Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Bryant
Christian Names: James Maxwell
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Hastings
Case Notes:


ames Maxwell "Max" Bryant is an ex fisherman from Hastings, on the Eastern side of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria

Notice Bryant wears a Centenary Medal which was awarded to him in January 2001 for initiating the Western Port Oberon Association. After procuring an Oberon class submarine he has been the mover and shaker in creating a community Submarine museum that attracts a lot of attention.

Bryant also wears a Sub Mariners Dolphin Badge, which he has no right to wear. It is not a "pretty badge" to be worn by civilians, it indicates serious Royal Australian Navy (RAN) service under difficult conditions.

The Dolphin badge indicates elite service and is a prestigious badge.

Not everyone in the Navy gets the honour of wearing it. The Navy’s ‘Silent Service’ has a proud tradition of selecting the best personnel from candidates who volunteer to serve in this complex specialisation.

Potential submariners are required to complete more training than those serving on surface ships. Additional training is required in many facets of the platform from systems and services to damage control and escape. Upon selection as a submariner, members complete an Initial Collins Class Course at the Submarine Training and Systems Centre at HMAS Stirling followed by Submarine Specific Category training in their chosen trade.

This complex training is then put into a practical assessment on board a submarine and all members must complete a Basic Submarine Qualification Task Book (commonly known as the Part 3).

The compilation of the Task Book requires each task to be assessed by the Deputy Head of the applicable trades department and a theoretical qualification board. After initial training and specific category training, which can vary significantly, the Task Book is usually completed within a further 16-week period.

After qualifying, Submariners then embark on a career of arduous classified operations, which gives them the privilege of wearing the Dolphin Badge

A look at Bryant's LinkedIn account also contains an exaggeration of achievements

He lists his accomplishments as a civilian fisherman with a little exaggeration thrown in. He says that he was: "Fleet Manager of Allied Fisheries with 48 boats at sea" We are reliably advised that he was never more that a skipper of one of the "48 boats" many of which were located in Tasmania.

It is incongruous that Submarine Veterans associated with the museum have condoned Bryant wearing the Dolphin badge, when he has never served in the RAN.

We have listed others on this website who have falsely worn this badge. They are:


Genuine sub mariners, and all associated with Western Port Oberon association, are urged to not allow James Maxwell Bryant to wear the Dolphin badge, as if he were an ex RAN Sub Mariner.

James Maxwell Bryant is welcomed aboard HMAS ANZM where he can swap stories with others (listed above) who have fraudulently worn the badge

Footnote: Despite the behaviour of the Curator, be aware that a visit to the Museum is a worthwhile experience:

Surname: Bright
Christian Names: Edward James
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Hawthorn/Wangaratta
Service #: 374464
Service: CMF
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:


Edward James Bright was the President of the Hawthorn, Melbourne Branch, of the Returned and Services League (RSL). Members of the Hawthorn Branch became disenchanted with his leadership, and through constitutional means, successfully launched action to have him removed.

Bright is also involved with the Melbourne Tramways Brass Band and used the Hawthorn RSL as a practice venue for the band. There is no evidence of payment by the band for the use of the facility

He initiated the journey to his "Waterloo" by not allowing current, and recent serving members, to join "his" RSL Sub Branch. This was opposite to current RSL objectives and principles, and very insulting to potential members, most of whom have returned from active service

Those insulted by Bright's lack of empathy, were able to initiate democratic action at the sub branch that had him removed from office, we believe with ignominy. Investigations into Bright's background indicated that as well as his attitude towards membership he lacked military credentials to be a member of an RSL .

Since his departure One Hundred and Seventy Five new service members have been enrolled at the Hawthorn RSL.

ANZMI became aware of the problems at Hawthorn RSL and launched an investigation.

A problem was, that Bright consistently refused to provide any details of his military service. The information would curtail any investigation, and allow him the privilege of being an RSL service member.

It was significant and concerning, that Bright could not remember his regimental number.

Eventually information was sought through RSL channels and a regimental number 374464 was produced. The number was used by Bright on RSL membership documents.


All army personnel records for the era of service claimed by Bright, are available from National Australia Archives (NAA). There are no NAA records, listing Bright, or any other person having served in the Army, using that regimental number.

An independent and skilled researcher discovered the following:

"Research regarding that name and regimental number, found no military service for any person with the Regimental Number 374464 There were documents found that show that Edward James Bright completed a National Service registration form, however, he never served as a National Serviceman. In addition, with the National Service document there is a letter from him requesting to be withdraw from a Citizens Military Forces (CMF) service obligation".

All that was asked of Bright, was that he produce evidence to support his claim that he served with CMF 1st Battalion, Royal Victorian Regiment (RVR) in the early 1970s. He refused to do that, and threatened legal action against any person who doubted his "service"
Throughout Australia, RSL Service membership is available to current and former members of the Australian Defence Force and Allied Armed Forces who give a minimum of six months service. All Bright needed to do was prove his service. He refuses to do that simple task, and obviously he was not required to produce his credentials when he originally joined the Hawthorn RSL in 1998.

