Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Ford
Christian Names: Christopher Leslie
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: McCleay Island
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: None
Completion of service: None
Case Notes:




Christopher Leslie Ford is the epitome of the reason we exist. He claims to be a returned Veteran and he is not. He wears six Defence Medals he did not earn.  He wears numerous badges he did not earn. He has marched on ANZAC Day as if he were a genuine Veteran.  He has dressed  in Army uniform portraying himself as a much decorated Special Air Service  (SASR) Warrant Officer Class Two.

The  photograph was taken at the Huskisson Returned Services League (RSL) Club in the Jervis Bay area of  New South Wales on ANZAC Day 2011.  A major Royal Australian Navy unit and the Defence Parachute Training School are all located in this area. At the

RSL Ford was quickly approached  by RSL members and he was seen scurrying off.  Here is a report of that encounter from  erudite members of the Huskisson RSL.

"Another was primarily dressed in Army uniform 2A for a SASR WO2, but

with the fol anomalies; brown T-shirt visible under shirt, no infantry

red sash, Regt lanyard on right/incorrect shoulder, WW2 medals over

right breast pocket, and over the left breast pocket a combination of

current ADF medals & ribbon bars for same incl unit citations; & SASR

para wings & beret.

It is understood that the person described wearing uniform is / maybe,

Chris Ford.

It is also understood that he has claimed to have served in 3RAR & SASR

in the MEAO.

This person was particularly apparent to all ADF pers present at the RSL

luncheon for his unusual and inappropriate form of dress. He was

questioned by two members of PTS after which he left the RSL function.

SGT XXX has since questioned current SASR pers

WRT this person who have no knowledge of a Chris Ford in SASR.

It is apparent that this person is illegally presenting himself as an

SASR mbr with operational experience, wearing uniforms and awards to

which he is / may not be entitled".

Ford is a pitiful man with a history of "fleecing" money from vulnerable people. He fakes Defence caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as part of his method of operation.

He also claims to have been shot through the left shoulder during his "war service" .  We guarantee he has no Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) file where such matters as PTSD and war caused injuries are dealt with.

At various times he has claimed to have served in the following locations:


East Timor





Swanbourne (Barracks of Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) )



The medals and badges he wears on his left breast in the  photographs are:

Infantry Combat Badge

Australian Active Service Medal  



Australian Service Medal

Australian Defence Medal

United Nations Special Service Medal

On his right breast he wears:

Medals purporting to be those of a direct relative

Unit Citation for Gallantry

Meritorious Unit Citation

Army Individual Readiness Notification Badge (Steyr Rifle)

On his right sleeve:

SASR Parachute wings

He also wears a Lanyard on the wrong shoulder.

On his left sleeve

Skill at Arms Badge 'S'  (Indicating he is a qualified Sniper).

All of the medals and badges are fake and for wearing them he can be charged by State Police under the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Sections 80A and 80B

80A.    Falsely representing to be returned soldier 

80B.    Improper use of service decorations  

His fake PTSD allows him to bludge on those who take him in and provide him with the necessities of life. 

This man is the enemy of all those in the Veteran and ex Service community.  He is the worst kind of malingering, lying, fraudulent wannabe and excuse  for a human being.

If you see him report him to us and we will ensure that establishments in his area are appraised of his presence

We are probably the only organisation in  Australian and New Zealand to proudly welcome him  to be featured  a star performer on a web site.








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