Date of Entry: 08/07/2020
Surname: Dobson
Christian Names: Mark A.
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Alexandria
Service #: 134600
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: PTI
Case Notes:


Mark Dobson is a hard working ex RAN Physical Trainer who served on HMAS Darwin during the Gulf War. He was recently awarded a NSW Fire Service medal, which, as a State Award, he correctly wears on his right breast. Unfortunately Dobson has committed the re portable misdemeanor of wearing the unauthorised Liberation of Kuwait Medal, issued by Kuwait.

Dobson wears on his left breast:

Australian Active Service Medal
Australian Service Medal
Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal
Defence Long Service Medal
National Medal
Australian Defence Medal
Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)
Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait) NOT APPROVED

The offending medal is the last one on his row of medals, on his left breast

Despite the "soft" instructions provided by Australian Honours and Awards, the liberation of Kuwait medal issued by Kuwait, is not authorised by the Governor General to be worn on the left breast with Defence and Federal medals. By wearing it, he wears two medals for the same deployment to the Gulf War. His second last medal is the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia), which is approved to be worn by Australian Defence personnel, who served in the Gulf War.

Unfortunately some RAN Associations actively promote the wearing of the non approved Kuwait medal, and it has become a prevalent offence. The Governor General is the boss. He has promulgated a list of foreign medals that may be worn on the left breast the Kuwait Liberation Medal is not listed. See here:

This list contains no medals from the country of Kuwait that may be worn by Australians.

Oil-rich Kuwait is a tiny country nestling at the top of the Gulf. Flanked by powerful neighbours Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran, its strategic location and massive oil reserves make it one of the world's richest countries per capita.

One of the main proselytisers of this problem is the HMAS Sydney Association in Western Australia. Recently their President Mr Adrian "Radar" Burns has been listed on this website for wearing the Kuwait medal.

Medals protocol is simple. Federal medals and foreign medals approved by the Governor General are worn on the left breast. State medals, relatives medals, and "odd bod" medals are worn on the right breast.

Dobson is welcomed aboard. It is unfortunate that good people like Dobson, are less than observant about medals protocol. We don't award points for good behaviour, we simply report the offence, and our readers can judge the person, based on the factual evidence that is produced.

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