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Surname: Ritchie
Christian Names: Peter John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service #: 8085774
Service: RAN
Branch: Naval Police
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




Wannabes are not always retired ex-servicemen and women or nufti’s with no service at all. As our pages have shown, a small number of current serving members of the ADF think they can get away with embellishing their service or adding the odd medal or two to their rack to make themselves appear what they are not. Recent cases of this behaviour can be found by following the links provided:


With the above list containing both Officers and Other Ranks, it should come as no surprise that now we have a Warrant Officer fabricating his service. This is perhaps more disappointing because this Senior Sailor has during his career been responsible for training junior ranks in leadership, as well as a being a member of Sea Training Group where Warrant Officer Ritchie was the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on everything, including Navy values!

Peter Ritchie was photographed wearing:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) (No Entitlement)
Australian Service medal (ASM) (No Entitlement)
Defence Long Service Medal (DLSM) (Entitled)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) (Entitled)
Unknown – Possibly UN Medal (No Entitlement)
Liberation of Kuwait Medal (No Entitlement)

Warrant Officer Ritchie has no entitlement to the AASM, ASM, Liberation of Kuwait Medal or the other one. These medals imply he has deployed to Middle East Area of Operations during the first Iraq war and also that he has also deployed on peacekeeping operations. None of it is true. Warrant Officer Ritchie did not deploy and has no entitlement to wear those medals.

If the fact that a Warrant Officer, the most senior non-commissioned rank in the Navy would embellish his medal entitlement is bad enough but Peter Ritchie is also a Military Policeman, and senior Australian Defence Force Investigative Service (ADFIS) investigator.

What chance do we have when the fox is put in charge of the chicken coop?

We at ANZMI are advised that Ritchie was reported to his superiors and at this time, all investigations and administrative action is complete. The final outcome was a CO's warning, and hopefully the loss of his credibility amongst fellow Service Police.

Whilst this matter has been dealt with internally by the Navy, let us not forget that Ritchie committed offences under the Commonwealth Defence Act (1903), not just internal Navy regulations. He improperly wore medals and decorations contrary to S80A of that Act and could have been subject to a maximum 6 months imprisonment. Sometimes a CO’s warning looks pretty good!

Precedents have been set with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) with Lieutenant Commander Brian Ferrie and Leading Seaman Fane Cokanauto, that if you wish to wear military medals/ribands that you are not entitled to wear, it doesn't really matter, because nothing is going to happen in a disciplinary sense to affect your military career.

Surname: Roberts
Christian Names: Ronald Alfred
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Woody Point
Service: Army
Case Notes:

This charlatan was traced and confronted by members of the AATTV (Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam) Queensland Division at a house in Ellen Street, Woody Point, a suburb north of the City of Brisbane. He stated that he borrowed the medals as a joke that turned sour. A "stupid joke" that had got out of hand.

His military experience was in 1959 when compulsory National Service required him to complete three (3) months basic training at 11 National Service Battalion situated at Wacol on the western outskirts of Brisbane.


He conned everyone he associated with claiming that he was employed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and working from the Australian Army's base at Enoggera, Brisbane.

His decorations, awards and medals claims include:

  • Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • Mentioned In Despatches three times
  • United States Silver Star
  • Vietnam Cross of Gallantry With Palm
  • Plus other military accoutrements and unit emblems.
  • The civilian awards he claims are:
  • The Order of Australia, and  
  • The Star of Courage.
Second appearance.

Ronald Alfred Ashley Charles Clarence Henry Roberts,  what a magnificent collection of names for a man with a magnificent collection of war medals.  He may have been granted all the names but he certainly wasn't granted all his medals.

Here is a man who just doesn't learn.  No only does he have a chest full of medals he hasn't earned, he has been busted by us twice now.   He is the perfect example of why we need government to implement and enforce the proposed new fines and jail sentences proposed on our opening page.

Ron Roberts is a compulsive liar and charlatan. 

Ron is truly a brave man, not through service but through the fact that he has claimed service twice and is still walking the streets a free man.   This brave fellow, a man who is capable of punching young girls, who in his own words claims covert service with, yes you guessed it, the SAS, has got a wealth of war stories that he will fire at you in any RSL of your choosing.

The following is a transcript of Ron, taped by a Veteran who was very suspicious of his stories.

"Is wearing several decorations including the Order of Australia, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Cross, Military Medal, several Vietnam Govt decorations, American decorations, The National Service Anniversary Medal,  South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and bar, plus several others not known to the writer.

