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Surname: Hardy
Christian Names: Alistair Ross
Country: Australia
State or Province: Tasmania
City or Town: Hobart
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Alistair Ross Hardy is an Ex Service Organisation (ESO) State President, who tells tales of dangerous and secret sorties “Up River” in Borneo/Malayia with a British Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Corporal during his Royal Australian Navy Service, and to prove it, he wears an Army Combat Badge (ACB).

Hardy is the Tasmanian President of the National Malayia Borneo Veterans Association Australia (NMBVAA).



If asked, Hardy will tell you that his Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR) duties aboard HMAS Gull from 9 June 1964 to 30 August 1964 involved far more than would normally be expected from a Junior Communications Seaman.  Below are excerpts direct from his hand telling of his “Up River” operations with British SASR and how he never wears the ACB that is clearly shown in the above photo. The photo is currently shown on this web site



Here is an email to ANZMI from Hardy.

Sue and Ross Hardy alister.hardy@bigpond.com

Hi Bill,

 I attach a copy of a letter from John Howard in regard to our duties in Borneo/Malaya. Some of these actions are still restricted for release, however I was required to act on short river Patrols with British SAS.

I am totally reluctant  to discuss “ my War Service” with you or anyone else, my  “War” service whilst attached to British command is unavailable  from Canberra even to me unless I am personally in attendance. However, my “War “service is unquestionable. This is my final discussion on this matter, as I smell a rat from within. However there is no need for anymore explanation as I do not  ever under any circumstances  whether entitled or not,  to wear the “Bldi badge” , as it is of little or no importance  to me personally. I fought a “War” and that is where I am trying to leave all these memories. I suggest you read the aforementioned book which only includes some of the actions (Still Restricted), and take note of the amount of unregistered ammunition stored for that campaign. Remember I did as was “ordered” and during these small but dangerous river patrols I worked with a British SAS Corporal and I know not his name as “This was a WAR , not a Bldi Pleasure cruise”Ross HardyState President NMBVAA Tas Inc.


Hardy’s mysterious river patrols are reminiscent of those told by Noel Patrick “Molly” Muller also listed on our web site. After reading about Hardy have a look at the Muller case here:


Note in his email he says “I do not under any circumstances whether entitled or not to wear the Bldi badge”  The photograph on the NMBVAA clearly shows that Hardy (in his own vernacular) “is a Bldi liar”, as he is boldly wearing the badge as President of the NMBVAA.

Can anyone imagine the Captain of HMAS Gull selecting a Junior Seaman communicator for a “small but dangerous river patrol with a British SAS Corporal”  An Officer who served on HMAS Gull at the same time as Hardy commented as follows:

My second observation is that I cannot think why my Commanding Officer would detach a signalman to undertake this duty, not only for the security concerns that you raised, but also because we could ill-spare him from his communications duties, and that there were a number of far more experienced boat-handlers amongst the seamen onboard, and they were better trained in the use of small arms too

It is well know that the ACB was wrongly presented to Hardy by a now deceased member of the NMBVAA in a ridiculous gesture of largess to reward Hardy for his fictitious involvement in clandestine operations during his FESR service. The presenter was also well known for his capacity to disrespect the Honours and Awards system

As President of the NMBVAA Hardy is not above dabbling in black mail, below is an example of how low Hardy will stoop:



Blackmail is hardly an act, becoming, a State President of an Ex Service Organisation, but then if you are also a liar about your Navy service and wear an Army Combat Badge that you didn’t earn then a propensity for blackmail is not surprising.

Hardy is a calculated liar and fraud who uses the old “chestnut” of his missions still being secret and “details not available”. What a load of codswallop ANZMI know it, all those who served with Hardy know it, and sailors everywhere know it. Hardy is not a fit and proper person to be the President of a State Ex Service Organisation.

There has been some confusion regarding the wearing of the ACB and until now we have not investigated irregularities. Defence Instruction (Army) 5/2009 direct as follows:

“The Army Combat Badge (ACB) is issued to any member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for service with an Army combat element in warlike operations. This badge does not replace the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB)”

We chose to expose Hardy because he is an ESO President, who falsely claims heroic and secret service whilst serving on HMAS Gull. He then wore the ACB on the basis of that false service and now argues that it was not his fault that he was wearing it because someone else gave it to him.

