Surname: Broesder
Christian Names: Pieter Eppo
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Bayswater
Service: Army
Branch: Medic
Case Notes:

CPMH has possession of two signed statements of ex co-workers from the kitchen renovation plant in Bayswater Victoria, where BROESDER is employed as a production manager.

One of the statements contains evidence to the fact that when asked what he did in Viet Nam, Pieter replied  "I can not tell you, it was a secret.  No one knew about it, not even the Army recognises our service..  We were all stripped of our embellishments". 

CPMH conducted an archival  service check on BROESDER and it was confirmed he served in the Army with the Medical Corps.  On joining the Returned and Services League at Noble Park, Victoria, he registered as serving with 2 Field Ambulance Unit - with his regimental number of 38379 being issued to him.  A check of the DVA Nominal Roll of Viet Nam Veterans failed to find his details.  Something was beginning to smell!!

CPMH corresponded with BROESDER giving him  14 days to respond defending his alleged Viet Nam service.  This introductory letter explains the fate that awaits those who choose to ignore our advice to suspected bogus Veterans.

Within the set time BROESDER replied, and stated that his secret Viet Nam service was never as such.  He makes mention of serving in Malaysia in 1965 with 16 Com Fld Amb (sic) for two weeks reference problem with the border.  He goes on to write he spent 2 years and 197 days overseas in four countries - Not Viet Nam.  His letter then continues re serving in Viet Nam - He states "I used this line to get information for a book I was going to write which now has been destroyed as of the date I received your letter.  So this line will never be used again."

BROESDER then writes that he was to go to Viet Nam but failed the medical for skin problem (sic) received in Thailand.

Had this pretender not been exposed it is fair to assume that by his own admission (writing a book on Viet Nam) he would have stood to profit financially - nobody writes books for charity these days  - so by his own admissions and actions, Pieter Eppo BROESDER now has earned his rightful place in society - lined up with the other deceitful and disgraced people of the bogus Veteran brigade.

Our thanks go to the ex employees who worked with this character, without who's signed  evidence we cannot proceed to this level of exposure.

Pieter was asked to provide a personal photograph to us.  He kindly did so and it is shown on this page. Thank you Pieter.  We always like to show the world exactly who is pretending to be a Veteran.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


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