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Surname: Copeland
Christian Names: Paul Arthur
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Geelong
Service: Army
Branch: Signals
Case Notes:

Paul Arthur COPELAND served 20 years with the Australian Regular Army in the Corps of Signals and served in Cambodia on a Peace Keeping mission as well as an observer in the SINAI.

 For service in Cambodia he was awarded the Australian Active Service Medal 1975 with clasp Cambodia and for the SINAI the Australian Service Medal 1975 clasp SINA.

We also know that Copeland has spent many years working with an Ex Service Organization and is currently the National Executive advisor at the Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Veterans Association which he also served as a National President for that association.

Over the years Paul Copeland has made many submissions to the Federal Government including one that a special medal should be struck and awarded to all those that have served as Peacekeepers or Peacemakers.

Paul Copeland has dishonoured himself for two reasons.

  1. You will notice of the Australian Service Medal that he has the clasp “Cambodia” this he has no entitlement to only the clasp SINAI

  2. The second is the last medal he is wearing is not an official medal, but one that has been manufactured as a Peacekeeping Medal.

No un-official medals should be worn on the left breast and Copeland should be aware of that having reached the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2.

You will notice that the Peacekeeping medal is nearly identical to the logo of the above banner. The only difference is the letters “UN” have been removed at the top which has “UN: WE BELIVE” and the letters “AISP” have been removed from the bottom.

Paul Arthur Copeland for your years of service in the military you are setting a bad example to other veterans by not following the Medal Protocol  as laid down in the Proper Wearing of medals and the wearing of un-official medals which if worn must be on the right breast below Next of Kin medals

If you need a reminder regarding the wearing of medals it can be found here


4th Dec 2012

After doing more research into the worthless tin medal that Copeland is wearing with his official Australian Government approved medals we have located more information about it.

The medal appears to have been manufactured in Europe by the “Soldiers of Peace International Association”.  We have even got the application form to purchase it for 55.00 Euros which covers the medal and diploma. Shipping costs are 7,60 Euro for France.

If you live overseas you need to email medailles@fname.info  bearing in mind that it is only available if you have served as a Peacekeeper and it can only be worn on the right breast in Australia.

9th Jan 2013

Update Paul Arthur Copeland:  Note: Some of the material from the APPVA we have reprinted, contains foul language
Following our exposure of Paul Copeland as a medals cheat we have received numerous emails from the Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Veteran’s Association (APPVA) executives and two members.  They are saying that it is OK for Copeland to wear whatever medals he wants to wear.  From the information in the numerous vitriolic emails received it is obvious that the APPVA considers themselves to be a law unto themselves, who do not, and will not comply with Australian Government and Defence policies and protocols regarding the wearing of medals and awards.
Frankly we don’t give a damn for their comments, our job is to report those who knowingly flout the rules and protocols of the wearing of medals and awards.
The overseas work the members of the APPVA have done is admired equally, with all other dangerous work Australian Service men and women have endured, since the Crimean War of 1853.
We don’t make the rules, but we understand them. Our proclaimed Charter, is as best we can, ensure that Government protocols are followed. Considering the number of medals cheats within the ex Service community that we have already exposed, we believe that if we were not watching, chaos would prevail and those like Copeland and his APPVA with a penchant to look “pretty” would have the ex Service community looking like the Hines brothers featured on our web site: http://www.anzmi.net/hines/hines.html


Here are excerpts from emails from APPVA Executives and two members who believe they are not bound by tradition and protocol.
 From Michael Quinn Vice President, Victoria APPVA inter alia

 ” By my own admission I change my medals according to my (sic) of disgust of the treatment of the post 1975 veterans and the ignorance of those veterans who went before us who have been incorrectly classified and then reclassified many of our deployments. If you go through the Anzac day marches you will see me wearing the ASM and the following then the AASM with the Cambodia clasp. You will also notice this occurs in many different variations among the Cambodian Veterans including some wearing both together”
While this matter is being resolved I request that you take Paul Copeland down from your site as you are insulting both Cambodian Veterans and our organization
Quinn says he wears what he likes when he likes.
From Dave Menz, former Secretary, Victoria APPVA inter alia


 “I know Paul Copeland very well, why do you lie put up evidence or shut up losers.
 Dave Menz
Sent from my iPhone”
Menz seems to have missed the fact that we have already “Put up”.
From Rod Thompson APPVA Advocate inter alia


 “Further to my last e-mail in reference to Paul Copeland I would like to ask a question in relation to the Governor General as you are aware she wears a number of medals awarded by foreign governments one from Tonga and others from various South Pacific nations and Britain, should she not be investigated by your site using the logic you have used in relation to your investigations of Paul and others on your site as to who has authorized the wearing of these medals by the GG and does not this create a precedent for the wearing of foreign awards. Also have you noticed that some senior military officers who are awarded the OAM initially then receive a higher award at a later date continue to wear the OAM as well as the higher award. It is my understanding that if you receive the higher award you should return the OAM? If this is the case should not some of our most senior serving and retired Military Officers be mentioned on your site. Or is it one rule for them and another for the rest of us”
Thompson makes silly assumptions about the Governor General. He spouts innuendo as if it were fact. Give us evidence of any person inappropriately wearing medals and we follow up with an investigation.
From Naomi J Ager Lieutenant RAN Retired inter alia


 I have just read your allegations about Mr Paul Copeland OAM. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK ARE? Have you bothered to even speak to this man? He was NOT wearing anything he was not supposed to. One man has a personal vendetta against Paul. This same man has seen fit to bad mouth him, harass, defame and act to have the Cambodia Clasp removed from Paul's honours and awards. It is my understanding that this clasp was awarded with evidence from his hierarchy. He did not go out and buy a clasp and present it to himself.  look forward to your call to discuss this matter further. I presume you want to investigate this matter and not look like fools in the media.
Naomi J Ager
Naomi J Ager obviously shoots from the hip without any regard for facts.  To satisfy Naomi, we challenge Copeland to send us and his “mates”from the APPVA a copy of his PMKeys record of awards to prove we are wrong regarding the clasp Cambodia on the ASM and the Tin medal he wears
From “Insider” inter alia
“Hello gutless wonders of the anzmi I drafted a few emails but in essence they all come down to the following:
You can all go fuck yourselves, you are cheesedicks of the highest order and are a disgrace to the veteran community I bet all of you were the classic underachievers in the military and that you  see your unsubstantiated  crap as something noble you are fucking kidding yourselves.  You are just a bunch of sadsacks hiding behind your supposed veil of secrecy not for long hopefully..  Have a merry Christmas and I hope you all are on the public record real soon, you losers.
“Insider” berates ANZMI for "hiding behind a veil of secrecy". He fails to realize that he has done the same thing. He abuses us with alacrity but has not disclosed his identity.
In this matter there are no grey areas, Copeland is a medals cheat, and by his own admission, so is the Vice President of the APPVA, Michael Quinn.
We suggest to the APPVA that you get your heads out of the clouds, develop some dignity and follow medals protocols as advised from the Department of Defence Honours and Awards on this web site -  http://www.defence.gov.au/medals/   
Be advised, if you wear medals you are not entitled to wear, and it is brought to our attention we will investigate, and if appropriate place you in our medals section, or if necessary in our “Cases” section with the general Wannabes.
We suggest to the multitude of honest and less vitriolic members of the APPVA that they take action to “clean up” the APPVA and vote to ensure their executive understand and comply with Medals and Awards protocols.