ESO leaders must exhibit a high standard of leadership; unfortunately we constantly uncover irregularities across a wide range of ESOs. We are currently developing a multiple exposure of ESO executives who are medal cheats and wannabes.

Hardy created and developed a false Navy history and thinks that it is believed. Veterans everywhere, his family and the world will now know the truth about Alistair Ross Hardy of HMAS Gull. He will now feature on our web site for ever more. If ever a person “Googles” his name the first thing that appears is this entry.

Tell lies about your Defence Service at your own peril.


16th Sep 2012

Update- Alistair Ross Hardy

Alistair has scuttled from the main deck and gone below.  We don’t know whether he has fallen on his sword or is perpetrating mutiny from the bilge.

Hardy has had all reference to himself removed from the NMBVAA and the NMBVAATASINC web sites.  Many NMBVAATASINC members are overjoyed because the Vice President of the Tasmania Branch of the NMBVAA through a newsletter has formerly announced Hardy’s resignation as President.

The only place you can now see Hardy wearing the Army Combat Badge is on this web site, or in a photograph, in the Launceston Examiner dated 29 Jul 2010. Perhaps as years went by Hardy started to believe his own lies about clandestine duty with Special Air Service in Borneo, and perhaps, he believed he had the right to wear the Army Combat Badge, hence he had no fear of acting the hero in the local newspaper and wearing an Army Combat Badge.

ANZMI does not work alone; we have thousands of agents all over Australia supporting Veterans honour.  Ex Service Organizations (ESOs) everywhere are “watering down” their membership criteria and because wannabes need to be admired in their community they push themselves forward for executive positions.

Crooked ESO executives are becoming prevalent, we urge all genuine veterans to “take care of business” and take steps to ensure their organization is not polluted.

We are always available to assist in this task.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Harkins
Christian Names: Michael Walter
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Abbortsford, Sydney
Service #: None
Commencement of service: NoneInsert Harkins 1
Case Notes:



Michael Walter Harkins has devoted his life to Public Service in the UK and in Australia. He has been rewarded for his service with two medals they are -;

1. For his good work in the United Kingdom Public Service, he was awarded to be a Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO).

2. For his good work in Australia, he has been awarded the Australian Public Service Medal.

Notice he wears a neck device and a third medal on the left of his rack, these two items are not official awards and represent a schismatic Order of St John of Jerusalem.

You almost need a PhD to figure out this mess but simply put, there is an Anglican Order of St John who is headed by the Her Majesty the Queen of England. This group is recognized by the Governor General of Australia and their medals can be worn together with Australian Federal medals and approved foreign medals on the left breast.

There are then numerous other groups named "The Order of St John". A main one is a Roman Catholic group, who is headed by Giacomo dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto from Malta. They together with other schisms, are operating and endowing the Hoi Poloi with trinkets.

Harkins neckpiece and medal are an example of these trinkets from an unrecognized schism.

The neckpiece worn by Harkins is not approved by the Governor General of Australia. The medal is not approved for wear on the left breast. Both can be worn on private occasions within the confines of the particular schism.

Harkins wears his finery on public commemorative occasions, as can be seen in the above photograph, at a military commemoration on 26 Jan 2018.

Below, he wears the unofficial medal.

Harkins26 Copy

Michael Harkins was recently employed as Protocols Officer in the office of the Premier of New South Wales. One would think that such a person would be "au fait" with official government policy regarding the wearing of medals.

Even though the two genuine medals Harkins wears are not of a military nature they are prestigious, and would have been earned by devotion and hard work. It is a pity that Harkins chose to sully his reputation by wearing trinkets.

Welcome to our web site Michael Walter Harkins

Surname: Harlow
Christian Names: Robert "Tassie" Trevor
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Bega
Service #: 6410223
Service: Army
Branch: RAA
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: UnKnown
Case Notes:




Robert "Tassie" Harlow has four awarded medals, but has chosen to add two "Tin" Commemorative Medals to his rack to portray the image of a Veteran with six medals.

Harlow's service included Vietnam with 4 Field Regiment from May 67 to May 68.  For his Defence service he was awarded:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

VietnamMedal (VM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

VietnamCampaign Medal (VCM)

Harlowhas "tacked" two "Tin" medals to his awarded rack, these are:

Commemorative Regular Force Service Medal

Citizens Military Forces Service Medal.

