Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Payton
Christian Names: Kenneth Richard
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Goulburn
Service #: R65026
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Commencement of service: 12.02.1966
Case Notes:



Kenneth Richard Payton joins the long list of former HMAS Sydney Veterans who snub their noses at the rules and protocols established regarding the wearing of Official and Un-Official Medals.

The above image shows Payton wearing a rack of eight medals. These awards reflect his service in the Royal Australian Navy, and his service during the Vietnam War.

The medals Payton is entitled to wear are:

Australian Active Service Medal 1945–1975 (AASM 45-75)
Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (VLSM)
Australian Service Medal 1945–1975 (ASM 45-75)
Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM)
National Medal (NM)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

The last two medals are un-official tin medals. One has been identified as the Vietnam Logistics Support Medal and the other ‘Sydney’ medal was issued for a time by the HMAS Sydney Association and was freely available for purchase on their website.

HMAS Sydney Medal Tin self-purchased medal. Not to be worn with official medals.

Logistic and Support Medal Tin self-purchased medal. Not to be worn with official medals

Of interest, the HMAS Sydney Association placed a warning on their website which clearly dispels any suggestion that Payton and the other medal cheats “did not know it could not be worn”

Like all of his shipmates who have decided to mount these ‘tin’ medals they forget that the Nation has already recognised their service with the award of the AASM 45-75 with clasp ‘Vietnam’ and the VLSM, while their service in southeast Asia has been acknowledged with the award of the ASM 45-75 with clasp ‘FESR’. There is absolutely no excuse for adding additional self-purchased medals other than as an act of self-indulgent, self-promotion within the local Goulburn ex-service community.

Surname: Larkham
Christian Names: Graham
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Penrith
Service: Army (National Service)
Branch: Royal Australian Armoured Corps
Case Notes:


Graham Larkham of Penrith has no need to enhance his military service and tell lies, however for reasons known only to him he does.

Notice that Larkam wears:

1 2 Cavalry Beret and Badge.

Left breast.
2. Australian Service Medal (ASM) - Not entitled
3. National Police Service Medal.
4. National Medal.
5 Australian Defence Medal.
6 Anniversary of National Service Medal.

Right breast.
7. NSW Police Medal.

Here is the offending medal:

Larkham genuinely served as a National Serviceman during the period of the Vietnam war. When asked about his service by a researcher, Larkham said, he had been deployed to Vietnam with 2 Cavalry Regiment, and had embarked for Vietnam, aboard HMAS Sydney. He continued to say that enroute, the ship docked at Shoalwater Bay Queensland, and 2 Cavalry Regiment were off loaded. For his unsuccessful deployment to Vietnam, he wears the ASM, and claims it was awarded by Department of Honours and Awards.

As Larkham refuses to provide any further information about his Vietnam "near miss" we are unable to discern which clasp is attached to the ASM.

We are advised by 2 Cav historians that the Vietnam story is well known but is a "barrack room myth" that did not happen.

As evidenced by his Police medals one would expect that Larkham would be a pillar of society, instead of a medals cheat, who tells lies. He has committed two criminal acts against the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Sectionss 80A and 80B for falsely claiming to be a returned Veteran and wearing a medal that has not been awarded.

Larkham also holds senior positions as Secretary for the Penrith NSW RSL and the Penrith National Servicemen's Association.

Larkham is not a fit an proper person to hold such positions of trust, and we urge both organizations to expel him with ignominy.

He will however been elected as secretary of cheats and wannabes at ANZMI Barracks where he is among many others of his ilk.

There are numerous former Australian National Servicemen who appear on the ANZMI website, who have falsely embellished their service. A few years ago, in New South Wales, a National Servicemen's Association Protocol Officer was appointed to rectify this growing problem. He has worked tirelessly to educate recalcitrant members of the Association to comply with Governor Generals medal wearing protocols. It appears that he still has much work to do.

Surname: Kelleher
Christian Names: David
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Narooma
Service #: R95293
Service: Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and RNZN
Commencement of service: 05 Jan 66
Completion of service: 1975 joined RNZN
Surname: Crowe
Christian Names: Robert
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Naracoorte
Branch: RAAF
Case Notes:


A person who takes liberties with the truth, should not seek media attention. Robert Crowe is the President of the Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch, at Naracoorte in South Australian. Here is an extract from the Naracoote Herald that was published on 16 April 2020.

There are problems with Crowe's statement. He has lied, and he exhibits medals protocol offences, that are unbecoming of a Defence veteran, let alone an RSL President.

1. Crowe claims to be a Vietnam veteran. He is not.
2. Wears a 15 year and 25 year clasp on his Defence Force Service Medal, yet he claims to
served for only 23 years in the RAAF
3. He wears a Northern Territory Police Medal with his Defence Medals on his left breast,
contrary to protocol. and tradition.

Here is the NT Police medal that must not be worn on the left breast:

The Naracoorte RSL President, is far from being a "wise old crow" and unless there are lesser standards in South Australia, his days as an RSL executive are numbered.

We have reserved accommodation on the ANZMI tree of knowledge, where Crowe can fly straight to, and remain in contemplation, with the many other wannabes and medals cheat of his flock.