3rd Mar 2013

Paul Arthur Copeland - Update 3 March 2013

Who needs enemies when they have friends like Mr Michael Quinn and Mr Torrance Hinkley of the APPVA?  See below Quinn’s and Torrance's latest effort to "disprove" the information we have provided about Paul Copeland.  Below Quinn’s email, is Hinkley’s threat to “bring on the biff” if he ever meets us, no wonder  members are deserting the APPVA, as it appears to be full of disreputable illiterate thugs, and medals cheats.

“michael quinn <wo1mick@gmail.com>

22:22 (10 hours ago)

to enquiries

Why are your network of veterans dedicated to the correct alignment of medals being so quiet now.

Vietnam Veterans working as pension officers and advocates now have to watch their back if they are tied in with you.

Where do you think this will end. Meetings are taking place about your operatives as we speak; these cunts will be hunted down and dealt with. You are not dealing with fucked up faking Vietnam Veterans now; as your last operative said to me "bring it on"; what a gutless fuck. An OAM for collecting old crap and feeding you shit.

You have worked under a secret shroud for so long you can not even report this correspondence. All you can do is watch your fucked up operatives fall by the way side as information is fed out. May be you can "bring it on" as one of your fucked up operative said to me after have his accomplice threaten my child in my absence. Faceless, spineless, cunt; nothing you haven't already heard already.

And by the way I will wear what I fucken like as long as it has nothing to do with Vietnam.

Fuck You



Quinn is an ex Warrant Officer Class 1 who brings discredit and disrepute to all of those who have achieved that rank.

We also point out that at no time, has any member of ANZMI ever contacted him or any member of his family.

Once again this self exulting, crude ex Warrant Officer Class 1 has made his position regarding medals protocol very clear.  He stated:

“He will wear what I fucken like”.

Below is the threat from Hinkley


“From: Torrance Hinkley <myxbox1970@hotmail.com>

Date: 3 March 2013 17:07

Subject: Paul Copeland

To: enquiries@anzmi.net

I used to think that this was a good site but after seeing your post on Paul Copeland I am absolutely disgusted. You people have nothing better to do with your time than to harass good decent people who have done so much for our veteran community. I believe that there are personal motives behind this posting. You are discrediting (sic) yourselves and are inviting the same kind of attention. Believe me if I ever run into any of you, you will walk away worse of (sic) for it”.

We should also point out that ANZMI is not exclusive to Vietnam Veterans and has members of Peacekeeping Missions working to stop the proliferation of people like Quinn and Copeland who would have Australian Veterans adorned with more medals than a North Korea General.



30th Apr 2013

Update Paul Arthur Copeland - 30 April 2013

You can tell when Copeland is lying because his lips are moving. He is incapable of grasping the notion that he is a chronic lily gilder who likes to wear more than his earned Awards.  Recently more evidence of his penchant to distort the truth has come to light.

On the 23rd April 2013 an ANZMI representative was interviewed in his home town by Mike Welsh of radio 2CC Canberra. The next day, Radio 2CC contacted Copeland for an interview

Then the following appeared on Copeland’s APPVA Facebook:.



Copeland to stir up hate against ANZMI amongst his members has lied by saying that our representative said:

Peacekeepers didn’t go to a proper war and shouldn’t be marching on ANZAC Day”.

 He further said   “I would like to look at the transcript

To prove that no such thing was said here is the transcript in original form.


All APPVA members should listen to it and weep for the loss of integrity of the APPVA. As a result of Copeland’s deceit the following emails were sent to, and received from Radio 2CC about the issue:

Email to Radio Station:

"Bill Hobson
09:42 (6 hours ago)

to bannerman   (This is Welsh's Producer)

Good Morning Sarah

We spoke recently about Military imposters. Gave Mike the telephone number of Mr Paul Copeland from the Peacekeepers Association.

Then received some emails following a report that Copeland put onto Facebook. See below:

Don't know where Copeland got the idea that it was said that Peacekeepers were of lesser value than other Returned Servicemen, however he has quoted me as having said that.

Have arranged for Copeland and members of the Peacekeepers association to receive a copy of the interview had with Mike


Radio Stations response:

Mike Welsh <welsh@capitalradio.net.au>
11:07 (4 hours ago)

to me


I asked Copeland if he thought peacekeepers didn't fight a proper war. I wasn't "quoting" you rather just trying to get him to "extend" a bit."

The APPVA is a very worthy organization however it is being led from the sidelines by Copeland who is a crafty distorter of the truth and he has a group of henchmen behind him who instead of taking action to correct the collapsed integrity of the APPVA also lie, and offer threats of violence against those who point out correct protocols and philosophic values entrenched in the Australian Veteran Community from the time of Gallipoli.

Let’s have a minutes silence to mourn the loss of integrity in the APPVA.


10th May 2013

Update Paul Copeland aka “Copey” -  Lost in his lies.

It is a truism that if you tell lies they will come back and bite you on the backside. Mr Paul Copeland (affectionately known as Copey) has done just that, and his rear end is now well scarred.

Copey, thinking he is a Master Public Relations Spin Doctor, launched a dishonest campaign prior to ANZAC Day to discredit ANZMI.  He gave the media a story and had himself interviewed during which he planted a seed to incite his Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Association (APPVA) into believing ANZMI do not honour their service. Here is the article:


The article clearly shows it was created by Copey to give him the opportunity to discredit ANZMI..

No ANZMI member “goes out” on ANZAC Day or any other day to “hunt’ Wannabes or medals cheats. The thousands of ex Servicemen including many APPVA members are ANZMI’s eyes and ears.

The Radio Station 2CC Canberra contacted ANZMI in relation to the article planted by Copey and a member of ANZMI gave an open and honest interview – Note there was only one interview.

Here again is the Podcast of the interview:


ANZMI gave 2CC Copey’s phone number so he could be contacted and explain his Canberra Times article.  Copey was interviewed, but had his plug pulled by the announcer because he was not making much sense. As soon as Copey got off the phone, he stupidly released his planned announcement to the APPVA that ANZMI had said on radio:    Peacekeepers did not go to a real war and should not be marching on ANZAC Day”

Copeland made that Statement to the Canberra Times prior to the ANZMI interview; at no time did ANZMI say anything remotely similar in the 2CC interview.

The Copeland affair started when he was caught infragante delicto wearing a Tin medal and incorrectly wearing an Army Service Medal. All of his machinations about ANZMI are to deflect his medals cheating.

It is patently obvious that Copey himself created the sentence “Peacekeepers did not fight in a real war and should not march on ANZAC Day then tried to blame in on ANZMI through the Canberra Times and a radio interview in Canberra, unfortunately Copey’s little PR operation went sour and has bitten him on the gluteous maximus.

ANZMI admires all those who have served in the Australian Defence Force irrespective whether they have been deployed to Wars, Peacekeeping missions, or served within Australia. We make no disparaging remarks about any groups of Servicemen, but we will continue to vigorously pursue those, like Copeland who are medals cheats.

Have no doubt Copeland is a devious person and causing dissention in the APPVA and the Veteran community.

Below are excerpts from a Royal Australian Corps of Signals forum, where this matter was discussed.

  Paul Copeland

Interesting interview on 2CC Canberra. Apparently, Peacekeepers didn't go to a proper war and shouldn't be marching on ANZAC Day according to "Bill Hobson" yesterday on 2CC. I would love to have a look at the transcript... I did mention that "Hobson's" view was not necessarily that of the wider Veteran Community and it displays a lack of knowledge of the service of our 70,000 Peacekeepers since 1947 to the current day who have served non-stop. I also mentioned that their site is illegal and they should be prosecuted (sic) by law.

