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"If you tell the truth, it becomes part of your past, if you tell a lie it becomes part of your future"


To our many supporters in the Veterans community, the events of the past couple of days have taken their toll on our team.   We have therefore taken the difficult decision to close down operations while we review and enhance our security.
To those Wannabe's, Medal Cheats, Valour Thieves and Scammers who have appeared on our pages for the past 30 years, don't bother breathing a sigh of relief as we have your behaviour retained in our databases, and you can rest assured that you will be back in the public eye again.  You should also know that we are negotiating with like minded organisations in the USA and UK to have our records posted on their websites where defamation rules differ significantly from those in Australia and New Zealand. 
Your deceit will not be forgotten and will remain visible on the world wide web forever.
To the Veterans Organisations, genuine veterans and the general public who have supported us and assisted us confirm or deny accusations of illegal behaviour, thank you for your support. 
There is one man to thank for allowing the medal cheats and valour thieves of Australia and New Zealand to go about their deceit unchallenged and that person is Mr Scott MAY, President of the Toowoomba RSL Sub Branch.   It is because of his illegal and deceitful actions that we must reassess our activities.   So, the next time you see a person on ANZAC Day wearing a rack of medals they did not earn, or claiming to be a hero from Iraq or Afghanistan and feel that person is denigrating your valued genuine service, then we suggest you contact Scott MAY at the Toowoomba RSL Sub Branch.   
Scott MAY is now, and will remain forever, the champion of the Wannabe, Medal Cheats and Valour thieves.  He condones their behavior and takes great pride in attacking our actions in trying to bring these cheats and liars to account.   Well done Scott MAY, you are a true hero for hypocrisy. 
 Mr. May, the wannabe champion can be reached on Facebook, as can the Toowoomba RSL Sub Branch.  Should you wish to express your disgust with Mr May, here is his email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   
Finally, to the supporters of Scott MAY who felt empowered to send vile and threatening emails to our website, if you are Veterans, you should take a long hard look at yourselves, by your actions, you are not only breaking the law but are condoning the actions of those who would steal the honour owed to genuine veterans.   To the younger Veterans among you, we hope that one day you might just understand why it is important to maintain the honour that comes with Military Service and the honours and awards that come with that service.   However, based on your blind support of Scott MAY, some of you are clearly without honour.
We will be back, stronger and better.   
The ANZMI Team (2021)   



ANZMI was established some years ago to bring to account those in the community who disrespect Veterans by wearing medals they have no entitlement to or claiming valour or actions that they did not earn. The former, wearing unearned medals is an offence under the Defence Act 1901, however until we began exposing these people and bringing pressure to bear on the authorities to act, nothing was being done.

We feel strongly about this, Medals are important to Veterans, they tell your story, what you did for our Country. In the case of the valour thief, they spin their stories often to gain an advantage, financial or otherwise and they bring the Veteran community into disrepute.

That is what ANZMI is about. We have been accused by some as being bullies, we are not. In fact, we pride ourselves on the number of genuine Veterans who we clear of false accusation each year. Those who go onto our website have, when possible, been given the opportunity to clear their name if we are unable to do so by our Researchers.

We are accused of hiding behind a veil of secrecy, but unfortunately because of the work we do, and the type of people proven to be medal cheats and valour thieves, we must protect ourselves as well. Over the years, we have endured many threats of violence, legal action and more but we have continued to follow up reports from Veterans and the community without fear or favour.

Recently, one of our cases has been the subject of much comment, and perhaps much mirth by those involved. In essence, a report was made about a Veteran who it was alleged by the person reporting to be claiming service he did not have. Our Researcher, in good faith, commenced communication with the person and was provided with a series of documents which appeared genuine.

The person also made several contacts providing Statutory Declarations and other evidence to support his claim against the Veteran. Based on what appeared to be irrefutable evidence, we decided to publish the report. This report has now been proven to be incorrect, but in saying that, the Veteran concerned took an active role in the deceit and has proven himself to be a person of very low moral standing. He has manufactured a purported Statutory Declaration, (x2) which are criminal offences and created other documents in his subterfuge and deceit. The actions might seem to many as ANZMI getting its just reward and are having a good laugh at our expense.

If that is how you feel, good luck to you.

However, whilst this setup might prove a humorous matter to some, we invite you to view the reports on our page and have a good look at the work done by our teams of Researchers over the years. The website contains reports on some of the most vile and opportunistic people you could ever meet. From claiming medals for bravery, they never earned, service in the SAS and other prestigious units or scamming money from defenceless people who believed their stories of daring do.

We may have got it wrong, but we stand by every report on our website. WE thank those involved in this little stunt, it has given us a kick in the bum and our systems will be better for it.

To the Veteran community, we give this assurance. We will continue to investigate the reports you send to us; we will work with you to expose those who are in the wrong, and we will happily clear those who have no case to answer. This is what ANZMI has been doing for over 20 years and will continue to do so until authorities take the actions of medal cheats and valour thieves seriously and prosecute them under the provisions of the Defence Act 1903.