Now instead of being a stalwart, well respected Vietnam Veteran he becomes a medals cheat who has tacked two worthless medals to his rack.

The general public have no knowledge about medals and believe that "Tin" medals are genuine  medals, awarded for military service. We assume Harlow has tacked on the extra medals for his own vanity.

If you wear  "Tin" with your awarded medals you will eventually be noticed and become part of  our ever increasing list of frauds, liars and wannabes.

We welcome Robert "Tassie" Harlow of Bega, NSW to our web site



Surname: Harrison (Previously
Christian Names: Gerald Francis
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Adelaide
Service #: 4400165 and 41693
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 18 Jan 52
Completion of service: 17 Jan 55
Case Notes:




Gerald Francis Harrison OAMhas lied about his military service for at least 40 years. Even after our extensive investigation there are still questions unanswered. He has admitted to an ANZMI investigator that he has comprehensively lied about the details of his service in Korea. Harrison claims to have served under the name 4400165 Edward Ernest Carr. Carr's birthdate is the same as Harrisons. We have also traced a 1957 marriage announcement advising of Carr's marriage to a lady named xxxxxx. It is known that Harrison's ex wife had the same name. We have also traced an Edward Ernest Carr to the Rostrevor Secondary School in Adelaide, which is the school Harrison claims to have attended. There was another person attending Rostrevor School in the 1950s named Gerald Harrison, he was a champion sportsman, however he was not "our" Harrison.

Here is Harrison's version of his service that is now filed as official war History in "The State Library of South Australia". It is 26 pages of fanciful lies, designed to turn the service of a very mundane uninteresting private soldier into the service of a cavalier warrior who has become a false doyen of the Adelaide Veteran Community:

The document can be read in full at this reference:


Much of what Harrison has said is fiction. He falsely claims to have arrived in Korea in 1951 and served on "the front line" until 1953. He tells of being involved in the historic 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) Battle of Maryang San in October 1951 and of being wounded in action on more that one occasion.

Harrison claims his original name was Edward Ernest John Carr. There is a document on Carr's file showing that he changed his name by dropping "John" as his third Christian name.

Sometime after being discharged from the Army, he claims to have changed his name to Gerald Francis Harrison from Edward Ernest Carr.

If he served in Korea under the name of Edward Ernest Carr, he did not arrive in Korea until 4 October 1952 and departed on 6 October 1953, his service was very ordinary and the only time he was wounded was when a Corporal A K Allen punched him on the nose in February 1953. The Corporal was charged with striking Carr, and Carr was charged with using offensive language to the Corporal.

As detailed in his personal history, on return to Australia, Harrison/Carr claims to have attained the rank of Sergeant, and been posted to Malaysia where he qualified as a parachutist. In fact, after Carr returned to Australia he stayed in South Australia and he was discharged as a Private Soldier on 17th January 1955.

When questioned about his lies he admitted that he had lied about his time in Korea but stated that he had stolen the service of his cousin named Maurice James Carr who had also "served in Korea from 1951 to 1953". This is a lie because whilst a Maurice James Carr did serve in Korea he did not arrive until October 1952 and was not at the battle of Maryang San and was not wounded in action.

It is obvious that Carr is a pathological liar who will say whatever he thinks he can get away with.

It is bizarre and incongruous that a person who has comprehensively lied about his military history could be awarded an OAM for educating children about Australia's military history. Note that the OAM citation says:

"For service to the welfare of Veterans and their families, and to the Community as a participant in programs developed to educate children about Australia's' military history"

Harrison was so good at his deception that he convinced the 3RAR Association that he was at the battle of Maryang San. On the 2 October 2011 at a special ceremony he was awarded a Commemorative Certificate and Life Membership to the Association for his participation at Maryang San. Below is a photograph of the occasion together with a clipping from the 3RAR Association "In Touch" newsletter.

Harrison has a high profile in the Adelaide Veteran community. He has been the President of the Korea and South East Asia Forces Association and is a member of The South Australian Consultative Forum. The purpose of this forum is:

"To provide a mechanism for regular consultation and discussion between the Deputy Commissioner and Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs) to discuss systemic issues that concern the veteran and defence communities arising from the range of DVA operations".

