Surname: Simonsen
Christian Names: Mark Jeffrey
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Service: Army
Branch: Catering
Case Notes:

Mark Jeffrey SIMONSEN, about 54 years old, believed to reside in a suburb of Perth WA, claimed he was an officer with the Corps of Signals. That was never the case.


SIMONSEN made claims that he was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Signal Corps and at one time served with the Signals Directorate known as in the Signals Corps as the Snoopy Troop.

After doing some investigation as to whether he was an officer, he was reported to us. We have carried out our own investigations and obtained his service record. SIMONSEN was never an officer as can be seen by his service record, he was a cook.

1204987 Mark Jeffrey SIMONSEN enlisted in the Australian army on 8 January, 1974 and was posted to the Australian Army Catering Corps at Bonegilla on 26 March 1974 and qualified as a cook on 31 July 1974.On 2 August 1974 he was posted to 3 Field Engineer Regiment and posted again on 2 August 1976 to 8/9 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment till his discharge 7 January 1980.

As can be seen from his service record he only held the rank of Private as a Cook for his whole time in the Army. He was admitted and discharged from hospital numerous times and committed a number of military offences as well as civil Criminal Offences.

On 12 October 1978 he was warned by the Commanding officer of 8/9 Battalion that unless his conduct improved it would be recommended that he be discharged from the army.

On 23 May 1979 his medical status was changed to Home Only duties (meaning he could not be posted outside of Australia) as he was unfit for undue stress and was to be reviewed on 23 May 1982.

Over the years he has been telling people that he was a retired 2nd Lieutenant and even signed a document as 2nd LT retired. Only officers who held the rank of Major and above in the Regular Army can put the rank they held on retirement when signing a document.

Mark Jeffrey SIMONSEN you have been over the years, telling lies to a number of people about your service in the army which looking at your service record shows you had a poor record as a soldier as well as self discipline and a lack of respect for authority by the number of offences you have committed.

To add to that, you bragged about being an officer, which is an insult to all retired and serving Officers  in the Australian Defence Force.

Your lies have caught up with you and for that you will grace out web site for the world to see and make no doubt a lot of those people you lied to will know the truth about you, your lack of respect for others, lack of pride in being a member of the Defence Force and most of all your dishonesty.

  20th Jun 2012

On 4 Jun 2011 we put up the case of Mark Jeffrey Simonsen in relation to signing a document as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Signal Corps when in actual fact he was a cook in the Australian Army. After the case appeared on the web site we received some emails from Simonsen as seen below.

To whom it may concern


 I refer to the publication dated the 4 June 2011 that has been placed on your website concerning malicious and vexatious imputations about me.

 Pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act, Crimes Act and the Defamation Act, I hereby advise by notice that you are required to remedy this publication with the immediate removal of all material concerning me on your ANZMI website and related linked websites.

 I request that you advise me my return email as to when this has been actioned. In the event that I do not hear from you within a reasonable time frame advising me of this, I will as a result take the matter to the attention of the relevant law enforcement authorities and will also seek further remedy through the courts      

 Yours sincerely

 Mark Simonsen

To whom it may concern

 Re: ANZMI Website- DO NOT IGNORE - Notice to remedy

 I refer to my previous emails to you in regards to my request for you to remedy the publication concerning me on your website, and I am disappointed that you have not extended to me the courtesy of a response to date. My Notice to Remedy emails were sent to you in accordance with the Defamation Act 2005.

 In reference to the person that you have relied upon in supplying information to you, I have been able to identify who this is from the handwriting on the purported statutory declaration that you have published, although you have attempted to conceal their identity, I am able to confirm from the handwriting, that the name of the person in question is ********** *******-. What Mr******* has failed to mention to you is that what he has told you is as result of his malicious and vexatious intentions towards me in regards to the fact that I sued him in the Civil Courts due to him ripping me off for a substantial amount of money as a result of a business dealing. It should also be noted that in these Civil Court proceedings that Mr ****** did not seem to have any qualms in making sworn statements to the Court for the purposes of misleading the Court, and that as a result Mr ****** was "warned" by the Court as to the penalties for contempt of court and perjury, so it comes as no surprise that Mr ----- was prepared to provide you with a misleading statutory declaration.

 It is now my intention to bring an action in the Courts against Mr ----- for defamation and in the process of this I will also file a Subpoena for the relevant bodies to provide information about your organisation including the names and addresses of the persons behind your website. In regards to the previous email notices that I have sent you, I would expect that under the circumstances you would cooperate with me concerning the matters that I have raised, and in regards to this should you decide to further ignore and not respond to me, given my Notice to Remedy to you, then you will leave me no other alternative but to issue proceedings in the Courts for defamation and damages against all parties behind your website.      

 I would strongly suggest that you respond to me at your earliest attention should you wish to avoid legal action

 Yours Sincerely

 Mark Simonsen

To the Webmaster

ANZMI website

 To whom it may concern

 I refer to my previous emails concerning my request to remedy subject information on your website in regards to myself. To date I have not received the courtesy of a response and I would have expected that under the circumstances that there would be a level of transparency in regards to the content that is published on your website, as well as my right of complaint in this regard, considering that you have never spoken to me, and your response in dealing with such complaints

 I have enclosed for your information a copy of the national privacy principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (commonwealth) in respect to individual information.

 I would appreciate if you would respond to me in regards to the concerns that I have raised, rather than ignore me, otherwise I will have no other alternative than to progress the matter further legally.

 Yours sincerely   

  Mark Simonsen

We do not respond to emails like this and you are free to take any action you wish. We will remedy the case by adding the document you signed.

There is one thing we need to correct and that is you signed the document as a Lieutenant not as a 2nd Lieutenant. One thing we will add and maybe the Federal Police maybe interested in this, is the copy of the document you signed you are impersonating an officer of the Defence Force..

Mark Simonsen it took a while to receive a copy of the document as proof of you signing it. Here it is now for the world to see, so you will grace our web page for a long time to come.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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