The ANZMI Team (2021)


Website updates

14 April 2021 - Added Roque Charles "China" Hammal

22 July 2021 - New update - latest cases and Johannes "Hans" Wynen write-up on Rogues Gallery.

31 August 2021 - Added Terrence Spurrier to Rogues Gallery 


ANZMI receives no pleasure in publishing the cases herein. In fact, we'd much rather be playing a round of golf, or having a beer with a few mates.

But unfortunately, human nature being what it is, and for any number of reasons, some choose to create a new life, or embelish their own stories, with boastful, untruthful derring-do. They wear unawarded medals, pins, "tin" and regalia, puffed and boasting to all and sunder.

The day we cease receiving imposter reports, we'll close off the entry area. But we will forever leave this site up to show what happens when weak people do stupid things by being Australian & New Zealand Military Imposters.


Rogues Gallery

During our time publishing cases of Australian and NZ valour thieves and medal cheats within these pages (almost 25 years now), there arrives occasionally cases which are more memorable, or have a special need to be brought to our viewers attention, for one reason or another. The contents will be updated as and when new or special cases are worthy of their presence in our Rogues Gallery.

Added 21 Aug 2021 
Ken Hare
Kiwi Tin Man

Johannes "Hans" Wynen

Lt Colonel Australian Army Rtd,
medal cheat and valour thief

Terrence Spurrier
IMG_1346_2020-07-06.PNGNorth Queensland Commodore of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard
and medal cheat!
Aaron Stobbs
A confused wannabe
Len Carter AFSM
Medal Cheat, Valour Thief
and Military Imposter
Stephen Karsai
The medal cheat and doctor (Phd)
who ain't!!
Neville Donohue
"Major General"
Neville McBryde DONOHUE

Ian Garland
Australian Military hero

Cristine aka Crissy Ashcroft
Invictus Ambassador, "The Voice" star,
& Valour Thief

Craig Lenihan
Valour Thief and
convicted drug offender

Lynn Orford
Valour Thief  & Medal Cheat

David Armstrong
Valour Thief and Medal Cheat


Ross Russo
Trainee Rifleman, Custodial Correctional Officer, Police Officer, Medal Cheat and Valour Thief


Robert Hutchinson
NZ Medal Cheat and Valour Thief

Norbett Keogh
Medal Cheat and Valour Thief

Mark Anthony Cartwright
Pastor, Medal Cheat
and Valour Thief

Captain Drew Dale
Alan Wright
Medal Cheat and Valour Thief
Robert Clark
Kiwi Medal Cheat & Valour Thief
 Dennis Manson
NZ Medal Cheat & Valour Thief
 Barry Urban
Mr Barry Urban. (ex) MLA
Erin Wallace
Ambo, Medal Cheat, Valour Thief
and Military Imposter
 Roque Charles "China" Hammal
Recalcitrant wannabe
 Kim Friis
One is not enough!




Bradley Mark Parfitt considers himself a bush lawyer. This is one of the few claims he makes that actually rings true!

Regular visitors to www.anzmi.net may have noticed that the Brad Parfitt disclosure was removed from our site for a period.

Parfitt attempted to have his lies, and the photos of himself wearing un-awarded medals and US bravery ribands, concealed by attempting a fraudulent legal manoeuvre to gain the initiative. Why weren't we surprised!

His attempts failed, and have backfired on him. 

For his behaviour, Brad Parfitt gets top billing at ANZMI, and his photo, with all his purchased medals and ribands, will now grace our Home Page, and Latest Cases page for a long time to come.

Feel free to link to the Parfitt case by sharing this link below on your own site. Right click on this link and click "Copy to clipboard" or "Copy link location",  then paste link into your Facebook page or an other website.

Link: Brad_Parfitt_Case




The Australasian Military Fraud

Often called by the derogatory term "wannabe" these are men and women who may or may not have served in the armed forces, but who fraudulently misrepresent themselves as having served; often in a theatre of war by their words and actions, and by wearing of medals and other accoutrements to military service to which they have no entitlement.

 In recent years there has been uncertainty about who is entitled to wear US and Vietnamese decorations. The Australian government has instituted an application and verification method for all those who believe that they are entitled to foreign awards. Those without government notification or approval must be classified as a fraud, a "wannabe."

 The impostor or fraud will push the line saying that they were "given" decorations in the field. This does not legitimise the wearing of the award. Official recognition was and still is supported with documentation and the written citation. It is known that some Vietnamese Commanders "awarded" American and Australian servicemen decorations for being nice, or for a favour, not for gallantry or service rendered.

 Under the Defence Act, 1903 as amended, it is a federal offence to claim to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman, subject to six months' imprisonment and a fine of up to $3300. Further it is an offence to wear a service decoration to which you are not entitled, attracting additional penalties.

 Worse though, is the cost to Australia's taxpayers who are picking up the tabs to the tune of perhaps million of dollars in payments and pensions to 'veterans' who have no legitimate claim to the title.

 Worse still is the insult to genuine veterans of any conflict, who find their courage, honour and valour stolen by imposters both from within and outside their ranks. We will continue to ferret out those who misrepresent their service