It is scandalous that Bright was a Service Member of the Hawthorn RSL, and rose to be the President without proof of his service.

In addition to Bright, and aiding and abetting him, is the ex Secretary of the Hawthorn RSL who refuses to communicate with our researchers. An investigation is also pending regarding his bona fides for RSL membership.

To date, Bright's only defence is that "he gave twenty years of hard work to the RSL and is distressed that his credentials should be questioned".

Any person falsely claiming military service for the purpose of joining the RSL is well deserved of the being named and shamed. Credentials of military service, and the kudos of being an RSL President are not to be usurped by those pretending to have served.

There have been other Victoria RSL senior executives "defrocked" by ANZMI over the years. A prominent pretender was:

Mr Lance Mailer Smith See here:

Bright is now enlisted into the hall of shame as a soldier of ANZMI, where he will remain for eternity. It is unfortunate, for Bright that ANZMI membership does not entitle him to RSL membership
Surname: Jackson
Christian Names: Brendan
Country: Australia
State or Province: ACT
City or Town: Canberra
Service #: 132251
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Commencement of service: October 1981
Completion of service: February 1993
Case Notes:


Brendan J Jackson served aboard HMAS Sydney during warlike operations in the Gulf War during 1990 - 1991.

For his Navy service he was awarded four medals. Jackson chooses to wear five.

The last medal on his rack is this one.

All RAN personnel are aware that this medal must not be worn with their medal rack. Those who do, will be welcomed aboard HMAS ANZMI for an extended cruise.

Surname: Rivett
Christian Names: Shaun Francisco
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Service #: 8532566
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 07.08.2007
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:


Shaun Francisco Rivett was born on the 3 August, 1990.

He is a false pretender, a medal cheat and a valour thief. He has gained favour and positions in the Australian Federal Government Border Force (ABF) with his deception.

In 2007, at the age of 17, Rivett joined the Australian Army part time Reserves.(ARes) His initial posting was the Reserve 5/6 Infantry Unit, Royal Victoria Regiment. He resigned from the ARes in August, 2009.

He then enlisted in the Australia Regular Army in August, 2012. From August to November, 2012, Rivett completed Regular Army Recruit Training at Kapooka, 1RTB. Following Recruit Training he attended Singleton School of Infantry where he completed Infantry Corps Training. He was then posted to 6 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment for a few months. In July, 2013, he was terminated from the Australia Regular Army. He then returned to the Australian Reserves 5/6 Infantry Unit, Royal Victoria Regiment as a part time Private soldier.

These dates are significant. He has informed work colleagues and others that he served in the Australia Regular Army in Afghanistan in 2010. However, he was not a member of the Australian Defence Force in any capacity at this time.

ANZMI has received several statements about the false claims of Rivett.


1. That he served with Corporal (name withheld) in Afghanistan in 2010 as an Assistant Group Commander B Company, 2 Commando Regiment.
2. That he had been involved in numerous fire fights where he had killed Taliban soldiers.
3.That his PTSD was so severe he would see combatants he had shot in his rear vision mirror.
4. In 2018 Rivett applied for a position with a Government Department detailing his fake resume Special Forces overseas deployment.
5. In 2019 he went to Afghanistan to rescue a mate captured who was working as a Private Contractor.


1. That he was in Delta Company 2 Commando Regiment.
2. That when he was in the DEA, he went to Afghanistan and destroyed crops.
3. He spoke about all the times he was in conflict with the Taliban enemy.
4. That he then went to 1 Commando Regiment as a Leader, and they were not as professional as 2 Commando, so he left and requested a posting to "Stand by Reserves."

There are a number of other reports to ANZMI detailing false claims made by Rivett. We will not list them here, as they do not take the matter further.

On the 12 June 2018, Rivett joined the Australian Border Force, (ABF) Melbourne, Australia Home Affairs, and is currently employed by that Government Department, in the Mobile Deployment Team. Evidence suggests that he included false military service on his application to join ABF.

Rivett 1 jpg.

In the above photograph Rivett is wearing the following medals.

1. Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) Not entitled.
2. Afghanistan Medal. Not entitled.
3. Australian Service Medal. (ASM) Not entitled.
4. Australian Operational Service Medal. (AOSM) Not entitled.
5. Australian Defence Medal. Not entitled.
6. NATO International Security Assistance Force Medal (ISAF) Not entitled.

Rivett 2 jpg.

The above photograph (a reverse selfie) shows Rivett, in Australia Border Force uniform, wearing the purchased Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) above his false medal riband rack and the unawarded Meritorious Unit Citation (MUC) above his name tag.

Rivett has never been awarded any of the medals, the ICB or the MUC. He has purchased them and awarded them to himself.

