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Surname: Bruce
Christian Names: Willy
Country: Canada
State or Province: Ontario
City or Town: Ottawa
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:



Willy Bruce of Ottawa Canada should be congratulated for being the first Canadian to feature on our web site. Be assured that "Silly Willy" well earns a place in the annals of Australian and New Zealand military history for being a sham of a Shaman and a sham of an ex RAAF Pilot in Vietnam.

Notice that Silly Willy is wearing three Australian medal ribbons, they are:

Australian Defence Medal Ribbon (ADM)

Vietnam Medal Ribbon

The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal Ribbon

"Silly Willy' is wearing the ADM in the wrong sequence, it should be the second last ribbon and not the first.

Silly Willy gets lots of publicity for his false Veteran Status, see below:

Here is a photograph of Willy and "his" downed helicopter that he purports to have been flying in Vietnam aged 19 years.

No person by the name of Bruce served with the RAAF 9 Squadron in Vietnam and in any case there has never been a person in the RAAF who has qualified to fly a helicopter at the age of 19 years let alone fly in a combat zone. Bruce is not listed on the Australian Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll. Notice that he claims to have sustained an injury in Vietnam that ended his Service career.

9 Squadron was the only unit that employed Australian and New Zealand helicopter pilots in Vietnam. The 9 Squadron Association have never heard of Bruce and have provided a complete list of personnel who served in Vietnam with that unit and Bruce is not included.

We requested Bruce's RAAF file through the Freedom of Information system and we are not surprised to learn that Bruce does not have an RAAF file.


If Bruce were to ever return to Australia he could be charged under the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Sections 80A and 80B for Falsely claiming to be a returned Veteran and Wearing Medals that were not conferred.

We declare Willy Bruce to be a liar, fraud, wannabe and con man. A man who would lie to those he calls his friends is a sham without conscience. He has grossly insulted Australian and New Zealand Veterans and we are sure that Canadian Veterans will feel the same way.

We would very much appreciate an update on this mans activities from any person who has had the misfortune to meet him.

Falsely claim to be an Australian Veteran in any part of the world and there is a chance you will join Willy Bruce as a liar fraud and wannabe on this web site for ever more.



In our original exposure of the Canadian Willy Bruce the lying cheat and wannabe, we wrongly identified one of his medals as being the Australian Defence Medal, when in fact it is the Canadian Queens Jubilee medal. From a distance and considering that he was wearing Australian Vietnam Campaign medals the Jubilee medal is almost identical with the ADM.

Here is what we named the medal as. Australian Defence Medal

And here is what it actually is. Canadian Jubilee Medal.

We hope that Canadian Veterans Associations are taking action against Bruce for his deceit, when information is to hand we will provide another update.


Willy Bruce no longer beats the drum. The Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association (CAV) have taken decisive action against this long term lying fraud. Not only is he a fake Veteran of the Vietnam war but is also a fake Native American.

Below are letters from the CAV, firstly requesting Bruce to produce evidence of his service, and secondly, due to his failure to do so, a letter expelling him from the CAV.

This action is proof to all liars, frauds and wannabes that Veterans across the world have the ability to unite and expose those who steal their honour


May 12th 2014
Willy Bruce
540 Cambridge Street South
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5M7
Without Prejudices
Willy Bruce

Please be informed that the Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association have been contacted by private citizens in Australia and The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) also based in Australia. www.anzmi.net/index.php/enquiry

The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) on their web site under the

Title – Most Recent Cases
In the list of name appears the name “BRUCE”.

Bruce contains pictures, personal information, and allegations of fraudulent claims.

Surname: Bruce
Christian Names: Willy
City or Town: Ottawa
State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil

Upon the receipt of this information from the Australia & New Zealand Military Impostors group (ANZMI) and recognizing your pictures but not the personal information. The CAV embarked on the first due-diligence requirement that being the vetting The Australia & New Zealand Military Impostors group (ANZMI).

This was accomplished with the help of our ADF Veterans contacts in Adelaide Australia and our Military contact in Australia the Canadian Defence Advisor - Australia and New Zealand at the High Commission of Canada, Canberra Australian Capital Territory .

Our ADF Veterans Contact reported that The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) is well known, that they are mainly Vietnam War Veterans volunteers, some highly decorated, and they rarely get things wrong.