"Hobson" was the ANZMI spokesman that was interviewed yesterday by 2CC.

Such arrogance.


Top of Form

Chad DobbsKeep fighting the good fight Paul! You've got an entire RASigs community behind you that know "Bill Hobson" is full of lies and hate

Michael BlaineSorry Paul just listened to the interview never heard him say anything like what you have stated must have missed it

April 25 at 7:18am· 1

Derek Webstersame as Blainey, didn't hear any mention of Peacekeepers in the interview.

April 25 at 8:03am· 1

Tom VaughanOnly that ANZMI and Peacekeepers had a disagreement.

Dominique KirkmanPaul Copeland, I just listened to the podcast and didn't hear Hobson say the word "peacekeepers" at all, let alone what you allege. Is this the same podcast you are referring to (the link Tom has posted, above, which is also 2CC), or is there another one? I would really like to hear what you referred to.

Tom VaughanThere must be another Podcast that does not appear on the website yet. I will post the link once found

Dominique KirkmanThanks, Tom. I don't believe Copey would have misrepresented the podcast.

April 27 at 5:46pm

Paul CopelandJust to advise about not hearing the matter of PK marching on ANZACDay, it was made on my interview Wed 24 Apr 1540. 2CC have not posted my intetview podcast, where the comment was made by the interviewer Mike Welsh. Hope this clears any confusion. Paul

April 27 at 6:27pmvia mobile

Derek Websterso Hobson didn't make the statement, this Welsh did?

Paul CopelandDerek Webster, mate, the intereviewer (sic) from 2CC stated that ANZMI did not believe that Peacekeepers went to a Proper war and shouldn't march on ANZAC Day. I am in the process of complaining to 2CC and will take it further to ACMA if necessary.

I am most interested if anyone in Canberra, heard the interview between Welsh and I at around 1540 on Wed 24 Apr and what their interpretation was, because I swear I may have a bit of a bad memory at times, but I know what was said.

Hobson being the "ring-leader" of the ANZMI circus, I take it that this was perhaps discussed either out of broadcasted intereview, (sic) due to the apparently relaxed nature of it on 23 Apr, or that Welsh stated it in complete ignorance. He did state after I was cut-off "I don't know the difference, I didn't serve..."

April 28 at 1:50pm· Edited

Derek WebsterYeah but whereabouts in the interview with Hobson does he say that peace keepers/makers should not march?

April 28 at 2:02pmvia mobile

Paul CopelandDerek Webster, I am not sure if I am explaining myself too well to you and some others and apologise for any confusion. There were two interviews. On on Tues 23 Apr at 2000, which "Hobson" was interviewed by Mike Welsh of 2CC. The Following day on Wed 24 Apr at approx 1540, I was interviewed in response to the one the night before, which I had not heard (Tues - Hobson) till after ANZAC Day.

I put up my comments based on that podcast and in the belief that 2CC would also place the one from my Wed interview, which people could view from the link provided of the Tues interview with "Hobson", which they have not.

Welsh of 2CC stated to me on the Wed interview that ANZMI believed that PK should not be marching on ANZAC Day because they did not go to a proper war. I responded, and then was cut out of the interview, of which the parting words from Welsh was "should Peacekeepers March on ANZAC Day? I don't know - I didn't serve..." Then I was cut-off from the phone.

In other words as Tom correctly stated, there is another podcast, which is my interview on Wed 24 Apr, that has not been posted on the 2CC site, which I have requested that they post it there as a balanced media view.

Either way, I intend to make a complaint to the Station and to ACMA. The intereviewer (sic) was not as calm and jovial as he was with Hobson on the Tues night interview, and it was like I was the guilty party.

April 28 at 3:03pm· Edited

Paul Booger EllisHey Webby as I can understand it, Hobson said it in a different interview, a copy of which hasn't been put up yet, but the comments were mentioned in interview that Copey is talking about.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Since our initial exposure of Paul Copeland almost twelve months ago ANZMI has been subject to a number of foul and abusive comments from supporters of Paul Copeland, most of whom appear to be members of the Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Veterans Association (APPVA). Amongst the vile abuse, offensive comments and name calling from his supporter’s one thing was missing, evidence from Copeland that we were wrong.

Quite a few of our readers also noted this important omission by Copeland and prompted us to look further at this peacock and his impressive display of awards. Indeed, one of his supporters asked us to ‘put up or shut up’, so to that misguided supporter and to the APPVA, we do indeed ‘put up.’

Here is the image of Copeland’s rack of medals. ANZMI has already commented on the last ‘tin medal’ in the rack, it is nothing more than a tin, unofficial medal and is being worn contrary to the policies in place and administered by the Governor General of Australia.

Copeland is also wearing the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with clasp ‘Cambodia’ as well as the Australian Service Medal (ASM) with clasps ‘Cambodia’ and ‘Sinai’. The simple fact is this, Copland has no entitlement to wear the ‘Cambodia’ clasp on the ASM. It was his obligation to return that clasp when the circumstances of his service in Cambodia was reviewed and upgraded to the award of the AASM.

At the time this happened, Copeland was still a member of the Army and would have been in receipt of or knowledge of the following letter:

There is no ambiguity, doubt or otherwise with this letter. Copeland was entitled to retain his ASM because of his deployment to Sinai but the letter is clear in its intent. For those Copeland supporters who do not understand, it means Hand back your ASM and/or clasp ‘Cambodia’ and we will give you the AASM with clasp ‘Cambodia’. You cannot wear it twice. Simple.

One of the supporters who felt the need to attack ANZMI was the National Vice President of the APPVA, Mr Michael Quinn who it appears is also a veteran of Cambodia and mate of Copeland’s who famously told us;

” By my own admission I change my medals according to my (sic) of disgust of the treatment of the post 1975 veterans and the ignorance of those veterans who went before us who have been incorrectly classified and then reclassified many of our deployments. If you go through the Anzac day marches you will see me wearing the ASM and the following then the AASM with the Cambodia clasp. You will also notice this occurs in many different variations among the Cambodian Veterans including some wearing both together”

An offensive, but somewhat surprising comment from a so called senior member of the National Executive of an Ex Service Organisation who appears to have an axe to grind against veterans who served prior to 1975. Quinn also told us that ‘he will wear what he likes when he likes’.

During his service in Cambodia, Paul Copeland was a member of the Force
Communications Unit (FCU). As a result of significant advocacy, not surprisingly including the APPVA, this unit has recently been awarded the ‘Meritorious Unit Citation’ by the Governor General, no doubt well deserved for the service performed by members of the FCU, the irony is that the likes of Copeland and Quinn who both blatantly disregard directions given by Government House will turn up with their hand out to receive this award.

No doubt our update on Paul Copeland will again begin the hue and cry from his many supporters. Copeland has over the years, done good work through the APPVA but this does not give him or others in that association carte blanch to do what they like in regard to the wearing of Australian awards. Such awards should be cherished by the recipient and not belittled by wearing them with unofficial medals, and wearing awards that the wearer has no entitlement to. Rather than attacking the messenger, ANZMI suggests to those who support Copeland, simply ask him why he does not remove the ‘Cambodia’ clasp from his ASM, and remove the unofficial tin medal. It’s as plain and simple as that.

We have proven our case and will wait and see what happens.



