Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Kingston
Christian Names: Timothy
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Cairns
Case Notes:



Timothy Kingston of Edmonton, Cairns, Far North Queensland has somewhat exaggerated his Military History.

According to Timothy he served in the Army and completed four clandestine tours of Afghanistan.

In reality, this dud has never pulled on a boot, and never suffered the lash of a Regimental Sergeant Majors tongue. He has not a skerrick, not a scintilla, not a crumb, of military history. He is just a pathetic wannabe liar.

He has told all who would listen that "he served for six years and did four tours in Afghanistan. His service in the "Sand Pit" involved secretive missions where he was parachuted in to conduct hostage recovery missions, in some cases he had to shoot his way out".   He also explains that he sought discharge "because he was "Sick of dropping people"

He said his unit was"4," which was an Intelligence Special Forces Unit. Initially there were eight people in his team but now there were only two left, all the others have been killed".

He further said he was "in a bad way, because of "PTS" (sic) and was waking up with bad dreams from when he was on tour." He also related that "he had to carry his dead friend out of the "field" when he was deployed, and had been involved in his funeral and another one of his friends".

More verbal garbage, "After he was discharged he was made redundant from a civilian job and within a day, the Army contacted him to offer him his job back as they really needed his skills and they had been keeping an eye on his career".

Kingston has a severe case of the "Walter Mitty syndrome" with unremitting tales of his heroic Defence Service. Kingston has never served, and would have no idea of what it takes to be even an ordinary soldier let alone one of the very elite who become involved in Special Forces Operations in war zones

We contacted Kingston and asked him about his Military Service.


Am back again, there seems to be controversy as to whether you have ever served in the Australian Defence Force, as have been unable to locate a Defence Service File for a person with your name?

Can you please confirm that you have served.?"

Here is his answer of the 8th April 2014

"Ididn’t serve in the army and don’t know where that information has come from

As we have numerous Statutory Declarations clearly defining where the information came from we responded to Kingston, see below:


We hold numerous Statutory Declarations from people who allege  you have related your military history to.

Because you state that the Statutory Declarations are untrue, we will report the Signatories to the Cairns Federal Police  for investigation regarding the possibility of making false declarations, which is a serious Federal offence.


Some advice for Kingston is to shut up, or join up, and put some substance to his tales, however, we would wager that he doesn't have the physical or psychological strength to pass even the Army Recruit Training program.

Fame and infamy is found in many corners. Kingston's corner, for ever more, is this web site, whenever his name is "Googled" it will lead straight to here, which is the price paid by those who falsely claim heroic Military service.

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