Surname: Doyle
Christian Names: John Henry
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Townsville
Case Notes:

Perusing the offenders on this site you will most likely note the number of people that we have cited who  have held an executive position within ESOs (ex-service organisations), or they say they were in the Special Air Service or some fanciful 'special operations' group and their missions were that secret they still cant talk about them, or if they do they "will have to kill you". 

Odd you say?? 

Well not really, as the military imposter or 'wannabe' is the epitome of a coward that didn't have the intestinal fortitude to put on a uniform and do his bit. In his dreams he likes to think that he has the ability to be better than the real thing. You will find that most of these people will say that they served in the SASR, Australia's elite troops, the AATTV (Australian Army Training Team, Viet Nam) or they will have been a member of a platoon that has been in a famous battle, like the battle of Long Tan. Always pay attention to anyone who claims he was a member of this elite band of soldiers called the SAS or if he says he was the hero of a major battle. 

Ask them questions, and the more you ask the more they will lie to you as they like the attention and they will give you all the information you will need to place them firmly on the pages of this site for life. 

Meet John Henry Doyle, who was a past-president of the Townsville Returned and Services League. 

There is not a lot we can add to the fine job done by this reporter and as is stated in the article mail order medals are the problem here as anyone off the street can write away for and receive through the mail any medal they wish to purchase. There is no offence in doing this, however; if it is the intention of the purchaser to wear this medal and pretend to be a returned serviceman then a federal offence has been committed and they will stand trial when caught. 

It is the aim of CPMH with the assistance of people such as yourself, the media and police to ensure that the bogus person is caught, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (Defence Act 1903). 

Doyle and the major publicity he has attracted gives us a chance to explain a little more about why we are here. Mentioned here with Doyle is another bogus member of the Townsville R&SL who has recently been jailed for fraud. For the full story on Ted Miskiewicz go here, 

Is being caught, getting a small amount of exposure in the press and a small fine a big enough deterrent to the bogus veteran? The maximum fine in accordance with the Defence Act is chicken-feed; less than most speeding tickets, and the 6 months in prison is never carried out no matter how serious the offence may be. 

These penalties appear by no means to be a deterrent to the imposter as he will pay the fine, suffer some embarrassment and then usually moves to another town and starts his deceitful tales all over again as is shown on this site in the case of Rod Bolam. It may mean he might have to purchase 'his' replacement medals and awards again but he will do that because he likes to bask in the glory of what he thought he might have done if he he had the courage to enlist in the first place. 

The majority of imposters listed on the pages of CPMH and our US counterparts wannabe pages are full of cowards who steal the identity or good name of genuine veterans and denigrate the ANZAC tradition by telling their lies to captive audiences of mainly innocent civilians who cannot pick the difference between the truth and the lies they tell. Some are indeed accomplished and clever and have researched the bogus lifestyle in which they fantasise and in some cases they have fooled genuine veterans and their families for long periods and have also fooled the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

This lust for seeking fame as a hero of war gets bigger and bigger as they become more confident with the lies they are spreading, until they become so confident they make one tiny error in their story which ultimately becomes their undoing. There are many on the pages of this site in that category that you will see as you pass through and there are more to follow. 

Shortly you will see the story of the bogus veteran who promoted himself to Lieutenant Colonel in the Armoured Corps and organised and took a contingent of genuine veterans to 'The Wall' in the USA. We have him on film spruiking his lies and on his return from America he awarded himself the Defence Force Service Medal for 15 years of bogus activities he has performed hidden in the veteran community with his lies. We invite you to continue returning to this site as he will appear here on the pages very soon. 

These bogus veterans may be able to endure a little embarrassment of a once-only appearance in their local paper but once placed on the pages of CPMH they have a life sentence as there is no removal from these pages once you have been identified as a bogus veteran. 

As stated in this article on John Henry Doyle the veteran community has a zero tolerance of bogus veterans and if you endorse this view, please email the Minister for Veterans Affairs, and any or all other politicians and voice your disgust at the infinitesimal fines issued to these people. 

You will find a poll [link removed] on this site where you can indicate what you think the fines should be for the federal offence of impersonating a veteran. Please pass your opinion on to the politicians by talking to your local member (there is an election this year, and the veteran vote is significant in today's closely-fought electoral campaigns) and maybe if enough pressure is applied from veterans, concerned civilians and the media we can instigate a change in the fines and jail sentences. 

With significant and punitive fines and genuine custodial options in our legal (as opposed to justice)  system, plus concerted campaigns to shame the imposters in our midst; the potential to rid our  community of military imposters can only be enhanced. Your action, can help put an end to imposters. 

There would be an enormous public outcry from the various state police departments if bogus police, fire and emergency services personnel began turning up in their areas of responsibility. Those that died, those that were wounded and those who suffer physical and psychological consequences of their service in theatres of conflict deserve no less respect. 

Do your bit.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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