Date of Entry: 03/11/2019
Surname: Finch
Christian Names: Alexander Lawrence
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Karana Downs
Service #: None
Case Notes:


Alexander Finch of Karana Downs in Queensland asks to be excused for his constant and intolerable drunken bad behaviour, because he is a damaged war veteran.

Unfortunately we have no photograph of Finch, however we have a Statutory Declaration detailing that he "proves" his war service by flashing a military medallion and claims it is a bravery award he received from Australian Defence Force because "he went into a dangerous situation to exfiltrate a fellow soldier". He said "as a result, his bad behaviour should be excused because of his actions"

On 20 Oct 19 Finch was contacted direct by a researcher and Finch clearly said: "He has never served in the Australian Defence Force". He also said: "That his house had burnt down during the last week".

We checked with his local Fire Brigade and no such fire is recorded. Obviously it was just another lie to garner sympathy.

Finch is among a common genre of wannabes, who use false PTSD as an excuse for bad behaviour. There are thousands of genuine PTSD sufferers doing the hard yards as a result of their Defence, and other public service. People like Finch are a disgrace who make life harder for genuine sufferers

If he tries to pull this "act" again in his region or anywhere else, suggest he be reported to the local Police Station for falsely claiming to be a returned veteran. That offence, together with wearing false medals, each attract a maximum fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

Because of his lies and disgraceful conduct, we are happy to enlist Finch to this web site and hope that someone may be able to produce a photograph of him.

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