Date of Entry: 25/04/2020
Surname: Edwards
Christian Names: Rodney
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Merrylands
Service: Army Reserve
Case Notes:


Let's get it straight! Don't mix Federal and State medals on your left breast. It is simply not protocol, and contrary to instructions from the Governor General of Australia. Here is an example of an offender.

Rodney Edwards of Merrylands NSW wears the following medals

Defence Long Service Medal.
National Medal.
Australian Defence Medal.
New South Wales Corrective Service Medal for Fifteen years service.
New South Wales Corrective Service Medal for Twenty years service.

The last two medals are State Awards and for the last 100 years protocol has dictated that these awards are not to be worn on the left breast adjoined to Federal medals.

Here are the offending State awards:

Edwards has served in the Army Reserve and NSW Corrective Service.

Currently confusion reigns, because the NSW State Government's Corrective Services have published a Dress Manual that clearly allows State and Federal medals to be worn together on the left breast, whereas the office of the Australian Governor General clearly dictates that State and Federal medals must not be mixed on the left breast and that definitive instructions will soon be available.

We have always followed the advice from the Governor General and will continue to do so. This advice, is that, only Federal medals approved by the Governor General can be worn on the left breast. Advice from the Federal Department of Honours and Awards is "wishy washy" and when the GGs instructions are available, their instructions need to be synchronised with State bodies.

In the meantime it is suggested that The Federal Government's Department of Honours and awards liaise with the office of the GG and follow his instructions and not instructions from various State Commissioners.

Ignorance of protocol is no excuse, and those who have been awarded Federal medals are required to be aware of how they must be worn. We look forward to Rodney Edward's next published photograph showing his State Medals on his rights breast.


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