Ravell aka Michael Ward, Warren Molloy, Ray Stevens, John Searle

Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Ravell aka Michael W
Christian Names: Malcolm
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bribie Island
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:




Malcolm Ravell is a consummate conman, liar, wannabe and general nasty piece of work.

Ravell falsely claims to be a Vietnam Veteran and marches on ANZAC Days. He also falsely claims to be a former New South Wales Police Officer and a Solicitor. He recently said this about his Vietnam Service:

"NO I AM NOT PROUD OF MY SERVICE IN VIETNAM BUT I RESPECT THOSE WHO SERVED AND THEIR VIEWS.......I am crippled up in constant pain and sleep poorly....I have been diagnosed with chemical destruction of the fluid that generates bone joint lubrication and tissue...,AGENT ORANGE and they fight highly qualified specialists who claim this and call for compensation....Compensation means nothing IT WON'T FIX THE DAMAGE THE U.S. CAST UPON ME AND SO MANY...."

Ravell says he served in Vietnam as a Helicopter Pilot Officer. To some people and his family he claims to have served as Sub Lieutenant M J Ward of the RAN Detachment, No. 9 (Helicopter) Squadron RAAF. To others he claims to have been a Secret Agent Pilot.

We received information from more than one source about Ravell's irrational raving and he must have heard of our interest, because he sent us the less than erudite, but very entertaining letter shown below. Please note that for brevity, numerous complete paragraphs have been removed. In addition, if you are sensitive to profane language, read no further.



My name is Malcolm Ravell born at Unanderra NSW / Michael John Ward to Stanley William Ward and Esme Ravell.

My father died on the Sandakan Railway at the hands of arseholes like you.

Intrigue me ARE YOU KIWIS ?

I was raised by my Mother’s Brother and his Wife without knowing who the fuck I was until I wanted a driver’s licence and to join the NSW Police.

I then Joined the NSW Police and after two postings in Sydney’s Aboriginal Territory “Broadway” I was stationed at Jindabyne NSW on request.

I learned to fly UTAH CONSTRUCTIONS helicopter and flew Colonel Ray Green of UTAH around the scheme and did deliveries for Utah when the regular pilot was drunk, “most of the time”.

I was offered a job with UTAH on a permanent basis but saw the Navy Ads for Helicopter Pilots Training and Vietnam service. INFLUENCE WAS USED.

I left the Police in August 1965 and in conjunction with The Navy and Australian Security I completed my Helicopter Certification in six weeks and became a pilot for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Immigration under Australian Security on request of Malcolm Fraser

I became a Government Intelligence Agent and was transferred in a position as pilot for Malcolm Fraser in Vietnam. I flew to Vietnam and delivered a H1 Bell from the deck of the Sydney in Vung Tau Harbour to the American workshops tactical repair facility

I was, with a regular Australian Air Force Pilot, chosen for a special flight on 14TH / 15TH November 1965 to take two contingents of five Special Operations Commandos of a platoon of Ray Curtis’ to the Cambodian Border and wait two days for their return.

To verify this take the chance and give this information to Department of Defence and create an International Incident that can not be released for another six years, if ever. I will then be in breach of National Security that will please fuckwits like you.

I was shot in the left hip on 19 September 1966 and returned to the Military Hospital PRINCE OF WALES Randwick and REPAIRED “Surgically” by an Orthopod Doctor, Warwick Stenning.
I later joined Ray Green at Vung Tau where not only was he the CEO of Utah Constructions but a highly decorated and known Commanding Officer “United States Military”.

On return to Sydney I took up a position with Australian Intelligence and remained there to escalate to a Senior Officer working with the National Security and Crime Department of the Australian Security and Intelligence.

NOW I fucking march in memory of three very close friends who died in Vietnam Bobby of West Ryde was the first conscript to die in Vietnam and I am friendly with his Fiancé who never married to this day. I march also with some of the best friends I have ever had the pleasure of associating with on Bribie Island at the Drop in Centre, not Burpengary where people like you attend.

I qualified as a solicitor and am at this time doing a refresher course at Bond University at the age of seventy to finally be admitted and to be admitted to the bar.

I assist and give PROBONO advice to Vietnam Veterans and appear in court where necessary.

I have three medals but unfortunately they are affixed to my sons grave in Mollymook Cemetery South of Nowra.

Now you have more than anyone else in history other than my friends in the Drop in Centre on Bribie.

My records were deliberately wiped out “EXPUNGED” for reasons that would be beyond you.

I believe you are the people that did Ron Workman from Currumbin RSL the damage after he spent thousands of hours assisting veterans.

Now take your little investigation and go fuck your boot because there is one in it.

Malcolm Ravell / Michael Ward, Warren Molloy, Ray Stevens, John Searle

Ravell did not serve in Vietnam and was not shot in the hip. He obviously has no knowledge of what an Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK47) Rifle does to a human hip, if he did he would not have placed himself back in Vung Tau on duty after the "wounding". In addition he has never served in the New South Wales or any other Police Force and he is not a Solicitor.

He is a lying con man who has the evil ability to charm or intimidate just about any one. We are pleased to say that although he claims affinity with the Veterans Drop in Centre at Bribie Island, Queensland he has been kept very much at arms length and is not registered as a member.

The fool says he marches in memory of three very close friends who died in Vietnam "Bobby of West Ryde was the first conscript to die in Vietnam and I am friendly with his Fiancé who never married to this day". "Bobby" of West Ryde was not the first conscript to die in Vietnam. It was a 21 year old Private from Adelaide, South Australia who was killed by friendly fire on 24 May 1966, 2 klm East of Nui Dat.

Ravell is a standover man who tries to intimidate all those around him. His bullying tactics have not worked and as a result, have been reported to us by persons fed up with hearing all his lies of clandestine operations.

Ravell is typical of many other imposters who grace this site. He claims that his records have been "expunged" and his war stories cannot be released for another six years because he will breach national security.

Well Malcolm Ravell, or Ward, or Molloy, or Stevens or Searle, whatever name you are using today, your secrecy and cover has now been officially well and truly blown. We all hope that this does not create an "International Incident " as you have predicted. We would hate to be responsible for that!!!!!

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