He claims the VC winner, Arthur Sullivan, was his grandfather and that his father won the Military Cross.

He himself went into the army as a National Service conscript in 2nd intake 1956 where his number was 1/729700.  His number later became 9269423.

He transferred to the Regular Army (date not known) and was originally with 21 Construction Squadron and then later transferred to 6 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment [6 RAR].

With 6 Bn he did two stints in Malaya and whilst there was trained by the British in covert operations.
He was sent into Vietnam as one of the first 16 Australians to go there. They were all sergeants and above and were there well before the Australian Army Training Teams were there. What followed was three and a half years living in the jungle on “behind the lines operations”.

As an NCO he won the Military Medal.

He returned to Australia and joined the elite SAS where he gained commissioned rank. He then did another stint in Vietnam, when he won the Military Cross and the Distinguished Conduct Medal. 

He claims that his army number by now was 9269423 When asked to explain the “nine” in front he explains that it was a number given to a very select and secret group by ADIO and DSS.

As well as serving in Malaya twice and Vietnam three times he has also served in Borneo, Sarawak, New Guinea, Rhodesia, Lebanon, the American Expeditionary Forces in Granada and Panama, and was part of an Australian SAS group guarding a CIA listening post on top of the Andes Mountains in Chile as part of the Falklands War. (Their job was to let the British know when Exercet Missile carrying aircraft were leaving Argentine air bases.)

He has two children in the Army, one who is a girl signaller serving in Afghanistan and another is his son, Aaron, who is a Brigadier.

The five generations of the family are or have been military people – the Sullivans, Murphy's and Roberts.
When asked if his name is really “Ron” he replied : “No, Fred”.

During conversations the following was said:
“What really sat hard with me was those boys that had done their time in National Service – and they were only boys - who had done their time in hell, and came back to Australia expecting to be returned servicemen, and the RSL said they were not. Wouldn’t let them join the RSL.   Eventually they realised – and I really respect Bruce Ruxton, who was one of the main one’s who really got stuck into that attitude – that if they didn’t let them in then they weren’t going to have any bloody members.”

My boy Aaron, he’s 41 and he’s a Brigadier.
When asked if anyone had ever done a story on his exploits, he replied “No.  I can’t. I’m a signatory of the Official Secrets Act. I can only tell you basic and –oh – simple information. I only recently got into awful trouble. Joy’s brother is David Sproule who’s the head photographer of the Australian Newspaper in Brisbane, and he rang me in Gippsland on a cell phone because he’d heard that there was more than one Australian mixed up in the Al-Qaida.

The ASDIO is based in Gippsland, of course, and I’d just been to visit some old mates of mine there, and found out a lot of information and didn’t know that it was classified, and didn’t know that at that time the hierarchy didn’t want it known how many Australians were involved and what have you. And like a fool, on the cell phone I said to him – or he said to me -  that he’d heard that there was a second one and that he was from Queensland, and I said ”Yeah, his name’s Dewey, he comes from Mooloolaba.”
The next day I was in big shit. I can tell you – I was really in bad trouble.

But I can talk about the family – the history of the family – no problem. But actual – a lot of combat operations – and things like that in my term in the ADIO and the DSS – the DSS not so much. That was the Diplomatic Security Service. It’s now called Federal Protective Service. It started off as the Embassy Guards and went to the DSS.

Question: But after 30 years, doesn’t the freedom of information come in ?

Ron Roberts: “No. Mine’s lifetime. If you talk to Joy, she gets very upset about it because she reckons that all they want is for us blokes, all of us who were involved in these things, they just want us to die. And– so that we take to the grave all the stuff that we’ve got. An awful lot of them have. Those that haven’t killed themselves have died from other causes. We lost very few in battle. The only guy we lost in Brunei was killed by an elephant – by a rampaging elephant.
So that’s the problem. A lot of that stuff I won’t talk about. The ordinary army stuff – yeah – but there’s plenty of that sort of information on the market.
A lot of the stuff that we did in Central America and South America – there’s a lot of that that can’t be spoken about, only in general sort of terms. General terms I don’t mind

Tape ran out

Well there you have it.  The tales of a true Australian war hero...........now for the facts as we know them.

Ron, I've got as many names as bravery medals, Roberts was indeed a National Serviceman in the 1950's.  He spent a grand total of three months service in this role.  During this time he would have been issued a uniform and boots.......adequate time to learn how to do up the buttons and tie the bootlaces.........a true Veteran and hero.  He may have even seen a photo of a rifle.