Paul Copeland has again taken to various social media outlets to launch an attack against our latest exposure of him. ANZMI is not in the business of tit for tat debates with people like Mr Copeland. We simply present the evidence available to us and after duly verifying the information, we present it on our website. Mr Copeland would have the reader believe he is a victim, he resorts to long winded statements via social media, examples of which are found on the RASIGS Facebook site, and indeed our very own Facebook page. He uses these statements to muddy the waters and attack ANZMI but no where does he address the issues at hand.

We are simply the messenger Mr Copeland.

On the surface, this case may seem trivial when compared to many on our website. As a matter of fact we have been accused of ‘acting as some sort of post-service RSM (of the poorest and most picayune kind) in pursuing this question of whether a bar belongs’ by one of our readers. This is definitely not the case, so please read on as the full story is revealed and the reason for our interest in 'a bar' is explained.

Throughout this saga, all that ANZIM has done is:

1. Prove that Copeland has/was/is wearing an unofficial medal with his official medals. Not a hanging offence, but clearly against the protocols and accepted policies issued by Government House. Defending his right to wear the unofficial medal, Copeland states:

The photo on their trashy site was taken of me at the UNTAC Reunion Group at Wodonga 14 Sep 2012, where the APPVA facilitated a remembrance service for the Reunion Group to remember all PK and in particular our mates who have since left us. In the context of the "Guidelines" to wearing Commemorative Medals, I was correctly wearing the medal on the left breast for such an event, as it was an APPVA, of which they are affiliated with the SPIA, event.

No law broken. I have only worn the medal once from recollection on ANZAC Day and have since decided not to wear it. (Copeland – RASIGS Facebook Site)

Note his comment 'and have since decided not to wear it'

Thank You Mr Copeland. That is all we asked you to do.

2. Seek to ascertain why he wears the Clasp ‘Cambodia’ on both the AASM and the ASM, apparently contrary to available information and defence instructions.

All available evidence available to us indicates that personnel who served in Cambodia as part of the Australian Defence Force component of UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia), were initially awarded the Australian Service Medal (ASM) with clasp ‘Cambodia’.

Following significant lobbying the award was upgraded to the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with clasp ‘Cambodia’ in recognition of the special conditions of service with UNTAC. As a result of this upgrade those personnel who served with UNTAC and awarded the AASM were required to return the ASM and Clasp. As we have said throughout, the issue is not that Mr Copeland should return his ASM, simply the clasp;

IRT (in regard to) my situation with the ASM CAMBODIA, the fact that I had a current 12 month posting order which would have taken me up to 14 March 1994; that I was involved in a serious MVA, AME RTA due to save my right leg, and yes, nearly dying from the experience; prior to the eligible time to the ASM. However the legal point to note is the CAG ASM CAMBODIA Regulation c. (vi) & (vi) A. Be sure to read it all, to fully comprehend the matter of why I wear the ASM, with the fact that it is in my PMKEYS and the fact that I would have remained for the eligible period BUT FOR the MVA. (Copeland – RASIGS Facebook Site)

Contrary to Mr Copeland’s vitriol, we have never questioned his entitlement to wear the ASM. He has an entitlement to that award recognising his service in Sinai as part of the Multi National Force and Observers (MFO).

It is the clasp ‘Cambodia’ which is at issue.

The only personnel who may wear the ASM for service in Cambodia are those who have served with the United Nations Military Liaison Team/ Cambodian Mine Action Centre. Start date - 08 Oct 93 End date - 04 Oct 99. (Reference: Defence Honours and Awards Gazette (S111) 17 Mar 99).

By inadvertently or otherwise leaving the Cambodia clasp on your ASM you are in fact claiming another medal of which you have no entitlement, unless of course you served in the above mission and if that is the case you can expect our unreserved apology.

However, by your own admission, you were in in a serious motor vehicle accident while in country and it is therefore assumed you were RTA (Returned to Australia) prior to achieving the qualifying date for the ASM, and as you point out, you none the less qualify for the award by virtue of CAG ASM CAMBODIA Regulation c. (vi) & (vi) which states: (quoting the relevant section only)

(vi) the Chief of the Defence Force or his delegate in exercising his discretion to deem under subparagraph (c)(v) shall take into account whether service in relation to the prescribed operation:
(A) was terminated owing to the death, evacuation due to illness or injury or other disability due to service, of a member as described above;

Again, it is not his entitlement to the ASM that is being questioned, it is only his ongoing use of the ‘Cambodia’ Clasp on the ASM which is at issue.  As we have already explained, unless he was a member of the United Nations Military Liaison Team/ Cambodian Mine Action Centre which we know he was not, he was a member of Force Communications Unit (FCU) then to wear the clasp 'Cambodia' on his ASM is to claim an award he is not entitled to.

At no time has he provided evidence to refute the fact that he should not being wearing the ‘Cambodia’ clasp twice. To do so is to claim service he did not perform and that is the only issue we have pursued.

To knowingly wear a clasp for which no entitlement exists could be deemed to be an offence under the Defence Act 1903 - SECT 80B - Improper Use of Service Decorations. It is for that reason that we make such an issue about a clasp (or Bar as our reader called it).

Contrary to Mr Copeland’s assertion, ANZMI does not dispute his entitlement to the Army Combat Badge (ACB). The relevant Defence Instruction regarding this award is out dated and ANZMI would encourage any UNTAC veteran to make application for the award.

We do note however, that he is also wearing the Army AIRN Badge (Army Individual Readiness Notice) contrary to Defence Instructions, but he is not alone in this. This badge is only to be worn by soldiers in uniform to denote their deployment/operational status and is not to be worn with civilian clothes or by persons not eligible (by virtue of operational status) to wear it. It is not an ex-service badge.

Now we must turn to another issue which has been brought to our attention. The following photograph was received by us following our update on the Copeland case. A copy of it was also posted on our Facebook site.

The photo again depicts Mr Copeland, we note still wearing the unofficial ‘tin’ medal but we accept his assurance that it has since been removed.

Our question with this image is however the gold wings being worn by Copeland between his medals and the ACB. In what appears to be a pre-emptive strike, Mr Copeland took to our Facebook site to explain away these ‘wings’, in his words, not ours;

‘…IRT RAN Para Wings. They are not exclusive to RAN CDT. They are awarded to anyone in the RAN who is para qualified. In my case, I served with Coast Guard for 8 years and wore them on my uniform to denote my pride in being a former paratrooper in the maritime search and rescue sector. The photo that XXXX XXXXX has posted was taken in Geneva 2010, where there is a number of former Allied Special Forces and French Paratroopers. I felt at the time that to be involved in such camaraderie that I would openly display my para service. Perhaps inappropriately in some eyes, but I don't normally do this in Australia. To sew the Bogong moth on my right sleeve of my jacket to display my para quals is just wrong…’

What is ‘wrong’ Mr Copeland that you have openly worn a service qualification badge to which you have no entitlement to wear.

The image above is of the Royal Australian Navy’s Parachute qualification Badge awarded to sailors who have not completed the SAS selection and CT training cycle but have completed para training and awarded the standard RAN parachutist wing. This includes the Clearance Divers who now form part of the east coast based TAG-E which is structured around the Sydney based 2 Commando Regiment.

By your own admission, you state that you wore the qualification badge to impress people while overseas, ‘but I don't normally do this in Australia’. But in the same admission, you say: ‘They are awarded to anyone in the RAN who is para qualified. In my case, I served with Coast Guard for 8 years and wore them on my uniform to denote my pride in being a former paratrooper in the maritime search and rescue sector.’