Our Military Contact checked with Australian Defence and the ADF, as well as DND Canada, and stated that the organization which has contacted the CAV is a private group which seeks to challenge and identifies persons who are seen as or are reported as Australia or New Zealand military imposters.

The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) does not hold any special status and is simply a citizen advocacy group run on a non-profit basis. Their aims and objectives, although honourable, are not endorsed by the government, as there are appropriate mechanisms to address these issues through official channels.

Considering the foregoing and because of the unofficial status of The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) the CAV will provide you with an opportunity in time to:

3) To provide Proofs of Military Service meaning all document held such as ADF Discharge Papers, ADF Medical Records, Administrative Documents, or obtainable Documents held elsewhere including military photos of the Viet Nam War era featuring yourself and others jointly in a photo.

4) Proofs of Military Service also include the contact information of fellow Veterans served with in Australia or Viet Nam.

Further to the possession of ADF Documents, Discharge Papers, and Veteran Served with references, if you have these Proofs of Military Service we advise you to have a Lawyer contact The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) and demand the proof that they have in their possession and are basing their allegations on.

The CAV, also requires copies of all documents of Proof of Military Service in the Australian Defense Force (ADF), the expectations are that the documents of Proof of Military Service will be received on or before 2359 Hrs. Friday, June 13th 2014. Where the documents of your Proof of Military Service are received by the CAV in the time frame indicate and are accepted by the CAV as Proof of Your Military Service we will support any action you wish to take against The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI).

Where the documents of your Proof of Military Service are not received by the CAV in the time frame indicate on or before Friday, June 13th 2014. The CAV will consider the allegations being made on the web site of The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) as factual and proceed in Canada as the law allows to take whatever actions are appropriate and to disseminate The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group’s (ANZMI) web site’s URL to those it may be of interest to.

Willy, at this point the CAV is without verdict of any kind and applies in your favour the full benefit of the drought to these allegations made by The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI).

The CAV bears no animosity or prejudgments and to the proof of this have Cc two Honourable Presidents of Veterans Originations’ as observers as measure of our sincerity.

Richard Blackwolf
National President & CEO

Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association
Documents to be received on or before 2359 Hrs. Friday, June 13th 2014 may be sent via:

[email protected]
250 900-5276
Canada Post
Canadian Aboriginal Veterans
34 Kingham Place
Victoria, British Columbia
V9B 1L8


National Communiqué
June 18th 2014
Willy Bruce
540 Cambridge Street South
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5M7

Willy Bruce

Mr. Bruce, not having received any communications requested from you regarding the matter brought to your attention on May 12th 2014 notably the allegations being made by The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) based in Australia.

The CAV has provided you with multiple avenues of contact and an opportunity in time of over thirty days with a grace period of several days to reply:

1) To provide Proofs of Military Service meaning all document held such as Australia Defence Force (ADF) Discharge Papers, ADF Medical Records, Administrative Documents, or obtainable Documents held elsewhere including military photos of the Viet Nam War era featuring yourself and others jointly in a photo.

2) Proofs of Military Service also include the contact information of fellow ADF Veterans served with in Australia or Viet Nam.

A search today under your name (Bruce) on The Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters group (ANZMI) Web Site indicates to us that the Allegations made there still stand as being Valid because it is apparent that you have not provided the ANZMI or the CAV any evidence of Military Service in Australia or anywhere else for that matter.

Mr. Bruce, it is apparent that you are not a Veteran of Military Service or a ADF Veteran of the Viet Nam War, the expectations are that you will henceforth conduct yourself as a Civilian and totally refrain from presenting yourself as a Military Veteran, wearing any military style clothing, and making a pretends of being a ADF Veteran.

As a Non Veteran there is a requirement for you to return the “Canadian Aboriginal War Veterans Millennium Medal” presented to you in year 2000 and any other Aboriginal Veterans medallions and Uniform Kit items that are in your possession to the CAV at the Address provided herein.

Mr. Bruce, your Biography available on the internet mentions that “He was unsure of the benefits or disadvantages of "coming out" as an Aboriginal person in the working world” and goes on further to say “However, Willy was inspired to share his native culture with fellow employees when he heard the beating of a drum at a traditional native ceremony at NRCan”.
There is no following statement of which Culture was being referred to and there is no evidence of you being a member of a First Nation or a Métis Nation.

In consideration of the void of documents and other proof of being Aboriginal there are reasonable grounds to suspect that your claim of being Aboriginal is also a pretence.

