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Surname: Everitt
Christian Names: Gary Ronald
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Gary Ronald Everitt – Army sailor
Everitt is a medals cheat. He wears a Vietnam Campaign Medal (VCM) that was not issued to him, and therefore he would have purchased the medal to deliberately infer that he had served the required time in Vietnam.


The instructions regarding the entitlement to wear this medal are concise:

"The Australian government maintained the basic qualifying criteria specified by the Republic of Vietnam for allied troops. To be eligible for the medal a person must have completed a minimum period of 181 days, either continuous or aggregated, unless: killed on active service (KIA);wounded in action i.e. classified as a Battle Casualty and evacuated as a result of those wounds; or  captured and later released or escaped."
Everitt served on the Army Vessel AV 1356 Clive Steele on a Voyage where the last port of call in Australia was Townsville, Queensland. Army Ships and  Royal Australian Navy Ships counted their Vietnam service from the date of departure from the last port in Australia. AV Clive Steel departed Townsville on the 29th January 1968 and arrived, Vung Tau, Vietnam on the 12 February 1968. On arrival in Vietnam the AV Clive Steele and crew remained in Vietnam as part of 32 Small Ship Squadron. Everitt departed Vietnam on a QANTAS Charter Flight on 2nd July 1968 posted to 30 Terminal Squadron in Sydney until his discharge on 18th April 1969 having completed his National Service obligation.


The above documentary evidence proves that Everitt did not meet the 181 day criterion, even including the journey time from Townsville to Vietnam waters. His service was for less than 160 days and Everitt has awarded himself the VCM to add a little weight to his legitimate rack.
From now on Everitt need never worry again about being “outed” as a medals cheat, because we have comprehensively completed the task on behalf of honest Australian and New Zealand Veterans.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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