We assert that Harrison is not a fit and proper person to have influence in the Adelaide Veteran Community, we suggest:

His OAM should be rescinded by the Office of the Governor General.

He should be expelled from the 3RAR Association.

Expelled from all ex Service organisations.

All reference to his association with Maryang San should be expunged from records

The personal history ensconced in the South Australian State Library should be destroyed, or at least marked "fiction".

We are aware that many in the Adelaide Veteran Community will find it hard to believe that this kindly venerable "gentleman" is a liar and a con-man with a track record of 40 years of "big noting" and deceit.

He is very suited to be on this web site and must be removed from all aspects of the Adelaide Veteran Community.


Surname: Hatzifotis
Christian Names: Kon
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Brisbane
Case Notes:



This is the story so far;  

Kon Hatzifotis has inserted a political advertisement (pictured left) running for office in Redland Shire, outer Brisbane where he states in the header of the ad, that he "Served in Australian Army, Vietnam." He is also President of the Hellenic RSL Queensland Sub-branch.

There is no record of a Hatzifotis serving in any unit, in any capacity 'in country', during any period of the Vietnam conflict. Hatzifotis it appears was a National Service inductee and served with 9 RAR (9th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment) but did not serve in Vietnam.

When approached by a Queensland RVVG member and a CPMH team member, Hatzifotis claimed that the advertisement had been altered by the newspaper. His instructions for the advertisement read "Served in Australian Army during Vietnam" - an interesting play on words, and quite ambiguous if not misleading.


The Courier Mail in Brisbane, which has exposed military imposters before, followed up on the story with an article in which Hatzifotis attempted to correct his position. The article pointed out that Hatzifotis had marched on previous Anzac Days wearing medals, claiming that they were "Greek religious medals".

Courier Mail article and political campaign advertisement here.

On ANZAC Day 2000, he was nowhere to be seen, despite quite a contingent of newspaper and television reporters keen to meet him in full regalia.

Investigations are continuing and this matter remains on foot.

  Anzac Day 2004

Yes Kon was there again at the front of his Hellenic RSL Group.  Well he was when the march started but while they were forming up he was in amongst his troops and each time a camera was pointed at him he managed to turn his back to it so in typical Veteran ambush style several Veterans moved to strategic spots and each time he turned around at least one of them could take a photo of him.

It was then time to step off and naturally Kon was out front leading the Greek contingent with his beret and RAR badge, to which he has an entitlement to wear, but it would seem that the Greek Religious medal he claimed he was wearing back in the year 1999 had been miraculously turned into a Vietnam Medal and Infantry Combat Badge.  The very medal we claimed he was wearing, but he denied and called a religious medal way back then when he wanted to be a Redlands councillor.

We are probably being a bit harsh on Kon as he obviously isn't really switched on about his former minor time in the Army or he would realise that the only real thing he was wearing was  a standard blue all corps beret with his RAR badge on it and a National Service Medal.

It would seem that Kon is a con and he no doubt knows that he is on these pages as he failed to appear at the head of, or even in the ranks of the Hellenic RSL group in the year 2000.

He marched with them again in 2001 and 2002 and at both of these parades he was without medals. Religious or his bogus Vietnam medal.  

Now it is only assumed here, but we reckon he was keeping his eye on this site and noticed that we had been busting quite a few other bogus Veterans and he was slowly slipping down the pages into oblivion. 

2003 and the CPMH investigators thought that Kon had seen the errors of his ways and did not pay him any attention on this parade.  We should have as he had slipped so far down our pages he was right out of sight so out came the medals again and Kon proudly led the Hellenic group again as a Veteran with his medals on.  

You may have thought you got away with it Kon but a lot of people reported you to the site so this year we were ready and we snapped many photos of you and your bogus medals and even made a movie of you.  One of those photos can be seen and you can quite clearly see the Infantry Combat badge incorrectly mounted on your bogus Viet Nam medal.  If you would like to view all the other photos then we suggest you approach the Federal police as they will have them in a few days time and will be hopefully paying you a visit in the near future. 


The fines and jail terms have been increased Kon.   Are you to be our test case to see if the Federal Police and the legal system will do justice for impostors on behalf of genuine Veterans.????


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.



