Date of Entry: 08/07/2020
Surname: Filby
Christian Names: Mervyn John
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: South West Rocks
Service #: 219340
Service: Army
Branch: Royal Australian Army Service Corps (RAASC)
Case Notes:


Mervyn John Filby served as butcher at Headquarters 5 Company RAASC at Vung Tau in Vietnam from 8 July 1971 until 15 December 1971, which adds up to 160 Days. He wears four medals on his left breast, he is entitled to only three

Filby wears the following medals:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM). Entitled
Vietnam Medal (VM). Entitled
Australian Defence Medal (ADM). Entitled
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. (RVCM). Not Entitled

His 160 days in Vietnam was insufficient to earn him the RVCM. This medal required 181 days on Vietnam soil or in Vietnam waters. He must have purchased it, and had it mounted to falsely visually declare his entitlement.

Filby did not complete the 181 days and he was not WIA, which can be verified by this very accurate website:

There has been an official public inquiry, into the wearing of this medal, and all is very clearly detailed here. See here:

Filby was contacted, and he advised that the medal had not been awarded to him, and he had purchased it himself. He was aware of his offence, and said that someone has "dobbed" him in.

Perhaps, due to our constant vigilance, incidence of this offence, is waning, however, there are still many Vietnam Veterans in society, who will report those who still falsely wear the medal. Be aware, people reported, will be thoroughly investigated and if appropriate, published on this website.

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