Surname: Rennie
Christian Names: Mathew David
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Ipswich
Service #: 24932
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: In Korea 4 July 1952
Completion of service: in Korea 4 July 1953
Case Notes:


Mattew Rennie did the hard yards in Korea with 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. For that service, and his subsequent military and civilian service, he has been awarded eight medals, unfortunately, Rennie has deigned to elongate his rack by adding two non legitimate medals.

Here is his rack:

Member of the Order of Australia OAM
Australian Active Service Medal
Korea Medal
United Nations Korea Medal
General Service Medal 1918-1962
Australian Service Medal
Australian Defence Medal
Republic of Korea War Service Medal

Korea Veterans Ambassador for Peace Medal. Not authorized to be worn.
Unknown Korea Commemoration Medal Not authorized to be worn.

Any person who seeks media fame, should ensure that they are not cheating with their military accoutrements, as veterans, all over Australia are on the look out for those who falsely enhance their service and awards.

Rennie choose to add a little fame, by increasing the size of his medal rack, With medal racks, size does matter. His actions were spotted and he is now an official lodger at the ANZMI Barracks.

Surname: Hamilton
Christian Names: Anthony John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service: Claims Australian Army
Branch: Claims Special Air Service regiment
Commencement of service: Claims 1978
Completion of service: Claim 1998
Case Notes:


Anthony Hamilton is an everywhere man. He also uses the names Tony Hamilton and A.J Hamilton. He is about 58 years of age, stating he was born on the 3 September, 1961.

Hamilton claims that he joined the Australian Regular Army (ARA) in 1978 as a 17 year old. He further claims that he discharged 20 years later in 1998. He has related to members of the Aussie Vets PTSD Group, Gympie, that during his 20 years Army service, he was deployed to 1 Commando Regiment, 2 Commando Regiment , 1 and 5 Infantry Battalions, Royal Australian Regiment , (RAR). He added that at Discharge in 1998, he was the current Warrant Officer Class 1 - RSM at the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) at Swanbourne Western Australia.

Hamilton claims deployments in The Gulf War – 1991, Somalia 1993 , Clean Up Crew for U.N. Cambodia 1993 – 1994, Rwanda 1995, 3 x East Timor 1996 – 1997, Afghanistan, , New Guinea and finally, Iraq, Afghanistan and Dubai as a Civilian Security Advisor.
He has claimed membership of the 1 RAR Association, 5 RAR Association, 1 and 2 Commando Regiment Associations and SASR Association.

In March, 2020, Hamilton inquired about joining “Aussie Vets PTSD Group” in Gympie, Queensland. He contacted the Administrators and claimed all the above Australian Army service details to them. He stated that he was also suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, was destitute and homeless. He claimed that he was living in a car in a Car Park in Logan, Brisbane.

He was invited to travel to Gympie where he was given money, and free board and accommodation. A few days after his arrival, his stories of alleged Australian Army Service did not appear to add up. Below is one statement that caused a great deal of curiosity among the members of the Aussie Vets PTSD Group. -

He related the following story -; "that he was kidnapped while on patrol in Rwanda and beaten with clubs etc, he came out in a body cast. The Government wouldn't help, the Australian Army had to get him out.”

He also stated that in 5 weeks time, "he was to receive a $1.9 million dollar “Army “pension", and that “he had completed 1540 parachute jumps during his Army service:.

Other discrepancies appeared in his stories and he was subsequently asked to leave the free accommodation he was given. The local Police were called and he left without incident.

ANZMI was contacted by concerned Gympie veterans who viewed Hamilton’s actions as deceitful and were an effort to obtain, cash, and free board and lodgings by continuing that deceit.

A mobile telephone number for Hamilton was contacted on numerous occasions to allow him an opportunity to explain his behavior. It has been disconnected.

On investigation of Hamilton’s claims, ANZMI concluded that Hamilton was not -;

1 A Warrant Officer Class 1 RSM at SASR, Perth in 1998 or at any other time.
2 He was never a member of 1 Commando Regiment or 2 Commando Regiment.
3 He was never a member of 1 Battalion RAR or 5 Battalion RAR.
4 He was never a member of any of the above current Military Associations.
5 He is not listed on the 1st Gulf War Nominal Roll.
6 He is not listed on the Somalia Nominal Roll.
7 He is not listed on the Rwanda Nominal Roll.
8 His dates for East Timor are not consistent with Australian Military Operations conducted in that country.

ANZMI has been unable to locate any evidence that Anthony John Hamilton ever served in the Australian Army. We did ascertain however, that in February, 2020, Hamilton applied for 5/7 Battalion Association membership. He was asked the normal questions to verify his service, but his answers were nonsense. Also he could not remember his service number. That is normally the decider. His application was declined.

Volunteer organisations like the Aussie Vets Group should be very careful that this bounder does not come knocking on your door claiming veteran status and seeking cash, free board and lodgings.

Hamilton told veterans in Gympie that he originates from a town called “Wombat” in New South Wales. At ANZMI, we think that is very appropriate.

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