Date of Entry: 08/07/2019
Surname: Whitney
Christian Names: Trevor Mark
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Condobolin
Service #: 2251736
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: Royal Australian Artillery
Commencement of service: 7 April 1981
Completion of service: 14 October 1981
Case Notes:


Trevor Whitney served as a part time Army Reservist for six months. Because it was part time service his actual time wearing a uniform would be measured in a few weekends rather than months.

Here is an extract from Whitney's Certificate of Service.

To indulge his own ego he purchased and wore two medals that he had not earned. Here is what he said about the medals:

"when the medal entitlement came out i did apply for them, but was told that my service fell short of the time allocated. i was disjointed and fort (sic) hard for them, no success, they did how ever tell me i could wear the two replicas on conditions,

1- that i always informed the correct people what they were and that i remove them at any time if some one would be up set by me wearing them.

i always inform the marshals on Anzac days and even if they asked me to remove them i would. i have always followed, the conditions, i will never disrespect the wearing of medals due to my grandfathers and farther (sic"

The medals are:

The Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Six months part time service is insufficient time to qualify for this medal

The Anniversary of National Service Medal

As Whitney was born in 23 April 1961 he would have been eleven years old in 1972 when the medal ceased to be issued.

Part of his commemorative regalia includes a National Servicemen's Association Blazer complete with pocket motif.

Whitney could not possibly fill the criterion for membership to the National Servicemen's Association.

It should be noted that when these issues were brought to his attention, Whitney was very honest and cooperative.

Although the medals do not represent operational service, Whitney has worn two medals he did not earn, it is dishonest ego boosting behaviour for him to wear them. Being mentioned in despatches on this web site is ego deflating and will offset the kudos he got from wearing false medals.

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