In addition to the current list of medals he wears below, Ron was originally exposed wearing the items at medal list 2.  It would seem that when run out of town [Woody Point, Redcliffe, Queensland] by the AATTV Ron lost his memory and couldn't remember what medals he thought he was entitled to.  Ron's vast knowledge of medals is not good as you can see from his photo on the opening page.  Here he wears bravery medals but nothing to represent the campaign he won them in.  No wonder this bloke came undone [again].

Ron's complete collection of medals he wears today are:

Order of Australia,
Distinguished Conduct Medal,
Military Cross,
Military Medal,
several Vietnam Govt decorations,
American decorations,
The National Service Anniversary Medal, and
South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and bar

Medal List 2

  • Distinguished Conduct Medal

  • Mentioned In Despatches three times

  • United States Silver Star

  • Vietnam Cross of Gallantry With Palm

  • Plus other military accoutrements and unit emblems.

  • The civilian awards he claims are:

  • The Order of Australia, and  

  • The Star of Courage.

Ron may have children but after they read this story he may not have them claiming him as their father any more, and they certainly aren't in the Army.  There is no record of there ever having been a Brigadier Aaron Roberts, past or present.  As for a daughter serving in Afghanistan, again false.  No servicewomen from Australia have been posted there.  Further to this no Australian service persons served in the Falklands war and he certainly didn't get posted to all other areas he mentions during his hectic three month career.

His knowledge of a soldier on active duty being killed by an elephant is correct, however the location he provided is way off the mark.  Ron should have memorised the book he read a little better.

His vast array of bravery awards and medals mentioned above,.........we will reduce them to one.  The National Service medal, he can retain that for learning to do up his buttons and tie his bootlaces during the hectic three months basic training he did.  He can also retain the right to be a member of the services side of the Returned and Services League and the National Servicemen's Association........that's if any will accept him for what he has claimed in the past.  Hang on here....RON IS THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE COFFS HARBOUR NATIONAL SERVICE ASSOCIATION!!!!   Now the story takes a little twist as the past president of this association also seems to have been telling a few porkies of his own and he quite rightly deserves a special place on these pages too.  Stay tuned to these pages and you will see his amazing story in the near future.........meanwhile back to Ron;   The medals Ron has claimed for his fictitious service are some of the highest awards for bravery that a serviceperson can be awarded.  To even consider his name in conjunction with those that have been awarded these medals should be considered a crime in itself.

Currently resting in the Australian Parliament is an amendment to the legislation on Servicepersons and their medals.  Please refer to the opening page of this site and read it.  If you agree that these penalties should be imposed then we ask you, as Veterans or Civilian readers of these pages,  to email all federal politicians and voice your outrage of people such as Ron and all the other we have exposed and will expose in the coming months.  We need these new fines in place to ensure that legal action is taken against these bogus veterans and until such time as the fines are of sufficient penalty nothing will be done.  Email addresses for all your political representatives can be found here. http://www.aph.gov.au/house/members/EMail.asp email them after you have finished reading these pages and ask them to support the implementation of this legislation during the current sitting of Parliament so that we might be able to rid our ranks of the likes of Ron and his ilk.

To add further embarrassment to our Veteran ranks this make believe hero punched out two young girls for sniffing flowers in his front yard.  He was charged with assault and then claimed Viet Nam Veteran status for leniency in court.  It worked, as the legal system took his word for his service and didn't check to see if this liar was lying.  He was awarded a paltry 200 hours community service for this assault on two young 15 year old teenagers. See Roberts newsclip.

See video footage of Roberts courtesy of Channel 7, Today Tonight Programme.


Video Streaming On This Page Requires Real One Player
Download Here If Required

or  Download and Watch a Windows Media Video(WMV) Copy Here(1.1M)

There is provision within the Military for the appropriate government and legal authorities to verify the bonefides of those claiming Veteran status.  Why was this avenue not pursued???  Now that Ron Has been convicted and fined under a false claim will he be charged with perjury???   Will Ron ever be charged  under the Federal Offence of impersonating a serviceperson and wearing medals for which he has no entitlement???  He has done this not once now but twice that we have caught him out on.   Where else has he told these lies and what reward has he gained from telling them???     With your assistance in writing to a politician about the penalties, CPMH will insist that these charges are laid and we will request the maximum fine and sentence for wearing these bravery awards.............As for the young girls, well on a television interview they said they might sue.  Go for it girls.  This bogus veteran needs people with your intestinal fortitude getting right down his throat.  If any of you readers of this site  have ever encountered him in your local RSL and have stories and or photos of him with his medals on that you would like to share with us please use this link information@anzmi.net to send them to us.  

