where he served until February 1998.

Posted to School of Artillery until September 1999

Transferred to Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corp where he served until 2001

Attained rank of Corporal January 2001

Transferred to Army Reserve until 2008 when he was discharged.

His actual service was nothing like that listed on the fake Statement of Service or the verbal description given by Burrows.

Burrows has massively exaggerated his military history for whatever reason wannabes do such things. He lied to his loved ones, his friends and submitted lies as part of a Resume to gain employment in Government Contracted operation relating to immigration.

From now on whenever Burrows name is entered into a computer Search Engine details of this exposure will be shown.  We have been exposing frauds liars and wannabes in the Veteran and ex Service community for twenty years, those who were exposed twenty years ago are still on this site as will Burrows be in twenty years time.

Those who choose to steal the honour of  the Veteran and Ex Servicemen and Women  will be caught and exposed on this web site without fear or favour as is Benjamin Joshua Burrows.

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