Surname: Edwards
Christian Names: David Hugh
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Leongatha
Service: RAAF
Case Notes:

David Hugh Edwards of Leongatha, Victoria, is a Doctor of Philosophy and served in the Royal Australian Air Force as an Equipment Supply and Logistics Officer.  He has never had active service.

Here we see another transgressor Returned and Services League (RSL) President, who has taken the disgraceful course of pretending to be a Vietnam Veteran.


Had some members of the Leongatha RSL not voiced their suspicions to the Herald/Sun,  it is assured that Doctor David Edwards would still be parading about wearing medals he has no entitlement to, as well as attracting the attention of genuine veterans.

In the photograph, you can see him marching on ANZAC Day as the President of the Leongatha RSL wearing seven medals which are as follows from left to right:


Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 clasp Vietnam.

Vietnam Medal.

Australian Service Medal 1945-75.

Defence Force Service Medal.

National Medal.

Defence Force Medal.

South Vietnam Campaign Medal (awarded by the government of South Vietnam).

Peter Mickelburough, the Freedom of Information Editor had the article below printed in the Melbourne Sunday Herald on Sunday 13 October 2013.


The only genuine thing this wannabe has admitted to is that he is indeed a “Dill”.

In the article, Major General McLachlan stated that Doctor David Edwards was only entitled to wear the Defence Force Medal and the National Medal as he had served for 15 years.  He also advised Doctor David Edwards to be in touch with the local police.

ANZMI will follow up on this matter to ensure that this in fact occurs.

Leongatha RSL has also ascended to questionable fame due to the fact that in 2002, ANZMI exposed the then President Raymond Mathews JP,  as a bogus Vietnam Veteran.  This charlatan was at the time,  the Manager of the Vicroads Office and was subsequently incarcerated for six months for selling false licences to outlaw motor cycle gangs.


The erudite reader will have by now twigged that in the last 11 years,  Leongatha RSL has elected two bogus veterans to the highest position of their Executive Committee.  How could this occur you may ask? The general reply is that no proper research was done in vetting these scurrilous aspirants.

To hear the old chestnut "Someone was asleep at the wheel" is an understatement - surely any administrative staff at Leongatha are aware of the Google search for the Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans - or Korea veterans, and lastly World War 2 veterans?

This is a commonly used tool for confirming active service and would have to be 95% correct - ANZMI access this information on a daily basis checking information provided by informants, why can't paid staff do the expected checks and balances?

David Edwards in his own right has the qualifying service to be a Service Member of the RSL - a Commissioned Officer who attained the rank of Wing Commander in the RAAF,  and who joined the Leongatha RSL in 2002 (the same year MATTHEWS was outed as a bogus veteran).

Why he sought to fraudulently expose himself to all about him by posing as a Vietnam Veteran beggars belief.  Insecurity perhaps?

Dr David Hugh Edwards - welcome to rogues gallery, with your Doctorate in Philosophy, you can now spend some time philosophising on your misdeeds and how you duped your fellow RSL colleagues with your disgraceful actions.

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