Surname: Taylor
Christian Names: Paul Gary
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Kangaroo Island
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Paul Gary Taylor born in Lithgow NSW, 10 January 1952, enlisted RAN, 22nd Intake, 3 January 1968.  Discharged 20 September 1971.  Served 3 years 8 ½ months.

Resides Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, SA where he is known as “Nutcase” aka “Squizzy” and Udon Thani, Thailand, where he has reportedly lived for around 3 years, still there in Sept 08 and visited Australia a few months earlier.


                            Aug-Sep 2008                                    Jan 1968                          Sept 1968

Using his Navy number for a sig, in 2006 he wrote to an online message board for former RAN personnel.

« Reply #3 on Oct 27, 2006, 2:15am »

“I live in Thailand....(caustic comments deleted)


Also,  http://www.udonmap.com/udonthaniforum/license-plates-for-big-bikes-t7213.html

Username: Paul Taylor

Location: Romyen Village,Udon Thani-Kangaroo island,South Australia (now moved within Udon Thani)

Occupation: retired

Interests: guitar,singing,reading,motorcycles,computers,music,cricket

Joined: December 15, 2006, 9:19 am

Signature:  udonfarang52 

PG Taylor lives in Udon, Farang is Thai for foreigner of european ancecestry, born 1952, used to teach guitar in SA.


Kangaroo Island ex-R.A.N. Sailor PG Taylor and the Udon Thani Army Sgt wannabe PG Taylor are the same person, without a shadow of doubt. 

His claims, according to written reports and his medals collection.

1.....Two years Army service.

2.....Army Sergeant, Infantry.

3.....Six months in Vietnam.

4.....Served with the “Reinforcement Battalion”

5.....Lost part of a finger during a mortar attack on this unit while on guard duty.

6.....Sniper, crossbow.

7.....Knew the jungles of Vietnam very well, better than most.

8.....Has war caused PTSD, which accounts for his behaviour.

9.....Receives a dollar amount from DVA equivalent to that of a TPI in receipt of the Service Pension.

10...Served a minimum 30 years RN Reserve.


“Two years Army service” Definitely not.

“Army Sergeant” Within two years? Definitely not.

“Six months in Vietnam”  “Just long enough to get his medals”, he says.  The Vietnam Medal he displays was awarded to qualified personnel for as little as a 1 day posting or a 30 day visit, he obviously didn’t know that.  The RVN Campaign Medal he displays must be what he was referring to.

“Reinforcement Battalion” Did not exist. The Infantry reinforcement unit at 1ATF, Nui Dat, was the only such unit, it bore a much different designation and ceased to exist in September 1971.

“Lost part of a finger”  The tip of his right middle finger is indeed missing.  He shoves this shortened digit under people’s noses as proof positive that he was wounded in action................but it was missing when he enlisted in the R.A.N at age 16.

“Sniper” The Australian Army did not employ snipers as such, the US Military did.

“Crossbow”  A quite popular weapon of choice amongst the wannabe brigade.

“Mortar attack” The actual unit did receive incoming mortar bombs, once, on 17 August 1966 when PG Taylor was 14 old.

“Guard duty”  Sgts did not stand guard duty, very few Soldiers in Vietnam did.

“Jungles of Vietnam” There was no “Jungle” in the Australian Area of Operations.

“PTSD”  Many veterans have this and some use it as an excuse for aggressive and abusive behaviour, be they afflicted with the disorder or not.  His PTSD is supposedly caused by war experiences, ie,  the dangers inherent in crawling through the jungles of Vietnam picking off the enemy with his crossbow.

“TPI and Service Pension”  More than likely.

“RN Reserve”  See his medals below. 

His legally obtained service records reveal time spent in cells at HMAS PENGUIN, an ill-disciplined person.

It has been reported that he now spends his days selling trinkets on ebay, advising other veterans on how to rort the DVA system, carrying on with his wildly false tales of  war service and attempting to intimidate others with his expertise as a trained killer. 

