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Recently we published on our Home Page, the names of people who have allegedly commenced a “Class Action” against ANZMI.

The names of these people are Donald Tate, Marianne Martinek aka Mary-Ann Oaten, Bradley Parfitt, Paul Mc Ternan and a Gordon Blair. All these persons feature on ANZMI, albeit Tate and Martinek aka Mary-Ann Oaten briefly, due to their “Class Action” intentions.

Tate has now claimed that he has received a “written death threat” with a bullet cartridge enclosed from a "Bill Hobson ANZMI, P.O. Box 16, Nobby Beach Qld 4218". He claims that he has notified his local police where he lives at Albion Park Rail. NSW.

A Ms. Marianne Martinek aka Mary-Ann Oaten, who we also named in her “Class Action” intention has apparently claimed that she has received a “bomb” in the mail at Bendigo, where she lives. She also claims that this “bomb” was addressed from a Bill Hobson ANZMI , P.O. Box 16, Nobby Beach, Qld 4218. She claims that she notified the Bendigo Police and that they closed down the street, evacuated everybody, and called for the Melbourne Bomb Squad. She further claims that Specialist Detectives are apparently now investigating.

This ladies and gentlemen is just fanciful rubbish. It is ludicrous and childish behaviour from irrational people, who are stupid to say the least. It is an attempt to make the Police and Media believe they are under some type of threat from ANZMI.

We wonder why a “Bill Hobson” from ANZMI would go to all the trouble of placing his name and traceable address on alleged threatening letters or an alleged explosive device.

We are glad the Police have a far higher intellect and will determine through forensic evidence that any letters or “bombs” allegedly received, were composed or made by people who are very close to Mr. Donald Tate and Ms. Marianne Martinek aka Mary-Ann Oaten, following conspiratorial consultations between them.

Tate and his friends have also notified the media and are looking to get this preposterous story out there by using the media and police to do their grubby work in identifying ANZMI individuals.

Hopefully, following the forensic investigation, they will be criminally charged with “Public Mischief” for wasting the police time and resources.


Dishonourable Mentions

Barry Urban
Member for State electorate, Darling Range, Western Australia
Cristine aka Crissy Ashcroft
Invictus Ambassador, "The Voice" star, & Valour Thief.
Paul John McTernan
Ross Russo
Anthony Desmond Tolcher
Robert Clark
The Kiwi Medal Cheat & Valour Thief
Norbett Keogh
Peter Kevin Jenkins
Alex Rysdale


"If you tell the truth, it becomes part of your past, if you tell a lie it becomes part of your future"




Bradley Mark Parfitt considers himself a bush lawyer. This is one of the few claims he makes that actually rings true!

Regular visitors to may have noticed that the Brad Parfitt disclosure was removed from our site for a period.

Parfitt attempted to have his lies, and the photos of himself wearing un-awarded medals and US bravery ribands, concealed by attempting a fraudulent legal manoeuvre to gain the initiative. Why weren't we surprised!

His attempts failed, and have backfired on him. 

For his behaviour, Brad Parfitt gets top billing at ANZMI, and his photo, with all his purchased medals and ribands, will now grace our Home Page, and Latest Cases page for a long time to come.

Feel free to link to the Parfitt case by sharing this link below on your own site. Right click on this link and click "Copy to clipboard" or "Copy link location",  then paste link into your Facebook page or an other website.

Link: Brad_Parfitt_Case




The Australasian Military Fraud

Often called by the derogatory term "wannabe" these are men and women who may or may not have served in the armed forces, but who fraudulently misrepresent themselves as having served; often in a theatre of war by their words and actions, and by wearing of medals and other accoutrements to military service to which they have no entitlement.

 In recent years there has been uncertainty about who is entitled to wear US and Vietnamese decorations. The Australian government has instituted an application and verification method for all those who believe that they are entitled to foreign awards. Those without government notification or approval must be classified as a fraud, a "wannabe."

 The impostor or fraud will push the line saying that they were "given" decorations in the field. This does not legitimise the wearing of the award. Official recognition was and still is supported with documentation and the written citation. It is known that some Vietnamese Commanders "awarded" American and Australian servicemen decorations for being nice, or for a favour, not for gallantry or service rendered.

 Under the Defence Act, 1903 as amended, it is a federal offence to claim to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman, subject to six months' imprisonment and a fine of up to $3300. Further it is an offence to wear a service decoration to which you are not entitled, attracting additional penalties.

 Worse though, is the cost to Australia's taxpayers who are picking up the tabs to the tune of perhaps million of dollars in payments and pensions to 'veterans' who have no legitimate claim to the title.

 Worse still is the insult to genuine veterans of any conflict, who find their courage, honour and valour stolen by imposters both from within and outside their ranks. We will continue to ferret out those who misrepresent their service



There is no grey. Only black or white.