Mr. Bruce, you are often seen in military style dress and wearing a “Warriors Brest Plate and Shield” from the Plains Culture, there is no evidence noted anywhere that you are a member of a Warriors Societies of the Great Plains Tribes, discontinue this practise, it is an affront to those Societies and their Military Service and War Veterans.

Mr. Bruce, you are not welcome to conduct or attend any event held at the National Aboriginal War Veteran Monument in Ottawa now or at any time in the future.

This matter will receive wide distribution, the Canadian legal system has not been searched for Laws governing the impersonation of a Veteran of Military Service or a War Veteran of an Allied Military Force.

Reports of the continuation of the your impersonation of a Military Veteran of any kind will cause the CAV to seek legal Council on this matter.

CAV - National Executive

Surname: MITCHAM (Formerly SZ
Christian Names: Jacob Phillip (Jack)
Country: Australia
State or Province: VIC
City or Town: Not Know Yet
Service #: 3170199
Service: Army
Branch: CMF & Reserves
Commencement of service: 27 Jun 67
Completion of service: 02 Jun 84
Case Notes:




This is Jack Mitcham (aka Jack Szmekura), a rather unsavoury individual who would like us to believe he is a veteran of the Vietnam War, at least which is the story he likes to put around.

Jack Mitcham is a fraud and a wannabe.   He is keen to tell anyone who would care to listen that he is a hardened veteran, safe in the fact that having changed his name, no one would be able to track down him or the truth of his story.   He didn’t reckon on us here at ANZMI or our ever growing number of ex-service personnel who have had a gutful of wannabes and are more than happy to report fools like this to our website.

Like most wannabes, Jack is not satisfied with embellishing his actual service with stories from Vietnam.  No, Jack also adds that old cherry “Black Ops” to his repertoire of stories so that nothing he says can be checked.   In Jack’s case, nothing he says is the truth.

We hold Statutory Declarations attesting to Jack Mitcham’s tales of daring do in the clandestine world of Black Ops but there is little point recounting them here as most ANZMI followers would have read it all before, you know, those ‘special’ missions that only wannabes like Mitcham and John Rambo seem to get allocated.

Notwithstanding, Mitcham did attempt to enlist into the Regular Army in 1965 but (and by his own admission) failed the IQ Test.   In 1967, he applied to join the Citizens Military Forces (CMF), today known as Reserve Forces.  

Here is his application for enlistment into the CMF, please note the answer to question 19.   Hardly the response of a crack ‘special forces type’.

The truth about Jack Mitcham (aka Szmekura) is very different.   His service is entirely in Australia as a member of the CMF and his service was less than spectacular.   That is not to belittle CMF service, but in this case the record speaks for itself.   Jack’s CMF Service Record is full of no attendance and disciplinary actions and very little promotion and effective service.

Genuine veterans live with their experiences every day and for some this is a debilitating existence which most would not wish upon their worst enemy.   So when wannabes like Jack Mitcham surface, and using their so called war service as an excuse for their less than social behaviour and aggression towards others we here at ANZMI will expose them for what they are, wannabes of the lowest order.

Welcome to our website Jack Mitcham (aka Szmekura).       

Surname: DeJager
Christian Names: Bartus Cornelius
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Geraldton
Case Notes:

Bartus Cornelius (Ray) DeJager of Geraldton, Western Australia is a blustering bully who believes he can be part of the Veteran Community just by saying he is. Unfortunately for him he has said it whilst under oath in a Court of Law.

At this stage we have no photograph of DeJager and seek assistance from any person who may provide one.

We hold Statements declaring that DeJager claims to have served in Malaysia, Burma and Vietnam.

He has claimed that:


DeJager was a key witness in a court case in Geraldton where he made ridiculous claims about his "Vietnam Service". Below is a relevant page from the Court proceedings where DeJager has taken an oath on a bible to tell the truth. His veracity is under scrutiny, and he lies to the court about why his honesty cannot be questioned.


Note that he claims the bible is "very dear to him because one of them saved his life whilst serving in Vietnam”. According to DeJager, in Vietnam a bible he was carrying in his pocket, stopped a bullet and saved his life. All that he has said to defend his honour is a lie, and therefore, none of the evidence he gave in court should be accepted as the truth.

There is no record of DeJager ever having served with the Australian Defence Force and he was never in Vietnam. If he served in Malaysia or Burma it was not with the Australian Defence Force.

