Surname: Walter
Christian Names: Russell
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Cobram
Service: Army
Case Notes:

Russell Walter

As a "guest speaker" at a Probus meeting in a rural part of Victoria yet another RSL Executive has been exposed as a bogus veteran - this sort of behaviour only serves to further besmirch the already damaged reputation of Australia's only true veterans' much lower must the RSL be dragged before 100% justice is dealt out to those who offend ???


The rural Victorian tabloid "Cobram Courier" on Wednesday 15 February 2006 on its social page "Roundabout" printed details of Cobram Men's Probus Club engaging a guest speaker Russell WALTER who "spoke of International Intelligence.  Mr WALTER had led an eventful life flying 65 missions "spotting Cessnas" in Vietnam, pursuing a nursing career in 2005, before retiring to live in Barooga".

WALTER is a member of the Cobram Barooga RSL and spent almost two years on the Sub-Branch Executive Committee as Secretary.  During this period it is alleged WALTER advised those who queried his rank that he left the Army as a Major, others state he advised he was a Colonel.
With the article of his supposed Vietnam service published in the local paper, veterans began questioning the bona fides of their past RSL Sub-Branch Secretary - a glaring anomaly was his lack of command of  written English, something a commissioned officer in the Australian Army prides himself on.

ANZMI was contacted and a subsequent thorough investigation into WALTER's military history revealed that yes, he did indeed serve, he was a National Serviceman who enlisted on 24 April 1956 and was Discharged 20 March 1957 medically unfit with clinical notes attached to his file as follows: "This disability is likely to remain for such a period as to prevent the resumption of training within a period of five years - DDMS S Comd". 

WALTER was allocated to the corps of Ordnance as a Private soldier, posted from 20 National Service Battalion to 3 Stores Company and spent his 11 month Army life plagued by medical problems. 

With all the evidence at hand WALTER was contacted and asked to explain his claims of  being an Army Officer and Pilot. His replies are below including his apology directed at us. We don't accept or reject apologies, in this instance it's up to the Veteran Community at large. We will monitor all replies for or against and advise the outcome around the end of September.

----- Original Message -----
From: Russell & Kaye Walter
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 4:26 PM
Subject: reyour letter dated 27-06-06


    Dear Sir,
                 With refence to your letter dated as above i wish to inform you that at no time did i state when giving an address to a Probus club did i ever state that i was a VIietnam Veteran, nor that i flown thirty mission over Veitnan, at the time i was in Loas fling for a private air line,nor did i state that i was a major or Lieutenant Colonel.
                  Therefore i offer all the Vietnam veterans/R&SL,my  apologies for any misconstrue over this matter.
                                                                                                                                 Regards RUSS WALTER


WALTER has denied fraudulently representing himself as a veteran - an offence under the Defence Act.
This man served his country albeit in a restricted manner - was awarded a National Service Commemorative Medal and in due course will be awarded the Australian Defence Medal, obviously he felt the need to embellish his service - and the ensuing embarrassment will be down to him.


----- Original Message -----

From: Russell & Kaye Walter
Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2006 1:23 PM
Subject: apologies

  Dear Sir.
              Further to your mail on 24.06.06 and my email of 28.06.06,as some 48hours has has passed i have had time to reflect on my actions of the past and in doing so i can say what a bloody fool i have been,and what injury i have caused our veteran veterns.
             As such i wish to again apologies to you,your members,dependants,and i can only say how bad i feel about my past mistake's.I have always held the Veitnam Veteran vets i the highest regards, and have not and would not like you think i would have a bad  word to say of them.
            I will not belong to our local RS.L. sub-branch nor any other branch and will not renew my member ship when it expires, once again please accept my honest apologies and if it was at all possable in the near future i would like to meet you face to face as men and discuss this matter.
                                                                                              Yours truly Russ Walter


----- Original Message -----
From: Russell & Kaye Walter
Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 2:44 PM
Subject: re your email
Thank you for your email of to day,as i informed youi did work for a private company, but i am not in a situation whereby i am unable to disclose this inforemation to you,but i will give you some back ground of my self.
In 1961 i join the Chief Secreatary,s Office attached to the office of the State Insurance Commision as an investorgator reporting back to the Crown Law Dept,later i was transferred to Comberra and then went to the firm that employed whilst i was oversea,s,i spent some six month,s in Laos when i waseffected with astomach infection and was sent back to australia where some 8/10 of my stomach was removed, i would have no objection to yougeting my medical.
M y wife has in the time i have known me all way,s called me Colonel.
When i was over in Laos i was called the Major.
My Medals are  1 Commonwealth National Service Medal, amd the National Service Association Medal {SA] Branch INC. And id dose amaze me that the person who informed you of myMedal,s was not aware that the Medal,s were not Service Nedal,s as would be found on any of your menbers as quite a nimber of national service menbers wear same when attending servce,s.
                                                                                           regards Russ.I

He apologised and then feeds us malarkey about being some sort of spook in Laos. We can't believe a word he says now.

"My Medals are  1 Commonwealth National Service Medal, amd the National Service Association Medal {SA] Branch INC."

The medal on the right was not awarded for service, it is a purchased National Serviceman's Association trinket, much favoured by those who never served overseas but feel they have to wear something on commemorative occasions as if they'd actually been somewhere and done something . If worn at all, it should be on his right breast and well below any Next of Kin medals that may be worn,where such things belong.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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