Surname: Hawker
Christian Names: Phillip Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Berri
Service #: 4717380
Service: Army - National Service and CMF
Branch: RAASC
Commencement of service: 1 Jul 1965
Case Notes:

4717380 Phillip Charles HAWKER of Berri in the Riverland region of South Australia planned and executed a manoeuvre to make himself a Vietnam Veteran, without ever departing Australia's shores.



Hawker's Defence File shows that he was conscripted as a National Serviceman on the 1 July 1965 and discharged on 30 June 1967. He served in the now defunct Royal Australian Army Service Corps (RAASC) as an Air Despatcher. In 1969 he re-enlisted in the Citizens Military Forces (CMF) where he subsequently attained the rank of Captain.

Hawker's Defence Service file, clearly records no overseas service, yet in an audacious manner he convinced Defence Department Honours and Awards that he had served in Vietnam. On the 5th October 2000 the Acting Director of Honours and Awards approved the issue of two medals for his "Vietnam service". Here is the letter:


Hawker-3 2014-01-18


Note that the approval was issued on the basis of a Statutory Declaration (Stat Dec)submitted by Mr xxxxx, that supported other Statutory Declarations. We have contacted Mr xxxx and he advises that he can't recall any such visits to Vietnam and he wrote on the Statutory Declaration what Hawker asked him to say.


Hawker has coerced xxxx and other members from his ex Army unit to sign Stat Decs stating that they had knowledge of him going to Vietnam. Here is xxxx's Stat Dec



We have in our possession a third Statutory Declaration, however we have been unable to contact the author.

As far as Army Records are concerned, Hawker never went to Vietnam and Defence Honours and Awards have ignored Central Army Records Office advice.

Subsequently on the 5th November 2007 Hawker endeavoured to use his Honours and Awards Veteran status to "con" benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

Here is an excerpt from a long submission from Hawker to DVA, where he clearly states he served in Vietnam.




Hawker has added a bit of drama to his fictitious adventures, with a secret sortie that got "shot up with small arms fire" a "very angry Army Officer" and "long smelly boxes he assumed were coffins"

It is absurd to assert that Private Soldiers were secretly bundled off to Vietnam and then warned by Officers and Warrant Officers that they were under the Official Secrets Act and could not talk about their experience.

The real reason that Hawker waited until 1992 to submit his claims was because he had to wait until ex Warrant Officer Ray Harvey was deceased, because Harvey was the only person who could directly refute Hawker's claims

We have been working on this case for more than a year. In the early stages of the investigation we advised Honours and Awards that we believed that Hawker did not go to Vietnam and that the matter involved false Statutory Declarations. Honours and awards advised that they had advised the Australian Federal Police and they were handling the matter.

Because no action had been taken we decided to again take the matter up with Honours and Awards and we received this positive reply.

Dear xxxx,
Your phone call to the Directorate of Honours and Awards seeking information on an individual is acknowledged.
Unfortunately information of this nature canot (sic) be released to third parties. I can assure you however that we will contribute to any formal (sic) that may be conducted.

We are prepared to state that Hawker did not go the Vietnam and that he has executed a devious plan to be able to wear Vietnam Medals and falsely attempt to claim DVA benefits. He has succeeded with the medals part but despite a long winded and fraudulent submission to Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) he has been refused DVA benefits.

Hawker has manipulated people who should know better, and convinced them to commit crimes by making false declarations. As well as his fraudulent submissions to Honours and Awards and DVA Hawker has committed criminal acts by falsely wearing medals and claiming to be a returned Veteran.

Throughout his DVA submission he posed scenarios then created explanations, for instance:

ex Warrant Officer Ray Harvey, the only person who Hawker claims had first hand knowledge of the affair is deceased.

He was told he was on a secret missions and ordered not to talk about them.

The only place his trips were recorded were on his Log Book, and Central Army Records Office (CARO) had destroyed that. Log books are personal issue to individuals and are never sent to CARO.

Hawker is a devious person who systematically planned and executed an operation to defraud the Department of Honours and Awards and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department of Honours and Awards made a bad decision based on false Statutory Declarations.

It is clearly noted on Hawker's CARO file that Honours and Awards were advised that Hawker did not at any time serve in Vietnam during his National Service commitment or at any other time during his Army Service.

We suggest that he return the ill gotten medals and remove himself from contact of decent veterans.

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