Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Ely
Christian Names: David
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Sefton Park, Adelaide
Service: RAAF (not confirmed)
Branch: Claims to be a Loadmaster
Commencement of service: 1979
Case Notes:




David Ely of Adelaide South Australia, was given the opportunity for a bit of media self promotion. Unfortunately, when speaking of his Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) service he decided to spice it up a bit with some false heroic involvement in the Vietnam war.

Ely did not serve in the Vietnam war.  The RAAF Helicopter unit he refers to was 9 Squadron which departed Vietnam in December 1971.

Here is what was said by Veterans who served with 9 Squadron:

"For example, if Mr Ely is 63 years of age, he was born in about 1951?

If he joined the RAAF in 1979, he was 28 when he joined. Not impossible of course, but unusual?

What is impossible if he joined the RAAF in 1979 is that he ever served in Vietnam.

All Australians were withdrawn from South Vietnam many years before 1979.

He states he served in a helicopter squadron?

The RAAF Squadron was 9 Squadron; which left Vietnam in December 1971.

9 Squadron certainly never operated out of Butterworth; what a ridiculous claim?

There is no record of Mr Ely in the Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans.

No 9 Squadron member has any knowledge of a Dave Ely. (Another Mr Ely did serve as a RAAF Flight Sergeant – Armourer, but he was born in 1935.)"

An ANZMI Investigator spoke to Ely and here is the report of that conversation;

"Note:  Spoke to Ely he claimed he was not in Vietnam until after the war and had done clandestine rescues of  Australian servicemen who had been missing in action because they had run into the jungle during the war.

It was put to him that he is a liar, and he said the reporter had got it wrong, he was not operating out of a Huey Helicopter but from a C130 Hercules aircraft which some years after the war were clandestinely landing on airstrips in Vietnam and rescuing Australian soldiers who had deserted."

That is an idiotic story from someone with no knowledge of the history of the Vietnam war

We concede that Ely shows leadership and courage following his non service related amputations, however we do not take into account  extenuating circumstances when reporting fraudsters and liars.  Often it is said to us:

"You should let this person off because he has done a lot of good work for the ex service community"

Fraudsters and wannabes be warned there are no extenuating circumstances that would deflect the exposure of a wannabe on this web site.

David Ely of Sefton Park, Adelaide can not be described as a clever fraud or wannabe, he is just a dill who has made up a "Rambo" story to enhance his standing in the community.

The repercussion for this behaviour is to be listed on our web site for the whole world to see.

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