DeJager appears to have committed numerous criminal offences including:

Falsely claiming to be a returned veteran, and lying under oath. (perjury)

DeJager is a lying blustering fool and wannabe.  He is well qualified to feature on our web site.

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.

Surname: Delaforce
Christian Names: Raymond Richard
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Emu Park
Service #: 1733581
Service: Army
Branch: RAE
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:


Delaforce 1

At any ANZAC Day service there is a press photographer looking for an opportunity to get a photo that adds atmosphere to the meaning of the day and those participating in it.  ANZAC Day 2016, at Emu Park in Queensland, provided just that opportunity. Raymond Richard Delaforce looks the epitome of the casual and humble attitude displayed by Veterans on such an important day.

Delaforce served 282 days in Vietnam as part of the 1st Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers, as the Vietnam War Service certificate, below, shows.

Delaforce 2

An extract of 1st SQN’s service history in Vietnam:

3 Field Troop of 1 FD SQN was deployed to the War in South Vietnam and arrived in Bien Hoa Province on 28 September 1965. When the Australian Task Force was established at Nui Dat in Phouc Tuy Province, the remainder of 1 FD SQN deployed and arrived at Nui Dat on 9 June 1966. The unit was expanded to include 21 Engineer Support Troop, a plant troop, HQ troop, and an expanded RAEME Workshop. In addition, the three combat engineer troops each had an establishment of two officers, a staff sergeant, a sergeant, three corporals, three lance corporals and Sappers to a strength of 65 all ranks. The unit was designated as ”1 FD SQN GP RAE”. The unit returned to Australia in 1972 as a part of the Australian withdrawal from the Vietnam War, and was re-located to Holsworthy.

In the above picture Delaforce is wearing his official medals, all awarded for his service as a ‘Sapper’ with the Royal Australian Engineers. On the left lapel, along with a number of badge-pins, is attached the ‘Front Line’ commemorative medal, not an official medal, in fact nothing more than a worthless trinket.

Delaforce 3

Above, is a picture of the offending item. The Front Line Service Medal was issued by the 2/12 Infantry Battalion Association, based in Queensland, to identify those who took part in World War Two front line actions with the Infantry, differentiating them from other units. It was manufactured and sold by that Association as a funds raising exercise. They made a lot of money selling this tin trinket to gullible people, who had no association with the 2/12 Infantry Battalion whatsoever.

Defence Honours and Awards has this to say about such medals:

“Medals not listed in the order of wear may be worn officially, on an unrestricted basis, only with the express permission of the Governor-General. As a general rule, such permission is extended only to official awards of foreign governments. It has never been extended to private commemorative medals. Those medals should not be worn at all, and certainly never on the left hand side and mounted with officially issued medals”.

Now, reading the above, one could argue that Delaforce does not have the ‘tin’ medal mounted with his official medals. The thing appears on the left side of his jacket, with his official medals, and anyone not ‘in the know’ would not realise this.

There is also the glaring issue that Delaforce, who served in the Engineers, is wearing an item produced to commemorate service with the Infantry. What was he thinking when he pinned it on?

Raymond Delaforce, obviously the photographer thought it worthy to take that snap of you on that day, as a result of your folly, you are worthy to earn a permanent place on the ANZMI website.


Surname: Delamore
Christian Names: Kenneth Rex and Jo
Country: Australia
State or Province: ACT
City or Town: Canberra
Service #: 2817398
Service: Army
Branch: Chaplain Army Reserve - Now Red Shield Representat
Commencement of service: 7 Feb 01 - Aug 02
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




We are reliably advised that Kenneth Rex Delamore served in the Australian Army Reserve as a Chaplain for 19 months and would have worn the uniform of an Army Chaplain during that time. He and his wife have now donned the quasi Army uniform of Salvation Army Red Shield workers and are employed at Royal Military College, Duntroon in Canberra, ACT. 

The Defence Force accepts that members of the Salvation Army Red Shield organization may wear Military Officers uniform without badges or military rank. Instead they wear the Salvation Army logo of the Red Shield. We note also that a Sam Browne is involved, this is the leather strap over the right shoulder which attaches to a leather waste belt. The Sam Browne is used to support a sword. We have no idea when a Salvation Army Red Shield representative might need to wield a sword.