According to his purchased medals, which do not reflect his true service or age:

Served in FESR.

Posted to land based units or formations in Vietnam or to ships/craft in its waters.

Served 15 years as a PO or Rating in the R.N. Reserve prior to 1958.

Served a further 15 years as a Commissioned Officer in the R.N. Reserve prior to 1957.  

His recorded war service:

PG Taylors medals photographed in Thailand.  They are purchased reproductions, no name or number on the five that should have them.  This array is totally false. He is not entitled to wear 5 of them and the only one he is entitled to, he has corrupted with a non-entitled clasp.


                                                9 Sept 08

He freely exhibits this collection in Thailand as proof of his war service and heroics.  Once, reportedly, as a form of intimidation directed towards a Thai national.

1....AASM 1945-75  The clasp FESR doesn’t belong on this ribbon...on the ASM ribbon only. (not entitled to the FESR clasp or the ASM)

2....Vietnam Medal. (not entitled)

3....ADM. (not entitled, he did not complete 4 years of his initial enlistment)

4 - 5... RN Reserve medals.  (obviously not entitled)

6.... Vietnamese Campaign Medal, without required 1960~ device.  (not entitled)

Enlisted R.A.N January 1968, his actual entitlements are,

AASM 1945-75 w/clasp Vietnam,  VLSM.


Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 (AASM) - Awarded to those who qualified for either the General Service Medal with Clasp  Vietnam, the Vietnam Medal or the Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal for service in South Vietnam between 24 December 1962 and 27 January 1973.

Vietnam Medal- Awarded for the following service in Vietnam between 29 May 1964 and 27 January 1973:
(I)     28 days in ships or craft on inland waters or off the coast of Vietnam.
(II)    one day or more on posted strength of a unit or formation on land.
(III)   one operational sortie over Vietnam or Vietnamese waters by aircrew on the posted  strength of a unit.
(IV)   official visit of 30 days.

Vietnamese Campaign Medal- Instituted by the Government of the Republic of Vietnam and awarded to Australians with the Queen's permission, for 181 days "Special Service" in Vietnam or adjacent waters between 31 July 1962 and 27 January 1973. Service of a lesser period also qualified if  brought to an end by death due to enemy action or by being wounded in action i.e. classified as a Battle Casualty. Lesser service terminated by "medical" evacuation to Australia (sickness etc.) did not qualify.



3rd from right.....ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE DECORATION, with 2nd Type Ribbon 

Date Instituted: 1908.

Description: Royal cipher of the reigning monarch surrounded by a rope the ends of which are tied together in a reef knot. The decoration is surmounted by a crown on top of which is a ring used for the ribbon suspension.

Metal: Silver and silver-gilt.

Size: 54mm high and 33mm wide.

Bars: Bars are granted for additional 15 years service.

Naming: Issued un-named.

Post-Nominal Letters:RD.

Comments: Awarded to commissioned officers of the Royal Naval Reserve for 15 years service. Wartime service counted as double.

This decoration was replaced by the Volunteers Reserves Service Medal in 2000.  (Instituted 1999)



Date Instituted: 1908.

Description: The obverse of this medal bears the head of the reigning monarch while the reverse depicts a battleship with the inscription 'DIUTERNE FIDELIS'.

Metal: Silver.

Size: 36mm.

Bars: Bars were authorized for additional 15 years service.


1st Type Ribbon





2nd Type Ribbon





3rd Type Ribbon

Naming: Impressed capital letters.

Comments: Awarded to petty officers and ratings of the Royal Naval Reserve for 15 years service. Wartime service counted as double.

This medal was replaced by the Volunteer Reserves Service Medal in 2000. 

The blue edged 3rd Type Ribbon introduced in 1958.  If he enlisted at age 15 and served the required 15, non-war service years, he had to be born no later than 1927 for entitlement to the 2nd Type Ribbon.  Put simply, PG Taylor would have to be at least 81 years old in 2008 to be sporting this ribbon.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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