Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Reeve
Christian Names: Alan Mark
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: North Island
City or Town: Waiheke Island
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: 62985
Service: Australian Army
Branch: RAE
Commencement of service: 06 Apr 76
Completion of service: 1982
Case Notes:




For many years Alan Mark Reeve has claimed to be a Returned Veteran from the Vietnam War and whenever he spoke of his service he always mentioned an affiliation with the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR).

In fact, when cornered, Reeve had the good grace to immediately own up to his subterfuge and admit that he is a fraud.

As Reeve is a troubadour who has had considerable success at his trade, we asked him to tell us about himself, here is his response:

"Hello Will

All this sounds as if someone is wanting to verify my credentials.
Perhaps this person would like to contact me directly for more information.
Meanwhile here is a brief outline.

Regarding my military history:

First stint 1972-73 in 18 Field Squadron Royal Australian Engineers (Vietnam)

Second stint 1976 – 82 in 16 Field Squadron RAE and 22 Construction Squadron RAE

I was not an SAS soldier (and have never said I was) I was seconded from 22 Construction Squadron at Karrakatta to the SAS as a physical training instructor for approx 18 months.

I played in Australia prior to and while I was in the army (and after). On Channel 9 in Perth (Appealathon and Family Christmas Concert 1985 and ’86), supported Bob Geldoff in 1990 for concerts in Launceston and Melbourne, ABC in Hobart and TV Channel 9 in Perth and played on TV shows in Launceston. Currently play locally in New Zealand and have played in France and England. One CD called Why Change – all originals.

Best regards
Al Reeve"

We then advised him as follows:

"Dear Al

Have definitive proof that Al has never served in Vietnam, or on any other overseas operations.

As a PT Instructor he may have done some work at Swanbourne, but was never attached to SASR for 18 months.

When Al enlisted in 1976 he clearly stated on enlistment documents that he had no previous service.

It is intended that Al be placed on the web site for falsely claiming to be a returned veteran.

Would you like to comment on this action?


Reeve quickly responded through a representative, we have lightly censored the response.

"Hi Bill

Thank you for bringing all this to light although I would have appreciated a more direct approach rather than the ‘indirect’ reference to research about ex servicemen turned entertainer tack perhaps a lie by omission in itself...

(Deleted) and his army service was not something we discussed – but we certainly have now.

After a long conversation with him, just now, about your comments Al has agreed that in fact he has only been in the army once (’76-’82) and has never served in Vietnam. I understand from him that it was something he said to people many years ago, in his late teens, in an attempt to feel less insignificant. He is embarrassed to have done this and, as he says, once said it was hard to unsay it and the lie just stayed. He apologises unreservedly and whenever this may come up in any future conversation he will rectify any previous misdirection.

Undoubtedly this will not be easy, probably easier than the conversation we have just had, but he has no intention of shirking from it.

Along the way in life we all do and say things sometimes that we wish we hadn’t done or said. I know that Al is a good person and despite his shame and embarrassment feels relieved that this has come out. I know he is a good person and feels remorse to have lied to others and (Deleted).

Having learnt this about him does not detract from the fact that he is a very worthy man and has my full support, (Deleted) for the things he does and the man he is today.


We are sure that Reeve is more sorry for being caught out as a liar and a wannabe than he is for the act itself, however he has shown the courage to clear his slate of his burdensome lies and will never have to worry again about being tapped on the shoulder as a wannabe.

If you are a wannabe and are reading this report, you should prepare yourself for the embarrassment of being caught and exposed.

Be assured that eventually you will be caught.

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