The Delamores are both wearing medals, Kenneth Delamore is wearing:

NZ Defence Service Medal (NZDSM) with two bars - As we have no information about his NZ service, we will give him a free kick and assume he is entitled to the NZDSM

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)- He served for only 19 months as an Army Reserve Chaplain and therefore, at the time of publishing this report he is not entitled to the medal.

International Year of Volunteer Medal (IYVM) - Self purchased "Tin" medal, that is not worn on military uniform.

New Zealand Fire Brigade Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (NZFBLSGCM) with two bars - Not an authorised medal to wear on Australian military uniform.

Jo Delamore is wearing:

International year of Volunteer Medal - Self purchased "Tin" medal.

Old soldiers will also note that in both cases the chin strap buckle is in the wrong place. Tradition demands that the buckle must be level with the edge of the mouth.

We contacted the Chief Commissioner (National) of the Red Shield organisation. His comments are indicative that the problem with Philanthropic Organisations starts at the very top. In response to our notification to him about the Delamores, he chose to disparage the Defence Force and ANZMI.

He said this about RSMs

"Ken sort (sic) advice from his RSM at 2 RAR at the time and he took the advice in good faith. After investigating it further he realised that there may be more to it and remedied the situation by not wearing the other medals on his military uniform."

"I would challenge you to try and get any form of coherence from RSMs about honours and awards when it comes to philanthropic personnel and I guarantee you will get differing advice",

He also suggests that Red Shield workers should wear whatever medals they like. We previously exposed one of his colleagues Barry Nancarrow for mixing a Salvation Army Medal with his official Defence rack. See here: www.anzmi.net/index.php/component/sobipr...63&sid=336:Nancarrow

The commissioner said:

"As for Barry Nancarrow he is not a fraud and should not be on your website. Barry has earned every medal he wears your ridicule of him is a disgrace"

Religious medals have no place being mixed with Defence Medals. We suggest the Commissioner appraise himself of Defence Honours and Awards protocols and traditions and his duties as leader, so that his flock don't end up on this web site. Blaming RSMs for his lack of knowledge and the recalcitrance of his staff is the epitome of "Buck passing".

We point out to the Commissioner and the Delamores that medals are presented by the Sovereign to those who have earned them. Attaching whatever you fancy onto the left side of your shirt will fool some of the people some of the time, but Veterans and ex Servicemen who have earned their medals the hard way, see buffoons living in a world of pretence.

Australian and New Zealand Veterans have zero tolerance for medals cheats, therefore the Delamore's recalcitrance will be featured on this web site forever more.

Surname: Dempsey
Christian Names: Laurence Francis
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Edwardstown
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 4 Jun 1946
Completion of service: 6May 1947
Case Notes:

Laurence Francis Dempsey of Edwardstown, South Australia


Age does not weary them. Whenever we knock one down two more appear.

 Laurence Francis Dempsey is an octogenarian, who has for many years been fooling all who will listen, into believing he is a damaged Veteran of World War II and Korea. Not only is Dempsey a liar about his military history, he was an administrative and discipline burden during the time he claimed to be “Driving the Japanese out of Papua New Guinea”

Here is what Dempsey said to a reporter on ANZAC Day 2011.



We have accessed Dempsey’s Defence File and here are the facts.


Dempsey Joined the Army in April 1945 aged 19 years and 3 months not 16 years as told in the article.


His service did not take him to Papua New Guinea and later Korea. During his service he never left Australia.



Notice in Part D it shows:

Active Service in Australia 682 days

Active Service O/S Australia……days

Proving that Dempsey never left our shores

Dempsey was never a Prisoner of war, but was often in Military Detention Centres because of his propensity to be absent without leave. See below his Record of Service, which is a Diary of Shame. Dempsey was an administrative burden to the Australian Army at a time when the Nation was fighting to defend our way of life.



His “Sad memories” could only have been for being caught and punished for being absent without leave.

If he has fingers missing from his right hand it was not from a sword stroke from a Korean Prison Guard as punishment for heroically taking the blame “For a mate who stole an egg”.

Dempsey was discharged from the Army in May 1947 and from our experience we are sure that the Army was glad to see him off.

Dempsey is a liar and a wannabe and thus he is hereby named and shamed for extolling a false military history that showed him to be something he was not. Succinctly put, he was “nuisance to the Defence Force and a sad sack of a soldier” on the other hand; we are pleased to be able to exhibit the true military history of this liar and wannabe.

Welcome to our web site Laurence Francis Dempsey.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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