Ron currently resides at Tweed Heads.  He moved there after the Australian Army Training Team [AATTV] located him at his address at Woody Point, Redcliffe.  After this he will no doubt be on the move south again if we dont get the new fines in place and have him charged soon.    Keep going right down Ron until your hat floats.  You have a special place in the sights of genuine Veterans.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Robinson
Christian Names: Robert Arthur
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Robert Arthur Robinson – Navy Tin Man

Robinson has been awarded four medals for service in the Royal Australian Navy but has chosen to sweeten his pie by adding another two medals to his rack



Robinson is wearing the following legitimate medals, from left to right.

Active Service Medal with clasp FESR

Defence Force Service Medal 1st clasp

National Medal

Australian Defence Medal

He is also wearing two unauthorized “Tin” Commemorative Medals that are no more than sparkly trinkets.  

FESR Commemorative Medal

Simpson Medal

Both these commemorative medals are abominations and should be cast asunder with ignominy.

Robinson may have added these medals to boost his image in society. Maybe kids in the street will stare in awe at his six medals but Veterans everywhere, laugh and shake their heads.

Welcome to the web site Robert Robinson, you can choose to throw away the two trinkets or keep them on, but be assured you will never be removed from this page that has been broadcast to the world.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Robinson
Christian Names: Richard John
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Boulder
Service #: 5717150
Service: Army
Branch: RAE
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:


Richard John Robinson hales from Boulder in the Gold Fields of Western Australia.

RobinsonRich 1 2017 01 26


RobinsonRich 2 2017 01 26


Robinson was a National Serviceman who claims he served in Vietnam, hence the array of six medals.

The photograph is a bit "blurry" but we believe he is wearing:

Australian Active Service Medal - Not entitled, was never on active service.
Vietnam Medal - Not entitled never served in Vietnam
National Medal - Entitled for work with Fire Brigade
Australian Defence Medal - Entitled
Commemoration of National Service Medal - Entitled
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal - Not entitled never served in Vietnam.

For many years Robinson has been spinning his Vietnam yarns around the Gold Fields. From the quality of what he says most veterans realize that he is a liar, cheat and wannabe, however generally, citizens of the area believe he is a returned Serviceman, which he is not.

To prove his "story" he claims in the local paper that he met a now deceased Gold Fields man in Saigon whilst serving in Vietnam. There is no evidence in any official government nominal rolls to show that either Robinson or the person he has named ever served in Vietnam.

The newspaper article is of poor quality, but here is what was said:

"Long time friend Rich Robinson will be attending todays shoot to honour his mate who he first met in Saigon whilst on National Service. He was on leave and someone said there is a guy from Kalgoorlie over there."Robinson said he came over and introduced himself and we spoke for a while. One day I walked into the Boulder ex Servicemens Club and there he was. We have been mates ever since.""

We sent Robinson a letter requesting information about his service. We have not received a reply.

"Mr Richard John Robinson 9 May 2016
xxxxxxxxxx Street
Boulder WA 6432Dear Mr RobinsonOur organisation works on behalf of Australian and New Zealand Defence Force Veterans.We have been advised that you are a well known Vietnam Veteran, however we have been unable to find any evidence of your service.We have no leanings one way or the other and therefore thought it best to ask you direct to advise about your service. This matter will be easily resolved on receipt of details from you.Please respond to the above email address before the 17th May 2016.Should you not answer we will proceed without your input.Sincerely
Bill Hobson

Robinson claims service with Army Small Ships, these ships worked in Vietnam waters and also carried supplies from Australia to Vietnam. See detailed information here:


We made and enquiry to 32 Small Ship Squadron Association and below is the reply we received.

"Hi Bill,
Thank you for your enquiry. We have no record of Richard John Robinson as having served in 32 Small Ship Squadron or Vietnam.
I hope you nail him if he is an impostor (he is the second person you have identified who has claimed to have served in 32 and Vietnam).
All the best,

We will advise the Boulder police that Robinson is illegally wearing Defence medals which is an offence against the Defence Act 1903 and has a maximum penalty of a fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both. Throughout Australia, State Police have successfully prosecuted many wannabes under this legislation

We ask Gold Fields Veterans to keep a watch for Robinson on commemorative occasions and if seen, tell him to remove the Vietnam medals and depart the event.

We however, are pleased to welcome Robinson to our website as another liar, cheat and wannabe. The ex Service community is very large and wide spread, if you are faking your military service it is most likely that you will be noticed and end up with Robinson and the hundreds of other guests reposing on our website.