Your trivial dismissal of the protocols and importance of qualification badges does not serve you well. As a result of your own distinguished service, you would appreciate that qualification badges are of immense importance to those men and women who work hard to achieve them. If we accept your argument, anyone attending a RAAF reunion may as well turn up wearing pilot’s wings…it’s the same thing! We note that you proudly wear the Commando Badge, would you not be offended if a person wore that badge having not won the right to wear it?

To wear qualifications insignia which you did not earn is wrong Mr Copeland. Just wrong. We know you are parachute qualified, congratulations on that significant achievement but just because there is no ‘badge’ or ‘bling’ to be worn to signify your skills as yet, even you would agree that to wear that qualification badge in totally inappropriate and disrespectful to the Naval community. Further, to wear it when performing your coast guard duties to denote you as ‘being a former paratrooper in the maritime search and rescue sector’...All ANZMI can ask is why? The last time we looked, the coast guard did not have a paratroop capability, nor is the Coast Guard part of the Royal Australian Navy.

Let this be the end to this matter. Let us be clear on our three points of concern.

Firstly, begrudgingly, you have acknowledged that it is inappropriate to wear the unofficial ‘tin’ medal with your official medals and have taken steps to remove it.

Secondly, you are wrong in assuming our issue is with your entitlement to the ASM, it is simply your entitlement to wear two ‘Cambodia’ clasps when all the evidence suggests you are wrong. Simply remove the ‘Cambodia’ clasp from your ASM and return it (the clasp) as almost everyone else did and that will be the end of the matter. If however you continue to argue that you have an entitlement to the clasp, please put up or shut up. All ANZMI is interested in is for you to produce evidence that we are wrong, that is all.

Thirdly, do not play the pious Victim of a non-existent campaign against you when you openly admit to wearing a Royal Australian Navy para qualification badge you have no entitlement to wear.

That is what this case is about, three simple points which Mr Copeland by his own admission has taken some steps to address. Mr Copland would have everyone believe that ANZMI is in some way aligned to person/s or groups who oppose him. This is totally without foundation. Mr Copeland via one of his numerous Facebook attacks asked what ANZMI does for the Veteran Community. Well, Mr Copeland, ANZMI's only objective is to expose ‘the wannabe’, false pretenders and medal cheats who by their action bring shame to the Veteran Community by belittling the honours and awards so hard won by genuine young and old veterans alike. We have no interest in the politics of organisations such as the APPVA, nor are we waging a vendetta against Mr Copeland. He is the master of his own destiny and it is in his hands alone to resolve these matters by admitting his mistakes and simply acknowledge he was wrong, to his credit he has made some small steps in that direction.

Yes, it is true that Mr Copland’s case is no way near the worst case to cross our desk, but we action every report received fairly, on its merits and without fear of favour. When evidence is provided we act accordingly. Mr Copeland, in his own words has made admissions that ANZMI is correct regarding one of the issues we raised ( wearing unofficial medals), there is no defence for him wearing Navy para wings, he simply did not earn them and all he need do is to provide evidence that refutes the evidence ANZMI has offered in regard to wearing two 'Cambodia' Clasps, he is entitled to wear that clasp on the AASM, not the ASM.

These are the facts of this case, nothing more, nothing less.


Surname: Corby
Christian Names: Donald Ralph
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Cootamundra
Case Notes:

N5828/NX102939 Donald Ralph CORBY of Cootamundra served in a number of units during World War 2 in Australia before going to Borneo for a short period in 1945. He should have been proud to have served his country and left it at that. But Corby made a fatal mistake when he spoke to the Cootamundra Herald on Friday 2May 2008.

 If you are going to speak to the press, make sure you tell the truth about your service and if posing for a photograph make sure you are only wearing the medals you are entitled to. Unfortunately the photograph from the newspaper article is black and white and not very clear. The one thing that is clear is that Corby is wearing more medals than what he is entitled to for WW2.

Rather than insert a copy of the whole page of the Cootamundra Herald, we have scanned the actual article and inserted that so you can read the lies Corby has told the press.

As some of the statements made are not chronological, we will cover each point in date order starting with Corby joining 21 Light Horse Regiment Citizen Military Force (CMF) in 1937. This is true he did join 21 Light Horse Regiment which was reformed in July 1937 with Headquarter Squadron at Cootamundra, but this did not happen till 30 January 1938, when he was given the Service Number N5828. Part of that document is inserted and you can see that he did use a false Date of Birth which at some time was discovered and changed to the correct DOB.

In September 1941, 21 Light Horse Regiment was placed on full time duty and in December that year was mechanized and renamed 21 Reconnaissance Battalion. According to Corby’s Army Service Record he commenced duty on 1 October 1941, and remained there until 9 July 1942, when he transferred to the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) regular army and was given a new Service Number NX102939. His Attestation Form dated 9 July 1942 shows his correct date of birth and that he held the rank of Corporal. During this period he completed a Machine Gun Carrier Course.

On 13 October 1942, 21 Reconnaissance Battalion became 21 Australian Division Cavalry Regiment (AIF). Corby served with them until he suffered a fracture to a leg and, on discharge from 105 ACCS, was transferred to the 38 Battalion (AIF) where he was promoted to Acting Sergeant. The battalion was a garrison battalion posted in Darwin for the duration of the war until 22 August 1944, when it was disbanded to a Militia Unit.

In January 1944 Corby stated in the Press;

“He found himself stationed at Bonegilla, where he became part of the Z Force Special Reconnaissance. Fourteen other men and I became number one Section of Two Platoon. We went to about 15 different army schools on weaponry and Morse code, as we carried a transmitter with four members in charge of it”. “We were ready to move off, to where we didn’t know.”

The article also states Mr Corby and his men were told to move to Chermside Camp near Brisbane, .

The only true statement in this is that while serving with 38 Battalion, Acting Sergeant Corby did attend Bonegilla to do a Medium Machine Gun Instructors course, which he completed on 12 June 1944.

According to the article, on October 10,1944 Mr Corby and his 14 men left Brisbane on “David C Shanks”, a liberty ship loaded with ammunition. Ten days later the troops arrived at Morotai  where they were made welcome with freshly cooked meals by the Americans who were part of the 13 Negro Division commanded by General Lewis II.

Research has shown that there was neither General Lewis II, nor a 13th Negro Division. Black servicemen were not referred to as Negro but Black American Servicemen/women. The only US Units designated as 13 Division were 13 Airborne Division and  13 Armoured Division, which both fought in Central Europe.

Corby actually embarked from Brisbane on the ship “Felix Hathaway” on 20 March 1945 and arrived at Morotai six days later. You will also see that Corby was actually transferred to New South Wales on 20 August 1944. On 7 January 1945 he was stationed at a General Duties Depot before being posted to 14 Australian Works Company on 16 January 1945.

On 1 June 1945 he embarked from Morotai per LST 360 (Landing Ship Tank) for service with a battalion in North Borneo. If he saw any action at all it would have had to have been between June and August 1945 when Japan surrendered. The records do not show if he was posted to a battalion or unit when he first arrived in Borneo, neither does it show what duties he carried out

The article states Mr Corby said;

“On February 28 1945 he was called to move. The troops were not told their destination until they were on a submarine. They ended up in Sandakan in North Borneo, landing on March 7. They spent three days collecting information on fortifications.

Behind the Japanese lines at Sandakan, he and his men met up with the Dihaes (described as the wild men of Borneo) who acted as guides and guarded the soldiers.

