Date of Entry: 26/05/2016
Surname: Williams
Christian Names: Trevor
Country: Australia
State or Province: ACT
City or Town: Canberra
Service: New Zealand Defence Force
Case Notes:


Trevor WILLIAMS works in NSW Prisons system, which provides him with a uniform to wear eight medals on his left breast. On his right breast he wears a further seven medals of which six would have been awarded to a direct New Zealand relative of Williams. The seventh medal on his right breast has not be identified.

Only three of the fifteen medals he wears are to be worn on the left breast. The remaining twelve belong either on his right breast, or in the garbage bin. Here are details of the eight medals on his left breast.

Here is what they are:

1. The New Zealand Special Service Medal (Erebus) New Zealand - Entitled

2. The New Zealand Defence Service Medal with clasp REGULAR New Zealand - Entitled.

3. The National Medal Australia Official Civilian Honour - Entitled

4. NSW Corrective Services Medal Australia State Award 15yrs service in the NSW Prison
Service. State award to be worn on the right breast.

5. 150th Anniversary of NZ Army Medal. - Unofficial commemorative "Tin" medal must
not be worn on left breast.

6. The International Prison Service Medal. - Unofficial commemorative "Tin"
medal not to be worn on left breast.

7. US Antarctic Service Medal. Williams had no USA Defence service in Antarctica and
has no entitlement to wear

8. The UK Commemorative two year "in uniform" - British service "Tin" Medal not to be
worn on left breast

By wearing fifteen medals Williams would appear to the general public, as a military veteran with lots of hard service, when in fact his three medals reflect only peacetime service in New Zealand and Australia.

One of the three medals, the Erebus medal, is for the tragic Mount Erebus, Air New Zealand disaster in Antarctica , for his service at the Mortuary, Auckland University School of Medicine, Auckland NZ. He was not deployed to Antarctica with the clean up team, and was presented with the medal for his service in NZ for that event.

The medals on his right breast are those of a relative, and may only be worn on commemorative occasions.

Because of the five "Tin" medals that he wears on his left breast, Williams has now been awarded the honour of appearing on this website.


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