Surname: Robinson
Christian Names: Alick Frank
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Coolum
Case Notes:

Alick Frank Robinson of Coolum Queensland was almost a Cook or a Steward in the Australian Army, however, he was discharged after only five months service.  He must have had a yearning to be a Special Air Service (SAS) soldier as he likes to “Dress up” and tell people that he served in the elite Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) for six years.



The photo depicts Robinson boldly wearing the much coveted SASR Beret with SASR Badge and camouflage clothing. On his right breast he exhibits an Infantry Combat Badge, and Efficiency Badge and indistinguishable collar tags.  An ex SASR or Infantry soldier would never wear an Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) on the wrong side. Robinson has it on his right breast, whereas it is always worn on the left breast above medals or ribbons.  

In a recent exchange on a “Facebook” website, Robinson said the following”

20 June 2008 at 9:20pm – From Alick Robinson

“hi xxxxx long time no see been a long time since i live (sic) at little spence street, use (sic) to go to your place and play cricket.  Havent heard from Gary XXXX since he was in the navy when i was in army.  me now am retired and living at the beach as they say a beach bum.  but done my hard work now relaxing hope to catch up with everyone (sic) at the reunion if I not back in usa chat to you again alick”

24 June 2008 at 9:39pm – From Alick Robinson

“Hi xxxxx, join the army in 1982 as a grunt (inf). Was a grunt for 3 years then went into SAS for 6 years.  When I did my 9 years I left still have larmy reunion every year with my fellow grunts and SAS guys. Alick”

25 June 2008 at 3:25pm – From Alick Robinson

“Small World did my basic ar (sic) 1RTB then to grunt training was station (sic) at Townsville 1RAR at lav barrack after 18 mth applied for SAS fail first attempt (sic) but got in on my second go went oversea (sic. Do miss it a bit but now just taking it easy and enjoying life. Alick”

Robinson claims nine years service, three years as an Infantry Soldier, and six years with the elite SASR, including "overseas service" with the SASR.

The real Military History of Alick Frank Robinson is somewhat different and much briefer than what he claims it can be written in three brief sentences:

181562 Private Alick Frank ROBINSON, born 27 Feb 61.

Enlisted Australian Regular Army, 16 Aug 82 and discharged 25 Jan 83.

He was Australian Army Catering Corps (AACC), and is unlikely that he actually got to a unit after Recruit Training and AACC training.

In summary he was in the Army for five months, during that time he completed Recruit Training, and was then trained as a Cook or a Steward in the Army Catering Corps, and most likely, before even being posted to an operational unit was discharged.

Nothing exciting – No SASR.  Just a basic Cook or Steward who was discharged before even commencing work.

Ex Service Organisations in the Coolum, Queensland area should keep an eye out for Alick Robinson and brief their members to brook no nonsense from this wannabe ex Cook/Steward drop out, who thought he served as an Infantry soldier for three years and for six years with the elite Special Air Service Regiment.

His wearing of the coveted SASR Beret and Infantry Combat Badge and his claims to be a war veteran who served “overseas” is an affront to all who have served.

It is with pleasure that we expose to the world, Alick Frank Robinson, born on 27th February 1961 in Cairns, Queensland and now residing in Coolum, Queensland.

By the smile on his face in the photo, Robinson has enjoyed his charade, now he can enjoy his exposure as a fraud and a military wannabe.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Robinson
Christian Names: Lisa
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Forest Lake
Case Notes:


Ms Lisa Forest knowingly ignores medals protocol and tradition by wearing a State medal with her two Federal Medals.




Ms Robinson is wearing:

Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal (HOSM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Unofficial New South Wales Emergency Services Medal (ESM) - Not to be worn

Federal medals are hard earned and those who earn them are justly proud as they are issued under the authority of the Governor General of Australia.

Ms Lisa Robinson wears an unofficial State Emergency Medal (SEM) with her Federal medals contrary to protocols and tradition.

Here is the offending medal.

Robinson3 2018 11 14 2

We are reliably advised that Lisa Robinson served as a Reservist in both the Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Australian Navy.

She is an active member of the Forest Lake Returned and Services League (RSL) and wears the offending medal at the RSL on commemorative occasions.

If RSLs are not working to maintain the integrity of our medals system what hope do we have?

Lisa Robinson knows well that she is wearing a non approved medal as she wrote on Social media.

Robinson4 2018 11 14 2

Ms Robinson chose to knowingly wear an unauthorised medal contrary to protocol and tradition and therefore has been allotted space on this website.

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