Before leaving Brunei in Borneo on March 11, the Dihaes assisted him and his troops, sending a message on drums to another Dihae tribe some 250 miles away informing them that he and his men were on the way.

On April 6 the same year, before the invasion by Japanese, he and his soldiers returned to Morotai, spending two weeks on a submarine.

He was flown to Balikpapan where he joined up with the remnants of a Dutch Battalion, under the guidance of Colonial Vongt Bourgt, and those who were left from Three Section, making a total of 25 men.

We had no officers, I was in charge of the lot. It was here I received my Dutch Cross medal along with the eight remaining Aussie soldiers who also received this honour.

This is a bit confusing as he states he and his men were working behind enemy lines, then left before the Japanese invaded.

We assume that by Dihae Tribes he means “Dyak” (a term Europeans used when referring to head hunters), but are unable to identify anyone by the name Vongt Bourgt.

The Dutch did try to have Australian troops awarded the Dutch Cross but this was rejected by the Australian government as a campaign medal for fighting in that theatre of operations had been issued.

The article also states;  In February 1945 the 9th Division of Australian’s landed at Morotai and an all out attack on Labuan Island and Brunei by the Japanese followed.

“Half my section went from Labuan, we lost one man at Brunei and one at Labuan, I had 13 men left.”

Corby had not even left Australia at this time as stated above.

Looking at the last document you will see that Corby was in and out of hospital from 1 October 1945 till he was finally posted to 11 Small Ships Company on  4 December 1945. Mr Corby should read up on the history of the 9th Division as it was not until 10 June 1945 that the landings at Brunei took place.

We have a lot more information of Corby’s lies on hand about being with Special Operations Australia or SOA (code named Services Reconnaissance Department), which he incorrectly refers to as “Z Force Special Reconnaissance Unit”. Everything in the article except his joining 21 Light Horse Regiment is pure fiction.

Research has shown that no submarines went from Morotai to Borneo. The last submarine to convey SOA operatives  to Borneo was the submarine Tuna in February/March for operation Agas 1.

If Corby thinks that Z Special Unit was a secret unit carrying out covert operations, he and others have it all wrong. Z Special Unit was not operational. It was an administrative unit.

During WW2 Britain had a Top Secret organization to train operatives to operate behind enemy lines in Europe named Special Operations Executive (SOE), the cover name being Inter Services Research Bureau (ISRB). After Singapore fell, members of an offshoot organization named SOE (Far East), set up a similar organization here known as SOE (Australia), with the cover name being Inter Allied Services Department (IASD or ISD).

An administrative unit, named Z Special Unit, was established to act as a holding unit to cater for the large number of AIF personnel recruited to SOE (Australia) and to other covert units operating under the umbrella of Allied Intelligence Bureau (AIB). Z Special Unit, being an administrative body, had no war establishment, no war equipment table and could neither plan nor carry missions in its own right. However, it was extremely useful, both as a holding unit for the AIF, and because it had carte blanche with which to obtain ordnance etc.

In February 1943, as a result of internal problems, SOE (Australia) went into limbo, but the following April was resurrected as Special Operations Australia (SOA), with the cover name Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD).

No longer under the direct control of AIB, SOA became virtually autonomous, and was answerable only to General Thomas Blamey. Following the split, SOA retained Z Special Unit for its own use. A new administrative unit, M Special Unit, was formed to cater for the needs of AIF serving with AIB’s other organizations.

Personnel for Z Special Unit itself – administrative, instructional and camp staff – were drawn from the ranks of various services

So Donald Corby, you really put your foot in it when you made that press statement by telling all those lies and showing how much you really knew about the history of World War 2. You have shamed yourself, your family and have shown disrespect to Z Special Unit whose task it was to look after the needs and training of the real operatives from Special Operations Australia, a lot of whom never returned from their missions. You will now grace our web site for the whole world to see.

 We recommend that readers wishing to learn more about SOA should read the factual book “Deadly Secrets” written by Lynette Ramsay Silver, ISBN: 9781863514101.(pbk)  


If any readers have a recent colour photograph of Corby with all his medals, it would be appreciated if you could email us a copy at full resolution.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Coulter
Christian Names: Nigel
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Kyogle
Service #: N/A
Service: N/A
Branch: N/A
Case Notes:



Following the exposure of Nigel Coulter on the ANZMI website as an Australian Military Imposter, his employers, Corrective Services NSW were quick to react.

Coulter received notice that his future employment prospects within that Department were not good, and that he was about to be terminated.

He immediately sent a text message to his Supervisor, resigning on the spot.

Coulter could not provide ANZMI with any proof of his alleged military service as an Australian Army soldier in Namibia or Cambodia, or anywhere else for that matter..

We hope that Corrective Services NSW set an example and now assist Grafton Police with a formal prosecution of Nigel Coulter for offences he has committed under the Defence Act 1903, sections 80A and 80B.

Genuine Australian and New Zealand serving and former military personnel are unimpressed with imposters, who for their own vanity, steal the honour of all those Defence Force personnel, who have served, and or died for their respective countries.

Coulter has earned the right to appear before the Local Magistrate and explain his behaviour.

A further update will be provided in the future. 



Nigel Coulter was born on the 3 August, 1971. He is 47 years of age and resides in Kyogle, in the northern part of the State of New South Wales. (NSW)

We are not certain about the entire background of Nigel Coulter, but we know that he did not serve in the Australian Army in the 1990s as he has claimed.

We know that he worked for NSW Family and Community Services as a Case Officer, NSW Juvenile Justice, and is now employed at NSW Corrective Services, Grafton, as a Correctional Officer.

Nigel Coulter is a Military Imposter, a fraud, and a Medal Cheat.


In the above photograph Coulter is wearing the following medal ribands and badge -;

1. The Australian Active Service Medal. (AASM). – Not entitled.
2. The Australian Defence Medal. (ADM). – Not entitled.
3. The United Nations Assistance Group in Namibia Medal (UNTAG 1989 – 1990) Not entitled.
4. The United Nations Advance Mission in Cambodia medal. (UNAMIC 1991 – 1992) Not entitled.
5. The United Nations Special Service Medal (UNSSM est.1995) Not entitled.
6. Above these medals he wears the Australian Infantry Combat Badge. (ICB) (The Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) is awarded to a serving member of the Australian Army for service as an Infantryman in warlike operations.)
Not entitled.


In 2017, Coulter came under suspicion from a number of persons, when he commenced to wear the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) on his NSW Corrective Services uniform. When asked why he wears the ICB without campaign medal ribands, he replied, “It’s the only one worth wearing.”

Over time, Coulter added the .Australian Defence Medal and United Nations medal ribands mentioned above.

As he was not wearing either the Australian Active Service Medal riband (AASM), a pre-requisite for the ICB, or the Australian Service Medal riband (ASM), that always accompanies a UN medal riband, he raised concerns.

He was then asked by witnesses as to why he was not wearing the AASM or the ASM with his UN medal ribands, and “was he missing a medal?”

He replied that “he was waiting on the ASM to arrive”. He was then asked what his Army Regimental number was and he stated, “ I can’t remember it, it is written down at home somewhere.”

Coulter then stated that “he was an Artillery Forward Observer in Namibia and Cambodia and that is why he was issued with the Infantry Combat Badge”.

In August, 2018, Coulter commenced wearing the AASM on his Corrective Services uniform with the UN medal ribands.

