Date of Entry: 21/06/2020
Surname: Cook
Christian Names: Gerard Gary
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Southport
Service: Claims RAAF & RAN Reserve Service
Case Notes:


Gerard Cook is a Flotilla Commander with the Southport branch of the Australian Coast Guard. He has been contacted and requested to prove his medals entitlement. He has not done so.

Cook wears Coast Guard ribands and badges correctly placed on his right breast.

The left breast is reserved for Federal medals that are awarded by the Governor General of Australia. Cook wears on his left breast three medal ribands, they are:

Australian Defence Medal. No official listing of award
Australian Cadet Medal. No official listing of award
United Nations International Year of the Volunteer Medal. Unofficial tin medal.

Here are to two Federal medals worn by Cook on the left breast:

The third medal is the Year of the Volunteer medal which is not on the Governor Generals list, of foreign medals approved to be worn by Australians. See here:

When approached, Cook clearly stated he was awarded the two medals by Defence for his service with Royal Australian Navy Reserves and Royal Australian Air Force, Reserves. He said, he wore the Year of Volunteer medal, as it was officially awarded to him for service with Volunteer Coastguard.

We have conducted time consuming searches to establish his bona fides, however after months with no results it was discovered that no person named Cook GG has a Defence file at National Australia Archives.

Here is the official response from a Commodore at Volunteer Coastguard Australia.

"Good morning,

Thank you for your email.

As this situation is between yourself and Mr Cook the AVCGA will leave it to you to confirm if Mr Cooks (sic) has or has not been awarded medals".

Obviously the Coastguard has a laissez faire attitude towards the very important aspect of wearing medals on their uniforms.

Cook wears three medals on his left breast, we know that one is a none approved medal, and there are no Defence files authorising him to wear the other two. In the meantime he is welcomed to ANZMI, who also have the duty of guarding Australian Volunteer Coastguard against those who wear fake medals

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