Rivett 3 jpg

The above Certificate of Service is inconsistent with his claims of Active Service in the Australian Army. There are no references to any Australian military medals or other awards listed on this document. It is dated 13 September, 2019. It is also not signed by the person named at the foot of the document. The dates are also inconsistent with the termination of his ARes service in August, 2009 and his claims of Afghanistan deployment in 2010. It is a forgery.

Rivett wears the purchased ribands and medals on duty in his ABF role as the occasion presents.

Rivett has committed some very serious offences against the Australian Defence Act 1903 Sections 80A – Falsely representing himself to be a returned soldier - and 80B - Improper use of service decorations - in wearing Australian Military awards that have not been issued to him. Penalty $3,300 fine or six months imprisonment or both.

The fact that he wears the medals and or ribands on duty in a Federal Government ABF uniform is most likely a sackable offence. It will also not go down well with the Australian Department of Defence, where he is still an Army Standby Reserve Rifleman in Melbourne.

Rivett was sent two emails to offer him an opportunity to explain his behaviour. He decided not to respond.

Rivett has stolen the honour of genuine Afghanistan veterans for his own selfish ideals, both in his workplace and on commemorative occasions.

Rivett could not cope with Australian Regular Army life. He quit after 11 months and returned to part time soldiering.

The veteran community will not stand by and see imposters like Rivett gain advantages due to his deceit, immoral and illegal behaviour. Particularly in the work force.

He will no doubt be reported to his Federal Government employers, the ABF and the Australian Department of Defence, and hopefully he will receive his appropriate comeuppance.

His current employers should re-visit his 2018 ABF Employment Application for any credibility issues. The Australian Federal Police may also take an interest in the matter.

Identical offences were committed by Ross James Russo of Clifton Beach Queensland. Another former Australian Army Reserve and RAN rating, a false pretender, liar and wannabee, who fraudulently wore un-awarded ribands on his Queensland Corrective Services uniform. Russo also told lies to the Queensland Department of Health about his false claims of Australian Defence Force active service to gain a permanent Supervisors position in that Department. See below.

An update will be provided on ANZMI as events unfold.

Surname: Finch
Christian Names: Alexander Lawrence
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Karana Downs
Service #: None
Case Notes:


Alexander Finch of Karana Downs in Queensland asks to be excused for his constant and intolerable drunken bad behaviour, because he is a damaged war veteran.

Unfortunately we have no photograph of Finch, however we have a Statutory Declaration detailing that he "proves" his war service by flashing a military medallion and claims it is a bravery award he received from Australian Defence Force because "he went into a dangerous situation to exfiltrate a fellow soldier". He said "as a result, his bad behaviour should be excused because of his actions"

On 20 Oct 19 Finch was contacted direct by a researcher and Finch clearly said: "He has never served in the Australian Defence Force". He also said: "That his house had burnt down during the last week".

We checked with his local Fire Brigade and no such fire is recorded. Obviously it was just another lie to garner sympathy.

Finch is among a common genre of wannabes, who use false PTSD as an excuse for bad behaviour. There are thousands of genuine PTSD sufferers doing the hard yards as a result of their Defence, and other public service. People like Finch are a disgrace who make life harder for genuine sufferers

If he tries to pull this "act" again in his region or anywhere else, suggest he be reported to the local Police Station for falsely claiming to be a returned veteran. That offence, together with wearing false medals, each attract a maximum fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

Because of his lies and disgraceful conduct, we are happy to enlist Finch to this web site and hope that someone may be able to produce a photograph of him.

Surname: Wardlaw
Christian Names: Ross Henry
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: .
City or Town: Te Awamutu
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: 41916
Service: Army
Branch: NZ Army Service Corps
Case Notes:


Ross Henry Wardlaw is well know in the NZ veteran community for his executive membership in:

The Returned Service Associations (RSA),
The Kings Empire Veterans Association (KEVs),
His active service in the Vietnam war and finally:
For his total disrespect for tradition and medals protocol.

Here is Wardlaw wearing nine medals on a commemorative occasion:

Here is a close up of the medals:

Of the nine medals, he is authorised to wear only six of them:

1. The New Zealand Operational Service Medal
2. The Vietnam Medal
3. The New Zealand General Service Medal 1992 (Warlike) with clasp VIETNAM
4. The New Zealand Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal The New Zealand Defence Service Medal with clasp REGULAR
5. The South Vietnamese Campaign Medal
6. The Regular Force Cadet 50th Anniversary Commemorative & Memorial Medal
7. The New Zealand Army 150th Commemoration Medal
8. Scout Medal of Merit

The last three medals are just "bling" and must not be worn with legitimate Defence medals.
The 7th and 8th are self purchased commemorative medals,

The 9th medal is a New Zealand Boy Scout medal of Merit, that has had an extra badge attached

For some years the NZ RSA and members have allowed Wardlaw to wear the three fake medals. Any person who has earned six medals, and then bolsters his rack with three extra fake medals, is not a person to be respected in the ex service community.

We welcome Ross Henry Wardlaw to our website.

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