Another witness stated, “as for service, he once told me he was a reserve engineer and when questioned about where he got the AASM and how he became eligible to wear the ICB, his response was on operations in Cambodia”

When asked further about his service by another colleague, Coulter became defensive and stated that “It was classified”.
Coulter was subsequently reported to ANZMI for clarification of his alleged medal entitlements.

ANZMI then made inquiries with Military Associations that assist with these types of inquiries. It was ascertained that Coulter does not appear on the roll of Australian Defence Force personnel who deployed to Cambodia. Nor did he deploy to Namibia.

His claims of being an Artillery Forward Observer in Namibia are rubbish. No Australian Artillery personnel were deployed to Namibia.

Strangely, there is no mention of Coulter’s claimed Australian Army military service on his Linked In Page or his Face Book Page.

ANZMI has also been reliably advised from associates of Coulter, that he never served in the Australian Defence Force at the time he claims entitlement to the United Nations medal ribands (1989 to 1995.), or at any other time.

ANZMI sent two emails to Coulter, inviting him to provide evidence of his service in the Australian Army, with deployments to Namibia and Cambodia as claimed. He was also invited to produce documentary evidence of his claims to the AASM, ADM, UNTAG, UNAMIC, UNSSM, and ICB.

Coulter has decided not to accept our invitation to provide the documentation.

There is probably a very good reason why !

Genuine veterans are only too happy to provide ANZMI with proof of their service when requested.

Coulter, like most military imposters who cannot provide basic details of their alleged Australian Defence Force Service has notified ANZMI of a veiled threat of legal action. That does not deter ANZMI as we only publish the truth.

Coulter has committed offences against the Defence Act 1903, sections 80A and 80B, claiming to be a returned Australian serviceman and wearing Australian military decorations and medals that he has not been awarded.


The following extracts from the Defence Act 1903 apply to honours and awards:

80A Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if: (a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and (b) the representation is false.
Penalty: 30 penalty units ($3,300.00) or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

(2) For the purposes of this section: (a) returned soldier means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Military Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Military Forces of any Ally of Great Britain; (b) returned sailor means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Naval Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Naval Forces of any Ally of Great Britain; and (c) returned airman means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Air Force, air service or flying corps raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire or as a member of the air forces of any Ally of Great Britain.

80B Improper use of service decorations

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if: (a) the person wears a service decoration; and (b) the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.
Penalty: 30 penalty units ($3,300.00) or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Coulter may well end up in the same Prison he works at now, however, in a different role.

His employer, NSW Corrective Services has been notified, in addition to the NSW Police, Grafton.

An update on Coulter will be provided as events unfold.


Surname: Cowell
Christian Names: Peter William Glen
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Service #: 2141953
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: Armoured Corps
Commencement of service: 1980
Completion of service: 1980
Case Notes:


UPDATE "ADMIRAL" Peter Cowell - JUNE 2020

This bloody idiot is still at it, with his mythical organization named International Search and Rescue (IntSAR) which in reality, can be associated with the children's puppet show "THUNDERBIRDS".

IntSAR is an impossible to achieve organization, dreamed up by a delusional, ex delivery driver, who on occasion wears a uniform, very similar to an Australian Navy Admiral. He not only dresses for the part, but he also lives the part. He doesn't often wear his uniform, but he makes sure, his Admiral's hat can be seen in the rear window of his car,

The hat, the ribands and badges he wears, are all false. He is the very model of a fake and shoddy Navy Admiral.

Since our first exposure of Cowell in 2014, a steady trickle of reports have been received detailing his actions and antics. With financial help of a charitable organization, he was residing in a caravan park in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), then moved to Bathurst New South Wales, and now resides at The Rocks, 200 km west of Sydney, NSW.

Notice that on his IntSar LinkedIn website, www.intsar.org/leadership/officer-comand...s/bio-official-photo , Cowell describes himself as "Admiral", however whilst living in the bush in NSW 200 Km from the coast he is not living the lifestyle of an "international Coordinator by appointment, to the IntSAR Commission", and a "Diplomatic and proud member of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers".

Appointments are available for recruits interested in joining his "crew". He describes IntSar On the latest IntSar Facebook page.

On his IntSar Facebook page he also promotes the following "Related Categories":

• Abortion service
• Addiction service
• Alternative and holistic health service
• Disability service
• Emergency rescue service
• Healthcare Administrator
• Home healthcare service
• Mental health service
• Nursing agency
• Orthotics and prosthetics service
• Reproductive service

In addition he claims alliance with dozens of organization throughout the world, including: Rescue of stray cats in the UK and affiliation with the Fire Department of Harlem New York


Although Cowell dresses like an Admiral, and admirably promotes his organization, he is not an Admiral's boot lace. IntSar, his organization, has no credence. He is a person with delusions of grandeur and the ability to lie without constraint.

Cowell would have the world believe he is an Admiral and a member of the International intelligence community. Here is an extract from his web site:

"Today, as an IntSAR Admiral with experience in Intelligence. I have 25 years in total within the services. In accordance with the official secrets act the remainder of my service is confidential due to its nature"

The buffoon does not even know, that there is no such thing as the Australian Official Secrets Act.

If you see Cowell anywhere on the horizon, steer well clear, as he is not an Admiral, he is a lying fake, who is as dishonest as any Pirate who ever sailed the seven seas, or tread the bush at The Rocks in NSW.


UPDATE COWELL April, 2018.

Canberra beware! A new crook is in town. The less than "Admiral Peter Cowell", is still trying to convince people that he is a "mover and shaker" in the world wide intelligence network. Unfortunately it is not possible for him to succeed, for apart from the fantasies pervading his cranium, he possesses no intelligence whatsoever.

Here is the latest copy of his resume.

Originally enlisted in the Australian Army for 6 years where I served in Armored (sic) recon (Cavalry), undertaking many specialist courses including basic Intel which set to (sic) scene for my career post-Army I transferred to the Corps of Engineers. After some time I moved on to Law Enforcement within the area of Corrections and Internal Investigations. Due to my earlier service with the army. After a time I became involved with a Maritime aid agency (N.G.O.) where I became aware of new Technology of potential military threat and use against Terrorists. I brought that to the attention of senior military authorities (said technology now having been developed by the United States and in use today). This together with my Degree in Security, Terrorism & Counter-terrorism with a second major in Law Studies saw me move into the Intelligence Community. Today, as a retired IntSAR Admiral with experience in Intelligence which carries with it some potential for diplomatic fallout. I have 25 years in total in the services. In accordance with the official secrets act the remainder of my service is confidential due to its nature. Today I provide limited consultancy on Geopolitical Strategic Military matters. My most recent client was the Office of the United States Secretary of Defense (sic).

In the above resume, he claims to have earned academic degrees in Security, Intelligence and Counter-terrorism with a second major in Law Studies. On his LinkedIn page, he also claims to have earned from the Murdoch University in Perth degrees in -;

Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism. Further studies toward a Masters in Asymmetric Warfare, International Relations and National Security Studies

A search of Graduate Students from Murdoch University did not list a person named Peter William Glen COWELL as ever graduating with any qualifications. The Murdoch University advise that if a person is not on the publicly accessible Graduates list, he has no Murdoch University qualifications.

Response By Email (Student Liaison Officer)

Thank you for contacting Murdoch University.

If a student is not listed in the graduate register which is located on the Murdoch website, then they have not completed a degree at Murdoch University.

We hope this information helps!

Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards


The Student Centre Team

His false claims that his twenty five years of service gives him experience, have connotations of the Officials Secrets Act and vast experience as an investigator. His twenty five years are all "Urine and Wind", as he served very little time as a Private Soldier in the Army Reserve and his Law Enforcement time was of short duration and spent as a Corrective Service Officer at the bottom of the promotions ladder. He never spent any time in the Navy and promoted himself to Admiral in an organization that was no more than a sham and a scam.

Here are photographs of Cowell as a Soldier and Corrections Officer:

Peter Cowell

Peter Cowell

On his Facebook page, Cowell recently claimed to be soon the Patron of a Veterans organization. He had his foot in the door, until the organization realised that he and his resume were nothing but lies and false pretences. They quickly sent him ashore, cancelled their "Ahoy shipmate" and bade him farewell.

Cowell is well represented in many places on the internet. Wherever he appears, he includes this photograph of his scruffy self as an "Admiral":

Peter Cowell

Ex Service organizations, the Defence Department and Citizens of Canberra beware of this Gilbert and Sullivan Admiral, who, by the way, has never served in the Queens Navy or sailed the deep blue or any other colour sea.




Introducing Rear Admiral Peter Cowell, Retired (Rtd) of International Sea Air Rescue and Humanitarian Aid Service (IntSAR).

Note: This organisation should not be confused with "Thunderbirds are Go", the search and rescue organisation featuring Scott, Tracy, Virgil, Geoff , Lady Penelope and Parker the Chauffeur.

Although difficult to see, "Admiral" Cowell, has advised that the medals he wears are:

Note: Cowell is wearing only one legitimate medal the Australian Defence Medals (ADM). The others are all unmentionable junk. He claims entitlement to the ADM because he was discharged from the Army Reserve with Kidney Stones. Here is what he said about his military service:

Cowell's Defence File contains only two documents:

One is an Application to enlist in the Regular Army in 1979 but he did not show for processing. The other is an Enlistment Advice to join the Army Reserve in 1980 as a Private Soldier which was processed.

There are no other documents to show any activity after the enlistment.

What is this mysterious IntSAR of which Peter Cowell is an Admiral Rtd? Here in his own words is the answer:

Cowell had serious communications with Senior Politicians and also with Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). Here is a letter head from a Western Australia Senator who apparently believed that Cowell was an Admiral. We have other letterheads from prominent politicians of the day.

Here is a letter that he claims to have written to ASIO.


Of particular note is this paragraph.

Cowell appears to have been afraid of foul play and in a slick move, threatens to tell all to the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China. Below is the envelope ready for the "Drop Box" at the Chinese Embassy.

ENOUGH of the Bulldust - Threatening to pass "Secrets" to the Chinese Embassy, wearing a uniform of an Admiral with medal ribbons is evidence of his delusional state.

"Admiral" Peter Cowell is a fanciful Admiral from a fanciful organisation of no substance.

He now runs a small Courier business in Perth and should stick to that. Although his work garb is somewhat different from his IntSAR Admiral's uniform, they can both be described and "scruffy".

We suggest Cowell stop wearing a uniform that would be inestimably beyond his capacity to achieve. He exacerbates the consequences of his actions by wearing "Tin" medals and a genuine medal that was also beyond his capacity to achieve.

Because of his stupidity he has achieved the notoriety of being presented to the world as an idiot on this web site.

We welcome Peter Cowell, who is a Courier driver and not Carrier driver as he would have us believe.




Surname: Cowie
Christian Names: Wayne William
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Rockhampton
Service #: 1735654
Service: Army
Branch: Artillery
Commencement of service: 09 Jul 1969
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:



Cowie 1


They say that the further North you get in Australia, the more relaxed the people are.

It is certainly true in this picture of a very relaxed Wayne Cowie, taken at a Vietnam Veterans commemorative service, in 2015, at the Cockscomb Veterans Bush Retreat, a nice 30 minute drive from Rockhampton in  Northern Queensland.

Cowie 2


Cowie served 277 days in Vietnam as part of the 4th Field Regiment, The Royal Regiment Australian Artillery, as the Vietnam War Service certificate shows.

The 4th Field Regiment was raised at Wacol on 3 May 1960, being the first major Regular Army unit to be raised in Queensland. The Regiment moved to Lavarack Barracks in 1968. As a complete unit, the Regiment served two tours of duty in South Vietnam, as well as sending individual batteries to South Vietnam, Singapore, Malaya and East Timor.

Why this little potted history, you ask? Cowie was part of an artillery unit, a point that will later to prove very important in his undoing.

Cowie 3

At the end of his official medals, Cowie has tacked on a commemorative abomination, this one known as the Front Line Medal. This piece of tin may look pretty, however, you do not fool your fellow veterans, who would recognise you had no association with the 2/12 Infantry Battalion whatsoever.

The Front Line Service Medal was issued by the 2/12 Infantry Battalion Association, based in Queensland, to identify those who took part in World War Two front line actions with the Infantry, differentiating them from other units. It was manufactured and sold by that Association as a funds raising exercise. They made a lot of money selling this tin trinket to gullible people, who had no association with the 2/12 Infantry Battalion whatsoever. You can add Cowie to that list of gullible people.

Defence Honours and Awards has this to say about such medals:

“Medals not listed in the order of wear may be worn officially, on an unrestricted basis, only with the express permission of the Governor-General. As a general rule, such permission is extended only to official awards of foreign governments. It has never been extended to private commemorative medals. Those medals should not be worn at all, and certainly never on the left hand side and mounted with officially issued medals”.

Have you picked up on the glaring inconsistency yet? That’s right, Cowie was attached to an artillery unit, yet he is wearing a thing designed to commemorate service in the infantry.

Yes, they certainly are more relaxed up North, and Wayne Cowie did not have to expend much energy to earn a permanent place on the ANZMI website.

Surname: Craft
Christian Names: Eric Eugene
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Geraldton
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: December 2006
Completion of service: July 2018
Case Notes:


Eric Craft was born in December 1988 and at 18 years of age in 2006, joined the Australian Regular Army (ARA) where he served until 2017.  He then transferred to the Army Reserve and was discharged in July 2018. During all of his Army service he remained a Private Soldier.




Craft has not settled back into civilian life, and blames his bad behaviour on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that he developed during his many "overseas combat deployments".


In fact Craft was never deployed to any war zones during his twelve years of service, his entire service was spent in Australia.


We hold six Statutory Declarations detailing what Craft has said about his time in the Army.


According to Craft he served in Malaysia, Afghanistan (4 tours) Iraq, Solomon Islands, Europe, Somalia and East Timor among other medals he also claims the USA Purple Heart for being wounded in action. During his last tour of duty in Afghanistan he says he was captured, tortured an raped.  He was also involved in "Black Ops" and his service records have been "wiped and sealed under the Secrecy Act".


Whilst in Afghanistan he was selected to work with US Army Rangers, elite Special Forces and Delta Force . It can be assumed this lie is to cover his previous lie of being awarded a USA Purple Heart Medal.


According to Craft he attended and passed the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) selection course with ease and because of his combat experience was urged to join SASR, however he choose to return to his Battalion in Adelaide.           


He plays the false PTSD card to the hilt and has phoned people during the night crying and seeking counselling for the pain of his combat experiences.


We are reliably advised that his whole family believe he is a damaged Returned Soldier.   Lying to loved ones about false service to get succour is the ultimate betrayal. It is also the epitome of treachery against genuine veterans.

Craft is given Star status on this web site where he will remain forever.

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